Winamax Series - €14,000,000 guaranteed!

To infinity and beyond! From September 1st to 12th, the Winamax Series takes you to the far reaches of the known poker world, to a distant and wonderful galaxy made of records from another world.

The first figures are as simple as they are stratospheric: 14 million euro guaranteed spread over 169 planets to explore, for entry prices ranging from 5 to 1,000 euro. Among this myriad of tournaments, three will now guarantee a seven-digit prize, for a program that has never been seen before in any known universe:

  • The world-famous 2 Million Event with a guaranteed €2,000,000,000
  • The unique Million Championship KO, launched at the opening of the festival
  • The brand new Million Event KO and its 40 Day 1 (!), which can be accessed for only €15
  • As a bonus, the duo High Five (€5) - Colossus (€30) increases its combined prize money to €1,000,000!

All this, not to mention the long-awaited return of variant tournaments, a good half of playable events for €20 or less, generously funded Championship events, the best selection of formats from all over the cosmos and an interstellar final evening on Thursday, September 12.

Winamax Series Bonus

You can take advantage of our deposit bonus worth 50% of your deposit up to €100 by using code WSERIES25 with your next deposit until the end of the Winamax Series.

Up to 7th September, you can also receive WSeries Freroll tickets, offering a total of €50,000 in tickets for the 2 Million Event and the Million Event KO!

Every Sunday throughout August, qualify for two of the biggest tournaments of the Series!

Sunday at 20:30 CET – Buy-in: €50
€175,000 guaranteed including 100 tickets worth €250 for the Million Championship!

Saturday at 20:15 CET – Buy-in: €20
€50,000 € guaranteed including 200 tickets worth €125 for the 2 Million Event!

Qualify for the biggest Series tournaments through our Expresso qualifiers from .50 cents!

From 6th August to 11th September at 18:00 CET, we will be offering two Expresso qualifier types for the Series:

  • €4 Expresso Qualifier: win your €125 ticket to the 2 Million Event KO

  • €4 W.Series Expresso Probabilities
    €125 2 MILLION EVENT ticket 8,676 in 1,000,000
    €20 100,000 in 1,000,000
    €12 236,227 in 1,000,000
    €8 655,097 in 1,000,000
  • €0.5 Expresso Qualifier: win your €15 to the Million Event KO

  • €0.5 W.Series Expresso Probabilities
    €15 MILLION EVENT ticket 9,064 in 1,000,000
    €2,5 100,000 in 1,000,000
    €1,5 236,208 in 1,000,000
    €1 654,728 in 1,000,000

    Rake is 8%.

Discover below the complete program and get ready to take off to other horizons. Good luck to all!


* The Days 1 at 22:30 will be played in Semi-Turbo (6 minutes per level)

Pocket prizes in the Kill the WIP (Winamax Important Person) tournaments by knocking out WIPs: €10 for knocking out a Pro, People or Champion, €25 for knocking one of these out in the top 100 places and €100 for doing so on the final table. There is an additional €50 bonus if the player eliminates 2 WIPs and a €200 prize if the player eliminates 3 or more WIPs.

All flights, except for the Big Omaha, will be played in the Colossus format. In these tournaments, the paid places (12.5% of players paid) are reached on Day 1. Day 1 ends when (approximately) 5% of players remain. These 5% remaining will qualify for Day2. Therefore, the prizepool shown on Day 1 only applies to players eliminated on Day 1. Players who qualify for Day 2 will be assured to win at least the biggest prize won by a player eliminated on all Day 1 tournaments. * The Days 1 at 22:30 will be played in Semi-Turbo (6 minutes per level)