2019 WPO Dublin festivities

Les festivités du WPO Dublin

Due to the sanitary restrictions in Ireland, there will be no WPO in 2020. The sanitary situation has not evolved favourably enough, including in Ireland, where many businesses are still closed to this day, and where gathering of more than six people are banned. Next year, we have a goal, a horizon filled with hope, to offer a live event with a Winamax twist. We're already getting prepared, and we're hoping to tell you more very soon. In the meantime, be well, and good luck on our online tables.

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Some of you have been waiting for it with just as much (if not more) excitement than the tournament schedule: the WPO Dublin festivities schedule! Here at Winamax, we love poker. However, the Dublin WPO is about much more than that. There will be tons of activities do as well as playing cards at any hour of day or night. As every year, you will find a ton of activities and competitions in our now-famous Leisure Room, all as joyously ridiculous as each other. Players will be able to win goodies, tickets and free bets, all with an atmosphere which you can’t find in any other poker festival around the world, and especially the right to brag to no end should you take down the “true” WPO Main Event: the Beer Pong Open!

Leisure Room: the heart of the WPO

Important: this year, the Leisure Room is moving! However, the WPO regulars won’t have any trouble in finding it as it will be located upstairs from the room which was used for many of the year’s previous whacky events, such as the Grand Quiz and the Beer Pong Open.
As for the rest, nothing will be changing: the Leisure Room still be the official rest room of the WPO, where you are permitted (and encouraged!) to let everything go. Non-exhaustive list of things you can do in the Leisure Room:


  • Celebrate your victory… or morn your lack thereof at the bar
  • Take on opponents in beer pong, pool, derby (little horse races), basketball, FIFA, darts, ping pong and many others.
  • Follow any sports you want on the giant TV screens.
  • Listen to the likes of DJs Miss Owl and Chebo, who were at the SISMIX. They’ll be mixing every night!
  • Take part in the competitions listed below

Tuesday (9:30) - Footgolf & BBQ

The recipe is simple: get a large golf course, enlarge the holes and throw in a bunch of hungover poker players armed with footballs. The duo with the best score by the end of the 9 holes will be our winners. Rest assured though: it won’t all be exercise and fitness, as there will be a barbecue ready for after the session.

IMPORTANT! If you wish to come and play on the green with us, don’t take too long to sign up, as tournament registration is capped. In order to register, please send us your team name and the name of the players in your team to footgolfwpo@winamax.fr. There will be buses waiting to bring you to the green. Leaving 9:30 sharp!


Wednesday (20:00) – Irish night

There are few leaked details about Wednesday night… All we know is that the general theme will match our Irish hosts’ culture, and the WPO Dublin regulars will find some of the regular animations which have made the festival what it is, such as the “rodeo-sheep” (yes, for real) and a local folk group. One thing is certain: the tenth edition of the craziest tournament of the year will be celebrated as it should be!


Thursday (19:00) - Winamax Beer Pong Open

The one, the only Winamax Beer Pong Open. For some, this is the true Main Event of the WPO, a tournament almost as eagerly anticipated as the World Cup or the Olympics, a test of endurance after months of intensive training. Registration on the day. Warning: limited space available!


Friday (20:00) – Deglingo Beer Pong

Same thing as the day before, but even crazier: you play alone and… with a single cup.


Saturday (21:00) - Grand Quiz & Challenges

Your general culture isn’t the only thing that’s going to be tested throughout the evening: our host Harper has prepared a ton of crazy challenges and games. We will be playing in teams of 5: you can start thinking about the teammates you want as of now!


Sunday evening – Closing Party

What do you mean, it’s already over? Whilst the Main Event final table will be running, we will be reconvening with all the WPO Dublin family members for a last drink, a last beer pong throw, the last hurrah. Players, organizers, croupiers: everyone is invited to say “Bye, see you next year!”


At the end of each of these competitions, there will be trophies given out to the winners, in addition to the various prizes (goodies, tickets etc.). As every year, you can count on us to find the dumbest trophies possible for our winners. You have been warned.