Winamax Series – €12,000,000 in guarantees!

A certain Forrest Gump once said the following: life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. The Winamax Series are kind of the same thing… but better. From 31st of March until 11th of April, we have 165 sugary treats put aside for you, with plenty of flavours and colours ranging from €5 to €1,000 and 12 million euros minimum in prizepools.

As we are aware that everyone has their favourite chocolate, you can take a big bite out of the massive 2 MILLION EVENT and its €2,000,000 guarantee: for a €125 buy-in, the biggest tournament ever offered on European online tables will be guiding us throughout the festival, along with the High Five (€5), the Little KO (€15) and the Colossus (€30), offering a total of 1.3 million euros minimum in prizepools. 4 huge events which will be culminating on Thursday 11th of April.

You can find the rest of our schedule below, with a ton of events open foe €20 or less, along with a selection of three-figure tournaments for our more veteran players. Good luck to all!

Winamax Series Bonus

You can take advantage of our deposit bonus throughout the Winamax Series, which is equivalent to 50% of your deposit up to €100, by entering the WSERIES24 code with your next deposit.

Expresso Qualifier 2 MILLION EVENT KO

You can win your €125 ticket to the 2 MILLION EVENT KO until 11th of April at 18:00 CET through our €4 Expresso Qualifier!

€4 Expresso W.Series Probabilities
€125 2 MILLION EVENT ticket 7,864 in 1,000,000
€24 50,000 in 1,000,000
€16 179,989 in 1,000,000
€8 762,147 in 1,000,000

1 Pocket prizes in the Kill the WIP (Winamax Important Person) tournaments by knocking out WIPs: €10 for knocking out a Pro, People or Champion, €25 for knocking one of these out in the top 100 places and €100 for doing so on the final table. There is an additional €50 bonus if the player eliminates 2 WIPs and a €200 prize if the player eliminates 3 or more WIPs.

2 Colossus format: this format is applied to the 2 Million Event KO, the Colossus, the Little KO and the High Five. In these tournaments, the paid places (12.5% of players paid) are reached on Day 1. Day 1 ends when (approximately) 5% of players remain. These 5% remaining will qualify for Day 2.
Therefore, the prizepool shown on Day 1 only applies to players eliminated on Day 1.
Players who qualify for Day 2 will be assured to win at least the biggest prize won by a player eliminated on all Day 1 tournaments.
All the money remaining after the end of Day 1 and after paying out the players who have been eliminated will be used as the prizepool for Day 2.

3 The Sunday Surprise prize will be revealed during the week in which the tournament will be taking place. You can find all the prize details and explanations on this page once the information is made available for the prize to be offered during these Winamax Series.à la date correspondante pour connaître le lot offert lors de ces Winamax Series.

4 The WSeries Freeroll prizepools are made up of 2 Million Event tickets worth €125 each