The Sunday Surprise

Huge, extravagant and majestic are the only ways to describe this award winning event! The winner of this incredible tournament not only takes home the lion’s share of the prizepool guarantee, but also a bonus prize which changes every week!

Sunday Surprise

The next prize is still a secret, we will surprise you soon...

Check back soon, this week’s Sunday Surprise is in the final stages of being perfected and will be online in the next few days!

Tournament details:

  • 20,000 chips - blinds 100/200 and 6-minute levels
  • 6-Max tournament
  • The winner will receive a unique prize that changes with every tournament, in addition to their share of the prizepool
  • This prize is not transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Qualification tournaments run every day for as little as €1 with rebuys or €2, giving you plenty of chances to win your €10 entry ticket for the next SUNDAY SURPRISE!

Who has won what?


Soar over the island of strong winds...

Sunday 14/07/2024.

As La Roja won the Euro on Sunday, the Sunday Surprise was also on Iberian time, with the winner receiving a holiday for two to Fuerteventura. That privilege finally went to Javieliro, already runner-up in a €10 Mystery KO last week: The grinder pocketed no less than €5,583 and will be heading off to visit the island of strong winds on a trip combining white sandy beaches, visits to the most beautiful towns in the area, not forgetting a catamaran cruise, a surfing lesson, a day on the island of Lobos and its nature reserve, and a guided tour of the south of Fuerteventura. E viva España!

Lune de mer en Croatie...

Sunday 07/07/2024.

KB9BENZ put their money where their mouth is on the 100K Sunday Surprise KO: more of a specialist in €5 tournaments (Rocket and Bowling trophies, among others), this time our champion bagged almost €10,000... which they can spend in Croatia if they feel like it, as they also win an unusual holiday for two in the land of a thousand islands, with cruises, beaches and hiking! To each their own paradise...

Size does matter...

Sunday 30/06/2024.

For once, the Sunday Surprise has abandoned its travel agency status for a week to offer its winner a prize that is a little more material, but which will allow the champion of the week to experience certain events in Dantesque conditions. Their username? Quat. Their prize? Nearly €9,000, plus a huge, top-of-the-range 75-inch (190 centimetre) television set, perfectly suited to current competitions (Euro 2024, Tour de France, Wimbledon) or future ones (Olympic Games 2024). Now our winner can think big.

Change hemispheres…

Sunday 23/06/2024.

Seven hours of play, no re-entries and a first prize of over €8,500. ivolens had to win a lot of coin flips to rise to the top of the Sunday Surprise. And in addition to their prize money, which is already enough for a nice holiday, the winner of the week will fly to South Africa in September with the person of their choice for a dream trip to the land of Nelson Mandela and the 2010 World Cup victory of La Roja. Don't forget to come back ivo!

Freebets galore!

Sunday 16/06/2024.

The fastest mouse in the whole Sunday Surprise? A certain FastGonzalez. After a crazy race lasting almost seven hours, they were the first to cross the finish line to claim their second Winamax title and €9,246, just ten days after winning the Booster. Quite a performance for the player who will now have the opportunity to prove that they are just as good at predicting sporting results as they are at holding cards. From this Monday until the end of the competition, no less than €100 in Freebets will be credited to their account for each match during the Euro. Ready to hit the back of the net?

Anything but a FeeAsKo

Sunday 09/06/2024.

Travel? Loves it. Perhaps even more than most. This Sunday, by winning the Sunday Surprise ahead of no less than 13,518 entrants, Nabil aka FeeAsKo, whom we met in Bratislava during the WPO in 2022, gave themself a second victory for €9,726 in this tournament that they clearly love more than anyone else. As a result, three years after flying to Sicily, Nabil will have the chance to make the most of their summer by heading to Bali for a heavenly stay on the Isle of the Gods. Enjoy the trip!

Sunday Surprise: one tournament to play them all...

Sunday 02/06/2024.

There’s one person who must have greatly appreciated his Sunday Surprise this Sunday: Mr_ Hankey. By winning our wildly unpredictable Sunday tournament in front of no less than 13,141 players vying for the title, he who finished in 19th place in the historic 5 Million Event KO last January can now set his eyes on even bigger prizes. Because, in addition to having the best weekly win of his life at €9,241, he’ll have free entrance to the Main Event for one year! That means he’ll be able to face off every week with the best players in the room and perhaps treat himself to the performance of a lifetime.

Mini Vegas - Big Money…

Sunday 26/05/2024.

€9,688: that's how much COMBIEEEEEEN will receive in tournament tickets for their victory in the latest edition of the Sunday Surprise, over and above their share of the €114,705 prizepool, i.e. €8,789. These tickets represent one entry into each of the Mini Vegas tournaments, which kick off this Tuesday 28th May with 99 events on the schedule, and a schedule modelled on that of the real WSOP, on a 1/100th scale. Our champion will be able to play the entire festival for free, in a bid to win a bracelet themself. All that's left is to build on the momentum of Sunday...

Euros madness...

Sunday 19/05/2024.

After nearly seven hours of play, it was AndyEstCape who hoisted themself to the top of the Sunday Surprise. It's another victory, ten days after their first on the Fièvre, for the player who came so close to an absolute dream after finishing 3rd in the final of the Team Pro Experience. The icing on the cake is that they will be celebrating on 20th June at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen to see Italy take on Spain in the Euro group stage. It's a beautiful thing, even more so when it's a gift.

Light the Koh Lanta flame!

Sunday 12/05/2024.

One week: that's how long Brad Fish77, winner of Sunday's Sunday Surprise, will have to spend €3,000 in Expresso tickets on our three-player Sit&Go as part of the Koh-Lanta Expresso operation. They will also be able to use the €8,918 they cashed for their victory yesterday to try their luck several times in this great adventure, and reach the final round of the poles: if they win, it will be more money to add to their bankroll, up to ten times the value of the buy-in. Enough to make you want to play six €500 Expressos, for example... In the end, it's up to our champion to decide!

A final before its time …

Sunday 05/05/2024.

Considered one of the most aggressive animals in the world, the honey badger didn’t have his image tarnished at this week’s Sunday Surprise. After nearly seven hours of play, HONEY-BADGER, who came close to taking down the After Work last March, finished the job this time, taking home €9,117 and two tickets to the VIP section for the Spain-Italy match on 20 June for the upcoming Euros 2024.

A Blue Wall in Dortmund

Sunday 28/04/2024.

Inspired by the idea of seeing France destroy Poland's defence this June in Dortmund, LE RUNARD had no doubts whatsoever about doing the same to their opponents in the Sunday Surprise. After over seven hours of play, the player who had come within a whisker of the title a few weeks earlier in a €20 Series tournament this time showed the full extent of their technical range to walk away with their first title on Winamax and the hefty sum of €9,270. Although they won't be playing alongside Mbappé, LE RUNARD and GGajumaru (who won the same prize last week) will be in the VIP stands to support "Les Bleus"... for free!

A blue wall in Dortmund...

Sunday 21/04/2024.

With the Euros fast approaching, GGajumaru made a big splash in the Sunday Surprise. In front of no fewer than 12,692 entrants excited at the prospect of supporting the world runners-up in Dortmund in June, the man who had never won a single tournament at our tables won the most unpredictable of our Sunday MTTs for over €9,280. And with it, the right to travel to Germany to watch "Les Bleus'" final group match against Poland. GG indeed!

It's time for revenge…

Sunday 14/04/2024.

Travelling to Düsseldorf to watch "Les Bleus' first Euro 2024 match against Austria: that's the dream of millions of French people, and it's a dream that a certain Guoine is going to have the chance to live out, the winner of our Sunday Surprise ahead of 12,854 registrations. Guoine, who until now had never achieved a better result than first place in a €5 180-Max Hold'em game, has now won €9,017 and the right to see Kylian Mbappé in action. Doesn't get better than that.

A diamond worth its weight in gold...

Sunday 07/04/2024.

A month ago, they warmed up by reaching a final at the KO Battles. With this Wina Series, D-sides went all the way, taking down this weekend's Sunday Surprise. The reward for our grinder? A prize of €13,448, and, most importantly, 5 Carat Red Diamond status, which they will be able to enjoy for a whole year. We'd advise them to start playing as early as this second week of the festival, because they will benefit from a boost to their mileage accumulation rate, monthly bonuses to unlock and an invitation to the €15,000 Super Diamond Freerolls... Not forgetting that they can already start planning their trip to Marrakech: they will be invited to the Main Event of the next SISMIX and all the Winamax live festival Main Events scheduled between now and April 2025. It seems they found their Eldorado on Winamax...

Your ticket to the Series...

Sunday 31/03/2024.

This will be THE username to keep an eye on over the first eleven evenings of April: Lokihel. By winning the Mass Start Surprise KO ahead of a massive field (20,109 registrations!), the Toulouse Hold'em member has been offered, in addition to a prize of €14,390 acquired in over seven hours of battle, entry to all the tournaments in this April's edition. The €250 Championships, the €1,000 Highroller Million and the €500 Super Championship: the festival's most expensive tournaments are all up for grabs, with no need to worry about bankroll management. It's Winamax's treat: all that's left to do is turn that thick book of tickets into a ton of cash to take back home.

Sunday Surprise: Puglia we love ya...

Sunday 24/03/2024.

In poker, being mean and lucky is an effective combo for hoping to win tournaments. And if there's one person who wouldn't dare say otherwise, it's NastyLucker, victorious this Sunday in the unpredictable Sunday Surprise after nearly seven hours of play. The player who had never managed to do better than 5th in a €10 Winamax Islands Event last year has now won their first Winamax title and a colossal €7,809 prize. They will be able to take advantage of this fantastic prize when they travel to Puglia for a week accompanied by the person of their choice.

Sunday Killer…

Sunday 17/03/2024.

We hope that SDM_100-8 enjoyed their Sunday Surprise on Sunday: their victory earns them €8,568, a good third of which is in mystery prizes. In any case, they'd better: they'll be playing in this tournament for 52 consecutive weeks, if they feel like it. In fact, they've being offered a weekly ticket to the Sunday Surprise for a year! But that's not the best part: over these 52 tournaments, our goleador will win, in addition to any winnings from the 'regular' prizepool, a €50 cash bonus for each player sent to the dressing room! They'll need to hit as many shots as possible over the next 365 days...

Sunday Surprise: caramelit0 mining for gold

Sunday 10/03/2024.

Chipleader from the first hand to the last, caramelit0 didn't waver for a single second as they gobbled up the entire stacks of their opponents at the Sunday Surprise final table. As a result, in addition to their €12,099 prize, our champion has won €3,000 worth of tickets to spend at our Expresso tables during the 600 Millionth Expresso promotion. There's only one thing to say: well done!

The holiday of dreams…

Sunday 03/03/2024.

Uppercuts galore, right hooks and some grappling allowed the Sunday Surprise to find its champion. Their name: Iwannarock. Six months after winning his first title on a "Pour le Daronne", this potential Twisted Sister fan spared no punches and stayed on their feet right to the end to walk away €13,160 richer and treat themself to the trip of their dreams. The hard part is choosing where to go...

Put your feet up in Zanzibar…

Sunday 25/02/2024.

Almost €10,000 in prize money, after beating 14,656 players... Although we only know him from a podium finish on the Desperado last May, WellDoneMate wore his username rather well on Sunday. That's enough to give them a nice nest egg for their next holiday, which will take place in Zanzibar: yes, it's in the Indian Ocean archipelago that Winamax is offering them a dream holiday, in the company of the person of their choice. What's on the programme? Paradise beaches, guided tours of the capital Stone Town and Jozani National Park, and plenty of other activities at our champion's discretion. It was well worth being in the spotlight...

Gamer's paradise...

Sunday 18/02/2024.

After seven hours of play, Elisssabeth reigned supreme in front of no fewer than 14,201 entrants to win the most magical of our Sunday tournaments for almost €9,377. It was a first win on Winamax and not the least for the player who, with their new state-of-the-art 'Powergamer' tower and 27-inch 4k screen (among other gifts), will now have all the computer equipment they need to continue killing it at our tables!

Under the sunlight of the tropics…

Sunday 11/02/2024.

Just when you thought the polar cold was over, winter temperatures are slowly creeping back across Europe. However, there is one person for whom this should not be a problem. Their name? GTOMAISON. By winning our Sunday Sunday Surprise for €10,774, the player who has never before finished in first place in a tournament in France will be able to relax in the warmth of Guadeloupe for a week.. Pani pwoblem!

Kills bills…

Sunday 04/02/2024.

This year, thanks to Sunday Surprise, there's one person who won't have to worry about paying their bills. Their name? SharkOvitch. By dominating a field of over 15,000 entrants, the player who had never finished better than third place in the Mad Max had the luxury of winning our favourite surprising Sunday tournament, for €10,360. That's a year's worth of water, gas and electricity bills, with a 10% bonus on the total amount. There are no small savings, especially with Winamax...

Better Call Seoul...

Sunday 28/01/2024.

Nine days after his very first title in a €50 6-Max KO tournament on the Winamax Series, Frank.Saint has blessed our Sunday Surprise: our champion took down the tournament after almost seven hours of suspense. It was a second win in ten days, and not the least for the player who, in addition to their €9,554 prize, won a trip for two to South Korea and its capital Seoul. Between market visits, cookery classes, shows and fine food tastings, our winner should have no trouble finding something to suit their taste.

Plough through the snow

Sunday 21/01/2024.

Although it seems the harsh winter is coming to an end, there are still some beautiful places where low temperatures and snow continue to rule the day. And that's just how the winner of our Sunday Surprise, Ventilax2000, likes it. As well as taking home €9,577, they'll be able to escape to the heart of Savoie accompanied by the person of their choice. The programme? An all-inclusive week's holiday in ski paradise. Onwards and upwards!

Shine bright like a diamond…

Sunday 14/01/2024.

As it does so well, the Sunday Surprise KO once again brought together an indecent number of hungry players. 20,898 players signed up, and in the back of everyone's mind was the coveted 5-carat Red Diamond status promised to the winner, with all its advantages for a full year: accumulation of Poker and Sports Betting Miles multiplied by 7 for a year, monthly bonuses to be unlocked, an invitation to Super Diamond Freerolls, and free entry to Main Events at Winamax live festivals. Enough to attract big players who are generally used to sitting down at the tables of starred restaurants that have a slightly higher price tag... Among them is a certain ElKasparov94, who needs no introduction, with two titles in our Main Event and a WinaSeries logo acquired during the Series last September, and they have now won a fourth big title on Winamax for €14,925, a second WinaSeries logo and 5-carat Red Diamond status for what promises to be a brilliant year!

all-you-can-eat Series buffet

Sunday 07/01/2024.

In order to get the first Winamax Series of 2024 off to a fitting start, Sunday's Mass Start Surprise KO, as usual, sent the counters into overdrive. With 24,138 registrations and an initial guarantee of €170,000, which eventually rose to around €217,000, the lights were on. It has to be said that when the winner was promised, in addition to their prize money, a package comprising 266 single tickets to play all the tournaments in the Series, which is bound to make the mouth water. And at the end of 7 hours 20 minutes of play, it was VELIAL, as yet unknown to us, who came up with the best recipe. A prestigious victory, a flurry of all-expenses-paid tournaments and the princely sum of €16,297, gleaned at the dawn of a year 2024 that clearly couldn't have got off to a better start.

Triple your salary…

Sunday 31/12/2023.

The cocktail in Snoop87's hand as he bids farewell to 2023? Probably a combination of Gin and Juice. Having dropped it like it's hot against nearly 5,000 opponents, our winner is now starting The Next Episode of his poker career with €4,157 in the bank and a nice bonus from Winamax: a tripled salary. "Money, mo money, get money", as the old saying goes.

Seeing double in MTTs…

Sunday 24/12/2023.

Celebrating Christmas on a Sunday evening obviously didn't stop many of you from taking part in our Sunday tournaments such as the Sunday Surprise, which saw its guaranteed prize pool (albeit lowered to €20,000) almost double. Who benefited the most? A certain JV_Crack9, as yet unknown to us. A win worth almost €3,750 for our champion who, for one week, will have all their winnings doubled for every tournament played on our site. That's right, Christmas lasts a whole week on Winamax!

Hamper down…

Sunday 17/12/2023.

By winning this weekend's Sunday Surprise, Musaranas won't have to worry about what they're going to eat for Christmas and New Year's dinner: they've simply won a huge trunk full of gustatory treasures, filled with delicatessen products from the Grande Epicerie de Paris. Foie gras, champagne, terrines and other exceptional products will delight their friends and family alike. A real Christmas present before its time for this Expresso player, who will also be able to pride themself on having won the princely sum of €8,479.

It’s raining Main!

Sunday 10/12/2023.

A year of Main Event freerolls. That's the huge package that Quarisma-Tic has just won thanks to the Sunday Surprise. A year to take on some of the best players on our site while trying to win their share of the prize money, which never dips below six figures. In fact, our favourite surprise tournament had a whopping prize as well, enabling our winner to pocket €5,933, in addition to €2,424 in bounties. It was worth re-entering twice!

Once upon a time in the West…

Sunday 03/12/2023.

After taking first place in the Commando last September, slasher764_ once again had the quickest draw to defeat more than 16,000 cowboys and win the Sunday Surprise for €8,241. It was a tournament that also promised the winner a smooth entry into our Saloon, with €3,000 worth of tickets to spend on our Expresso tables starting this Monday. Yee-haw!

Tuscany, where grape things happen…

Sunday 26/11/2023.

You win, you go to Tuscany. It may sound hard to believe when you put it like that, but that's exactly what the winner of this weekend's Sunday Surprise was promised in addition to their share of the €100,000 guaranteed prizepool. 777SP4148188 didn't need to hear that twice. At the end of 6 and a half hours of play, and ahead of no fewer than 13,880 competitors, the player who had not put in a notable performance since their victory in the Pour la Daronne two years ago can now pride themself on having won the most unpredictable of tournaments. First place, €7,622 in prize money and an all-expenses-paid trip. Grazie Mille!

MeetYourB has a head start on the festivities

Sunday 19/11/2023.

MeetYourB has their Christmas dinner checked off the list: two months after a fifth-place finish in a Winamax Series event, they have won the most beautiful and surprising €10 tournament in the world. The result: as well as pocketing nearly €10,000 today for their victory ahead of over 13,000 entrants, they're making off with two chests (get it?) filled to the brim with the finest victuals from the famous luxury gourmet brand founded in 1886. Foie gras, truffles, terrines, chocolates, chestnuts, not to mention champagne: there's nothing missing. Of course, it's Winamax who signs the order form, and all our winner has to do is wait for the postman's bell to ring. We know someone who'll be royalty at the bar in five weeks' time...

When WiPT rhymes with VIP...

Sunday 12/11/2023.

Everyone was short, everyone was tired (it was three in the morning): as a result, the final of the second Pokus Sunday Surprise lasted just 32 hands. Even the €10 Magic Mystery Trident final table lasted longer, that's for sure! The biggest field of the evening (17,050 registrants!) gave birth to an additional qualifier for the Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final in the person of wmx-fv97qwi, who will be offered VIP treatment in Paris or Madrid in early 2024... in addition to pocketing €11,802 today.

A truly magical festival…

Sunday 05/11/2023.

€4,498: that's the total in buy-ins of the 217 tournaments on the Winamax Pokus schedule. And it's also the amount of buy-ins won by tofffe for our autumn festival, if they play all the festival events this Sunday. After an extraordinary deep run in the Mass Start Surprise, at the end of which they dominated a field of 16,817 entries and won a prize of €12,211, the champion wins an invitation to all the Pokus tournaments scheduled until 12th November. The former Night Club, Pop Corn, Sud vs le Rest du Monde and Totem finalist could well be in for an enchanting 12 days... All that's left for them to do is perform their best poker tricks!

All fire and flames in the land of the Dragon...

Sunday 29/10/2023.

Ten days for two in Vietnam to discover the sublime landscapes of Ha Long Bay on board a boat. All in all, we could almost forget that Netero also won more than €9,000 for his victory in the Sunday Surprise, dominating a field of almost 14,000 opponents. Congratulations!

