What deposit methods are available on Winamax?

In order to add funds to your poker account, you may use one of the secure payment methods listed on this page. Once your account is validated, you may withdraw your balance at any time by wire transfer.

Bank card

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You may deposit funds to your Winamax Poker account directly using your bank card. You must enter your 16 digit card number, security code and expiration date. The minimum deposit is €15.

Wire transfer

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If you wish to make a more substantial deposit, it is possible to do so via wire transfer. The money takes several days to become available on your account.


Logo Visa Neteller
Your Neteller account allows you to deposit money to your poker account in a matter of seconds. Neteller accepts Bitcoins.

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Moneybookers is now known as Skrill, however it is still as easy as ever to use this e-wallet to transfer funds to your poker account. The minimum deposit is €15.

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Poker avec Paypal
If you do not wish to use your bank card to credit your Winamax account, you may instead use your PayPal account. Only available to residents of France. The minimum deposit is €15.

Pre-paid card

Logo Visa Paysafecard
It is possible to credit funds to your poker account using a paysafecard purchased with cash at your local newsagent. The minimum deposit is only €10. Note than cards bought in Germany are not accepted.
Logo Visa Ticket Surf Premium
It is possible to credit funds to your poker account using a Ticket Surf Premium purchased with cash at your local newsagent. Please note however that it must be Ticket Surf Premium to deposit on Winamax. Ticket Surf Classic and tickets purchased in Germany are not accepted. The minimum deposit is €1.
The minimum deposit for this prepaid ticket is €10.