Winachat – Chat with all your friends!

Find all your friends on winachat!

Important: since Monday 27th September 2021, the new version of the Winamax software is available. WinaChat is no longer part of it. Players wishing to continue using WinaChat are invited to keep the old version of the software. This old version is still available for download and will continue to be updated in the coming months. Thank you for your understanding.

Join the community

Log-in using your Winamax account

When installing the Winamax Poker software on your computer (PC/Mac or Linux), you now also install Winachat.

As the name suggests, Winachat allows you to talk with all your friends in the Winamax community.

Log-in using your Winamax account or click on the “Winachat” button in the lobby. You will then log-in automatically.


 click on the “Winachat” button in the lobby

Where are my friends?

It’s very simple. Click on the “+” button at the top-right of the window in Winachat and enter the Winamax table name of your friend or enter their email address. Note that your friend must hold a Winamax account to use Winachat!

When creating a Gang in Guns&Glory a room will automatically be created in Winachat in which you will find all the members of your Guns&Glory Gang.


Winamax reserves the right to consult player conversations should fraudulent activity be suspected. These conversations may be consulted by the Security Department and if appropriate, be used to demonstrate fraud or collusion of the players in question.