A real fjord fiesta…

Sunday 22/10/2023.

He hadn't had a performance like this since February 2021 with his win in the Pour la Daronne tournament, but on Sunday, Glitchy let his skills speak for themselves in his win of the timeless Sunday Surprise. In order to do so, this low-stakes reg had to beat out a field of 14,127 to take down a personal top score at Winamax: €9,353. Their dry spell comes to an end, which gives our lucky winner the chance to discover the gorgeous fjords, which will leave them speechless.

Two lucky devils off to Miami...

Sunday 15/10/2023.

As of yet, he has never deposited a single cent on Winamax, but this hasn't stopped him from building a bankroll from several freerolls. After taking down this past Sunday Surprise with just under 13,000 runners, Oberwannn leaves with €9,058, his biggest score at our tables by a long shot! But aside from this nice four-figure score, our lucky winner will have the luxury of flying to Miami and discovering the numerous white-sand beaches and their turquoise waters. What amazing timing considering the cold weather is on its way in...

Monopolisez the game…

Sunday 08/10/2023.

It's been over three years since RAANGE ROVER last put in a big performance with a second-place finish in a €10 Winamax Series event, but they're back in business. The King of 4x4s won the most unpredictable tournament of the week ahead of just under 14,000 entrants, and walked away with a whopping €11,140, including €2,299 in bounties. But that's not all. As well as adding his new biggest win on our tables to their bankroll, this off-road motorist will be able to dream even bigger with €3,000 in tickets to spend at the Expresso X MONOPOLY tables.

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme!…

Sunday 01/10/2023.

Three weeks after coming within a whisker of the title with a third-place finish in the €250 Marathon Mystery Championship, __MisK__ has decided to improve their standards. And nobody can blame them. In fact, they won the most unlikely tournament of the week in front of no fewer than 14,273 entrants, and collected a handsome cheque for €9,379. But that's not all. As well as adding this hefty sum to their bankroll, the winner of the evening will be able to enjoy no less than eight days of Caribbean exoticism by flying to Jamaica with the person of their choice. Ideal for discovering Rastafarian culture and diving into the heart of the many coral reefs.

A not-so forbidden fruit…

Sunday 24/09/2023.

Winner of the week's most surprising tournament ahead of more than 13,000 entrants, 100pWin27o_ will be able to live up to Matt Damon's line in Good Will Hunting. Because as well as pocketing €9,321, they'll be eating apples... Golden high-tech apples that have just fallen from the tree of a famous Californian firm! The latest smartphone (we're on the fifteenth model), a 'pro' version of a tablet, an updated connected watch, plus a couple of tasteful accessories: our winner is perfectly up to date... at least until the next product release from Silicon Valley.

Not just any watch…

Sunday 17/09/2023.

It was exactly 3:20am on Monday morning when NaxoQ won the Sunday Surprise Mystery that began at 20:30 on Sunday. And the reason we're telling you about this specific timing is that, in addition to their €9,815 prize and their prestigious title, our champion will now be able to watch the dial turn on a real little jewel of watchmaking: a Breitling Navitimer Automatic 41 watch, featuring the famous Breitling 17 mechanical self-winding movement, all securely fastened to their wrist by an alligator leather strap. It's enough to make them look like a high-stakes player in their next live tournaments, as their biggest win here was €1,368 in a Mini WSOP final. Unless, of course, they're using their new toy to make sure they don't miss the start of the next Sunday Surprise!

A diamond in the rough...

Sunday 10/09/2023.

During the Winamax Series, the Sunday Surprise goes from being a classic to a must! Clearly, chopedsuprem had made a note of it in their diary. They beat a field of 19,355 players to take home no less than €12,850, including €3,519 in prize money. Quite a performance considering their already impressive trophy collection. Already the winner of a €100 Series Show One last year for over €15,000, and runner-up in a number of tournaments including the Main Event and the Battle Royale, this regular at our high stakes tables will now be able to enjoy a fine reward. In the space of just one tournament, they will be awarded Red Diamond status and will be able to collect a large number of Miles and bonuses, play in exclusive, richly endowed freerolls and take part in all our live events. The Sunday of a lifetime... or at least of a year!

Sunday Surprise: fight for the Series …

Sunday 03/09/2023.

There's one player who's sure to have a great couple of weeks at the Series. By overcoming a field of 21,274 entrants in the Mass Start Surprise KO, Le_Plaisiiir didn't miss out on their first Wina Series title for €14,840. But as well as adding the biggest prize of their career to their trophy cabinet, our champion will, as agreed, be able to take part in all 253 remaining tournaments in the Series! It's one of the biggest gifts of the year, and one that should enable our winner of the evening to start their fortnight as calmly as possible. And why not dream even bigger?

Dream bigger…

Sunday 27/08/2023.

A win in the Sunday Surprise is already huge. All the more so when you've won a total of €8,076, a sum that's sure to spice up your daily life. Just like the prize also awarded to C est duuur: a pack of two video projectors! Because at Winamax, we've thought of everything: as well as the big 4K machine to install at home to multitask or watch whatever they want, we're also offering a portable version that will allow our champion to enjoy high resolution anywhere, even outside their living room. That's right, their screen-watching sessions are going to get a real boost...

Score a bag of cash…

Sunday 20/08/2023.

We don't know if guuuyyy is a football aficionado, or which club they support. But one thing's for sure: if football isn't their cup of tea, the Sunday winner will quickly become interested in it, and naturally find themself a favourite team for the 2023/2024 season. This is because they'll win a cash bonus of €100 for every goal scored during the season by the first division team closest to their home! On top of the €6,669 they earned for their victory on Sunday, that's a minimum four-figure sum. Even then, it would mean that the local division 1 team is not in its prime... We hope for their sake that they will follow in the footsteps of navystrange, who cashed in €6,500 last year thanks to Olympique Lyonnais. Come on, it's time to smash the back of the net!

Goals scored, cash earned...

Sunday 13/08/2023.

The number 33.33 is said to be associated with luck and success, and symbolises expansion and greatness. The pseudonym of Sunday's winner is not going to cast any doubt on these beliefs: it was indeed under the username 33.33 that our champion bagged the €6,678 awarded to the last standing player in the event, with, we imagine, a certain amount of luck (it takes luck to overcome a field of over 12,500 entrants!). As far as expansion is concerned, that's going to come gradually, over the course of the football season: our goleador will collect €50 for each point scored in the championship by the first division team nearest to them, in addition to the shirt of the club in question. That's enough to buy a few tickets to see the local club in the VIP box, and if our champion is not yet a football fan, this is the perfect opportunity to get started. On the road to greatness...

I Want to Bet Free...

Sunday 06/08/2023.

FantomasVol is our new soccer expert! In any case, we hope that's what he'll become. By winning the pre-season Sunday Surprise classic, he'll be able to make some waves on the first division championship in their country of residence, without spending a dime. For each of the days in the competition schedule, they will receive €100 in Freebets to spend as they see fit. All that remains for them is to stock up on information (there's no shortage of guides and broadcasts on the Internet and elsewhere) and win their place in the Champions League of bettors. Because as for poker, with a nice €5,500 win to go along with €2,000 in bounties, they have nothing more to prove.

Luxor, give me more…

Sunday 30/07/2023.

Known for its countless pyramids and mysterious temples, Egypt is a destination we all dream of. And this week’s Sunday Surprise was generous once again. In addition to the €7,100 up top, BRUGODSSSS also won a trip for two in the land of the pharaohs. During their nine-day journey, they can explore the Pyramids of Giza from top to bottom. Along the Nile, in the heart of the Valley of the Kings, they can discover the magnificent Temple of Luxor and the beautiful site of Karnak. A little culture is nice, but so is enjoying yourself. That's why our big winner will then head off to Hurghada, one of the Red Sea's most popular seaside resorts. Between the turquoise waters and fine sand, they’re sure to find their own little corner of paradise.

Climbing Black Mountain…

Sunday 23/07/2023.

The Balkans have become an increasingly fashionable holiday destination in recent years: never the last to follow trends and offer trips to the four corners of the planet, the Sunday Surprise is offered Sunday's winner, Laitcailleur, a trip for two to Montenegro! A country where the duo will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities: the fiesta in Budva, the local St Tropez (just as well, our champion also won €8,169 to treat themself to a few evenings out), lazing around in Kotor, and a few days in the great outdoors with canyoning in the Skurda river, rafting on the Tara river, or a sailing trip in the Kotor mouths. Yes, paradise isn't that far from home...

€3,000 to chase Diamonds…

Sunday 16/07/2023.

By winning this weekend's Sunday Surprise, Thunder2-FaB took home €9,000. That's a great prize in itself, and should ensure that they have a great summer, wherever their holiday takes them. That being said, we don't know their exact plans, but they're going to have to play a few Expresso in the next few days. To mark the 10th anniversary of online poker's most popular format, Thunder2-FaB, as the winner of our Sunday tournament, is being awarded €3,000 in Expresso tickets, which they can use as they see fit. 3,000 Expresso for €1 each? No problem. Take a chance and play six €500 Expresso? That's possible too. It's up to them. Either way, good luck!

Cowboys, skyscrapers and jazz…

Sunday 09/07/2023.

They already won the Noctambule, the Night Finisher, the €10 Monster Stack and the Terminator. But this is the first time that fanatsib has cashed in a four-figure jackpot on home soil, thanks to their victory in the latest Sunday Surprise. And we hope for their sake that it will also be the first time they've visited Texas and Louisiana: they have bagged a two-week trip for two on a memorable road trip through these two legendary American states. It's a chance to experience a whole range of local culture, from ultra-modern cities like Houston, to Bandera-style cowboys, to festive New Orleans, where jazz is a religion. Las Vegas is for another time...

Bratislava we love ya…

Sunday 02/07/2023.

TiCroisToi? Sunday's winner takes home not one, but two packages for the Winamax Poker Open in Bratislava next September. Accompanied by the person of their choice, TiCroisToi will have the chance to play the Main Event twice, as well as the Battle Royale, the Colossus, the heads-up tournament on iPad... They'll even get two tokens to use every night for the Deglingos, including the Championship version! All of this, hosted like a king at the tournament venue. On the downside, we won't be paying the bill for bar orders during their stay. No problem: with over €9,000 already won on Sunday, our champion will have enough to send out a few rounds...

The origins of mythology…

Sunday 25/06/2023.

Over the last five years, cooki_06 has won a number of tournaments in our €5 to €10 bracket (Fast Food, Samurai, Guerilla, Digestif), and this Sunday they finally added the best one of all to their list of achievements: the Sunday Surprise! As well as winning a staggering €9,361 (including bounties), they'll be able to play at being an instagrammer by showing off their real-life photos against a sunset backdrop during a heavenly trip to the Greek islands of Paros and Santorini. There's plenty of time to dance the sirtaki.

On your bike…

Sunday 18/06/2023.

"On your bike!" is Tony G’s punchline of choice after taking a big pot from an opponent. For Keanu Raise, it's quite the opposite: their €9,600 Sunday Surprise win has earned them - courtesy of Winamax - a state-of-the-art electric bike. Keanu: the chosen one on two wheels.

Namibia, the promised land…

Sunday 11/06/2023.

"Better be lucky than good" is often heard at the Las Vegas poker tables. It certainly takes luck to win a tournament with a virtually infinite field, in this case the Sunday Surprise: 13,656 entries, enough to fill the Horseshoe and Paris casinos, which host the WSOP, to max limit. But we have no doubt that Luckyjango was modest when choosing their nickname: because despite the saying, luck alone is not enough to triumph at poker... For their efforts, Luckyjango pocketed almost €10,000. And soon, they and the person of their choice will be flying off to the promised land of South Africa, Namibia, for an all-expenses-paid holiday.

Win a bracelet on your sofa…

Sunday 04/06/2023.

Mini Las Vegas on Winamax means 84 tournaments to play starting this Monday until 18th July. And AKy1A will be able to play all 84 of these MTTs for free: thanks to their victory on Sunday and in addition to the €10,348 prize for first place, they will be offered a buy-in for every single one of these events - a €8,714 gift. So yes, it may be a little less than the usual Series schedule, for example, but that doesn't make our 1/100th world championships any less prestigious. Who hasn't dreamt of winning a WSOP bracelet, especially from their living room?

Norway au naturel…

Sunday 28/05/2023.

A boat trip off the coast of magnificent fjords, killer-whale watching, a snowmobile expedition, a dog sled ride, all set in the midst of grandiose landscapes... Yes, you can have all of these experiences in the same part of the world. More specifically, in Norway, where CabbageBrinG, the winner of Sunday's competition, will spend a week in the company of the person of their choice, in addition to the €9,280 raised for their victory. And if they don't catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis on their dream trip, at least they're sure to have had a great time...

The pearl of the Caribbean…

Sunday 21/05/2023.

The Caribbean is known for its warm sandy beaches, and the Dominican Republic lives up to this reputation. But there's more than just the turquoise sea to admire in this country occupying the east of the mythical Isla Hispaniola: between the capital Santo Domingo, classified as a UNESCO heritage site, the delicious local rum, ecotourism in Jarabacoa, the Baiguate waterfall or Las Terrenas, there's plenty to do. This is what yuriksRD2.0, our Sunday champion, will find out on the spot: they will be leaving for a big week in the Dominican Republic with the person of their choice! We've also planned snorkeling, horseback riding, boat rides and a rafting trip... All that's left is to find time to go to the beach!

The trip of your dreams…

Sunday 14/05/2023.

€9,000. That's how much Angello365 won with the Sunday Surprise, after a re-entry they certainly won't be regretting. It's an amount that could allow them to fly to any destination of their choice at any time. But they won't even have to dip into these funds for that. In collaboration with our tour operators, they will be able to concoct their holiday of dreams, alone or with the person of their choice, to any corner of the globe.

Light the Koh-Lanta flame…

Sunday 07/05/2023.

€3,000: a hefty cheque cashed by phil lagaule, who will be able to have fun under the coconut trees of Koh-Lanta Expresso! Will they opt for a bankroll management "à la MIK.22" by favouring volume on the small limits or will they try to go all in on our €500 tables? Whatever their choice, they could win up to ten times the amount of their buy-in, and increase a prizepool that is currently close to €400,000. Oh, and did we mention that they also won €9,721 after defeating over 14,200 opponents over the course of a nearly seven-hour tournament? The law of the jungle!

Qualified for the Champions League final...

Sunday 30/04/2023.

If DouBleMiNi7 wasn't interested in the Champions League until now, no doubt they'll be following the semi-finals over the next two weeks, between Manchester City and Real Madrid and AC Milan and Inter Milan. Because in addition to the €10,313 they won for their victory in the Sunday Surprise, our Sunday goleador, a former Trident winner, will be watching the final of the competition in Istanbul in VIP mode in just over a month! Category 1 seats, a personalised welcome and a top-of-the-range meal, all accompanied by the person of their choice... This is a match that should make them love football!

Yucatán friend in me!

Sunday 23/04/2023.

Every week, you wait to see what the Sunday Surprise has in store for you (in addition to the big guarantees, of course). And every week, one of you finds yourself winning a large sum of money as well as a big surprise. These are the ingredients that make the Sunday Surprise one of the most popular online tournaments in France. Yesterday again, this MTT did not disappoint. The €100,000 guarantee was largely exceeded. And the victory went to titidum. A hard-fought win, as they didn't hesitate to re-enter the tournament four times. This was probably the best €50 spent in this player's life. Thanks to this victory, titidum will be able to enjoy, with the person of their choice, a 12-day all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico. Their €9,600 prize could also be used to extend their stay if they feels like it. But that's none of our business. Have a good trip, Titi!

An Indian paradise…

Sunday 16/04/2023.

Blue Jodhpur, white Pushkar, the pink city of Jaipur, the Red Fort of Fatehpur Sikri and the ivory towers of the Taj Mahal: thanks to their victory on the Sunday Surprise, KKofJunGle and the person of their choice are going to have a magical week in India. And we imagine their face lit up as well when they received their €9,745 prize, a far cry from the €1,300 they won on the Crunch last August. The biggest mystery prize went to AAkttittina, 237th for €33 and... €4,715 in bounties!

Diamond in the rough…

Sunday 9/04/2023.

Over 7 hours of battle to defeat a field that reached almost 20,000 registrations: newcosmos earned a well-deserved prize of €12,682 for being the last player standing in the Sunday Surprise. However, as is tradition, the €10 Sunday Surprise never lets one good thing come unaccompanied, as Winamax added a nice diamond-shaped cherry to this little x1,200 jackpot: Red Diamond status for a year, and all the advantages that go with it. Miles that multiply at full speed, exclusive bonuses and freerolls, and an invitation to all our live tournaments: newcosmos was aiming for the moon, we just propelled them towards the stars.

On the Series rooftop…

Sunday 2/04/2023.

We know someone who's going to have a busy schedule until next Thursday. By winning the Sunday Mass Start Surprise - and dominating a monstrous field of 22,022 entries, ToToDoo secured the biggest payout of their career, €13,904, after their second place finish in a Summer Shot last summer or their final table in the Ball Trap, Guerilla and Uppercut, but that's not all. No, the champion is also invited to all 246 tournaments of the Spring Series! And this is not an April Fool's joke... So there are plenty of opportunities to add to the prize money already collected on Sunday, which should allow our winner to allow themself a few re-entries if necessary. And why not make it a double by climbing to the top of another of our buildings?

The bracelet is coming home…

Sunday 26/03/2023.

We don't know if they've ever been to Las Vegas, but one thing is certain: icemoun974 will be there this summer for the World championships of poker. In addition to the €8,863 they won for their victory in the latest Surprise tournament, they also won a package to experience the World championships of poker like a pro, or almost! A stay for two people including 7 nights at the Paris Hotel (they can simply take one lift to get to the tables), and above all a $2,500 buy-in so that our champion can register for the tournaments of their choice. All they has to do is look at the schedule: from the $400 Colossus to the $3,000 6-max (by completing the buy-in with their Sunday winnings), via the $1,500 Millionaire Maker, icemoun will have plenty to enjoy. And they can always dream of the famous bracelet... Good luck!

Cape Verde on a red carpet…

Sunday 19/03/2023.

Sometimes it's good to change your habits. .ARTHURHUGO., who is more of a small-limit Expresso fan than a tournament fan, came to see what was going on in the Sunday Surprise on Sunday, and was well served. While their best performance to date is a fourth place finish in a €10 Monster Stack last May for just under €150, this time they beat over 15,000 players (including top regs Florian 'Alba 1998' Decamps and Antony 'ANTOM8KZEPOT' Darmani, 19th and 11th respectively) to take the €6,415 first prize. But that's not all, of course, as they also collected €2,305 in mystery prizes along the way. This journey will take them all the way to Cape Verde with the person of their choice for a whole week. Getting out of your comfort zone can take you a long way.

Killer instinct...

Sunday 12/03/2023.

Winning the Sunday Surprise once is already a great performance. Especially when you add €3,771 in bounties to their €7,734 in winnings. However, the best part is that LE SENSHU will have the opportunity to repeat their performance, and without paying a cent: 52 times, to be exact, since they have won one year's worth of Sunday Surprise tickets. Best of all, the champion will win a €50 cash prize for each player eliminated during these 52 tournaments! If they keep up the momentum from Sunday, we know of one player who is likely to make a lot of victims, to the delight of their bankroll./p>

Half a billion…

Sunday 05/03/2023.

€3,000 worth of Expresso tickets: that's a lot of money for any grinder to hit a big jackpot in normal times... So imagine if that nest egg is usable right in the 500 millionth Expresso period, when a 3,000x jackpot Expresso Gold Bar could fall at any time. Makes you want to get on the grind, doesn't it? In addition to their €10,613 in winnings, Sunday's winner weedlife9494 can try to embellish this beautiful evening with a new ticket... At the time of writing, dozens of Gold Bars have already been given out, allowing their winners to bag up to €10,500 for a €10 Expresso! Not to mention that our champion on Sunday can still hit a seven-figure jackpot: and no less than eight 1 Million Expressos have already been played since the beginning of the year... Just saying.

