System bets

Paris Système
With system bets, bad beats in stoppage time of the last match in your combo are finished!
A system bet allows you to bet on several accumulator bets at once. It also allows you to earn your winnings even if one or more of the wagers in your multiple bet lose.

How to place a system bet

When you select several wagers on your bet slip, tick the “System bet” box underneath the last wager. You may then choose to tick the boxes for different system bets.

For example, you have selected five wagers, you may choose to bet on the “system 4/5”. This means that you will receive your winnings if at least four of your five wagers are correct. The same principle applies if you choose a “system 3/5”; you will receive your winnings if at least three of your wagers are correct.

When you place a “system 4/5”, you are placing five multiple bets of four predictions (every combination of four matches out of five). This means that if you have five correct predictions, your five bets are winners and when you have four correct predictions, only one accumulator bet is a winner.

You may choose to place multiple system bets at the same time, for example a “system 2/4”, a “system 3/4" and a “multiple 4/4”. The bets corresponding to each system are indicated. Your wager per bet will be multiplied by the total number of bets (your total wager is shown at the bottom of your bet slip).

The potential winnings shown is the maximum amount you can win if all your predictions are correct. The amount to win in each bet is detailed in the “My bets” section once the bet is validated.



When you click on “System bet”, the “Base” button will appear on each of your predictions. Setting a base allows you to reduce the number of accumulator bets inside the system bet and therefore reduces the total wager value of your system bet. The “base” prediction will then be present in each of your system combinations. If this prediction is incorrect, your system bet loses.

For example, you have 5 predictions, if you select a base you may choose from the following systems: “1 base + system ¼”, “1 base + system 2/4” and “1 base + system 3/4”.

You may select multiple “base” predictions.

It’s up to you to choose the right bases!