Florian “1flip 2win” Decamps


Florian Decamps, alias 1flip 2win An adventurer since his childhood, Florian Decamps is the kind of player who has competition in his blood. A conquering spirit that played a huge role in his charge to become the Top Shark 2016 which comes after years building a reputation on Winamax after recording a multitude of great MTT results.

Dayton, Ohio, early 2007. If we have to remember the place and time when Florian Decamps discovered poker, it would be this. A business school student and semi-professional football player at Cagnes-sur-Mer, Florian decided to go to Uncle Sam’s country for a year, thanks to a scholarship, to concentrate on what our friends across the pond call soccer. “It was my brother who got me to try online poker,” Florian reminisced, “even though I wasn’t really a total novice.” It didn’t take long for Florian to discover an affinity for tournaments. “Right from the start I always tried to win,” he explained, “I come from a very competitive family and we played card games a lot, like UNO for example: for me it was simply out of the question to lose, no matter what!” A competitive spirit which pushed him all the way to playing in the CFA2 as part of the Saint-Raphaël football team where he took part in pre-season training. Unfortunately an injury forced him to rethink his goals.

Before settling in Antibes in May 2014, Florian spent some time traveling with Gabon, Paris, Sweden, Italy, and Cannes all on his list of destinations. In 2013, like many youngsters, he even decided to head to Australia for a year down under, playing the Aussie Millions in Melbourne while there.

It was during this time that Florian scored his biggest success to date on Winamax, shipping the Main Event for a prize of 17,500 euros. This was just the start of a long series of victories, taking titles in the majority of our headline tournaments such as the XPERT, the Top 50, the Afterwork, the Rush Hour, the Money Time, and many more, topping things off with a Winamax Series title in April 2015. The secret to such success? “I am very calm when playing,” Florian explained, “I select my starting hands very carefully and adopt a tight-aggressive playing style. I try to exploit the players I consider weaker at my table as much as possible.

All the ingredients necessary to become Top Shark in January 2016, under the name “1flip 2win”, after five weeks of intense competition in which he shined in the MTT challenges while dimming in the cash game events.

On joining the Pro Team with the most titles in Europe, his response left no doubt about his feelings, “I thrive under pressure,” he stated matter-of-factly, “It’s a motivating rather than stressful factor.” A statement that could be considered a little pretentious for a player who still has everything to prove on the live scene. But with such determination and a place in such an experienced Team, he has everything he needs to evolve. It certainly looks like the best is yet to come from Florian.

  •      Live tournament accomplishments

    12/2015 FPS NLHE 100 - Enghien-les-Bains Winner (€6,015)
    04/2015 France Poker Series - Monte-Carlo 10th (€10,900)
    05/2014 WPT National Series - Cannes 14th (€5,200)
    01/2013 PCA - Bahamas 116th ($18,000)


  •      Tournament accomplishments on Winamax

    02/2016 HIGHROLLER €300 6th (€3,290 )
    01/2016 MAD MAX €20 Winner (€1,553)
    01/2016 BRUNCH €20 Winner (€1,348)
    01/2016 RALLY €20 Winner (€1,481)
    12/2015 MONEY TIME €20 Winner (€1,816)
    12/2015 DEEP RUN €20 Winner (€1,635)
    11/2015 XPERT €100 Winner (€1,316)
    10/2015 RUSH HOUR €50 Winner (€1,020)
    09/2015 RING €10 Winner (€1,405)
    09/2015 Winamax Series - Event 68 8th (€1,639)
    08/2015 XTREM €100 2nd (€4,642)
    08/2015 STARTER €50 Winner (€1,429)
    08/2015 RUSH HOUR €50 Winner (€1,794)
    07/2015 TOP 50 €50 Winner (€3,624)
    07/2015 MAD MAX €20 Winner (€1,000)
    07/2015 GO FAST €50 Winner (€1,560)
    06/2015 LA FIEVRE €10 3rd (€1,762)
    06/2015 Summer Shots - Event 71 2nd (€1,430)
    05/2015 HIGHROLLER €300 3rd (€2,476)
    05/2015 LE TOTEM 5 Winner (€1,432)
    04/2015 Winamax Series - Event 15 Winner (€3,814)
    04/2015 TIE BREAK €10 Winner (€2,835)
    03/2015 TOP 50 €50 3rd (€2,115)
    02/2015 GO FAST €50 Winner (€1,610)
    02/2015 TOP 50 €50 3rd (€3,086)
    02/2015 RUSH HOUR €50 Winner (€2,255)
    11/2014 DEEP RUN €20 Winner (1,547)
     09/2014 Winamax Series - Event 36 3rd (€3,029)
     09/2014 AFTER WORK €20 Winner (€3,736)
     08/2014 XPERT €100 2nd (€5,272)
     04/2014 XPERT €100 Winner (€9,500)
     04/2014 TOP 50 2nd (€4,281)
     04/2014 AFTER WORK €20 Winner (€3,429)
     08/2013 AFTER WORK €20 2nd(€3,373)
     06/2013 MAIN EVENT €150 Winner (€17,500)




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