Sunday Surprise: the land of smiles...

Sunday 26/02/2023.

Good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes. In May 2011, nono591234 entered a young poker tournament that had not yet celebrated its first year of existence, the Sunday Surprise. After reaching the final table ahead of over 5,400 players, the northerner had to settle for fifth place (which still meant €2,400 in winnings), missing out on victory and a weekend in Italy offered by Winamax. Fast forward twelve years later: nono591234 is back on the Sunday Surprise final table. In the meantime, the attendance of our Sunday tournament has increased somewhat (three times more registrations), and so has the experience of our hero, it seems. Because on Sunday, no one could stop him from going all the way and winning a first prize of almost €10,000, plus a week for two in Thailand. And now we can finally wish him a nice holiday, on us!

The Land of the Rising Sun…

Sunday 19/02/2023.

Although there are plenty of art & culture centres giving a good overview of the culture in the Land of the Rising Sun, Vincerelis won't have to buy a ticket: on top of the €11,020 they will receive for their first place on Sunday, they will be offered a trip for two to fabulous Japan! An exceptional trip where they will be able to choose to do what they want, between city life in Tokyo or Kyoto (we booked them the train between the two cities), or a nature trip, by climbing Mount Fuji... We even added a complete guide to help them decide among the multitude of things to do and see on the 6,852 islands that make up the Japanese archipelago. By the way, when is the next sumo tournament?

Hala Madrid y Nada Más...

Sunday 12/02/2023.

Combativeness, tenacity, resilience... These are all qualities that are necessary for any good tournament poker player, along with... Pugnacity. And they certainly displayed those qualities to win against nearly 15,600 opponents, playing until 3:20 in the am; but the game was worth the labour. While they left the biggest mystery prize to Myke Towers, who was eliminated in 131st place after opening a €4,317 prize (that's more than fourth-placed Cachibache99 won), our belligerent winner managed to bank (at least) their second five-figure win of the year. A runner-up in a €50 WSeries, this time they fought their way to the trophy, pocketing a hefty total of €10,800. The win also gives them the right to compete in the Grand Final of the Spanish Winamax Poker Tour, with €3,000 available for them and the person of their choice. Vamos!

Sheriff of the Expresso Saloon…

Sunday 05/02/2023.

It's a liqueur that no other cowboy will be able to enjoy at the Expresso Saloon counter: in addition to the €11,028 they won for first place, Stoic89 wins €3,000 in tickets, just for them, to spend as he pleases until Sunday 12th February on our Expresso tables! That's enough to make the most of the Saloon Expressos, which are triggered once you've won an Expresso x2. Our tough cookie will then have to change their cards as best they can to leave with the loot... unless they choose to put everything back into play, double or nothing style. Come on, bottoms up!

East Coast express...

Sunday 29/01/2023.

After N. Barella's victory last week, another regular of our MTTs almost won our most popular tournament: Charles 3bet finished 7th in a field of 15,385 entries, for €1,415 + €86 in bounties. They leave the 1st place to Fripouille, who cashed for €7,503, with €3,541 in bounties. They will be able to spend this money as they please in the United States, as they also win a trip to the East Coast for two people! Between New York, Washington and Philadelphia, which they will reach by train, our globetrotter will be able to get a good overview of the American way of life with guided tours to see as many sites as possible in record time, between the White House, the Liberty Belle and the Statue of Liberty (thanks to the New York City Pass). Come on, everyone in the pick-up... er, the dining car.

WiPT Grand Final like a VIP...

Sunday 22/01/2023.

N. Barella was our grand winner this week, bagging the Sunday Surprise Mystery for a prize of €10,262, including bounties! But now they'll have to stop grinding online, as their victory has rewarded them with a great package for the Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final in March, accompanied by the person of their choice! €3,000 in tournament tickets, accommodation and transport paid for by Winamax: it seems N. Barella will have the opportunity to live like a Winamax Team Pro in Paris!

Snowy paradise...

Sunday 15/01/2023.

We hope that GoffaLolita likes snow: in addition to cashing in on a prize of €9,674, Sunday's champion will be going on a week-long winter sports trip with three people of their choice to the world's second largest ski area. Accommodation in a 3-star residence in Belle Plagne, top-of-the-range equipment and a lift pass included: our grand winner will be able to explore the Paradiski area as he pleases, which, given its altitude, will not have any snow problems this winter. And what's more, this is not the first time that our downhill skier has won the Sunday Surprise, which is a rare feat: two years ago, it was in sunny Morocco that they were invited to a treasure hunt in the desert. But now all they have to do is find the right ski boots... And see you in two years?

Red Diamond in the sofa...

Sunday 08/01/2023.

Over €200,000 in prize money: the Series special edition of our favourite surprise tournament was played in Knockout mode on Sunday, and had no less than 22,442 attendants. In the end, everyone celebrated the union of Anal del KK with the best players of Winamax: in addition to his €14,604 winnings (including €3,558 in bounties), the young groom joins the very select family of Red Diamond 5 Carats players (not for life, but for one year). An exceptional VIP status, which grants him advantages such as 7x faster Miles accumulation, registration to an exclusive monthly Freeroll with a €15,000 prizepool, additional bonuses amounting to €8,000 each and entry to Winamax Live festivals.

The Series in first class...

Sunday 01/01/2023.

Playing in the biggest Winamax Series in history (€25 million guaranteed - never been done before), without spending a single penny: that's the dream that LHNFQLEP made a reality. Behind this username, which could have been written by their cat, is the one and only freeroller of the festival. As of today, they will receive the equivalent of €14,612 in tickets to play all 235 tournaments (once each) on the schedule. This is almost the same amount as the €14,690 they received for their victory at 3:14am after two re-entries! The future winner did not give up, as they did during the hundred hands of a final played with very little depth, during which they had to overcome a four-to-one chip deficit in heads-up play, surviving a 30/70 which could have been fatal, before turning the tables in two moves. We now wish them as much success until the 12th so that we can, why not, sing their praises again!

Three salaries under the tree

Sunday 25/12/2022.

No, DealerdeChip, you're not seeing triple after all your Christmas festivities, and your victory in the Sunday Surprise on 25th December: in addition to the €5,289 you won at the end of a tournament lasting seven hours, Winamax will apply a small x3 coefficient to your next pay slip. This will allow you to give someone (or yourself!) a small ration of additional gifts before attacking 2023!

Double the presents under the tree...

Sunday 18/12/2022.

The magic of Christmas is also on Winamax: thanks to their victory in the Sunday Mystery on Sunday, NitPourTjr will have all their winnings doubled on all the MTTs they will play until December 25th! That's enough to put twice as much under the Christmas tree, in addition to the €7,791 cheque pocketed for their victory (with just €64 in bounties), the biggest bounty having been won by leogomesss (anonymous 80th place in the tournament but cashing in €3,431). But for that to happen, our champion will have to prove themself on our tournament grid this week to get more scores that will earn them twice as much money, as they had no notable result before Sunday. Now is the time to build up their record and blow up the high scores...

Delicious delicatessen

Sunday 11/12/2022.

Can you win a tournament as hotly contested and over-crowded as the Sunday Surprise without lying to your opponents? RegHonesto clearly proved that on Sunday, but it still cost them two re-entries. A negligible amount compared to the €9,325 they won, along with €113 in bounties. Instead, the jackpot fell to FairPlay_SE, who was eliminated in 269th place for €33 but not without opening a €4,445 mystery box! RegHonesto may not be able to have their cake and eat it too, but they'll still have plenty to eat, with a holiday hamper filled to the brim with delicious food from one of Paris's chicest grocery shops. Bon appétit!

Sweet Home Chicago

Sunday 04/12/2022.

Le_CAptAin had a good run in the latest edition of our favourite surprise tournament. The man whose best results with us so far have been second places (in a Pokus, a WSeries tournament and The Fever) finally arrived at the finish line with the trophy in his hands, and not just any trophy. With €234 in bounties accumulated to go with their first place finish worth €9,949, they even reached five figures for the first time. We wish them a smooth ride to Chicago, which they will discover with the person of their choice for a whole week. Enjoy!

Winter sports in the Great White North...

Sunday 27/11/2022.

When your whopping cash of €9,496 is accompanied by a great gift, you can be sure there's something to smile about. Because even though Krustyx won "only" €89 in bounties in Sunday's game, they'll be going on a wonderful trip to Canada with the person of their choice this winter! It's a special season in the land of the maple leaf, because even though the thermometer can drop to levels unimaginable for an average city dweller, it's above all an opportunity to take part in some pretty awesome activities, such as snowmobiling and dog sledding (expeditions already booked in the Mauricie National Park for our champion, among other fun things). Not forgetting the visit of Montreal and Quebec, the two pearls of the great white north... Yes, there will easily be enough to warm two hearts in Canada!

Freebets galore...

Sunday 20/11/2022.

Our latest champion had already won a Monster Stack and a Totem. But this Sunday, it was a victory of a completely different scale that Lil_Maurice achieved. In defeating more than 14,500 players in this Sunday Surprise Knockout Special, they came close to reaching the five-figure mark, with €2,457 in prize money to go with the €7,317 win. But that's not all: to celebrate the start of the World Cup in style, they're being offered €2,000 in Freebets to spend as they wish on every match of the French national team. Yes, you read that right: that's a minimum of €6,000 for the group stage and up to €8,000 more if "Les Bleus" make it to the final. Enough to break the bank... before enjoying the festive season on their favourite island?

The World Cup of betting...

Sunday 13/11/2022.

Here's one who fought hard to win the tournament: ya 2 fous had to beat a field of 16,263 registrants (!) to collect a prize of €12,169... As well as €10,000 in Freebets (yes, you read that right) to be bet only on the potential winners of the 2022 World Cup! It's a good thing our fortune tellers looked into their crystal balls to tell us that our champion likes to try big accumulators in sports betting on Winamax. Unfortunately, they didn't tell us who would win the World Cup... But there's no doubt that our winner will be looking closely at the question over the coming week, as their Freebets must be spent before the competition starts: an additional win of several thousand euros is at stake. Good luck to them!

Your ticket to the Pokus…

Sunday 06/11/2022.

Among the winners of the first night of the Pokus, there is at least one that we will see every night until 17th November: BouYakaGus. Winner of the most popular tournament of the day, the Sunday Surprise (18,713 registrations), our champion from the Grenoble Poker club wins €13,456, as well as an invitation to all Pokus tournaments. This edition of our biggest €10 tournament of the week was played in Mystery mode. The biggest Mystery prize was given to -allmylife-, who was happy to see a €6,407 cheque before his elimination in 66th place.

Sunday Surprise: Survivor Sunday…

Sunday 30/10/2022.

"This is one of the only tournaments I haven't won on Winamax yet," is the latest post on our lucky winner's Facebook page. Coming from any poker player, this remark would deserve a smile with a hint of suspicion. "Aren't you exaggerating just a little bit? Ha, these players, all the same!" Except when talking about Adrien Guyon. Eleven years, already, that this French player from Poitiers (who formed a part of Team Winamax in 2015 after his victory in the Top Shark Academy), has been incessantly adding trophies to his MTT collection... and he continues to improve, year after year, maturing like a good wine. Even today, PiuBellaVida - his current nickname - continues to find ways to add new gold medals to his already stellar collection. Much like this week's Sunday Surprise, whose vintage on Sunday 30th October was particularly tasty: over 15,000 entries and a prizepool of €137,241. Yesterday evening, Adrien launched one single €10 tournament. He did well: his first online session since his historic second place in the WPO Bratislava ended with a €11,000 win. This is a windfall to which must be added €3,000 in tickets offered by Winamax, which will allow him to try out THE great adventure that Winamax is offering until 15th November: the Koh-Lanta Expresso.

Release your inner geek…

Sunday 23/10/2022.

Winter is approaching, and nights out in beer gardens are slowly being replaced by nights in with hot beverages and warm blankets. Asturi150 won't have to think too hard to find something to do when the cold weather sets in: in addition to their cut of €9,310 from the prizepool for their first place in the latest Sunday Surprise (of which only €249 were in bounties, but we're sure they'll get over it), our winner has bagged a state-of-the-art arcade machine! Yes, our gamer doesn't even need to move their butt to the local arcade anymore: they will have over 3,000 vintage games (and more recent ones, thanks to PS4 or XBOX One compatibility) at their disposal at home, all on a full-option machine worthy of the best arcades, and personalized with a Winamax design! The hardest thing to do now is to choose: Pacman, Street Fighter or Mario Bros?

Break the ice with Iceland

Sunday 16/10/2022.

We hope that Jalillard saw the details of his first place win (€8,888, those are the straight facts, with a nice bonus of €471 in bounties) because his eyes will pop out of his head when he sees the gift coming his way in addition to his victory at the Surprise Sunday: a trip to Iceland! He and a travel companion of his choice will get to spend a week travelling around the Land of Fire and Ice, where they can admire the Northern Lights, take a snowmobile ride, swim in the mythical Blue Lagoon, hike on the Vatnajokull glacier, visit the capital Reykjavik, or observe the fjords and whales, not to mention other fantastic discoveries. Bon voyage!

No pain, no gain...

Sunday 09/10/2022.

Put the kids away, barricade the doors and windows and don't make a sound: this Sunday 9th October saw the emergence of a new Sunday Killer. An evil entity who will be invited to the 52 upcoming editions of the Sunday Surprise, whilst collecting €50 cash for each of his victims. This future serial killer answers to the pseudonym of Timerkhan, winner of a tournament switched to Mystery mode for the occasion, which exploded its guaranteed prize of €80,000. That's enough to put €9,658 in your pocket, whilst waiting for the carnage to come. Prior to this, the biggest mystery prize went to DMM888, who was eliminated in 110th place but was happy to pocket €4,610 in bounties.

Tango Unchained…

Sunday 02/10/2022.

Ah, Argentina... Asados, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Che Guevara, the debt crisis... and the tango! We hope for U.S. Leblanc that they like dancing (or else this will be a good opportunity to start): in addition to the €9,784 for first place, Sunday's winner bagged a trip to the home of Albiceleste for two people. They will be able to discover the country through the prism of one of its most ancestral traditions, between a course given in an authentic milango, the history of this dance through the historic districts of Buenos Aires, a visit to El Tigre and San Isidro, a Graffiti Bike Tour and, of course, a tango dinner show! So, shall we dance?

Sunday Surprise: bite the apple

Sunday 25/09/2022.

Isaac Newton formulated the law of universal gravitation after an apple fell from a tree and hit his head. Matarum, on the other hand, will fall under the law of modernity. This week's lucky winner of a Surprise tournament boosted by the Mystery KO format (nearly 14,000 entries!), will be sent an assortment of the latest gadgets straight from the factories of a famous Silicon Valley firm. Top-of-the-line smartphone, tablet as light as air, smartwatch: everything you could ever need to keep the doctor away! And since there's still a bit of room left in the package, we're adding a couple of accessories to the mix: a stylus, a keyboard, and a set of headphones.

Sunday Surprise: play it like Alexane

Sunday 11/09/2022.

The 5-carat Red Diamond is the most exclusive VIP status on Winamax. The queue in front of the red velvet cord stretches far beyond the eye can see. You have to wait for months, even years, during which you have to play an almost supernatural amount of cash games, Expresso or MTTs in order to reach the number of Miles needed to pass the bouncer at the entrance of this very closed club. AA Bosh AA, however, needed only seven hours and three minutes to enter the club, having won a Sunday Surprise tournament as a gateway to the Red Diamond Club. They came out on top in an edition that attracted over than 20,000 registrations, and took the lion's share - €13,808, to be precise - from a prizepool that topped €185,000, and will now enjoy the same benefits as Winamax's most regular players, including Alexane Najchaus, the latest addition to Team Winamax, whose regularity in Expresso has enabled her to join the club just two years after her first games. Among the very special rewards awaiting AA Bosh AA over the next twelve months are Miles that will now accumulate seven times faster to their account, two €8,000 monthly bonuses to unlock, €15,000 Freerolls every month, and an invitation to all live events organised by Winamax. For example, the Winamax Poker Open Bratislava, which will kick off in just two weeks time. Perfect: we can celebrate this victory together, and soon!

Sunday Surprise: get hungry for the Wina Series...

Sunday 04/09/2022.

In this first Sunday Surprise in Mystery KO mode, no one was able to catch Guillaume 'VienMonBusto' Cambis. After being lead by three to one in chips at the start of heads-up play, the former pro golfer remained calm, patiently working his way back up. This continued until the favourable final match, offering him by far his biggest achievement on Winamax, a cheque for €15,766, and a tiny little gift: all his buy-ins for all the tournaments of the festival payed for, that is to say nearly €13,000 in buy-ins! He'll have to make some room in his schedule to make it all worthwhile.

Sunday Surprise: Bratislava like a king…

Sunday 28/08/2022.

We don't know how many times they hit the nuts during the Sunday Surprise to beat a field of 11,136 players, but we are sure of one thing: thanks to this great victory, Noisette67, who had not recorded any convincing results on Wina for... nine long years, will be able to discover modern live poker the W way. Indeed, they will fly to the first Winamax Poker Open Bratislava in just under a month with the person of their choice! Of course, we'll give them the full package: €2,600 in buy-ins for two people (including two €500 buys-in for the Main Event and a €1,000 ticket for the Highroller), airfare, 4-star hotel, and some cash for expenses... We know some people who should have a great time in Slovakia.

Sunday Surprise: the gold at the bottom of the basket...

Sunday 21/08/2022.

Ray Allen, Stephen Curry, Steve Nash, Luka Doncic... and soon payetonmelon? After dunking on a basketball-themed Sunday Surprise, our champion will be able to try to enter the Hall of Fame of our surprise tournament by making up to 25 three-point shots at the "ONE BALL" centre in Paris. For each successful shot, an additional bonus, and bonuses for each successive basket. All this in front of the Winamax TV cameras. So let's put on our trainers and get out on the floor to practice behind the line before the big day!

Sunday Surprise: to the back of the net!

Sunday 14/08/2022.

Supporting the enemy. Betraying your team. Switching sides. These are the dishonorable acts that navystrange will commit over the next ten months. Because throughout the 2022/2023 football season, our Sunday Surprise winner will win €100 for every goal scored by the closest Ligue 1 club to him. We checked, and the closest first division club to navystrange is Olympique Lyonnais, located a little over 70 kilometres from his home in Firminy... a town nestled in the suburbs of Saint-Etienne, historical rival of OL! Our winner will be able to blame this betrayal on Saint-Etienne’s club, who made the mistake of being relegated to Ligue 2 at the end of the last season. Consolation: this betrayal will be accompanied by significant benefits. In the 2021/2022 season, OL hit the back of the net 66 times, coming in at number 3 behind Paris and Rennes. If Lyon performs as well this season, our winner can expect a payout of more than €6,000. That’s worth putting on a new jersey for a few months, right?

Points, that's all...

Sunday 07/08/2022.

We’re used to seeing Shibnigurat crush our high-stakes tournaments this year. But this top reg seems to be doing just as well in the smaller buy-in tournaments, as he won the most famous of them all this Sunday, the €50 Sunday Surprise Road to Mass Start Mystery. He'll take home €6,136 and more: for the 2022/23 football season, he'll also win €50 for every point scored by the team in the first division closest to his home! Verification complete, and our lucky winner lives in... Moldova, in Chișinău, whose main club, FC Zimbru, was almost relegated into the second league last year. But Shibnigurat can already tell himself that this club has started this season off better than last year, with two draws in the first two matches. And that last year, the champion, Sheriff Tiraspol, still finished with 70 points. So our Moldavian friend should still win some good buy-ins from this season...

Your bets are magic…

Sunday 31/07/2022.

