Qualify for the Winamax Poker Open from €6

Winamax Poker Open Dublin

SAVE THE DATE: the WPO will be returning to the City West in Dublin for a crazy new edition from 17th to 23rd of September 2018!

Main Event from 19th to 23rd of September 2018. 

Day 1A: Wednesday 19th of September 2018
Day 1B: Thursday 20th of September 2018
Day 1C: Friday 21st of September 2018

WPO Package Satellites


The WPO Package satellites allow you to win a package worth €1,300 including buy-in for the €550 Main Event and €750 for accommodation and transport.


Expresso WPO Package

Try to win a €1,300 package through our €6 WPO Expresso tournaments, which includes:

  • €550 Main Event buy-in
  • €750 for hotels and transport

€6 WPO Expresso Qualifier Probabilities/1 million
€1,300 WPO Package 1 000
€36 50 000
€24 187 500
€12 761 500

Packages won will only be valid for the 2018 WPO. These are nominative and cannot be exchanged for online tournament tickets or cash.