World Pyramid

Place winning bets and hold out until the final to win €25,000 in Freebets with the World Cup finals!

In order for your bets to be eligible for the World Pyramid offer, the wager must end in .11 cents.

How does it work?

  • Event: 2022 World Cup finals (3rd-18th December).
  • Objective: for each round, win a bet with minimum odds of 1.50. Please note that you only have one try in each round to qualify.

  • Round Date Match(es)
    1st round 03/12 Netherlands - USA / Argentina - Australia
    2nd round 04/12 France - Poland / England - Senegal
    3rd round 05/12 Japan - Croatia / Brazil - South Korea
    4th round 06/12 Morocco - Spain / Portugal - Switzerland
    5th round 09/12 Croatia - Brazil / Netherlands - Argentina
    6th round 10/12 Morocco - Portugal / England - France
    7th round 13/12 Argentina - Croatia
    8th round 14/12 France - Morocco
    9th 17/12 Croatia - Morocco
    10th round 18/12 Argentina - France

  • Type of bets: single or accumulator, pre-match or In-Play bets.
  • Eligible bets: bets with a stake ending in .11 cents (example: €15.11).
  • Minimum wager per bet: €10.11.
  • Reward: €25,000 in Freebets to be shared between players who manage to win a bet with odds of 1.50 or more on each round. If no bettor makes it through all the rounds, the bettors with the highest round will share the prize pool equally. 
  • Freebets credit time: within 7 days.


Qualifiers for each round

  • The date of your wager placement is used to count your eligible bet in each round.
  • Cashout bets and Enhanced bets are counted as lost attempts.
  • System bets are not counted.
  • You cannot skip a round.
  • In order for your bet to be eligible, the wager must end in .11 cents.
  • Bets with odds of less than 1.50 are not taken into account. For example, if a cancelled selection causes the total odds of your bet to drop from 1.50 to 1.25, you will not qualify but will not lose your attempt.
  • If a bet includes matches from several different rounds, it will not be taken into account.
  • Bets made with Freebets are not taken into account.
  • Boosted Odds are not eligible.