If they don't already follow much football, headshooott may well get into it this season. Not only did they bag €7,350 for their victory in our latest surprise tournament, but they will also be credited €100 in Freebets to spend on each of the 38 games of the 2022/23 Ligue 1! Yes, that's a €3,800 envelope over the whole season to drop some heavy bets on our national football championship. Now it's up to him: try a Mortal Kombo over ten matches? Bet on an avalanche of goals during PSG-Auxerre? Or take advantage of it to place a few live bets? We'll just remind them of grandma's advice: don't put all your eggs in one basket (or on your favourite club)... In the meantime, it's time to study the season guides: Ligue 1 resumes this Friday 5th August at 21:00 CET with a Lyon-Ajaccio match to open the first of the 38 rounds scheduled until next May. The road to riches starts here!

The summer will be warm…

Sunday 24/07/2022.

We imagine The B0ss had a heat stroke (or at least not cold sweats) for our Sunday Surprise. He had to fight his way through a field of over 10,000 players to win the prestigious trophy and take home the €7,463 jackpot (with a nice chunk of change in bounties). We would also like to say he did not make a mistake winning this tournament... because this Sunday, the winner gets an original gift: the chance to pocket €100 for each day the thermometer hits 31°C at his place of residence for a year. And it turns out that our champion is located in Le Soler, a town in the Pyrénées-Orientales (Occitania), one of the top 15 hottest departments in our beautiful country! They say, this Monday, we will already hit highs of 34° in Le Soler, already well above the seasonal norms... Boom, 100 quid just like that! The summer season is far from over... We know someone who won’t be complaining about the heat this summer.

Sunday Surprise: seeing double for a week…

Sunday 17/07/2022.

We definitely recommend Salim937 not to leave the Winamax tables this week! Up until July 24 at 23:59, we will be doubling his MTT profits. Yes, yes, ALL of his profits: his min-cash in a €2 tournament and his future win in the Highroller (Well, that’s what we're hoping for, at least). A crazy week of grinding to come, which he will be able to pay for, largely because of the €8,566 he won from this potentially very lucrative Sunday Surprise.

Angkor, the heart and soul...

Sunday 10/07/2022.

The pearl of Cambodia for a jeweller. It would be difficult to find a more appropriate winner for this new edition of the Sunday Surprise than the_jeweler, who will soon be flying off with the person of their choice for a week's privileged visit of the Angkor domain and its sublime temple, Angkor Wat. Not to mention that with the €8,456 from their victory, they now have almost unlimited money for their stay in Khmer land. អបអរសាទរ, as they say!

Protect the pearl of the Indian Ocean...

Sunday 03/07/2022.

Two weeks in Sri Lanka, all expenses paid, to discover the local fauna (sea turtles and elephants in particular), the natural wonders of the country and its cultural and religious wealth: yes, there is reason to have doubts. However, it is indeed the sumptuous gift won by TiCroisToi, which they will be able to enjoy with the person of their choice. And that's on top of a prize pool of almost €8,500, by far the biggest they have ever won with us. Pinch yourself, you're not dreaming!

Sunday Surprise: a year of freeroll groceries...

Sunday 26/06/2022.

€100 a week, for a year: that's how much we're giving Bl3da-0ne, the winner of our latest Sunday Surprise, to fill up their shopping cart - €5,200 to spend care-free, starting today. And that's on top of the €8,704 they've already earned for winning the tournament... When they arrive at the checkout of their nearest market/supermarket/grocery shop, our champion will only have one thing to do, knowing that Winamax will refund them once a month: carefully bag their free purchases with a smile. Time for a shopping spree!

The safari of a lifetime...

Sunday 19/06/2022.

The summer holidays are approaching fast, and TKTPAspan can already smell the open air. In addition to the €7,656 sent to their account, the winner of Sunday's game will also be going on an exceptional trip to Namibia with the person of their choice. A country where they will be able to enjoy an inexhaustible array of landscapes: between the cosmopolitan capital Windhoeck, Walvis Bay and its pink flamingo colonies, Etosha National Park or the Namib Desert, there is plenty to see. Not forgetting Twyfelfontein and its 3,000 thousand-year-old petroglyphs, or even a hot air balloon ride for the more adventurous. There's a smell of holidays in the air!

Play it like Tom Cruise...

Sunday 12/06/2022.

Obviously, the topic of the moment for the whole poker planet is the world championships of poker and their famous champions' bracelets. Both those of Las Vegas, which our reporters have been revealing to you day after day for a fortnight now, and the miniature versions offered by Winamax with Mini Las Vegas. The latest edition of our favourite surprise tournament also offered a bracelet... quite different, but no less prestigious: a watch signed by one of the most renowned manufacturers in the watchmaking world, Breitling. After some great cashes in the April Series, Fran6LaLine is taking off, both literally and figuratively: this €7,300 win is the biggest victory of their career on Winamax, and allows them to wear a jewel of a chronograph designed in homage to Curtiss Warhawk, one of the greatest aeroplane manufacturers in history.

Chasing waterfalls…

Sunday 05/06/2022.

EN DT was this week's champion of the Sunday Surprise in knockout mode, allowing them to cash in a hefty sum: their victory earned him €9,772, by far their best score on Winamax, after taking down the Dernier Round and the Sprint last year. But above all, our lucky winner will also be heading to Africa for a week with the person of their choice, to discover two of the jewels of the continent: Victoria Falls in Zambia, and Chobe National Park in Botswana. This is a great opportunity to marvel at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, and to see some of Africa's magnificent wildlife, including the park's herds of elephants. Someone's in for a treat...

Pura vida in Costa Rica…

Sunday 29/05/2022.

"Enjoy the moment without worrying about tomorrow": if you are familiar with the Latin expression, you should know that there is a South American version of the adage, summed up in Costa Rica under the term pura vida. A mantra that THE MAGICI4N is going to experience directly themself: in addition to the €8,036 they won for their victory in Sunday's surprise tournament, they are going to spend a whole week in the country of the Ticos! During his stay, accompanied by the person of their choice, they will be able to enjoy the countless charms of a territory dear to some grinders, known in particular for its magnificent natural landscapes. Isn't life beautiful?

Into the Wild…

Sunday 22/05/2022.

Winamax, CS 50 746, 75345 Paris Cedex 07. This is the postal address that ---RMax--- is asked to write down and keep preciously the day after a €6,817 victory on the Sunday Surprise. Because, let's be honest, we're rather jealous of the dream holiday that awaits him in Wyoming, the wildest state in the United States, and we wouldn't say no to a little postcard of his upcoming road trip through the Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks...

Keeping the World Cup…

Sunday 08/05/2022.

Trainduseum was our champion this week, lifting his trophy, but that's not all! Because by winning the Sunday Surprise this weekend, they will be flying directly to Qatar, with the person of their choice, to watch the 2022 edition of the competition live and in person! In addition to the €7,652 collected to enjoy the emirate's giant malls, our winner has bagged two tickets to see France-Denmark, the second match of the French team in the group phase, played at Stadium 974 in Doha. The prize also includes an activity to choose from among a number of local traditions, such as a camel ride or a Bedouin-style dinner. If "Les Bleus" do their job properly, they will be able to return home in high spirits...

Keeping the World Cup…

Sunday 01/05/2022.

Who said no one would go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? One thing is for sure, it wasn't KKarlesxic. By winning the latest edition of the Sunday Surprise for €7,209, they're not just cashing in on the first big win of their Winamax career, they're also going to watch the French team's second group match in the competition, against our inseparable Danish friends, accompanied by the person of their choice. This is a golden opportunity to discover the brand new Stadium 974 like an emir, but also to take part in a side expedition of their choice before the big day, among a wide range of local activities (like a ride in the desert on a camel, for example). It's enough to make you feel like a World Champion...

Keeping the World Cup…

Sunday 24/04/2022.

Two tickets to a 2022 World Cup match in Qatar, especially to cheer on the French team in their second and most perilous group match against Denmark, makes it well worth to put a coin in the machine. Spade1Spade was not mistaken, and thus bags the second of the four Sunday Surprise tournaments dedicated to the World Cup. In addition to discovering the sublime Stadium 974 where the hostilities will take place, our champion will have the opportunity to discover the desert or the old Qatari city with an excursion of their choice. They must be careful, however, not to spend their whole €7,443 victory cheque in a single of Doha's many shopping centres.

Keeping the World Cup…

Sunday 17/04/2022.

Azazel75's Sunday Surprise win was a great kick off. The champion, whose username was created just for this Sunday's tournament, won €7,583 in cash, a good third of which was in bounties. Enough to buy some extras in Qatar next November... Because just like the next three winners of our surprise MTT, and accompanied by the person of their choice, Azazel75 will be invited to the Middle East for the 2022 World Cup to see the France-Denmark match, the French team's second game in the competition! And to make the most of this trip, we're also organising an unusual local activity the day before, to get them in shape. So, shall we go for the dune safari or Tuareg-style dinner?

Grind bright like a red diamond...

Sunday 10/04/2022.

Who has never dreamt of being a part of the elite? In any case, you can join the elite poker players on Winamax. Here at Winamax, this means being treated as a VIP amongst VIPs thanks to the ultra-exclusive 5 Carat Red Diamond status. Mitingho will get to live out this dream for a year because, in addition to taking down the Sunday Surprise for €12,779, he will get 5 Carat Red Diamond status and all the benefits that come with it: Mile accumulation rate multiplied by 7, cash bonuses of up to €16,000, entry into monthly freerolls with a €15,000 prize pool and invitations to all of the Winamax live festivals... This all will make you feel special. Or elite, as we say.

Sunday Surprise: grind the series…

Sunday 03/04/2022.

Fishkipeut's protective kit for the Winamax Series opening Sunday Surprise is a luxurious and reassuring helmet/knee pads/shoulder pads combo in the form of free tickets for all the festival's events. Now free of any financial pressure until April 14th, our winner will be able to try the most daring tricks over the next eleven days, without risking the slightest break, including in the most expensive and challenging tournaments on the schedule: the €250 Championship, the specialist variant tournaments, the Highrollers... This prize worth over €15,000 was given in addition to the lion's share of the prizepool: €16,607, in cash. Let's see what the official Series freeroller will try on the ramps and bowls of the festival in the coming days...

Sunday Surprise: 300 km/h on the track

Sunday 27/03/2022.

It took almost seven hours to crown a winner for the Sunday Surprise, which attracted almost 12,000 players: this last edition before the Winamax Series in April was more of a marathon than a sprint. But for Bpykebyxanka, our winner (now €5,571 richer), those long hours of grind will soon be converted to pure adrenaline, brief moments of sheer terror, and the ultimate nirvana for any speed enthusiast: a real Formula 1 car, in which our winner will race through the Magny-Cours circuit for a very special day. An extreme driving experience usually reserved for a certain elite... but that's what the Sunday Surprise is all about: turning dreams into reality and making the impossible possible.

Sunday Surprise: chasing the Expresso gold...

Sunday 20/03/2022.

It certainly took some good fortune for Lux.Boc. to win this Sunday Surprise ahead of nearly 12,000 opponents. But we hope he's saved some to play in Expresso over the next few days, because in addition to the €5,813 won for his performance, he will have a €3,000 bankroll to spend on our three-player Sit&Gos until the 400 Millionth Expresso falls! Our champion can choose to play this prize at the buy-ins he wants, hoping to land on a Gold Bar table. And why not on the most beautiful of all, whose jackpot could reach a multiplier x5000... Good luck!sofa...

Sunday Surprise: like a pro at the WPO…

Sunday 13/03/2022.

€7,337: That's how much Mutuon won in the Sunday Surprise, beating almost 11,000 opponents. €2,250: That's how much Mutuon will be able to spend from 5th to 15th May in the Gran Casino Torrelodones at the Winamax Poker Open Madrid. Is it a coincidence that this is exactly the combined entry fee for the Main Event, High Roller and Battle Royale? Of course not, but he'll be free to pick and choose from a 47-tournament schedule. And he won't even have to worry about his expenses, as he's also being offered a €500 allowance to pay for it all. Pura vida!

Sunday Surprise: under the projected spotlight...

Sunday 06/03/2022.

We don't know if Uracan13 had planned to go to the cinema in the near future, but that won't be necessary any longer for our winner: by taking down the Sunday Surprise this weekend, they are now the proud owner of a state-of-the-art video projector as well as a 120-inch screen, to be set up in their home! The icing on the cake is that this Expresso specialist will be able to take advantage of their share of the prize money, i.e. €9,925, to buy new subscriptions, this time for multiple streaming platforms, in order to live a real Smart TV experience. Unless they prefer to invest in a brand new sofa...

Sunday Surprise: the Dubai dream...

Sunday 27/02/2022.

Dubai: the world's tallest tower, its crazy shopping malls, its ostentatious luxury, its little-known old town, its ski slope, its desert at your fingertips... GTGROS will be able to discover all this and more with the person of their choice for a whole week, thanks to their victory in the Sunday Surprise. Like a true balla, they'll even be able to spend some of the almost €8,000 they bagged on the tournament. It's a great day to be a winner.

Sunday Surprise: flip over the Expresso Saloon table...

Sunday 20/02/2022.

€3,000: that's the amount of credit that cochon_jouff now has at their disposal for Expresso, following his victory in this weekend's Sunday Surprise. It's so fortunate (and so premeditated) that in addition to the €8,609 that the winner has bagged, they'll be able to have fun on the new version of our ultra-fast Sit&Gos, the Expresso Saloon! Our chief robber will be able to use the tickets as they please (6 Expresso Saloons at €500 each to try and hit the second ever €2 million jackpot? 3,000 €1 games to grind quietly?) to attempt as many double-ups as possible by playing the five-card poker of the real cowboys. So, are you ready to draw?

Sunday Surprise: in the land of the African champions...

Sunday 13/02/2022.

Dakar, Gorée Island, Pink Lake, Lompoul Desert: thanks to the Sunday Surprise, Cindarella will see a lot of the country during their week-long stay for two in Senegal. All they have to do now is find the right shoe, which shouldn't be too difficult with almost €10,000 to spend in the land of the new African champions, which is a much more lucrative prize than the one they bagged a month earlier on a €2 Monster Stack. We hope they keep winning tournaments and enjoy the ride!

Sunday Surprise: the treasures of Cape Town

Sunday 06/02/2022.

snatchavetoi has made quite the flamboyant entrance: though their record was void of any major title on Winamax until Sunday, they inaugurated in style by winning the Sunday Surprise for a prize of €9,554, a third of which was in bounties. A victory that came just at the right time, as it will allow them to travel to the other side of the world. Accompanied by the person of their choice, they will fly to South Africa, and more precisely to the city of Cape Town, where they will spend a week's holiday in a beautiful hotel. And we have planned quite the special stay: gastronomy with a wine route by tram, observation of the rich local nature with a sea kayaking trip, a cable car ride to admire the view from Table Mountain... without forgetting all the heritage of the city itself, between its architecture and its cosmopolitan districts. All that's left to do is enjoy!

Sunday Surprise: time for a holid'eh...

Sunday 30/01/2022.

He used the right tactics to overcome a field of 12,794 entries: POK_ETINHO wins the Sunday Surprise trophy and pockets a hefty €9,214. But, most importantly, they will be able to enjoy a great holiday: along with the person of their choice, they will go on a week-long trip to the heart of the Canadian Rockies! Hot outdoor baths, wildlife watching at nightfall, rafting, and all this in the middle of breathtaking mountain landscapes: we've pulled out the big guns on this one, including the hotels and the rental car, so that they will be able to take in all the sights. A trip that will remain engraved in their memory...

Sunday Surprise: they see me scootin'...

Sunday 23/01/2022.

If -Rama- wasn't already able to do so before putting the finishing touches to his tournament at exactly 3.22am on Sunday night, he will now be able to travel the roads of France as he pleases. In addition to the €6,456 they won in a Sunday Surprise that clearly exceeded its €100,000 guaranteed prize, plus €2,881 in bounties, our Sunday champion will have to make some room in their garage for a brand new 125cc scooter and all the accessories that go with it. All that's left is to wait for the return of the good weather to go out on the road, alone or with a mate.

Sunday Surprise: Ski ya later!

Sunday 16/01/2022.

We don't know what NuocMamzz had planned for this winter, but what is certain is that their plans are changing, because their victory in this weekend's Sunday Surprise means that not only did they pocket the hefty sum of €9,274, but they've also bagged a week's all-inclusive ski holiday! And not just any holiday: accompanied by three people of their choice, they will be heading to the resort of Les Arcs, where they will be accommodated at the foot of the slopes in a 5-star residence with swimming pool, spa and so on. Of course, all the equipment and passes will be ready for them when they arrive, so they will be fully equipped for the slopes of Paradiski, one of the biggest ski areas in the world. Come on, it's time to work on your pole planting!

Sunday Surprise: One diamond to rule them all...

Sunday 09/01/2022.

A regular of our low-stakes tournaments (winner of the Big Bang, the Kill The Fish tournament and runner-up of the After Foot last August), ndp33 has stepped up thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise: because in addition to the €16,439 he won for dominating a huge field of over 25,000 entries, he has been given direct membership to the very exclusive club of Red Diamond players on Winamax for a whole year! He's now a VIP on our site, with a plethora of benefits, such as a six-fold increase in mileage, monthly bonuses of up to €1,000, monthly freerolls worth €20,000 and invitations to Winamax live tournaments. It's time to discover a new world...

¡Viva las Winamax Series!...

Sunday 02/01/2022.

The Winamax Series started off strong. CADvsZAD took down the opening Mass Start Surprise, winning a ticket of almost €20,000 after having beaten out a field of over 29,000 players in the middle of the night. And after having already won a series title in 2020 (and having won the Starter, La Fièvre and the €10 Monster Stack), he has already had a golden opportunity to boost his ranking. But now we are giving him entry to all Wina Series tournaments, at least 211 buy-ins for a total value of over €13,000! All he has to do is carry on for things to get even better.

A win that pays triple...

Sunday 26/12/2021.

A 13th month is good. But a 13th AND a 14th month is even better. That is the great end-of-the-year bonus B3n&nuts will receive for winning the last Sunday Surprise of the year, which already won them €9,500. To be exact, Winamax will triple of their last pay slips or give them two times the minimum wage if they earn less or are not employed. A nice little gift for this great Expresso Nitro amateur, who had not won more than €500 on our site, and who outlasted Florian Decamps, 2016’s Top Shark, who busted 4th for €3,632.

Make it a double in MTT...

Sunday 19/12/2021.

Yes, isaacgs won the Sunday Surprise at 3:05am last night. But frankly, we wouldn't be surprised to see him already in action on our tables this Monday morning... And for good reason: on top of the €8,235 he pocketed for his win, he'll see his MTT winnings doubled for a week! Maybe it's time to try some shots at higher buy-ins for the man who has already won the €20 Monster Stack and the €10 Derby this year? In any case, he can look forward to making his Christmas presents twice as big or putting some extras under the tree in a few days. We don't know what he's got planned for 24th and 25th December, but we hope no one will blame him for launching a few tourneys in between the turkey main and Christmas pudding...

Delicatessen for the discerning palate...

Sunday 12/12/2021.

He was the -CkAptAin- of the Sunday Surprise this Sunday. Even better, our commander for the night was able to navigate through a field of over 14,500 players, lured by a Road to 4 Million special edition promising at least €100,000 in prize money, including 240 tickets to the Winamax Series' flagship tournament in January. After taking down the Night Finisher and the Terminator last summer, this time our champion has taken a much more prestigious title and, more importantly, his first four-figure score, in the form of a €7,261 check. A nice gift to spend the end-of-year celebrations in the warmth of his home, to which is added a sublime gift basket straight from the Grande Épicerie de Paris, filled with incredibly refined dishes. Looks like we know who is going to be hosting Christmas and New Year's Eve!

€3,000 to shout UNO!...

Sunday 05/12/2021.

We can imagine that PUNKY- must be a fan of tournaments, as he pockets €9,749 for his victory in the Sunday Surprise. But one thing's for sure: he loves Expresso, having already won 40x and 20x jackpots in the format. And that's just as well: by taking down our flagship Sunday MTT, he wins €3,000 in Expresso tickets! Of course, it's no coincidence that we've decided to offer all this just in time for the Expresso x UNO... PUNKY- can expect to win bonuses of up to 100 times the buy-in of the three-player jackpot x2 SnG he will be playing until 15th December (after that, it will be too late and the remaining bankroll allocated this Sunday will lapse). Is our winner familiar with UNO? If not, we have no doubt that he will quickly get the hang of the game...

