Winamax Series: €21 million, it's supernatural!

You don't believe in spirits? For you, ghosts are nothing but stories told to scare children? It might be time to reconsider your beliefs... Oh, of course, we don't blame you for thinking that the Winamax Series is just a chimera, a spectre, the fruit of a twisted mind's imagination... And yet… These 199 tournaments scheduled from 4th to 15th April, and the €21 million in guarantees, are not in your imagination: it’s all real. You are not hallucinating: this mansion, whose heavy doors have just closed behind you with a frightening creak, is indeed haunted.

Push out your chest and begin your exploration, torch in hand. You'll need to have a strong heart, because there will be plenty of thrills and spills, and plenty of supernatural endowments too. Like - at random - the 4 Million Event, the biggest and scariest online tournament of the year in Europe. Knockout, Zone 30, Monster Stack, Deglingos, HORSE and even Razz (brrrr): the ectoplasms you'll have to face have scary names, but the reward will be worth it. With buy-ins ranging from €5 to €2,000, the scare is guaranteed regardless of your wallet! Forget your fears, enter the unknown and prepare for a thrill of a ride...

Winamax Series Bonus

Take advantage of our deposit bonus up to €100 and equivalent to 50% of your deposit until the end of the Series by entering code WSERIES30 with your next deposit.

Road to Series - Qualify for the Series!

Every day, try to win your ticket to the biggest tournaments of the Series by playing our regular tournaments, renamed for the occasion, or by launching Expresso Series.


* Day 1 flights played at 22:30 CET will be played as Semi-Turbos (5 Min per level)
** Only on Sunday
*** Only on Sunday, Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th and in Semi-Turbo (5 mins per level)

1 Kill the WIP (Winamax Important Person): pocket prizes by eliminating WIPs - €10 for eliminating a Pro, People or Champion, €25 for an elimination in the top 100 and €100 for an elimination on the final table. €50 bonus prize if the player eliminates 2 WIPs and €200 if the player eliminates si le joueur élimine 3+ WIPs.

All flights will be played in the Colossus format. In these tournaments, the paid places (12.5% of players paid) are reached on Day 1. Day 1 ends when (approximately) 3% of players remain. These 3% remaining will qualify for Day2.
Therefore, the prizepool shown on Day 1 only applies to players eliminated on Day 1.
Players who qualify for Day 2 will be assured to win at least the biggest prize won by a player eliminated on all Day 1 tournaments.
All remaining prize money remaining at the end of Day 1 and after paying the players who have been eliminated will be rolled on to the prizepool for Day 2.

The Sunday Surprise prize will be unveiled within the week in which the tournament will take place. You can check our the Sunday Surprise web page on the corresponding date in order to find out the prize given out during the Winamax Series.