Winamax Poker Tour Spain: €500,000 guaranteed!

The Grand Final of the Winamax Poker Tour Spain will be taking place in Madrid from 26th to 29th March 2020 at the Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones. Registration is €500.

The Grand Final will be part of a festival starting 20th March 2020.

Festival schedule

Qualify online


Address: Autovía A6 (Madrid- A Coruña), salida 27, 28250 Torrelodones, Madrid, Espagne

The schedule: 19th to 29th March 2020

Important: tournaments played on Thursday 19th March will take place in the Casino Gran Madrid Colón. All of the other festival tournaments will take place in the Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones.

  • WiPT GRAND FINAL – Day 1 from 26th to 27/03. Day 2: 28/03. Day 3: 29/03. Buy-in: €500. €500,000 guaranteed.
  • WiPT High Roller – Day 0 from 22nd to 24/03. Day 1: 24/03. Day 2: 25/03 Day 3: 26/03. Buy-in: €1,000 (Day 1). €100,000 guaranteed.
  • Colossus KO – Day 1 from 19th to 21/03. Day 2: 22/03 €80,000 guaranteed. Buy-in: €150. €80,000 guaranteed.
  • Monster Stack – Day 1: 28/03. Day 2: 29/03
  • Buy-in: €300. €100,000 guaranteed.


*Pass liga: receive 5,000 additional chips by paying €5. This add-on is optional.

How do I play the WiPT Madrid Grand Final?

Qualify for as little as €6 for the WiPT Granf Final.

We offer two qualifiers:


€6 Expresso WiPT Madrid Package

Try to win a package worth €1,000 in our €6 Expresso WiPT Madrid tournaments. The package includes:

  • €500 Grand Final buy-in
  • €500 cash credited to your Winamax account to help organize your trip

€6 Expresso Qualifier WiPT Madrid Probability / 1 million
Package €1,000 1,250
€30 110,000
€18 253,750
€12 635,000

Direct satellites starting at €10 (coming soon)

Satellites guarantee either:

  • Packages worth €1,000 for the final including:
    €500 buy-in to the Grand Final
    €500 cash credited to your Winamax account to help organize your trip.

Satellite schedule (from 16/12/2019)

Day Guarantee Buy-in
Sunday at 21:15 CET 1 WiPT Madrid package worth €1,000 €10 + rebuys
Monday at 21:15 CET 1 WiPT Madrid package worth €1,000 €125
Donnerstag um 21:15 Uhr 1 WiPT Madrid-Buy-in im Wert von 500 € €50

You can win your €125 in our €10 qualifiers every Monday at 19:15 CET.

IMPORTANT: please make sure you have can take part in the festival prior to playing our qualifiers. This package is nominative and cannot be given to a third-party or exchanged for cash or tickets. This package cannot be used for another tournament. The ticket will be forfeited if you do not use it within these dates.


Want to film coverage of the Final or a step of the Winamax Poker Tour? In order to obtain press accreditation, please contact Jachara. Please include references for your media outlet, and the type of report you wish to make (live coverage, photos, videos etc.)