The setup of a lifetime...

Sunday 28/11/2021.

We decided to go overboard with promotions this weekend on Winamax, and we hope you took advantage of all of them. Well, probably not as much as AA L Berto7, the winner of this week's edition of our Surprise tournament: he got a 100% discount on a gaming computer setup! Yes, in addition to the €9,535 bagged for taking down the tourney, he will receive a gaming desktop PC, a screen, a headset, a mouse and a keyboard without having to pay a single cent (well, okay, the €10 buy-in for the Sunday)! And all this stuff will obviously be state-of-the-art, not backroom drawers, so he can play like he's never played before (or at least he'll be encouraged to do so). Yes, for some people, Black Friday happened on a Sunday...

Hunting the aurora borealis...

Sunday 21/11/2021.

It's Christmas come early for Naujokas80: in addition to the €7,899 pocketed for his victory in the latest edition of the Sunday Surprise, this multiple Wina Series finalist will fly with the person of his choice for a trip to the land of our favorite bearded, red-nosed man, in Lapland to be precise. And we'll be the ones handing out the gifts: for a whole week, comfortably installed in his spa hotel, our winner will go on a snowmobile trip to hunt the Northern Lights, will experience the great thrill of a dog sledding trip, and will be able to take advantage of the biggest ski resort in Finland! An original gift package for an unforgettable Christmas!

In your Madison garden...

Sunday 14/11/2021.

We hope trakwife18 likes basketball. Or New York (but we have less doubts about that). In addition to the €8,757 he won at the stroke of 3am against over 11,000 opponents, our latest Sunday winner will receive two plane tickets to the Big Apple, where he will be able to attend a New York Knicks game of his choice in one of the most mythical venues on the planet, where the greatest have performed: Madison Square Garden. He will even be able to continue soaring on his little cloud far above the rest of the world during a helicopter flight, ideal for admiring the wonders of the city that never sleeps.

Sunny South Africa…

Sunday 07/11/2021.

Winning the Sunday Surprise? A major victory for NicoCz. who had previously been content with podium finishes in the Cocktail or €1 Monster Stack. After beating more than 16,000 players, he also cashed in a cool €11,216, and a trip that's just as cool. Accompanied by the person of his choice, our winner will be flying off to South Africa! A trip during which he will discover the hidden gems of the rainbow nation, withurban cities, native villages, beaches, natural reserves, wildlife and so on. We have already planned all the accommodations from Cape Town to Johannesburg: he will only have to wander between the Cape of Good Hope and the Zulu territory, according to his will. Yes, this trip will also be at the top of his adventures around the world...

Sunday Surprise: open bar in Zanzibar…

Sunday 31/10/2021.

That's it, the world is ours again, or almost. So it's time to start travelling again! As for Alcho, he can already start packing his bags, because in addition to his €12,332 prize, the winner of this week's Sunday Surprise will be flying to Zanzibar to follow in the footsteps of Freddie Mercury. Accompanied by the person of his choice, he will be spending a week in East Africa to discover this small archipelago of a thousand treasures: from your base camp where you will be staying almost with your feet in the water, you will be taken to visit the Jozani Chwaka Bay national park, the village of Muyuni, the Ngonga cave, Stone Town, not forgetting a food safari session and an excursion to Prison Island. In short, Alcho is all set for an amazing adventure!

Welcome to Miami…

Sunday 24/10/2021.

Mad Max, Nuit Blanche, Money Time, Last Call, Rush Hour and now the Sunday Surprise. That's quite a climb for kaiser3693, whose €7,000 cash for his first place finish in our Sunday Surprise tournament is twice as much money as his previous biggest win. We'd advise him not to spend it all on his free trip to Miami, where he'll be able to enjoy a week's worth of fun with the person of his choice, culminating in a flight to seventh heaven on a tourist plane to admire Horatio Caine's beloved city from above. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Sunday Surprise: strengthen more than your game...

Sunday 17/10/2021.

Did Andric78 prepare himself like a true pro with a little gym session before his Sunday session last weekend? Well, we'll never know, but what we know for sure is that he will now be able to do this ritual every weekend, and even every day if he wants to, all without leaving his house: in addition to the €7,474 collected for his first place, after second place finishes in the €5 Big Bang and the €10 Monster Stack, he wins a connected home fitness set! In front of his 32-inch mirror-effect touch screen, he will have access to thousands of exercises right from his living room, distilled by coaches to keep in shape thanks to the iFIT platform, and will have all the equipment to perform them. And if big sessions are not his cup of tea, Andric will have plenty of time to sculpt a dream body by next summer.

The penalty shootout of your life…

Sunday 10/10/2021.

His username might lead you to believe that he is an Olympique de Marseille supporter... If this is the case, 13plaisir will have to travel across France to visit the RC Lens training centre, and not as a fan: he will be challenging Mr Jean-Louis Leca himself to a penalty shoot-out that could well increase his winnings, which already stand at €7,774. For each successful penalty, he will win the sum of €1,500, and an additional €1,000 for each series of two consecutive penalties scored! In other words, he will have to aim high to beat one of the most experienced goalkeepers in Ligue 1... So, would you prefer a flat-footed shot or a panenka?

Sunday Killer

Sunday 03/10/2021.

Yes, taking down the Sunday Surprise is already a great achievement. And JustPourVoir won't disagree, having cashed in a total of €8,100 for his victory in Sunday's edition, which recorded over 10,000 registrations and almost reached a €100,000 prizepool. Except that for the man who already won the Noctambule last May, the serious business has only just begun: our champion will be credited with tickets for the next 52 editions of the Sunday Surprise to try and repeat his feat. What's more, each elimination signed by his hand during these Sunday freerolls will earn him a €50 cash bonus. When you consider that JustPourVoir already cashed in €2,689 in bounties on Sunday, it's easy to imagine what another deep run could bring... In any case, we now know where to find our winner for the next 52 Sunday nights.

Sunday Surprise: the apple of your eye...

Sunday 26/09/2021.

He was ready... to win a big pile of money: -ReadyCash- is going to have to prepare to welcome a whole new set of high-tech toys into his home. A new smartphone, a new tablet, new wireless headphones, a new connected watch: he's all dressed up for autumn in the colours of the famous fruity brand. And with over €7,500 in his pocket, he'll even be able to add a brand new computer to the list, so he can continue to click on those tables in the best possible conditions.

Sunday Surprise: Unlock our VIP Shop...

Sunday 19/09/2021.

It's a rare privilege that suslenok will soon be able to enjoy: the chance to raid our VIP Shop! In addition to the €7,000 Sunday Surprise cash win, our champion has also bagged €5,000 in prizes from our inventory, including tournament tickets, Freebets, poker gear and clothing from our latest collection. As if that wasn't enough, they can also pick from the top shelf with the help of 50,000 bonus Miles. On your marks, get set, shop!

Main Event madness...

Sunday 12/09/2021.

Some people dream of playing just one Main Event. Cabrooooon will be able to play 52 of them, and that's not just any tournament: we are indeed talking about the flagship tournament of our weekly schedule and its €100,000 minimum guarantee. In addition to the €13,941 he won for his victory over top reg RobindesNOix, our winner will be offered a €6,500 bankroll made up of a €125 ticket each week to try and increase his prize with, why not, some more five-figure winnings. We know someone who is going to have a fantastic year...

Sunday Surprise: shine bright like a diamond...

Sunday 05/09/2021.

We've been saying it for a while now: your aim is going to have to be on point for the Winamax Series. Ididnotcheat can only agree, as he snuck into a field of over 26,000 entries and won the Mass Start Surprise - opening tournament for the Series. A wise move that allowed this former finalist of La Fièvre to win his first six-figure prize on our site (€19,471), but above all to earn his place among the very best players on Winamax, since his victory also gives him Red Diamond status for a whole year!

Sunday Surprise: strike the Winamax Series!

Sunday 29/08/2021.

It was undoubtedly the most coveted gift of the year. A package containing €15,487 worth of tickets spread over 199 tournaments, and not just for any tournaments: we've given our winner an all-access pass ticket to the Winamax Series, which will kick off this Sunday 5th September. The prize managed to attract a big crowd, with over 11,000 players competing for the Grail, to make up a prize fund that flirted with six figures. Six figures is undoubtedly what LEBATMAN- is hoping to get out of our online festival this autumn, as he will have the unique opportunity to take part in each of the events at Winamax's expense, from the €2 Giant to the €2,000 Super Highroller. And with €5,909 pocketed for his victory, he'll even have a few coins to spare if he feels like re-entering some tournaments.

Sunday Surprise: one week, three eternal cities…

Sunday 22/08/2021.

Rome, Florence and Venice: stepbystep76 will see all three of them with the person of their choice during a wonderful week in Italy. Our campione d'Italia has smashed his best result, getting his very first four-figure check on our website, amounting to €5,089. It should be said that he has earned a nice break on the other side of the Alps.

Sunday Surprise: get your score...

Sunday 15/08/2021.

We have found the number one supporter of FC Metz for the 2021/2022 Ligue 1 season. A resident of the charming town of Vaxoncourt in the Vosges and last night's winner of yet another football-themed Sunday Surprise, nathanaelle8 will receive €100 for each goal scored by the Metz team at the end of the current season. That's enough to double the €4,900 she's already won and, above all, to keep her excited until next May about every Ibrahima Niane overrun, every Habib Maiga dangerous pass and every Fabien Centonze header in the box. No mean feat.

Sunday Surprise: cash in the points…

Sunday 08/08/2021.

It's all well and good to throw a punchline after another in a battle, but above all you have bring more fire than your opponents! And on the big stage of the Sunday Surprise, Jazzybazzz beat several thousand freestylers on the applause meter to impose his flow and get his hands on a loot of €5,555, in addition to his ticket for the €50 Mass Start of the next Winamax Series. And we hope for him that the Ligue 1 Uber Eats club closest to his home will also be inspired this season, in another field: football! Living in Croix-Mare, near Rouen, Jazzy will win a €50 bonus for each point scored by Paris Saint-Germain during the 38 days of the 2021/22 French championship! That's pretty good news for him when you consider that PSG have been champions seven times in the last nine seasons. Jazzybazzz can also thank the football gods that Caen, Le Havre and Amiens, all former first division players, are in Ligue 2 this season...

Sunday Surprise: bring it home...

Sunday 01/08/2021.

Does Lashmypy like football? If not, now is the time to get involved. If it is the case though, then the latest winner of the Sunday Surprise will be able to put his passion to good use. For each of the upcoming days of his national championship, he will be offered €100 in Freebets to use as he wishes. We'd advise him to try some crazy Boosted Odds rather than putting everything on favourites, but we don't need to give advice to a player who walked away with the trophy and €7,555 from his only tournament this week.

Sunday Surprise: a whale of a time

Sunday 25/07/2021.

What a holiday, tabarnak! Yes, by winning the latest edition of the Sunday Surprise, Mynewwork19 not only bagged a whopping €6,743 - signing what seems to be his best performance on Winamax so far - but also the right to cross the Atlantic to discover the charms of Quebec! And as you know we like to pamper our winners at Winamax, and thus Mynewwork will not only learn the local language: accompanied by the person of his choice, he will be travelling for a week between the beautiful city of Montreal and the more traditional Quebec, at the wheel of a car specially rented for the occasion and staying in very nice hotels. Not forgetting the highlight of the trip: a whale-watching cruise. Now does anyone know where I left my French school books?

Greece lightning...

Sunday 18/07/2021.

Even throughout the summer holidays, the Sunday Surprise works tirelessly to stay fun and exciting. It has to be said that this week's gift alone was a wonderful invitation to travel: a week in Greece between Athens, Paros and Amorgos. NeDoedeT, who has already taken down the Guerrila, Cocktail, Bowling and Payback tournaments since spring of this year, has won again, taking home his biggest prize by far this Sunday: €4,626 and €2,146 in bounties. Enough to treat yourself to a few slices of moussaka with a little ouzo.

1 yacht, 7 Croatian isles...

Sunday 11/07/2021.

His name is JeuneRoQQ and he's our latest lucky winner of the Sunday Surprise! Not only did he beat over 6,000 unique opponents to win an incredible trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans, but he also pocketed a hefty prize of €5,723. For eight days, he will be sailing in a comfortable yacht in southern Croatia to discover the magnificent landscapes of the Adriatic coast! So what's in store for our champion? Seven surprising islands, without forgetting to step ashore to admire the treasures of Dubrovnik. Enjoy!

Play it like Curry...

Sunday 04/07/2021.

Bidybabybel is going to have to take up basketball if it wasn't already the case, at least for the duration of a three-point shootout. Because this one could well earn him a lot (a whole lot!) of cash, in addition to the €7,501 he already pocketed for his victory in the Sunday Surprise. Indeed, our champion will be invited to send 25 shots into the hoop behind the three-point line for a session in All-Star Game mode at the Hoops Factory in Paris. And if he takes inspiration from Steph Curry or Ray Allen, he will be able to win up to €30,000 by scoring as many baskets as possible! Just make sure your aim is on point...

Back to Baltic...

Sunday 27/06/2021.

In order to celebrate the arrival of summer, the Sunday Surprise returned back to basics: time for a holiday, with a trip to the heart of the three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We hope that RAmonDemon71 has a few more days off left for the year, as he will be able to discover the treasures of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, in addition to enjoying his €5,729 prize. A new title of choice for the man who had already triumphed on The Fièvre, Tea Time, Tie Break and several Monster Stacks. Especially when we add that it was acquired against GilouAA58300, double winner during the WSeries of last April, who this time leaves with €4,848.

Sunday Surprise: the good life in Sicily...

Sunday 20/06/2021.

Before seeing life in blue, in the heart of a certain cult Luc Besson film (no, not Arthur and the Minimoys), after taking down this week's Sunday Surprise, FeeAsKo will be able to count his blessings: all €9,000 of them! This feat is made event more impressive due to the 12,000 registrations he had to surmount in order to lift the trophy! The eventual winner came into the final table with a tough stack to manage (only 15 BB) but quickly found a nice pair of Jacks to double up. It was only after a marathon heads up against ratonet (over 70 hands) that he could finally savour his triumph, and think about packing his bags. Destination: Sicily - volcanoes, pizzas and Ionian sea. Mamma mia!

Fill up on euros for the Euro...

Sunday 13/06/2021.

We don't know if he's a sports bettor, but if he isn't Minniemon might as well get started today: after settling the Sprint in May and raising his arms at the end of the Last Round early last week, he's awarded himself a €7,455 win for his victory in the Sunday Surprise! And on top of that, he gets €5,000 in Freebets as a bonus to spend as he pleases on the brand new Sports Betting interface! This should motivate him to place some big accas on the Euro or the Olympic Games this summer in order to try and increase his capital. And why not pay for a nice holiday?

European Champions of Expresso...

Sunday 06/06/2021.

If you're looking for suslenok on Winamax over the next few days, we suggest you take a look at the Expresso tournaments. The Sunday Surprise winner will be able to have fun on a brand new promotion at our expense: we are offering him €3,000 tickets to try out the Euro Expresso. And we're sure he'll have a great time: each x2 jackpot played during the first round of Euro 2021 will allow him to collect the flags of the participating nations, score goals and win bonuses of up to 100 times the buy-in amount! We know someone who might have a hard time finding a favourite team this summer...

Sunday Surprise: front row seats for the Euro…

Sunday 30/05/2021.

Euro 2020 (well, 2021) is only eleven days away, but JagerMaster has already qualified for the quarter-finals. And not just any quarter-final, because thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise, he will be travelling to Rome with the person of his choice on the weekend of 3rd July, to watch one of the final matches of the competition, and in VIP box seats at that! He also took this opportunity to shatter his high score on our site with a whopping €6,971 performance. Exactly what you need to organise a little party at home on June 15th for the start of the tournament.

Sunday Surprise: ride the waves…

Sunday 23/05/2021.

We're not sure if -Prudence- took any risks in this week's Sunday Surprise, but one thing is for sure: his approach paid off, as this player, who was previously unknown to our team, won the tournament along with a cheque for €7,666, a third of which was in bounties, as well as a surfing course in the Canaries! He and an lucky friend of his choice will be taking 10 hours of lessons given by a professional, in order to get up to speed with the surfers of Sotavento, where they will be staying during the training period. Of course, we won't forget the well-deserved lazing on the beach after having succeeded in a first "take off" on his board... All that remains for our winner is to surf on the wave of his success!

Sunday Surprise: thar she blows…

Sunday 16/05/2021.

The weather was bad last weekend and it certainly won't be getting better for the next (sorry for spoiling) but there is one place in France where the weather is (almost) always good: Corsica. An island of beauty that will bear its name even better for MenFish2Paye, since this lucky player will have the opportunity to admire it from the sea, accompanied by three of his friends, on a sublime luxury sailboat! A gift in addition to a cheque for almost €9,000. We just hope that our "fish-man" doesn't get seasick...

Sunday Surprise: sleep under the stars…

Sunday 09/05/2021.

Having popped up on our screens at the beginning of April, from the top of a fully loaded Cocktail (2,091 entries, €1,633 in winnings), 36BB reached a milestone on Winamax last night by dominating nearly 12,000 entries in the most popular ten-euro tournament on the poker planet. On this Monday morning, 36BB can admire his balance which has seen a sudden increase of €8,338... and start asking himself the crucial question: who will he put on the guest list for the nature getaway we're offering him in the heart of the Chartreuse massif in France? It's a difficult choice: only three of his relatives will be able to enjoy four full days in the open air, between mountain bike rides, Nordic baths, canyoning and evenings admiring the stars from a hut perched above the trees. We know a lucky few who will be experiencing a first-class deconfinement...

Your own TV bed…

Sunday 02/05/2021.

It takes a lot of luck to win a poker tournament, especially a Sunday Surprise with over 12,000 entrants. CHATAR DU 43 certainly won't say otherwise, as winner of this week's edition for €8,298, including €2,214 in bounties, his very first four-figure cheque on Winamax. He'll even be able to sleep in it, in his new 5-star hotel-style boxspring bed with multiple layers under the mattress for the best night's sleep. And all this after having watched his favourite series directly from his bunk thanks to the integrated TV. All that's left to do is make a little space in the bedroom.

Bring on the heat...

Sunday 25/04/2021.

The sun is definitely starting to show its face... and that's just what coto40, winner of last weekend's 100K Sunday Surprise, needs right now. In addition to the €6,568 + €3,123 he pocketed for his victory, he will increase his prize money by €100 every day that the temperature reaches at least 30° Celsius according to the data from the weather station closest to his home, and this for a whole year from this Monday, 26th April 2021. And his home is in Cordoba... Andalusia! This is quite simply one of the hottest regions in Europe, with average temperatures generally and precisely above 30°C from June to September! We know someone who is likely to have a hot summer...

A very high-class dinner…

Sunday 18/04/2021.

frenchgeek probably likes to spend time staring at his computer, and it paid off, as he won the 100K Sunday Surprise. In any case, he now has a rare opportunity to raise his nose from his screen, and to raise it very high: because in addition to the €10,172 pocketed for his victory (including €3,248 in bounties), he has won a ride in a... hot air balloon! It's quite something, but imagine that in addition to taking a ride in this ecological flying object, he will enjoy a gastronomic dinner with champagne in the basket, accompanied by five of his friends and family! For an hour and a half, a butler will take care of the meal and the guests, whilst the pilot will take the little group over the most beautiful landscapes of the Ile-de-France region in France. A great way to feast your eyes and taste buds... before returning to his beloved screens.

Live the VIP life…

Sunday 11/04/2021.

As expected, there were plenty of top regs in the Series Highroller. A certain Ita4Ever joined the starting line on Sunday, and will be staying in the VIP booth for at least a year: by winning the Sunday Surprise for €11,429 + €3,873, i.e. the lion's share of the €208,206 prizepool, he also granted himself the coveted Red Diamond status! Whilst even the best grinders have to play for weeks to get it, this ex low-stakes player only needed 7 hours and 9 minutes to get the exclusive advantages that come with this VIP rank, such as tickets for Winamax live tournaments, a big Miles multiplier, VIP Bonuses, and access to dedicated Freerolls... Enjoy!

