Face your mates in a totally free World Cup special predictions contest!

€200,000 in Freebets to be shared out throughout the competition.

How does it work?

  • Event: 2022 World Cup (20th November to 18th December).
  • Objective: make your predictions on each match of the competition, score points and climb up the different rankings.
  • How it works: in order to take part in the contest, you must first create or join a private league. You will then automatically appear in the public league called "The Pit".
  • Prizes: over €200,000 in Freebets to be shared out in the various rankings. The more of you there are in your private league, the higher the rewards!



There are two ways in which you can take part in WINAMAX PRONOS:

1/ Already have a Winamax account? Simply log in with your username and password.
2/ Don't have a Winamax account yet? Head over to the home page to create your account in under 30 seconds flat.

How the leagues work

In order to make your match predictions, you must be part of a private league (group of friends, colleagues, family or simply football lovers!) Once the tutorial is over, you have the choice between "Join a league" or "Create your league".

In order to join a league that was already created, you can: copy/paste the league's link, given to you by a member of said league, manually enter the league code, or even scan a QR code if you are physically next to the member in question.

Membership of a private league gives access to "The Pit", a.k.a. the public league including all players who have registered to "WINAMAX PRONOS". Therefore, you must have created or joined a private league in order to access "The Pit".

You can leave your private league and join a new one as long as you do so before Thursday, November 24th at 20:00 CET. In this case, you will lose all the points you scored and any Freebets associated with your position in the ranking of your private league or the public league. 

Predictions & points calculation

For each match of the World Cup, you have to predict the correct score. This prediction will be valid both in your league and in "The Pit". You will get points if:

- You have found the correct score of the match (example: France 4-1 Australia).

- You don't have the right score but still have the right result (home team win / draw / away team win).

The points scored for each match correspond to the real pre-match odds available on the Winamax website. When you enter your prediction, you will find the points scale corresponding to each possible correct score.

Important: from the final stages onwards, the prediction can only be based on the regulation time, excluding extra time and possible penalty kicks.

Example: you predict a 4-1 victory for France in the France - Australia match.

- If France wins 4-1, you will score 15 points (corresponding to the odds of the correct score at the time of validation of your prediction).
- If France wins by a different score, you will score 1.20 points (corresponding to the odds of France's victory).
- If France does not win, you will not score any points for this match.

Important: you must validate your prediction for each match. From then on, the points at stake for this match will be "locked" by taking the real odds as a reference, and you will not be able to modify your prediction. If you do not validate your prediction, no score will be taken into account and the points will continue to evolve according to the real odds.

You have until the kick-off of each match to make your prediction, once the match has started you will not be able to validate it. The odds are likely to change before the matches. Thus, for the same exact score, two players may score a slightly different number of points depending on the time of validation of the prediction.

Example: at the moment, in the 3rd group match "Australia-Denmark", the odds for Australia's victory are at 5.7, therefore scoring 5.7 points. If Australia is eliminated after the first two group matches, this rating will increase as Australia will not play any more.

Bonus points are available for making two additional predictions based on the outcome of the tournament. In the "The Prophecy" section (on the home page), you will have to predict the winner of the World Cup as well as the top scorer. You will have until the kick-off of the first match of the Round of 16 to make these two predictions, after which they will no longer be available. The points scored in this section will be added to the general ranking of your private league and that of "The Pit" at the end of the competition.

Rankings & Prizes

Whether in your private league or in "The Pit", the "WINAMAX PRONOS" game has general rankings for the whole competition as well as rankings by "Round", like so:

Round 1 1st day of the group stages (20th to 24th November matches)
Round 2 2nd day of the group stages (25th to 28th November matches)
Round 3 3rd day of the group stages (29th to 2nd December matches)
Round 4 Round of 16 (3rd to 6th December)
Round 5 Quarter finals, semi-finals, small finals and finals (9th to 18th December)

In the "Rankings" view, you will be able to find your rank in your league and in "The Pit", as well as the associated prize money. The winners of the overall ranking at the end of the competition as well as the best players of each round will be rewarded with Freebets. 

