Winamax Poker Open 2019: Frequently Asked Questions

Winamax Poker Open Dublin

In order to help you experience the best week possible, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (with the exception of “How do I win every flip?”). If you still have any questions in regards to the WPO, please feel free to contact us.

I'm a big regular of the WPO, so I don't need to read the whole FAQ! Just let me know about the latest updates.

Welcome back! See you at the City West from 23rd to 29th September for 36 tournaments played in 6-max, a €500 Main Event with three Day 1s (including a Day 1C turbo on the friday evening), a cheaper High Roller (€1,000), cash games running 24 hours a day, and a ton of extra-curricular activities outside of poker which make the Winamax Poker Open what it is since 2010. Brand new with this edition: the Leisure Room will be heading to the first floor of the City West (where the Beer Pong and the Grand Quiz took place last year).

The new Dublin WPO hotel was mental last year. We’re heading back there, right?

Indeed we are! For the third year in a row, the craziest tournament of the year will be taking place in the biggest hotel in Ireland, from 23rd to 29th September 2019. Thus, the 2019 Winamax Poker Open will take place at the
CityWest Hotel, which is particularly spacious (700 rooms and 3,000 square meters reserved for the WPO) and pretty (just you wait until you see the golf course…) which will help us to keep seeing things in big: more poker, more crazy activities and, we hope, more participants! WPO regulars, please note that CityWest is slightly further away from the centre of Dublin than the Regency, but the Luas tramway line will get you to the Temple bar in roughly 45 minutes. IMPORTANT: In order to take advantage of our discounted rates, please book your room on this page.

OK it looks nice and pretty, but are we going to have a good time? Tell me about the bars, restaurants, swimming-pools and whatnot.

CityWest is used to receiving large poker tournaments such as the Norwegian Open, but also conferences, darts competitions, annual meetings for those passionate about making figurines out of match sticks etc. so they’ll be prepared to welcome all of our players.

Eating: the CityWest has a catering service ready just for the Winamax Poker Open. You can even be served directly to your table after ordering at the poker room bar. There is also a pub (Woodlock Brasserie) not far and a bar serving snacks (we recommend the "croque-monsieur") will accompany you day and night. There is also a third restaurant upstairs in the hotel (the one serving breakfast until 10:30 during the week and 11:00 on weekends) and also the Lemongrass, 100 meters from the hotel, which serves excellent "fusion" asian cuisine. Who said you can't eat well in Ireland?
Drinking: You will never go thirsty, that’s a promise, even if you’re feeling parched at an incredibly late hour (and we know that the players at the WPO are thirsty until late). There are bars everywhere in the CityWest, even at the heart of the WPO poker room. The infamous Leisure will of course be making its return (this time, everything will be happening upstairs from the poker room), with your favourite activities: beer pong, derby, and other ridiculous games.
Spa and swimming-pool: You will be able to dip into the (very spacious) swimming-pool, work up a sweat in the sauna, bathe in the jacuzzi and do some sport in the fitness room open until 22:00 (18:00 on the weekends). There’s even a hair salon, in case you’d like to make yourself pretty for the final table!
Golf: The green welcomes you with open arms from morning to evening, although this much is not free. Well, maintaining and watering such a nice field can’t be cheap! Nevertheless, those staying at the hotel do get a discounted price.
Wifi: It’s completely free!

OK I feel reassured. Now, tell me about the poker. What are the cash games like?

Cash games will be open round-the-clock! And as is the WPO tradition: you can play whichever stakes you so wish (minimum of €1/€2 blinds) and any variant you want, from No-Limit Hold’em to the most ridiculous of games. Every year, we see a few crazy players invent new poker variants at 3 o’clock in the morning, such as the infamous “Texas Hold’em with your cards stuck to your forehead” or “If you get an Ace, you have to give it to the player on your left”. We’re counting on your creativity.

What about the tournaments? What’s new for 2019?

Firstly, and most importantly: the €550 Main Event will now be a €500 buy-in. In regards to Day 1s, you will still have three choices, on the Thursday (Day 1A) or on the Friday (Day 1B at midday and Day 1C Turbo at 20:00).