Your ticket to the thrill-ride

Sunday 04/04/2021.

Kinexite. Keep an eye out for this username on your Winamax Series tables over the next eleven days, as you will be dealing with a player who doesn't have a single worry in the world. Hands in pockets. Straight chillin'. Cool as a cucumber. After triumphing over a record field of 31,893 entries in the Sunday Surprise, Kinexite can now freeroll the entire Winamax Series schedule. In addition to a first prize of 2,215 times the buy-in amount, we're crediting him with approximately €15,000 worth of tickets to play ALL of the festival's events. That's enough for this stranger to tease high-stakes tables he's probably never visited before... and maybe get struck by lightning a second time, who knows?

Pilot of your destiny…

Sunday 28/03/2021.

After already finished fifth in a big Sunday Surprise tournament last year, and having won the Top 50 in 2019, Loubak is cashing in on €6,060 for crossing the finish line first in a field of 13,511 buy-ins. What's more, just like Lewis Hamilton, winner of the first Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season in Bahrain on Sunday at the wheel of his Mercedes, he too is getting the right to drive an exceptional car for a few laps of the circuit! Prost, Benetton or Williams: once he has learned the basics of driving these historic cars, it is up to him to make his choice and put himself in the shoes of one of the two most successful drivers in F1 history. Be careful, it's going to be a bumpy ride...

Hunt for the Northern Lights…

Sunday 21/03/2021.

Temperatures are slowly rising, much to our delight. However, we know one person who will have to endure the Winter weather once again, as he is going to travel to the North of Norway, where summer is a vague utopia. However, this shouldn't such a difficult experience for him: and for good reason, fredo 13007 wins an exceptional trip to the land of the fjords, in company of the person of his choice. What's more, between a night in a tent, a hunt for the Northern Lights, a dog sledding trip, a snowmobile ride or lazing around in a luxury hotel in Tromsø, there is plenty to motivate him to pull out his duffel jacket for a trip he won't be forgetting. Finally, he'll be able to treat himself during his trip thanks to his €8,277 first place prize. Cold hands, warm heart...

Fill up the tank…

Sunday 14/03/2021.

Diesel, Super, LPG, or chips, soda, chocolates and chewing gum if he doesn't have a car: thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise, Patenga will be able to spend up to €300 per month on the Winamax tab, in all the gas stations of a famous French multinational. Enough to make you want to get all your friends together in your car and go celebrate at the other end of the country thanks to the extra €10,000 prize on top. Don't forget the jacuzzi in the rental house!

Your cinema at home…

Sunday 07/03/2021.

In order to win the Sunday Surprise, you have to beat several thousand players of all skill levels (15,181 entries on Sunday): SMOKEFISH seems to have a clear goal of beating the lesser players, and it paid off in Sunday's tournament, which he won for €7,685 + €3,646. Enough to stock up on popcorn and sweets to enjoy the replay of his performance like no Sunday winner has ever been able to do, as he wins a state-of-the-art TV, with a 77-inch screen and OLED technology for exceptional picture quality, with all the gear to set up his beastly machine without changing the furniture in his living room. It seems our winner will be living his best life in the next confinement...

Stay warm in your igloo…

Sunday 28/02/2021.

Who hasn't imagined spending a night in a snow house? Must be fun, but in the Swiss Valais, the concept has been taken to another dimension, at an altitude of 1,700 metres: Miarital, winner of this weekend's Sunday Surprise, will be able to see for himself. In addition to his €9,365 first place prize, our champion has won a long weekend in an igloo "2.0"! In "Les Cerniers", a site well known for its responsible ecotourism, he will be able to admire a magnificent view of the mountains from his comfortable "pod" whilst warming himself with a wood stove, among other pleasures. And when he feels like leaving his cosy nest, we've got it all covered: an aromatherapy massage, unlimited access to the Finnish sauna and, above all, an unlimited pass to the site's private ski resort! Oh, and our modern Eskimo will have the right to be accompanied by three people of his choice... So much for a unique holiday!

Tilt the game in your favour…

Sunday 21/02/2021.

It's been about two months since -2F- was on the rise on Winamax, but that was nothing compared to what was in store for him at 3:08am on Sunday night. Emerging triumphant over almost 14,000 opponents, with no need for extra balls, he won nothing less than the Sunday Surprise, even breaking the five-figure mark with €3,700 in bounties to go with the €6,996 prize money. Even better, after winning a number of coin flips, he went on to win the most complete pinball machine, a real technological gem with an LED screen and more than 820 tables from the most prestigious licences. Get ready to tilt!

Love is in the bag…

Sunday 14/02/2021

It's in the bag for JB101 this week! After having failed on the last step of the Top 50, the Road to Million Championship and the €20 Monster Stack, our winner took down this weekend's Sunday Surprise and cashed in for a hefty prize of €9,699. On top of that, he was rewarded with something to carry his bundles of money with him if he feels like it (or simply something to give as a nice gift to his sweetheart): a (very) top-of-the-range Hermès bag, to choose between a men's or a women's model. Here's one who shouldn't regret having spent Valentine's Day clicking rather than preparing a candlelit dinner...

Time is money…

Sunday 07/02/2021

3:34 in the early hours of the morning; 7 hours and 4 minutes after the tournament kick-off. This hour will long be remembered by Pilligrim, as it is the time at which he scored his first ever major title in our country. Pilligrim, who had never bagged a four-figure sum until this date, even managed to reach five, thanks to €4,535 in bounties in addition to his €7,664 first place prize. All he has to do now is wait for the return of good weather to be able to walk proudly through the streets with his new luxury watch on his wrist. A trophy you can take anywhere with you: the stuff of dreams for any champion!

Sunday Surprise: a damn fine cup of coffee…

Sunday 31/01/2021

We know that it's difficult to wake up on the right side of the bed on a Monday morning... Well, not for everyone: we do know someone who is going to have a good time at the beginning of each week. As if he already didn't have enough to jump for joy when getting out of bed thanks to his €9,977 prize (including €2,524 in bounties) for his first place in the 100k Sunday Surprise, DslaTeTd1Pro also wins a professional coffee machine! Espresso, macchiato, latte, americano, ristretto, and so on: before starting work (or simply to start the day off right), he will be able to prepare a drink every morning that will make him forget the closing of his favourite café or the soulless coffee from the coffee machines at his workplace... And in order to honour his new toy, the winner also wins a one-year subscription to "Terres de Café" to enjoy the highest quality coffee, which he will receive every month. Enjoy!

Sunday Surprise: a full trolley… for free!

Sunday 24/01/2021

We don't know if he was the type to look at the prices of all the products he picked up on the supermarket shelf, but h4mano is now going to be able to spend (almost) blindly on his shopping for the next 52 weeks. Thanks to his victory in this week's Sunday Surprise, Winamax will reimburse him for his everyday purchases over the coming year, up to €100 per week. That's without even mentioning his €7,605 first place prize, which he bagged without too much stress with €4,384 in bounties, which is enough to organise a nice feast with the family, to build up a nice cellar or simply to please the kids. Our best regards to the supermarket's cashiers, and above all: remember to keep the receipts!

You got the looks!

Sunday 17/01/2021

The king of style has been anointed: rise, sir 3betfold27! This week's champion took down the first post-Series Sunday Surprise of the year, along with the title of "most stylish player at our tables". A future playboy who will soon be sent two new personally-chosen and personalized outfits per month for a year. This should suffice to turn our champion into a fashionista, and a happy one at that, thanks to the €11,109 in prizes pocketed along the way (inc. €3,400 in bounties). Must be nice, huh?

Shine bright like a Red Diamond...

Sunday 10/01/2021

red diamond
Prior to his victory in the Sunday Surprise this Sunday, it would certainly not be insulting to say that AAom_bryanKK was not standing out from the crowd as a player on Winamax, as he only had a few small final tables under his belt. But that was before: from now on, he will be known as one of our top grinders, since his victory here has rewarded him with Red Diamond VIP status for a whole year, in addition to a hefty €15,992 cheque (including €5,018 in bounties)! And it's an understatement to say that his life as a player is going to change: for 365 days, he will benefit from all the undue advantages of this exclusive club comprising barely a few dozen privileged people in the world, such as six times faster accumulation of Miles, two monthly bonuses of €500, a monthly Freeroll with a €20,000 prizepool and tickets to the next Winamax live festivals.

Mass Start Surprise: All Aboard the Series!

Sunday 03/01/2021

Our most famous of cruises was especially played in Mass Start knockout format last Sunday, and obviously, the treasure of the week, which took the form of an all-inclusive VIP pass for the Winamax Series, was highly coveted: the event registered no less than 28,943 entries! Far from being overwhelmed by the number of entries, H2SPOK won the battle and finally received the largest share of the €260,487 prizepool, i.e. €18,513 (including €4,596 in bounties), in addition to an entry ticket for all 198 Wina Series tournaments! In other words, he can embark serenely to conquer these new lands, at the head of a war treasure that already represents nearly €13,000 in buy-ins. Now, it's up to him to turn it into gold coins!

Sunday Surprise: jingle bills, jingle bills…

Sunday 27/12/2020

Surprisingly enough, nothing in our archives or on our favourite reference sites allowed us to find any history about Karlose. But from now on, he will forever remain as the winner of a post-Christmas Sunday Surprise in Road to 4 Million mode that exceeded its €150,000 XXL guarantee. A very prestigious first line on his CV (at least under this nickname), helping him pocket €4,724, along with €2,962 in bounties. And as a not-so-insignificant victory bonus, Karlose will see his next salary tripled by Winamax! A double bonus at the end of the year which comes just at the right time before attacking the record Winamax Series.

Sunday Surprise: tuck in…

Sunday 20/12/2020

Although we are more used to hearing of our own Borja on Winamax (Borja Gross, member of Team Pro W for you newbies out there), he is obviously not the only talented player to wear this moniker: indeed, a certain BorjaCotayu won this week's Sunday Surprise, collecting the sum of €7,543. But above all, he is now ready for the festive season: as he is now the proud owner of a basket filled with 13 dishes, each one finer than the next, from a Parisian gastronomic institution, with three magnums of carefully-selected wine to put the cherry on the cake. Foie gras, desserts, truffles, chocolates, and even tea signed Alain Ducasse: our winner is ready to throw the Christmas dinner of a lifetime.

Challenge the Pros…

Sunday 13/12/2020

It is true to say that propokNL has already achieved a major performance by winning the Sunday Surprise this Sunday: beating over 10,000 players and winning more than €10,000 (€10,106 exactly, including €2,678 in bounties). However, a completely different challenge awaits our winner now, where quality will take precedence over quantity: he will have to face 10 members of Team Winamax in online heads-up gaùes! Admittedly, this means fewer players to eliminate, but it's a one-on-one competition with some of the best European pros... In order to add some motivation (as if they need more), propokNL will receive a cash bonus of €500 per duel won, and a bonus based on the total number of players beaten. He could win up to €15,000, more than doubling his winnings on Sunday... Let's go!

Sunday baby Sunday…

Sunday 06/12/2020

Debuchy table football
A happy ending for ZUMBA CAFEWW! After the Monster Stack and the Coffee Time, this mid-stakes regular managed to multiply his biggest win on our site by more than eleven after taking down the Sunday Surprise in ahead of over 15,500 other registrations also in search of their "one time". A five-figure cheque that he is likely to remember for a long time, having added €2,474 in bounties to the €7,578 in prize money. In order to immortalise this great moment, he will soon receive a big and beautiful toy at home, worthy of his efforts: a luxury Debuchy table football table from Toulet. Enjoy!

Football fever…

Sunday 29/11/2020

One could almost think that their nickname was created specifically for this Sunday Surprise, a special edition of our tournament with a €150,000 guarantee. Yes, not only has our winner, "Wcerise", cashed a hefty cheque for €11,814, but they will certainly be seeing this sum inflate in the months to come, as they will be collecting €100 for every goal scored by the closest Ligue 1 Uber EATS team to their home, and this until the end of the 2020/21 season! What's more, the OM supporter, who lives in Tignes, is rather lucky, as Olympique Lyonnais are the team located closest to their home (165 kilometres exactly, as the crow flies). With 26 days yet to go in the L1, it is easy to imagine the prize money that Wcerise will receive at the end of the championship... We know someone who might be cheering for two teams at once this season!

Two for none consoles…

Sunday 22/11/2020

Is it the global stock-outs, the call for these state-of-the-art technological gems, the wild hope that you can afford both the PlayStation 5 AND the Xbox Series X (each with two controllers and five games to choose from) for a measly €10 or just a little bit of all that? In any case, this week's Sunday Sunday Surprise managed to draw in a very large crowd for a classic version of our weekly tournament, with a prizepool that managed to surpass the €130,000 mark. Amid this cluster of players, our glorious victor Luismi17 emerged triumphantly. His previous biggest score was €200, so it's even more impressive that he reached the famous five-figure milestone, thanks to €3,279 in bounties, in addition to the €7,475 prize money. Enough for a hefty bottle of champagne for future gaming nights at home!

Twice the pleasure

Sunday 15/11/2020

Someone must be rubbing his hands... Indeed, after winning over €10,000 (€7,655 + €2,627 in bounties) for a buy-in of only €10 is a fantastic return on investment. However, this could pale in comparison to the return awaiting Mit 315 this week: all his winnings on MTTs before midnight on Sunday will be doubled! Yes, there's plenty of motivation to grind like crazy to reach the money as much as possible, hoping for victories that will be twice as lucrative... Wouldn't it be the time to go up a level by trying their luck on our high-stakes tournaments and investing this freshly-pocketed €10,282? In any case, we wish him all the luck in the world at our tables this week after Friday 13th!

Bite the apple…

Sunday 08/11/2020

It is a well known fact that in the world of high technology, some famous brands are not always unanimously loved, and this is the case for the famous fruity brand. However, if the winner of this weekend's Sunday Surprise was part of the "anti-fruit clan", he might as well turn 180° and change sides: El_Pinchon wins a package including four of the latest technology jewels marketed by the brand dear to Steve Jobs! He will now be equipped with a state-of-the-art cell phone, a top-of-the-range tablet, an ultra-connected watch and headphones allowing him to enter a new world without being disturbed. What's more, if our geek still wants to complete his arsenal, he can still use the €14,020 he bagged for his victory ... It seems one person can at least spend his confinement comfortably in front of his screens.

Singin' in the rain…

Sunday 01/11/2020

This special Sunday Surprise played in Mass Start format for the Winamax Pokus will certainly go down in history, as a flood of players caused a real tsunami on the tournament's record prize money: €233,676. The winner, Sergerosso, is now hoping that another record will be broken in the next 365 days: the number of rainy days in his region. Why, you ask? Simply because he will win €50 cash for each rainy day counted by the weather station nearest to his home! What's more, his home is in Finland, in Kerava (on the outskirts of the capital Helsinki), a place known for its mild temperatures and not necessarily abundant rainfall. It seems someone is going to spend the year with his eyes glued to the sky, and not just looking for the northern lights. Let the rain come...

The Sunday-night killer…

Sunday 25/10/2020

This week's Sunday Surprise winner had to be tenacious in order to take down the tournament, as the event brought an army of players to the start line: Elmomo627 had his work cut out for him, winning the race to the €6,155 first place prize, embellished with €3,448 in bounties. More importantly though, our champion has been rewarded with the chance to keep demolishing his opponents in the next 52 editions of our Sunday Surprise! That's a total of €520 in buy-ins, but that's not all: throughout this year of freerolls, our serial killer will be credited with €50 for every opponent he knocks out! Elmomo627 has all the ammunition he needs to spice up his Sundays for a whole year...

Sunday Surprise: break away from the clichés…

Sunday 18/10/2020

photo pro
Just because you're sitting at the top doesn't mean you have to rest on your laurels: Tom.p971 proved that to us with the latest Sunday Surprise, after taking down the tournament one year after reaching the final table! For his back-to-back final table, our winner had to whittle through a field of 10,000 buy-ins. In addition to his hefty winnings of €8,334 (including €2,784 in bounties), Tom.p971 also won a top-of-the-range camera with all the accessories he'll need to become an ace photographer! 3... 2... 1... CHEESE!

Your personal music temple…

Sunday 11/10/2020

It's a common occurrence on the WInamax platform: adepts at fast game, Expresso regulars, decide to try their luck in a long-haul tournament during their session. That's what happened to Legostino88 this Sunday. Result? After grinding it out for multiple hours, he took the trophy along with a hefty €8,687 cash prize, in addition to a prize that could make itself heard: a deck/speakers/amplifiers combo to transform his living-room into a real auditorium. We have no idea if our winner let out a victory scream in the middle of the night to celebrate his title, but his neighbours might be hearing the walls tremble anytime soon...

A bike that takes you nowhere…

Sunday 04/10/2020

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it Guillaume Diaz? Nope, it's Volatilt38! Having already taken down the Saloon, the Last Longer, the Tornado or even the Nitro this year, this happy bird has flown to altitudes never seen before, far above the 10,300 other entrants of this new "6-max KO" format Sunday Surprise. A high-flying performance which allowed him to pocket a hefty €7,829, including €2,655 in bounties in addition to a high-quality exercise bike, to become the Julian Alaphilippe of your living room. Just remember not to lift your arms before the finish line...

Sunday Surprise: your personal cinema…

Sunday 27/09/2020

personal cinema
One thing is for sure: Yelen has no choice but to become a cinema aficionado, if that isn't already the case. Why, you ask? Well, because, in addition to a hefty €10,905 cheque for his first-place finish, this week's lucky winner will be transforming his living-room into a cinema, as he bagged a 4K top-of-the-range home cinema projector, along with a projection screen. In any case, Yelen will be the centre of attention for his friends for confinement-friendly entertainment.

Sunday Surprise: become one with the big cats

Sunday 20/09/2020

We hope that oddsbust loves animals. Or at the very least, if it isn't already the case, we're pretty sure he'll be changing his mind very soon. In addition to a hefty €10,931 cheque, this week's Surprise champion will be able to live the dream of many: taking care of big cats for close to two weeks within a huge animal sanctuary in South Africa. Amongst all the purrs, it could be very easy to forget the visit to Cape Town included in the package, including a tour of the region and its surroundings. This should suffice to make you roar of happiness!

Sunday Surprise: your very own arcade machine…

Sunday 13/09/2020

arcade machine
Kukurokos did well to put a coin in the Sunday Surprise arcade machine: he managed to stand out from a crowd of 16,600 entrants and in doing so, cashed in for a whopping €8,175, which he embellished with €3,607 in bounties. All that's left for him to do now is make some room at home for his very own Classic Neo Legend arcade machine (and its 10,000 games)!

Sunday Surprise: freeroll the Series…

Sunday 06/09/2020

Year after year, the most exciting kick-off tournament for the Winamax Series is ready for action. Thanks to a huge package containing a buy-in to every single event in the Series as the main prize, this week’s Sunday Surprise was ready to spoil it’s winner, to the point of reaching a value of €12,742 for the 196 buy-ins. With 19,159 buy-ins registered along with a €172,431 prizepool, this week’s victor has risen to the top of a very sought-after podium. Remember the name: GTO-fisc can proudly display this trophy and add a hefty €12,961 to his bankroll.

Sunday Surprise: scoot over...

