Cash Game Lobby


The Cash Game Lobby



  1. User Guide Winamax Any variant (scrolling menu):
    You can play the poker games as follows:
    • Texas Hold’em No-Limit (NLHE) or Limit (HE)
    • Pot-Limit Omaha (PLOH)

  3. User Guide Winamax Any stakes (scrolling menu):
    Here you will define the stakes you want to play. You can choose between 4 categories of table limits: micro, low, medium and high.

    In No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) and Pot-Limit Omaha (PLOH), the figures displayed represent the amounts of the small and big blinds. In Limit Texas Hold’em (HE), the figures displayed represent fixed bet amounts.

  5. User Guide Winamax Any table (scrolling menu):
    You can set the maximum amount of players you want to play against at a table. There are three types of tables: Full Ring (up to 9 players), Short Handed (up to 5 players) and Heads Up (2 players only).

  7. User Guide Winamax Any speed (scrolling menu):
    Here you can choose from classic tables (regular speed) or cash game tables with a time bank or even with a reduced amount of decision making time (turbo) Click on any available seat to immediately join a game and open the table.

  9. User Guide Winamax How to sort the Cash Game tables:
    Organizing the tables 
    By clicking on the different columns, you can sort tables according to:
    Table name.
    Variant: NLHE (No-Limit Jold’em), HE (Limit Hold’em) or PLO (Pot-limit Omaha).
    Blind amounts (or fixed bets amounts in Limit Hold’em)
    Number of players currently seated at the table.
    Average pot size.
    Average number of players per flop.
    Average number of hands per hour.