Prep Series with Loïc Debregeas

For his very first challenge, _Winda, our new Team Winamax pro from the Top Shark 2022 promotion, challenges you to win more tickets than him for the Winamax Series in April!

From March 21st to 26th included, your goal will be to collect as many tickets as possible for the Winamax Series tournaments.

As soon as you win 15 tickets, you'll go to the final of the challenge with €5,000 to be won!

The more Series tickets you win, the higher your starting stack for the final. As a bonus, we'll give you an extra 10,000 chips if you win more tickets than _Winda!

Tickets counted for the challenge

All tickets won between €2 and €1,000 will be taken into account. These can be won in the Expresso Series, Satellite tournaments, Hit&Run or Qualifiers, Sit&Go Qualifiers or through “classic” MTT prizepools. Tickets bought with Miles in the Boutique will not be counted.

You can check out the rankings to know the number of tickets you have accumulated. You will need to connect to your account in order to check the number of tickets you have accumulated if you are not in the top 500 of the rankings.


Challenge final - €5,000 to be won

  • Monday 28th March at 20:30 CET
  • Freeroll tournament. Players who have qualified will be registered to the final automatically on Monday 28th March
  • €5,000 in tournament tickets to be won for the top 30 (prizepool details below)
  • 6-Max
  • 6-minute levels – Blinds 100/200
  • Starting stack: 10,000

Players who have accumulated 30 tickets will have their starting stack doubled, then tripled for 45 tickets and up to 5 times the starting stack for players having accumulated 75 or more tickets.

Players who rank higher than Loïc Debregeas will have an additional 10,000 chips added.

Prizepool details

Rank by the end of the final Prize
1st 2x €250 tickets, 2x €125 tickets, 2x €100 tickets and one €50 ticket (€1,000)
2nd 1x €250 ticket, 2x €125 tickets, 2x €100 tickets and one €50 ticket (€750)
3rd 2x €125 tickets, 2x €100 tickets and one €50 ticket (€500)
4th and 5th 1x €125 ticket, 1x €100 ticket and 2x €50 tickets (€325)
6th and 7th 1x €100 ticket and 2x €50 tickets (€200)
Du 8th to 10th 3x €50 tickets (€150)
Du 11e to 15e 2x €50 tickets (€100)
Du 16e to 30e 1x €50 ticket