Sylvain “Loosli” Loosli

Every year there are certain players who step out of the shadows into worldwide fame. Sylvain Loosli became one of these players in 2013 when he reached the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event. Respected online cash game specialist, Sylvain has played poker professionally since 2006 and reached the final of the biggest tournament in world poker at just his first attempt.

In November 2013, Sylvain Loosli booked a place in poker history after reaching the final table of the world championships main event. 6,352 players began the tournament and after 8 days of competition (with a three month gap after day 7 before the final table), the Frenchman skilfully fought his way to a fourth place finish. He earned the substantial prize of $2,792,533 for this extraordinary performance.

It was in 2006 that he discovered poker. He was introduced by a friend to a group of Texas Hold’em enthusiasts while at business school in Paris. Quickly he decided to create an account on Winamax and made a deposit of €50. After playing several tournaments he swiftly turned to what would become his passion: cash games.

One year later, Sylvain had made Winamax his primary site and built a bankroll large enough to play NL100. Still studying, poker remained nothing more than a hobby. This did not reduce the desire to improve and he spent his nights reading specialist forums, watching strategy videos and started taking certain risks with his bankroll in order to reach the biggest cash game tables. He rapidly became a regular at NL100 tables and even sometimes NL500.

When Sylvain completed his studies, he had not only earned his master’s degree in marketing, he had won a large amount of money playing poker. He therefore decided to try and make it as a professional player. It was also at this time that online poker became regulated in France and Sylvain took the decision to move to London where he continued to develop his game. To this date he has over $1 million in cash game profits.

“I want to try a new challenge. I have a new found hunger for tournament victories!” stated an ambitious and determined Sylvain Loosli. Almost immediately he came within touching distance of his first title in the autumn of 2013 when he finished second in the Winamax Poker Open Dublin.

And Sylvain’s destiny? Well, we know that “Loosli” is a nickname meaning “lucky” in the Alsace, so the signs are good for the future…

To challenge a world championships finalist, Sylvain can be found at the Winamax tables by looking for the table name “Loosli”. 

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  •      Live tournament accomplishments

    08/2017 PS Championship PLO Highroller - Barcelona Wiiner(€236,400)
    05/2017 Winamax SISMIX Highroller - Marrakech 4th ( MAD 205,000)
    05/2017 PS Championship Highroller - Monte-Carlo 16th (€61,850)
    05/2017 PS Championship PLO - Monte-Carlo 3rd (€81,500)
    05/2017 MAD 15,000 Winamax SISMIX High Roller - Marrakech 4th (MAD 205,000)
    05/2017 €25,750 High Roller 8-Max - Monte Carlo 16th (€61,850)
    05/2017 €10,300 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed - Monte Carlo 3th (€81,500)
    12/2016 €10,200 8-Max Turbo Knockout - Prague Winner (€57,530)
    12/2016 €10,300 8-Max - Prague 10th (€26,450)
    08/2016 Super High Roller 8-Handed €50,000 - Barcelone 6th (€293,800)
    05/2016 Winamax SISMIX High Super High Roller 25 000 MAD - Marrakech Winner (MAD 315,000)
    04/2016 High Roller €25,500 - Los Angeles 2nd ($481,750)
    02/2016 6-Handed Turbo €5,200 - Dublin 6th (€11,205)
    02/2016 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed €5,300 - Dublin 2nd (€20,370)
    01/2016 6-Handed Turbo €10,300 - Bahamas 4th (€64,940)
    10/2015 Super High Roller €25,750 - Malte 8th (€67,990)
    08/2015 Super High Roller €50,000 – Barcelona Winner (€1,224,000)
    06/2014 World Series Of Poker NLHE 8-Max $5,000 - Las Vegas 16th ($21,946)
    11/2013 World Series Of Poker Main Event $10,000 - Las Vegas 4th ($2,792,533)
    09/2013 Winamax Poker Open Dublin - Main Event - €550 2nd (€65,000)


  •      Tournament accomplishments on Winamax

    09/2017 W SERIES PLO Championship €300 3rd (€8,850)
    10/2016 €1,000 Grand Tournament 7th (€5,870)
    09/2016 €87,100 W SERIES Event 2th (€13,543)
    09/2016 €1,000 W SERIES High Roller 20th (€3,412)
    03/2016 €50 Top 50 Winner (€4,901)
    03/2016 GRAND TOURNAMENT €1,000 5th (€11,321)
    02/2016 XTREM €100 4th (€3,693)
    09/2014 High Roller €300 2nd (€8,198)
    09/2014 Winamax Series X - Event Highroller 10th (€6,074)
    04/2014 Winamax Series - Event 8 7th (€2,097)
    03/2014 High Roller €300 Winner (€5,100)
    02/2014 High Roller €300 2nd(€3,387)


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