Sunday 30/08/2020

electric scooter
It's not news to us, football fans love poker, and some don’t hesitate to convert themselves once their career is over. BrunoLage recently began his career as Benfica’s trainer for one season, and the player adorning his name on our tables seems to have made the right tactical choices on Sunday: he won the Sunday Surprise Road to 3 Million 100K with a prizepool reaching close to €100,000, including dozens of tickets for the 3 Million Event KO of the Winamax Series. In addition to his first place winnings of €6,376 (including €2,342 in bounties), BrunoLage bagged himself an electric scooter worthy of the Champions League, fully equipped with all the latest technology, and able to reach top speeds of 80km/h! This should cause quite the ruckus among the luxury cars of his future players…

Sunday Surprise: points that could win you big…

Sunday 23/08/2020

The last Sunday Surprise was all about football, but the winner’s geographical location also played an important role. In fact, the value of this week’s Surprise prize depended entirely on the city indicated by the player during their registration: €50 for each point scored by the Ligue 1 team closest to their home address during the season that has just started. After leading an investigation, it seems our happy winner Benjihad comes from… Colmar, in the Haut-Rhin department. Google Maps leaves no trace of doubt: Strasbourg is the closest town with a Ligue 1 football team. Happy coincidence: this Alsatian team will be playing the 2020/2021 season with the red Winamax logo.

Sunday Surprise: a whole season of free bets…

Sunday 16/08/2020

If Brcislav wasn’t already a bettor in his heart, he will quickly be learning a new passion with next football season. This is because before each day of the championship, our winner on Sunday 16th August will be receiving 10 free bets worth €10 each to place as he wishes. Assuring safe wins with odds of 1.10 or trying to get the killer acca in: no one will judge. Even more so due to the fact that he has nothing to prove, after getting the best of a field of 10,000 entrants. This exploit ensured a €5,363 payday, including €1,500 in bounties. We wish our winner just as much success in his betting!

Sunday Surprise: Brother bears in Slovenia

Sunday 09/08/2020

B0untyHunter’s work was cut out for him on Sunday 9th August in the Road to 3 Million 100k Sunday Surprise, which registered a total of 10,000 buy-ins at €10 each. He searched long and hard for the ideal candidate, before coming to the conclusion that the best candidate for victory would be… himself. As a result, he won the event, which went on for a whopping 7 hours, and the right to have a relaxing holiday in Slovenia, which he’ll be able to visit from end to end accompanied by the person of his choice, with a packed schedule including meeting the local bears and a activity 700m deep… just like his opponents. B0untyHunter also nabbed a €125 ticket for the next Winamax Series 3 Million Event KO, and €6,512 added to his bankroll (including €292 in bounties). Enjoy!

Sunday Surprise: follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter

Sunday 02/08/2020

Harry Potter
It took him over six hours, but julio0413 eventually reunited all the Horcruxes and triumphed over all his evil opponents, using his array of spells. In addition to € 9,137 coins to be placed at Gringotts, the best wizard of this Sunday offered himself an enchanting trip for two people in the city which served as the number 1 source of inspiration for Harry Potter: Edinburgh. Once in the Scottish capital, he can even drink some good local whiskey on the disturbing grave of Lord Voldemort ...

Sunday Surprise: taste the Scandinavian joy...

Sunday 26/07/2020

Be-bop-a-Lula she's my baby. Be-bop-a-Lula I don't mean maybe. We can imagine this being B-BOP 305’s victory chant after taking down this week’s Sunday Surprise. Our winner took down a huge field of 7,200 opponents, all striving to get the same prize: a one-week trip to Sweden and Denmark for a journey filled with culinary delights and big thrills. This was a legendary performance, with our winner whacking out all the moves on our felt, until close to 3am! It was worth it in the end though, as B-BOP 305 pocketed a hefty cheque of €9,433 and two express tickets to Scandinavia. Skål!

Sunday Surprise: a Sicilian romance...

Sunday 19/07/2020

Reitmaier had no need for sales to grab las weekend’s best deal: in exchange for a €10 buy-in, he gifted himself a trip to Sicily with all expenses paid for two people, in addition to a €7,976 cheque. Pretty good deal right? The ex-winner of our Fièvre tournament will be able to explore the charming streets of Palermo under the Italian sun, in a luxury hotel where he will be able to recover from his escapades thanks to a 4-star spa. Life is good!

Sunday Surprise: kick up your feet in Crete...

Sunday 12/07/2020

Crete: beaches, sun and plenty of relaxing! If there’s one ideal place for a change of scenery, it’s on this idyllic island and, as usual, the Sunday Surprise is here to make changes of scenery a reality. This week’s lucky winner, manuso815, pockets a whopping €10,542 after taking down a field of 7,842 buy-ins, and will be heading to this magnificent Greek island, accompanied by the person of their choice.

Sunday Surprise: what do you want for our birthday?

Sunday 05/07/2020

10 years of our Sunday Surprise is worth celebrating! In order to mark the occasion and to get you to take part in one of our emblematic tournaments’ birthday, we let you the people choose the Sunday prize from a selection of the best in the history of the event: three star restaurants, a journey to space, a bronze bust (and we’re leaving out some of the best)… we couldn’t make our mind up to vote last week…

Finally, it always comes round to our favourite game: all you poker fans out there are clearly nostalgic about the World Championships (which were supposed to be taking place right now in Vegas) as your ultimate vote went to a trip for two people to Sin City to play two WSOP tournaments! The trip for 6 people to a deserted island wasn’t able to keep up in the end (after beating “your weight in €1 coins” in the semis), just like the gold ingot in the previous round. Just for the cherry on our winner’s cake, in addition to his prize trip to Nevada (as soon as the WSOP officially announce their next edition), our grand winner -PASQUA- was able to cash in a whopping €11,000 for his victory. Well, well… isn’t that just a couple of hundred dollars from being the price of a Main Event buy-in?

Sunday Surprise: Porto, Douro, vinho...

Sunday 28/06/2020

After battling it out until after 3am, we hope that envie2KK wasn’t too tired for work the next day. However, our winner can certainly rejoice with his €10,078 bankroll boost after taking down 7,600 opponents. We can imagine his thoughts will now be turned to Portugal, where he will be flying off to soon with the person of his choice for a road trip in the sumptuous valley of Douro, between Porto and Lisbon, with a glass of local wine in one hand, and a pastel de nata in the other.

Sunday Surprise: flyboard me to the moon…

Sunday 21/06/2020

It seems HomoErectus is on an insane heater, after taking down the Grand Tournament, quickly followed by a final table finish in the 3 Million Week. This player proved to us all on Sunday evening that he could also shine on the first day of summer. This player managed to climb to the top of the ladder on a radically different tournament to the two mentioned earlier, taking down a slightly overlayed Sunday Surprise for €10,724. They’ll be able to enjoy a flyboarding session during their one-week trip to Arcachon Bay. Have fun!

Sunday Surprise: cruise to victory…

Sunday 07/06/2020

One week away on a barge sailing along the Canal du Midi for six mates. Let’s keep it real: after many long months in confinement at home, that sounds like paradise. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner who enjoys all the Sunday Surprise prize has to offer, and this week that person is Anais Bergue. We’re sure our winner will be making it rain thanks to their hefty €12,156 prize won alongside their 6-person cruise. Have fun!

Sunday Surprise: on the way to Saint-Tropez…

Sunday 07/06/2020

After battling it out with his 15,000 opponents, JCJ2512 emerged victorious from this week’s edition of the Sunday Surprise. He pockets €10,918 in cash – but we all know that’s never the end of it with our most surprising of tournaments! Indeed, our winner has bagged himself a holiday for he and 5 of his mates in a sumptuous villa with private swimming pool in sunny Saint-Tropez!

Sunday Surprise: your personal chef...

Sunday 31/05/2020

After taking down this week’s runner-up (Abs90, €8,808), Braquage95 lifted the trophy of this week’s edition of the Sunday Surprise, adding a massive €12,010 to his bankroll. Not only this, but after his bank, it’s his stomach’s turn to get stuffed! Our winner and 4 of his mates will be able to dine with a personal chef bringing ingredients, cooking and serving the meal. Bon appétit!

Sunday Surprise: a gift from the skies...

Sunday 24/05/2020

rincevent91 was our grand winner for a very special edition of the Sunday Surprise. He takes a hefty €11,856 prize after taking on one of our big regs, RobinDesNOiX (runner-up for €8,763). However, not only did our winner pocket the lion’s share of the prizepool, but he will also be getting €50 for every time the temperature in his region surpasses 30°C! Get your heat on.

Sunday Surprise: pedal to victory…

Sunday 17/05/2020

Epsilon Prestige
This week’s Sunday Surprise winner might have difficulty cycling all the way back to his favourite country, but Hawaii 5-0 will still be able to enjoy his brand new electric bike. Maybe he can take advantage of his new means of transport and use it to deposit the €13,274 he won straight to the bank!

Sunday Surprise: eat, pray, pool…

Sunday 10/05/2020

Epsilon Prestige
We would call it a century in snooker, even a 147 break, the maximum amount of points a player can score in one frame. Canser-bero will be able to practice his skills to try and achieve these scores thanks to his Sunday Surprise gift: a brand new pool table, which can be converted to a dinner table, in addition to a hefty €16,385 cheque.

Sunday Surprise: the sound of music…

Sunday 03/05/2020

Epsilon Prestige
He tried to warn us: iGotBullets had reloaded his magazine for this week’s edition of the Sunday Surprise, taking down thousands of opponents in the process. Not only did this soldier walk away with €16,560 added to his bankroll, but he also bagged a snazzy new Epsilon Prestige speaker set, which should suffice to get the whole neighbourhood headbanging before the end of the confinement.

Sunday Surprise: a gourmet dream…

Sunday 26/04/2020

If you weren’t sure where to celebrate the end of the confinement, fear not: tizist has got your back! Not only has this lucky player pocketed a hefty cheque of €15,197 by dominating a field of 12,300 opponents, but he also bagged a… no THE Fauchon trunk of dreams! This trunk contains enough bottles and food to keep the party going. We’re just waiting for our invitation now…

Sunday Surprise: a handful of love…

Sunday 19/04/2020

Tag Heuer
Who aid black cats only bring bad luck ? Seems ElGatoNegr07 put superstition to one side with this week’s Sunday Surprise, after taking down our weekly tournament and getting the best of his 11,400 opponents, pocketing a hefty €14,587 cheque in the process. Maybe this high stakes Expresso reg decided to make the switch to an MTT when he saw the prize of the week: a connected Tag Heuer limited edition watch, which he’ll be able to show off to his posse.

Sunday Surprise: diamonds are forever…

Sunday 12/04/2020

Let us welcome ELOYSIEN to the most exclusive club on Winamax : the Red Diamond VIP status club. Whereas all the other member had to work hard for months in order to obtain this prestigious status, this player managed to acquire it in 7 hours 8 minutes and not one minute more. Throughout the next 12 months, ELOYSIEN will accumulate Miles in gear 5 (x6 compared to the standard VIP status), with bonus prizes to be won, huge monthly freerolls and free entry to all Winamax live Main Events.

Sunday Surprise: your key to the Winamax Series

Sunday 05/04/2020

Winamax Series
Sw33tTh1ng took a slice of sweet pie this Sunday: he won the first Sunday Surprise of the festival, which wins him no less than €11,964. A sum almost identical to the value of the Sunday Surprise prize: our happy winner will be receiving tickets for every single event of this 27th edition of the Winamax Series, a package worth €12,000! No need to deny it: Sw33tTh1ng, a new addition to our poker room (he played his first tournament in March), will be a regular at our tables over the next 10 days.

650 horsepower of pure joy…

Sunday 15/03/2020

Formula 1
As the start of Formula 1 season is being re-scheduled to an unknown date, kombz44 went ahead and tried to find another way of entertaining himself… by taking down our Sunday Surprise! According to the latest news, it seems like our winner could be making laps around the Barcelona-Cataluña circuit around 30th June or 1st July, driving a real F1 car. If he really enjoys the experience, maybe he could buy one tire or a small piece of the steering wheel thanks to his €9,790 cash prize, including €2,785 in bounties!

Geek is the new chic!

Sunday 08/03/2020

And to say this week’s winner hadn’t even started grinding tournaments in 2020 prior to this… For his very first MTT session since 2019, Pik & Crok decided to go all out, and took down the Sunday Surprise! In addition to his €12,388 cheque for first place, our winner, who had never surpassed €500 in winnings on Winamax, also won a gift which should incite him to take a seat at our tables more often: a top-of-the-range PC gamer setup including a gamer PC + all the latest accessories for a successful grinding session (and much more!). We’re ready to bet that we won’t see 2021 before seeing him try his luck again.

Treasure hunt in Marrakech...

Sunday 01/03/2020

casserlanoix has chosen to double the challenge for himself with this week’s Sunday Surprise. Luckily for him, he has already succeeded in conquering the hardest part – winning our most Surprising of tournaments this Sunday, against a field of 8,700 opponents. Now that he has grabbed the holy grail of €11,415, we have a second quest prepared for him, in the South of Marrakech, at the gates of the Sahara. After enjoying two nights with the person of their choosing in the sumptuous Es Saadi palace, they will be summoned for a real treasure hunt in the desert. To be won: no more, no less than a buy-in for the next Winamax SISMIX Costa Brava at Lloret de Mar!

Fjords under the midnight sun…

Sunday 23/02/2020

When you hear the word Norway, you can imagine all kinds of dreamy landscapes, but also some expensive costs. However, if we were to tell you it was possible to have a road trip along the Norwegian fjords with a train ride on the famous Flåmsbana line through the mountains, all with €9,979 spending money in pocket, that would sound a lot more appealing would it not? Luckily for Lucie1602, that’s exactly what she got, thanks to last week’s edition of the Sunday Surprise!

Hot air balloons and champagne…

Sunday 16/02/2020

He cleaned up his opponents like a champ ! R.Carlos.6 could not have had a better aim last Sunday, as he hit the two targets everybody was chasing : the €12,171 prize and, more importantly, this week’s gift. R.Carlos.6 will be able to bring his five best mates along with him to enjoy a champagne dinner 800m up in the air, in a hot air balloon over the French countryside!

Chill in Ha Long Bay

Sunday 09/02/2020

Ha Long
We’re not sure how much the Vietnamese love their manga, but they’re probably going to have to get used to it: FullMetalPok will soon be landing in their beautiful country! After finishing in second place of Event #148 of the Winamax Series, this shark took down this week’s Sunday Surprise. After a very worthy re-entry, he managed to cash in a hefty €11,990 pay day, his first five-figure score, after taking down a field of 9,462 registrations.

Jazz it up in New Orleans…

Sunday 02/02/2020

New Orleans
There’s a hotel in New Orleans… which will soon be welcoming -loupisback- with the person of their choice for a week un one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United States. Between two walks down the French Quarter (the “Vieux Carré”), our two lucky winners will be able to taste the local Cajun cuisine, without forgetting to let it all out at night in the best jazz clubs in town. Thanks to their €10,648 cheque won through blood, sweat and tears against 5,700 opponents, our winner might also be able to drop a healthy tip to the musicians.

Bless the rains down in Africa

Sunday 26/01/2020

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate username for this week’s winner - _Onetime_. Yes, this player is already a regular performer in the mid-stakes and has already added the Uppercut and Tie Break trophies to his cabinet, however we’re talking a €7,000 win here, with €3,829 in bounties and, most importantly, a safari trip to Kenya with trips to the savannah and some floating on the Indian Ocean. All this thanks to a marathon tournament which closed its doors at 3:30 am.

Luxury trip to Malaysia

Sunday 19/01/2020

Not only did 50KforVegas walk away with a massive €11,807 bonus, but our winner of this week’s Sunday Surprise will also be flying off to Malaysia with a person of their choice to spend a week travelling through Kuala Lumpur and the Langkawi archipelago. Who could dream of a better holiday?

One year in the VIP booth

Sunday 12/01/2020

We know one guy who is going to spend his entire week on Winamax… After taking down the second Winamax Series special Sunday Surprise, Sacha touye has been credited with Red Diamond VIP status! He will taking advantage of all the perks and bonuses associated with our premium VIP status for a whole year. Oh yes, and he will be pocketing his €12,736 in winnings as well.

Your ticket to the Winamax Series

Sunday 05/01/2020

Winamax Series
The Winamax Series special Sunday Surprise had a boosted guarantee of €150,000 this week, and this was surpassed thanks to a fiel 19,283 strong! fIac0sky took down this special edition and cashed for €14,026. The best part about all this? Our winner won’t even need to invest any of his winnings into the Winama Series, as we have credited them with tickets to every single one of this edition’s 172 events!

The famous salary boost...

Sunday 29/12/2019

We know one guy who’s been spoiled over the holidays… Noodle26, winner of the latest Sunday Surprise Road to 3 Million edition, will be cashing in on a hefty cash of €6,384! More importantly, his victory means he’ll be getting a big salary boost. As promised, Winamax will be tripling the winner’s salary to reward them for their victory. We hope for their sake that they are CEO of some big company… Even if that’s not the case though, our winner will be rewarded with at least triple the minimum salary in France.

The perfect Christmas gift...

Sunday 22/12/2019

Over €100,000 prizepool and 240 tickets worth €125 for the 3 Million Event: as usual, the Sunday Surprise has made a lot of players very happy last Sunday, but particularly TitaWar. This player, who is a regular of our Guns and Glory promotions, cashes in for a whopping €5,900 in winnings and won’t need to be buying his Christmas hamper: he wins the infamous Hédiard basket and will be stuffing himself with truffles, salmon and other rich snacks on us.

Your MTT winnings doubled...

Sunday 15/12/2019

Our grand winner this week was a clear fan of a certain series you might have heard of. W1NT3RF3LL took down the Sunday Surprise Road to 3 Million 100K tournament this week, pocketing €4,638 in prize money and €2,202 in bounties, but the jackpot is still to come in the next week! Our champion will have all his MTT winnings doubled over the next six days.

Cruise down the Nile…

Sunday 08/12/2019

V4_VARIANCE was this week’s lucky winner of the Sunday Surprise, and he will soon be able to float down the river Nile thanks to his brilliant victory in our tournament boosted with a €100,000 guarantee. Amongst a field of 13,000 registrations, our winner managed to 1) take first place prize money for €4,611, 2) grab €2,083 in bounties and 3) win a one-week trip for two people to the heart of Egypt!

Skiing with your mates…

Sunday 01/12/2019

FOLDADI is going to be a champion among his friends in the following weeks (and his accountant will be fond of him too!). After getting the best of a massive field of 13,500, our grand winner managed to lift a hefty trophy worth €4,894, with an additional €2,479 in bounties pocketed (contrary to Sir Asking, who finished as runner-up for €4,887 and just €85 in bounties). Three of our winner’s lucky mates will also be happily surprised to learn that they will be heading off for a one-week skiing holiday with all expenses paid at the Arc 1950 ski resort. Don’t forget your mittens!

Caviar and champagne

Sunday 24/11/2019

Our three remaining fighters at the end of the latest edition of the Sunday Surprise ended up agreeing to a deal: Fabien38125 (3rd, €8,153), PICSOU_007 (2nd, €8,153) and overbet76, but only the latter will be able to pop a bottle of bubbly to celebrate his victory. His prize? Oh, nothing much. Just a little €9,403 cheque and three 500g boxes of Kaviari caviar. Congratulations to him!

New Year’s in Manhattan

Sunday 17/11/2019

Ten, nine, eight... Rarepepe- must be counting down the seconds, as he has just won a unique New Year’s Eve party experience, almost cool enough for you to love New Year’s festivities. After 6 ½ hours of tournament play, he took down first place of the Sunday Surprise, beating a field of 8,830 players, and will be flying off to celebrate the New Year in the heart of New York, with €11,634 pocket money for some shopping. OILANDOI was knocked out in the most upsetting of places (second) but not the least lucrative, with €8,542 added to his account for his runner-up finish. DontTilt28 takes the bronze medal along with a hefty €6,309 cheque.

Your personal massage salon...

Sunday 10/11/2019

massage salon
After nearly 7 hours of grinding, skunky38 managed to rise above the 15,853 registrations to the second Event Surprise of the festival. He pockets a whopping €7,883 in prize money and €4,004 in bounties, in addition to a salon-quality massage chair to ensure his future sessions are more relaxed.

Viva Las Vegas…

Sunday 03/11/2019

Las Vegas
What could be more logical, on the first day of the 2019 edition of the Winamax Circus, than associating with another circus, just as reputable and spectacular (at least!) as our own: the Cirque du Soleil. In just a few months, PuleSTopoare will be able to discover two of the most impressive shows from the troop assembled by Guy Laliberté, O and KA, both in Las Vegas! Moreover, as we’ll be taking the winner to Vice City anyway, he might as well play a little $1,000 tournament whilst he’s at it as well. Our grand winner also walked away €12,315 richer (including €3,439 in bounties).