The High Roller will also be changing its buy-in this year, reducing from €1,500 to €1,000, with qualifiers running through four different Day 0s (two per day Monday and Tuesday). Just to be clear, these will serve as a starting flight to the tournament, with stacks from the different Days carrying over to Day 1 of the tournament. In regards to side tournaments, other than the usual classics (€300 Warm-Up, €200 Starter, €200 Sunday Surprise, the €10 midnight Deglingos…), there will also be a €750 Battle Royale KO on the Sunday, for the ballas among you!

All tournaments will be played in 6-max.

How are we going to arrange payments? Cash, credit card?

You may buy-in to all WPO tournaments with your credit card or by cash. CityWest does have an ATM available, but we cannot guarantee that this will be operational for the entire weekend.

Can I register prior to going to Dublin? Do I need a Winamax account?

Registration is already open! You can register here. You will need a Winamax account. If, by some twisted and terrible fate, you don't already play on Winamax (we're thinking of our Swiss and Belgian friends here), please contact Brian at the following email address: Of course, you will also be able to register on the day with cash or credit card.

What happens if I register a side event in advance but that I'm still in the Main Event at that time? Do I lose my money?

Not at all! Just head over to the registration desk to unregister. PLEASE NOTE: you will have to do this prior to the end of registration of the tournament you wish to cancel. Should you wait too long, your money will indeed be lost unfortunately.

Can I register to the big beer pong tournament in advance?

Nope! Registration for "non-poker" activities will be done on the spot, on the day. Keep an ear out for the announcements or download the Winamax Live app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

€500 ain’t cheap! Any way to qualify for a cheaper price?

Of course! There are more of you taking part in our Main Event every year through our online satellites. There are six currently available on our software, running Sundays through to Thursdays, from €10 (rebuys) to €125, with 5 running for the Main Event and one for the High Roller.

What's more, our €6 Expresso qualifiers run 24/7 on our software to help you win packages worth €1,254. You can find all further details here.

Sweet, I won my online satellite! What do I do?

Our support team will contact you by email. Keep an eye on your virtual letterbox, and especially your SPAM box (just in case)!


I don’t like satellites and I can afford the tournament. How do I register directly?

You have multiple options: you can pay via a bank transfer in our “
Register” tab, buy your ticket in our VIP Boutique, or just show up to CityWest with €500 in cash or pay by card.


I’ve arrived in Dublin! Now where do I sleep?

The simplest option would be to stay at CityWest Hotel. You can book your room on the "Register" page. Don’t forget to put in the promo code WPO2019 which we set up especially for you! Also, don’t wait until the last second as there might not be a room for everyone! If CityWest books up, you can head over to (or any other online booking site) to find a backup solution close-by, or on AirBNB to book an apartment (a good solution for those of you coming as a group).

So how much will the winner take home?

Over the last two years, the high volume of players have meant tha the winners have been walking with a hefty cheque around €90,000! Who knows what the tenth edition will bring us?

There’s more to life than poker! Anything cool to do in Dublin?

The Irish capital has a reputation for being a festive, young, fun and generally great place to be. You'll be able to find a ton of bars in the area and find any tourist attractions pretty easily. You can even ask the locals at the Temple Bar!

I can’t come this year. Can I still follow my friends’ progress at a distance? Will there be a stream?

Of course! Our team of journalists will constantly be covering the entirety of the Main Event with tons of articles, photos, interviews, videos and anecdotes, from the first hand to the winner’s ceremony. Don’t hesitate to come talk to them about your bad beats, that’s what they’re paid for. And yes, there will be a dedicated stream with a live TV table, with commentary from experts. (All in French only).

I have arrived at CityWest, but I'm feeling pretty lost. Can someone help me out?

Head over to the Winamax Poker Open information desk, located in the antechamber of the tournament room: we can give you information day and night in french, english and spanish. More generally, any person wearing clothing with "Staff" written on it will be happy to assist you.


Well you’re always talking about the “craziest Tournament of the year” in your adverts, but as I have never been I wouldn’t mind a couple of examples.

With the Guinness flowing, great darts games, a huge karaoke, gallons of cider on tap, a massive Quiz, a 100 decibel blind test, some great laughs, Team Pros to hang out with, a beer pong championship with the same level of intensity as the Main Event: the Winamax Poker Open is all this and more. 

More generally, the WPO is an unmissable event for many poker players, pros and amateurs alike: people return every year because there’s such a great party spirit that the poker seems to be more of a bonus than the actual reason to come.

If you are not yet convinced, have a look at our
festivities page.

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