The Tables


Winamax Cash Game Table


  1. User Guide Winamax This is you! Your cards are displayed above your nickname. Below is the amount of chips you currently have. A yellow glow surrounding your cards will indicate when it’s your turn to play.
  2. User Guide Winamax Your opponent is represented either by an avatar or by his cards, depending on if he is still in the hand or not. When a player is no longer involved in a hand, his avatar will be greyed out.
  3. User Guide Winamax This is the board, where the community cards are displayed.
  4. User Guide Winamax The pot displays the total amount of chips that have been wagered during the hand.
  5. User Guide Winamax This is the dealer button, indicating who is dealing the current hand. The small blind and the big blind are the two players immediately clockwise of the dealer button.
  6. User Guide Winamax This is where you will make your decisions: fold, check, bet or raise. In the case of a bet or a raise, you have three ways to adjust the amount you want to wager:

    Winamax Decision options
    • Place the minimum bet by clicking on the red button on the right labeled (“Bet”).
    • Manually enter the amount you want to bet in the white field directly beneath the "bet" button.
    • Click on the "quick bet" buttons located at the bottom of the screen. You can bet half the pot, two-thirds of the pot, three-quarters of the pot, the full pot, or just go all-in.
    • Either by moving the cursor from the left to the right until you got the desired amount.

    If you need extra time to make a decision, clicking on "time bank" will give you 30 to 45 extra seconds to decide on your action.

  7. The top bar has several buttons which allow you to quickly go to the lobby screen, see your statistics, retrieve your hand history, go to the options menu, etc. You can also credit your account, and reorganize the way the tables are displayed (mosaic, cascade, pile tables, etc). This last feature is particularly useful for the veteran multi-tabler.

Winamax Table Options

  1. Moving your mouse over the icons will show a description.
  2. Click here to turn on or off the side window. This side window offers a recap of the last few hands played, useful when there is a lot of action. It also displays the chat feature, where you can interact with your opponents. The chat can be deactivated.

    You can manually resize the table by clicking on the bottom right corner of the window.

Tournament and Sit & Go Tables

Winamax Tournament Table

The tournament and Sit & Go tables are identical to the cash-game tables, except for the “Tournament” status feature located at top of the side window. This feature indicates the current blind level and the time remaining.