As far as the "The Pit" ranking is concerned, there are €100,000 (one hundred thousand euros) in Freebets to be shared between the first 2,000 players in the general ranking and €20,000 (twenty thousand euros) in Freebets at the end of each "Round" for the best 2,000 predictors. This means a total of €200,000 in Freebets to be shared.

  • The Pit - Prize details (Freebets)

    General rankings Prize for general ranking Prize for each round (*5)
    1 €5,000 €1,000
    2 €3,500 €700
    3 €2,500 €500
    4 €2,000 €400
    5 €1,500 €300
    6 €1,250 €250
    7 €1,000 €200
    8 €850 €170
    9 €750 €150
    10 & 11 €700 €140
    12 to 15 €650 €130
    16 to 20 €600 €120
    21 to 25 €550 €110
    26 to 30 €500 €100
    31 to 35 €450 €90
    36 to 40 €400 €80
    41 to 45 €350 €70
    46 to 50 €300 €60
    51 to 60 €250 €50
    61 to 70 €225 €45
    71 to 80 €200 €40
    81 to 90 €175 €35
    91 to 100 €150 €30
    101 to 125 €125 €25
    126 to 150 €100 €20
    151 to 175 €90 €18
    176 to 200 €80 €16
    201 to 225 €70 €14
    226 to 250 €60 €12
    251 to 300 €50 €10
    301 to 400 €45 €9
    401 to 550 €40 €8
    551 to 700 €35 €7
    701 to 850 €30 €6
    851 to 1,000 €25 €5
    1,001 to 1,250 €20 €4
    1,251 to 1,500 €15 €3
    1,501 to 1750 €10 €2
    1,751 to 2,000 €5 €1

The prize money for the private leagues varies according to the number of players registered (the prize money is available in the "Rankings" view): the more players in your league, the more Freebets you will win. Beyond 201 players in the same league, the prize money does not change. Both the general ranking and the rankings for each round offer rewards.

In the event of a tie, players will be ranked as follows: most correct predictions, most "correct score", most validated predictions, date of registration to "Winamax Pronos". 

Important: the prize money for a private league is calculated according to the number of "active" players in the league. A player will be considered as active if they validate at least 50% of their predictions.



You can find all the answers you may need in regards to the free "WINAMAX PRONOS" promotion below.

  • How do I make a prediction?

    Two possibilities: use the arrows on either side of the score or check the correct score table entitled "All odds" and then click directly on the score you are interested in: it will automatically be pre-selected for the selected match. Important: for each match, you will not be able to enter a score higher than 5-4. Once you have entered your correct score, it must be validated to be taken into account. After validation of your prediction, you can no longer make modifications.

  • How many of us can be part of one private league?

    There is no limit for private leagues: you can be alone (but there will be no prize money) or several thousand. The more players you have, the bigger the prize money will be. However, please note that beyond 201 players, the prize money will not change.

  • Can I be a part of multiple private leagues?

    No. The private leagues give right to rewards (Freebets), it would be too easy to be able to appear in several rankings!

  • What is the Prophecy?

    These are two additional predictions for the whole competition: the winner of the World Cup and the top goalscorer. The points you earn from these predictions will be added to your total points from the match predictions.

  • How do the “rounds” work?

    The competition is divided into 5 rounds: - 1st Round: 1st day of group stages, - 2nd Round: 2nd day of group stages, - 3rd Round: 3rd day of group stages, - 4th Round: Round of 16, - 5th Round: all remaining matches until the final. Even if you are far down in the overall standings, this still allows you to claim rewards as there are Freebets to be won on all Rounds, in addition to the jackpot from the overall standings!


  • Why aren't my friends in the rankings?

    Members of a league do not appear in the ranking of a round and/or in the general ranking when they have not made any predictions.

  • Why are certain members "inactive"?

    If they have validated less than 50% of the predictions on one or several Rounds and/or on the whole competition, said members will have an "inactive" status on the concerned Rounds and/or on the general ranking. Depending on the number of "inactive" members, your league's prize money may be reduced.

  • What are “Freebets”?

    Freebets are... free bets (yes, really!) that can be used on any sport. When the bet is successful, the net winnings are credited in cash directly to your account.