Revolution: become the Emperor

Taking control of the empire is one thing. Holding onto it, another…


The Winamax Empire is threatened by revolt… take up your blasters and fight to take the throne and become Emperor. Every day of your reign earns you €300!


Be warned, the kingdom is unstable and pretenders to the throne numerous… Defend your right through the strength of your cards!

The Principle

Take part in step-by-step Sit & Go qualifiers starting from just €0.50 to begin your path of conquest to the Emperor’s seat of power and wealth!


  • 4 stages of qualification, with direct buy-in possible from €0.50 and up to €12
  • Your objective: qualify for the €1,200 guaranteed Final and earn the right to challenge the current emperor to a duel!
  • The Duel: €300 and renown are your rewards should you win the one-on-one fight to the felt. If you win you will sit upon the throne as the Emperor of Winamax!
  • Every night, the Emperor must face a new challenger in order to maintain his position and win the €300 in play.
  • You may also win extra cash at each stage of your ascension, thanks to a series of Bonus duels from steps 1 to 3 (see chart). The winner of step 1 to 3 are credited with a bonus entry ticket, valid for 7 days, that allows you to play a heads-up duel. The winner of each duel not only wins cash but also a new ticket for the bonus duel. IMPORTANT: Losing a bonus duel will not affect your progression in the steps of the Revolution.
  • If you can rule the empire for multiple consecutive days, your dominion will become wealthier, swelling the coffers and giving you exceptional bonuses (non-cumulative)!
  • 5 consecutive DUEL victories: €500
  • 10 consecutive DUEL victories: €2,500
  • 20 consecutive DUEL victories: €5,000
  • 30 consecutive DUEL victories: €10,000


Buy-in direct:
STEP 0 - Sit & Go (6 players)  
    1st place: STEP 1 ticket  
Buy-in direct:
STEP 1 - Sit & Go (5 players) Bonus Duels
    1st: STEP 2 + bonus duel ticket
2nd place: STEP 1 ticket
Space admiral
Prize: €2
Buy-in direct:
STEP 2 - Sit & Go (5 players) Bonus Duels
    1st: STEP 3 + bonus duel ticket
2nd place: STEP 2 ticket
Planetary Governor
Prize: €5
Buy-in direct: €12 STEP 3 - Sit & Go (5 players) Bonus Duels
    1st: FINAL + bonus duel ticket
2nd place: STEP 3 ticket
Galactic Senator
Prize: €12
Buy-in direct: €30 FINALE - MTT (21:15)  
    €1,200 guaranteed
The winner will challenge the Emperor to a duel the following day.
    DUEL -  Head's Up (22:00)  
    The winner earns €300 and becomes Emperor. Every night his title is under threat from a new challenger!  
Winamax Empereur

Revolution tickets can also be purchased in the Boutique.

For the duration of his/her reign, the Emperor will wear the Winamax crown next to his table name whilst at the Winamax tables.


The final has a guaranteed prizepool of at least €1,200 with €300 reserved for the Duel and the rest paid out in cash and tickets.

You can buy-in to any step with cash or by regular ticket (example: €2 ticket).

Tickets won in Step 0 to 3 tournaments may only be used to play the next step up the ladder or the same step.



Imperial honour roll




  1. The Revolution is a competition composed of 4 sit & go steps, a daily final and bonus duels.
  2. The competition is open to all real money players on Players can access the 4 sit & go steps either by direct buy-in (€0.50, €2, €5, €12) or by qualification in the previous step.
  3. The winner of each sit & go receives an entry ticket to a bonus duel. Second place receives a new ticket for the same step.
  4. For the winner of every stage, there is a corresponding bonus duel

    1. Stage 1: Duel, Space Admiral (prizepool of €2)
    2. Stage 2: Duel, Planetary Governor (prizepool of €5)
    3. Stage 3: Duel, Galactic Senator (prizepool of €12)

    The winners of any duel, in addition to winning the prizepool, will receive a new ticket for the same bonus duel (valid for 7 days). For example, if you win a Step 2 sit & go, you will receive a Step 3 ticket and a ticket to the Planetary Governor duel. If you win this duel, you will receive €5 and a new ticket for the same duel. Losing a bonus duel does not affect your progression through the stages of the Revolution.
  5. The final is a multi-table tournament scheduled for 21:15 CET every day and is accessible via ticket (obtained in a Step 3 sit & go or in a previous final) or by paying the buy-in of €30.
  6. The winner of the final receives an entry ticket to the duel against the Emperor. This ticket is only usable to enter the duel and is only valid for the day following the start of the final. The duel starts at 22:00 CET. It is imperative that you are registered before the start of the tournament. If you do not register for the tournament, the ticket is lost permanently with no chance of a replacement being credited to your account.
  7. The winner of the duel receives €300, the title "Emperor" and a ticket to defend their title the following day. The Emperor must defend their title every day or the throne will be lost without contest.
  8. If neither the Emperor nor the challenger register for the tournament before 22:00 CET, neither the Emperor nor the challenger are awarded the title and the €300 prize is awarded to no one. The player who next earns the right to challenge for the throne is immediately awarded the title Emperor and wins €300. He/she will then confront a new pretender the following day.
  9. The final requires at least 7 players registered to take place. Should there be less than 7 players registered, the tournament will be cancelled and the players refunded their entry ticket.
  10. Winamax guarantees a prizepool of at least €1,200 for the final. This prizepool is paid out in cash and Revolution tickets. The winner receives a ticket to the Duel which is played against the current Emperor (€300 value) in addition to the cash prize. The remainder of the prizepool is paid out in cash.
  11. The exceptional bonuses awarded to the Emperor in the case of consecutive victories are not cumulative. They are credited to the player at the end of his/her reign as Emperor. For 5 consecutive victories, the bonus is €500; for 10 consecutive victories, the bonus is €2,500; for 20 consecutive victories, the bonus is €5,000; for 30 consecutive victories, the bonus is €10,000… Example: a player who is Emperor for 10 victories will earn €2,500. For 15 victories, the bonus is €2,500. For 28 victories, the bonus would be €5,000.
  12. The Emperor is permitted to participate in the final. If he/she wins the final and at the same time retains his/her title of Emperor, €300 is directly credited as there is no challenger the following day. However, if he/she wins the final but loses the duel, the Emperor then becomes the pretender and will challenge the new Emperor in the duel the following day.
  13. Winamax reserves the right to disregard the results of any tournament due to technical problems or as a result of unavailable services. Winamax is the only entity able to delay a tournament to an ulterior date of its choice.
  14. Collusion: It is prohibited for two (2) or more Players to collaborate during any Game. It is also forbidden for two (2) or more Players to communicate or share information in any way about a Game, the cards each Player has during a Game or to adopt a strategy (before or during a Game) in order to mutually gain an advantage and/or harm other Players. Any player suspected of collusion may have his ranking in any Revolution tournament discarded and may see his Winamax account closed.
  15. All decisions made by Winamax are final and may not be appealed.
  16. Winamax reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Revolution contest at any time.