Kill the Champions

Next Kill the Champions tournaments: Wednesday, 10th of October 2018 at 21:00 CET.

Have you ever wanted to play against champions of football, rugby or tennis? Now you can! The champions have come to your arena and they have a price on their heads!

Kill the Champions NLHE - Knockout: buy-in €10 - unlimited Re-Entries

There is a host of sports personalities (identifiable in the poker software by the blue ), who play regularly at the Winamax poker tables. They also offer you the chance to compete against them in a special tournament, Kill the Champions, where if you eliminate a champion you earn a bonus.


The game is simple:

In any Kill the Champions tournament, if you find a champion at your table, eliminate him or her to win the bounty!

Buy-in: €5

Plus an additional bounty for every Champion you eliminate:


  €10 for eliminating a champion.
  €25 for eliminating a champion in the final 100 places.
  €100 for eliminating a champion at the final table.
  €50 for eliminating two champions.
  €200 for eliminating three champions or more.