A tour round Dracula’s home country…

Sunday 27/10/2019

Gitatetanos must have had quite the goosebumps throughout his 7-hour battle in the Sunday Surprise, but that’s nothing compared to what’s waiting for him in Transylvania. After getting the best of a 7,300-strong field, our winner not only bagged himself a €9,523 score, but also an all-expenses paid trip to the mythical birth-land of Dracula, at the heart of Romanian legends.

A colourful trip to India…

Sunday 20/10/2019

Pepi_ is about to go on a colourful journey. By winning this week’s Sunday Surprise, after 6 hours of arduous battle, our grand winner managed to pocket €10,662 and two plane tickets to Rajasthan. He will be able to live an exciting adventure with the person of his choice in two luxury hotels in the Heart of Holi, a traditional Indian celebration more commonly known as the “Festival of Colours”.

An apple a day...

Sunday 13/10/2019

The number 13 was at the forefront of everyone’s mind last Sunday… 13th October as the lion’s share of the prizepool was fought for between 13Numero13 and Harciog13. Despite his lucky number readily available, the former ended up bowing down to the latter, leaving with an €8,307 consolation prize for his efforts. Meanwhile, Harciog walked away with a hefty €11,299 prize and a basket-full of Apple products: smartphone, tablet, connected watch and wireless earphones. Merrrrry (early) Christmas!

A magical trip to the East…

Sunday 06/10/2019

Although a three-way deal was agreed on the final stretch, there could be only one Sunday Surprise winner to take their ticket to Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and his username is Fileavanpapa. After negotiating with ReikiBalboa (2nd, €7,896) and the well-named Sunday93 (3rd, €7,959), this future Indiana Jones of modern times rounded up his archaeology lesson and pocketed €9,436. We’re waiting for the Holy Grail selfie!

Sledding through a snowy paradise...

Sunday 29/09/2019

After six hours of battle, Kevin76666 took down the Surprise trophy after getting the best of his 7,627 opponents. In addition to a hefty addition of €10,146 to his bankroll, our winner also bagged a trip to discover Swedish Lapland by sled. A week that should fill our winner with joy, and his pockets with cash…

A bridge to Africa...

Sunday 22/09/2019

LotoMatt and Porn HUD took down our most surprising tournament of the week, after agreeing to a split for the prize money. However, these two lucky players still had to battle for the additional prize: an exceptional one-week trip for two to Senegal with a boat tour and beautiful scenery. LotoMatt ended up getting the best of his adversary, pocketing €8,459 in addition to his dreamy trip.

Hunting for the Red Diamond

Sunday 15/09/2019

Dreams became reality for tres Riche, as he grabbed a hefty €10,647 cheque in our most beautiful weekly tournament: the Sunday Surprise. By far his biggest score with us, after a second place finish in the Top 50 and two trophies in the €20 and €10 Monster Stacks. Even better, with this brilliant gold medal, our winner also bagged a prestigious Red Diamond VIP status for a whole year! Miles accumulation boosted, €500 monthly bonuses, €20,000 prizepool freerolls and invitations to all our live events.

The biggest European football matches

Sunday 08/09/2019

After an incredible affluence on the second Sunday Surprise of the Winamax Series, Be_Careful was unsuccessful in warning his opponents of his incoming victory. Our winner will be having a brilliant autumn travelling around Europe to watch the Italian derby (Inter v Juventus), the clash between Paul Pogba’s Manchester and the European champions Liverpool, and finally the battle between Bayern and Borussia.

Destination Planet Series…

Sunday 01/09/2019

He only played two Winamax Series events on Sunday evening, but he definitely chose wisely: by winning the “festival kick-off” Sunday Surprise, Nabson2000 took on and got the best of the biggest field of players of the night (17,787 registered!), bagged a five-figure score (1,200 times the buy-in) and, icing on the cake, ensured himself a positive ROI as he had been credited with tickets for every single event of the festival!

Watch the Rugby World Cup in Japan…

Sunday 25/08/2019

The ninth Rugby World Cup will be kicking off in September and, for the first time ever, will be taking place in Japan. Not gonna lie: we’re really jealous of JackOfHe4rt: after his victory, as we are rewarding him with (in addition to a hefty €9,505 payday) one week for two in Japan, in order to watch the emblematic Crunch and discover Tokyo.

Mauritius all in all out…

Sunday 18/08/2019

Paradise in all-inclusive. That’s what Lango (and the accompanying person of his choice) can expect after his victory in the Sunday Surprise on Sunday evening. Dreamy beaches, turquoise water, unforgettable natural sights: all that and more on the Island of Maurice. What’s more, our winner ha increased his bankroll by almost €10,000!

Make football season 50 times more exciting…

Sunday 11/08/2019

Our accountant was trembling on Thursday evening as our Sunday Surprise winner was from Barcelona. Why would this make him quiver you ask? Quite simply because this week’s prize was for the winner to have the best football season of their life, with €50 in bonuses for each point scored in the championship of the closest team to their home, in addition to a brand new football jersey and a season pass. However, to the disappointment of our winner S3v.3n.R3d, the closest stadium to his home was not Camp Nou, but the Cornellà-El Prat.

€100 in free bets for every match day...

Sunday 04/08/2019

free bets
Here is a gift that could win you big… Very big ! It seems our winner was not yet satisfied with his brilliant €9,791 score on Sunday evening, so IpaySor has been credited with €3,800 in free bets to use throughout football season, thus €100 per day! Good luck to him with chasing the high odds! Well that’s what we would do anyway…

Happiness can be bottled

Sunday 28/07/2019

Guartix was our grand winner this week, cashing in for a hefty €9,286 and winning a collection of 45 bottles of different wines from all around the world, for an oenological tour of the taste buds (or just an excuse to get drunk)!

The joys of Guadeloupe

Sunday 21/07/2019

Tour operators and travel agencies are outdated. The only way to ensure you get your dream trip is by winning the Sunday Surprise. anthonyf44 caught on to this, pocketing €9,092 pocket money to prepare for his awesome one-week trip to Guadeloupe with a mate of his choice!

Discover Quebec

Sunday 14/07/2019

After over six hours of arduous battle, Kelbette managed to take down the Sunday Surprise. He walked away €8,827 richer along with tickets for an incredible trip to Quebec. Cees Van Och will be staying home, but with a €6,457 consolation prize for second place.

Heads-up with the Team

Sunday 07/07/2019

Things will be heating up for blacjac111 over the next few months: after winning the €9,707 first prize reward for taking down the Sunday Surprise, our champion will be taking on the Team Pros heads-up one by one, with a €1,000 prize on the line for each win!

A gourmet trip

Sunday 30/06/2019

His eyes were bigger than his mouth when registering to the Sunday Surprise: after finishing off his 6,633 opponents in a single mouthful, 4pierrotBet grabbed the first place prize worth €8,938 in cash and a gastronomical trip to the three best restaurants in the World (according to “The World’s 50 best restaurants” review).

The Power of King Midas

Sunday 23/06/2019

All gold-miners and grinders assembled on Sunday to try and win the revered 250g Gold ingot up for grabs with the Sunday Surprise. It seems there was a gold rush too, as 7,879 of you decided to enter this week! Dejame1k_Xfa was our grand winner this week, walking away with a hefty cheque worth €10,608, along with a 250g piece of gold worth close to €10,000!

Bali Bonanza

Sunday 16/06/2019

This week’s Sunday Surprise managed to round up a whopping 14,204 players, and MR. NUTZ was the grand winner of this epic battle, after getting the best of SuperFrancky heads-up. He walks away €7,139 richer, along with €3,782 in bounties and a plane ticket to Bali, for a 9-day spiritual journey.

Copa America live from Rio

Sunday 09/06/2019

It seems Lufin5919 will need to cancel any previous plans he had from 5th to 11th July as his victory in the Sunday Surprise means that this lucky player will be able to fly off with the person of their choice for a one-week trip to Rio de Janeiro, along with a fun-packed schedule including a ticket to the Copa America finals! Did we mention the €10,234 cheque as well?

Pedal to the metal

Sunday 02/06/2019

ALEXGA managed his upward climb to take down this week’s Sunday Surprise, pocketing €8,203 after negotiating a heads-up deal with NINJABANANA. As is tradition with our most surprising of tournaments, the grand winner also walks away with a special prize, which consisted of a top-of-the-range speedy electric bike!

Welcome to Miami

Sunday 26/05/2019

Ricky1408 was our grand winner this week, pocketing €9,549. However, not only did our champion walk away with a hefty cheque, but he will also be taking a friend to sunny Florida to visit the Universal Studios in Orlando. Action!

Viva Las Vegas

Sunday 19/05/2019

Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, the world championships of poker… Last Sunday, there was no need to register for a three-figure buy-in in order to fight for a ticket to sin city. You can ask holiday11 for example. Even though our latest winner had to whack out a re-entry, the price was still within the limits of reason for a Las Vegas package and €11,109 pocketed.

Making money under the sun

Sunday 12/05/2019

Now we just cross our fingers and do the sun dance. By taking down this week’s Sunday Surprise, Pevipe pockets, in addition to a hefty €9,306 cheque, a freeroll offer he cannot refuse. The kind of offer where there is everything to win and nothing to lose: for the next 365 days, Winamax will be offering the winner €100 per day that the thermometer shows 30°C or more.

Time for a tan

Sunday 05/05/2019

matt95fr will be discovering the delights of Thailand after taking down the Sunday Surprise this week, following a 4-way deal and a heads-up battle against the infamous curevor – one of our regular sharks. With a visit to beautiful Bangkok, a cruise along the “khlongs” and four days chilling on the Phuket beaches, this week’s winner will be having a happily packed trip.

Like a Sultan in Oman

Sunday 28/04/2019

Statistically, there is very little chance that VAI SAFADAO, this week’s Sunday Surprise winner, has already visited the beautiful country of Oman, a small nation with 5 million inhabitants just between Saudi Arabia and the Indian Ocean. Just as well: the country’s wonderful views, rich in colours and natural scenery, will now lead to a wonderful adventure for this week’s winner. All on Winamax!

Fishing for bounties

Sunday 23/04/2019

This winner needs to find a new nickname! After rising to the top from a massive pool of over 12,000 players, fighting hard for three hours in the morning, and collecting €3,173 in bounties before winning first place and €6,176 in the Sunday Surprise, how can IHateSundays still think ill of this day of the week? Either way, it was their biggest win on our tables and included a nice gift: tickets to the next 52 editions of our surprise tournament and a €50 cash bonus for each elimination at their hands. TGI Sundays.

Photography 2.0

Sunday 16/04/2019

KingFusion's victory wasn't instant, far from it: they needed 6 hours of tight focus to shutter a large landscape of more than 8,000 participants. But there was nothing negative with how it all developed, quite the opposite: with €10,859 prize money and a cheque they can frame and hang on the wall, our winner captured their subject without needing to process their achievement. And now they can add a true collector's edition to their album of memories, as well as the latest in camera tech from Winamax, complete with memory cards and a backpack for the perfect composition. Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

The SISMIX final table

Sunday 07/04/2019

40 days from the start of SISMIX, the most surprising of our Sunday tournaments was decked out in the colours of our poker party festival, and the prizes were increased to 7: all finalists benefited from the weekly surprise. So, congratulations to kiki dadino, __Ben42__, matoux44, AsASsain, Red Pill, plipblobpleb and Bidou1325, the big winner: all of them won their €500 entry to our first ever tournament in Spain, courtesy of Winamax. And the cherry on the tapas: they get to take part on site with a free last longer. €2,000 is up for grabs for the one who can go furthest!

Life is like a box of chocolates

Sunday 31/03/2019

Winning entries to the whole festival as the victor of the Sunday Surprise, youkoback05 lost no time before getting back into the action with a new final in Event 22. Sixth place won them €2,058 and allowed them to stay atop the honorary rankings for this Series with a nice lead over the rest of the pack… for now.

Swiss Army Watch

Sunday 24/03/2019

It was win time again for CAPUN-KPUN this Sunday! With a trophy cabinet that already includes the Digestif, Tea Time, Uppercut, Cocktail, Magnum, Prime Time and even an €25,000 Expresso, the terror of our MTTs has now added the most sought-after of our weekly tournaments, the Sunday Surprise. On top of a nice haul of €9,625, CAPUN will soon be able to show off a gorgeous luxury watch on their wrist. No more excuses for missing the late reg deadline!

Venice for two

Sunday 17/03/2019

GeorgeWpush is off to ride a gondola in Venice. After winning the latest Sunday Surprise, they get to explore the delights of one of the world's most romantic cities for a week with the person of their choice… and with €9,459 in their pocket to spend on a gelato or whatever. O sole mio!

Gaming heaven

Sunday 10/03/2019

Nikita06400 could be glued to the screen for quite some time after a €11,036 win in the Sunday Surprise. Because on top of this nice winnings, Winamax threw in a cutting-edge computer with the latest hardware. With this awesome battlestation, they can fulfil all their digital desires: fight to the end in Apex Legends (thanks to the latest GeForce GPU), watch the entire series of The Wire (thanks to a 27" screen), archive all their holiday snaps (thanks to a 4TB drive), write their autobiography (thanks to a Cerberus Mech RGB keyboard), listen to Drake's latest album (thanks to an Asus ROG Orion Pro headset) and, of course, try and win the next Expresso jackpot. Someone isn't leaving their house much over the next few months!

Rafting in Colorado

Sunday 03/03/2019

The Sunday Surprise counted a whopping 8,200 buy-ins this week, resulting in a €74,088 prizepool. This edition’s lucky winner not only pocketed the lion’s share (€10,551) for his first place finish, but also a wild trip to Winter heaven: Quebec! ARTOGHOL and one of his fortunate mates will be going on an epic adventure to the Canadian mountains for some rafting, hiking and plenty of sight-seeing! Don’t forget to send us photos!

Winter in Quebec

Sunday 24/02/2019

This week's winner was able to bag himself a trip to winter heaven: Quebec! TopReggae will be taking a mate to travel with him on a journey through the snow... and on snowmobiles at that! This lucky shark will also be staying in a lakeside villa, and can enjoy all this beautiful country has to offer thanks to the hefty €9,551 first place prize.

King of the ring…

Sunday 17/02/2019

The Sunday Knockout edition of the Sunday Surprise was an event not to be missed. With a whopping €145,170 prizepool and KO format, this week’s tournament had plenty to offer; all this in addition to the first place prize – 52 tickets to the next Sunday Surpise tournaments and a €50 prize for every knockout in these tournaments! This week’s grand winner was pakkens, who walks away with this fantastic prize, in addition to the lion’s share of the prizepool (€7,911 + €3,463 in bounties).

The first SISMIX qualifier…

Sunday 10/02/2019

From 20th to 26th of May, this week’s Sunday Surprise winner will be the VIP of our Winamax SISMIX Costa Brava. NoMeTiembla was our lucky player, who was able to pocket our all-inclusive package to our festival in Lloret de Mar on the Spanish coast. Our shark can also bring along a mate to take advantage of this festival together. Thank you who? Thank you Sunday Surprise!

Ride into the sun

Sunday 03/02/2019

Bricardinho was our grand Sunday Surprise winner this week, and he'll be able to ride down the streets of his hometown with the wind riding through his hair and a hefty €10,328 cheque in his pocket! Mucky 974 was our runner-up, walking away €7,564 richer.

The best cinema is a home cinema…

Sunday 27/01/2019

home cinema
This week's Sunday Surprise was offering to make the dreams of many a film buff come true: a cinema right in your home, with an overhead projector, speakers and a blu-ray player. Carreauxpile was our grand winner this week, pocketing this monster set-up, along with €10,799 cash!

Swimming with the sharks

Sunday 20/01/2019

anto06 came across a handful of sharks in the huge aquarium that is the Sunday Surprise. However, his victory against 8,000 opponents not only assured him a €10,963 payday, but also a trip to South Africa for him and his mate to swim with actual real-life Great White sharks!

Red Diamond for a year...

Sunday 13/01/2019

Despite its €10 buy-in, the Sunday Surprise shines through every Sunday with one of the highest prizepools on Once again, the €130,000 guarantee exploded (€162,918) thanks to a field counting 23,764 buy-ins for this Winamax Series special edition! And the grand winner is... _DDK_, who cashes for a whopping €11,526 and gets his hands on the coveted Red Diamond status!

Your ticket to the Winamax Series

Sunday 06/01/2019

Winamax Series
Yesterday evening, our most surprising of tournaments managed to round up its biggest field since the creation of the tournament. For the launch of the Winamax Series on Sunday evening, our weekly event managed to amass a total of 21,139 buy-ins, bringing the prizepool up over €190,000!
Thus, it would be fair to say that the winner of this grand event could give themselves a mighty pat on the back; congratulations to PerfectLt, who patiently fought through this massive field to finally pocket €10,325 in prizes, €4,372 in bounties and our most coveted prize - a golden ticket to all 165 events of the Winamax Series. It seems like 2019 is the year of PerfectLt!

Skiing and mulled wine

Sunday 30/12/2018

NUL.GERMAIN was this week’s grand winner, after agreeing to a deal with kasco1 (runner-up, €8,625). This shark managed to bag a hefty €10,295 cheque, along with a neat holiday to the Val Thorens ski resort in France!

A huge Christmas present

Sunday 23/12/2018

arcade machine
le lundile is our latest Sunday Surprise champion, walking away with a nifty brand new arcade machine, and a cheque for €10,003! We all know someone who will be having a very good Christmas this year!

A gourmet Christmas

Sunday 16/12/2018

SmthSpecial- will certainly be crowned king of his Christmas table, as his victory in the Sunday Surprise came with a massive hamper filled with sophisticated wines, champagne and, for the French twist, a selection of gourmet food! This was accompanied by a €9,061 cheque, which should make for some outstanding gifts (or just one big gift for himself, we promise we won't tell)! Shout-out to TPRZ (2nd, €7,849) and 205 GTO (3rd, €8,655) who completed our podium.

The turntables are on fire…

Sunday 09/12/2018

Our latest edition of the Sunday Surprise crowned a certain Axelshz as its king for the night. This lucky player walked away with not only a hefty €10,459 cheque, but also a DJ kit worthy of the wildest beach parties! Levin_All-In can also be proud of his performance, adding €8,968 to his bankroll for his second place finish.

Take a bite out of the apple…

Sunday 02/12/2018

This week’s edition of the most surprising of tournaments managed to bring in a crowd of 8,000 players for a total prizepool of over €70,000! With over €10,000 in prize money and a hefty package of electronics including a computer and a smartwatch, it’s safe to say that PacifiqueSun took the biggest bite from the apple.

The Tango, from Argentina to Uruguay…

Sunday 25/11/2018

Up until this day, BUMADOM's best result on Winamax was a €2,575 score in the Digestif, in April of 2018. Seven months later, he multiplied his record by four, emerging victorious from battle after defeating a field of over 7,000 opponents in our "Latina" themed Sunday Surprise. This player will be able to enjoy a trip to Argentina and Uruguay, all on Winamax! What's more, as the Tango requires a dancing partner, BUMADOM will be bringing a friend of his choice. Don't forget to send a card!

Free fuel for a year…

Sunday 18/11/2018

Having reached some impressive final tables in the last two years (Totem, Go Fast, Prime Time, Dernier Round etc.), TJ4U can now add a shiny new trophy to his already glimmering cabinet, after taking down the Sunday Surprise for a whopping €8,243! This was no easy battle however, as the final table crowned it's winner at 2:30am, not only rewarding our winner with prize money, but also a whole year's worth of fuel for his car!

Winter in Morocco…

Sunday 11/11/2018

This week’s Sunday Surprise was one not to be missed. With a €130,000 guarantee for a mere €10 buy-in, the chips were flying yesterday evening! A total of 15,000 players came to the show, battling it out for hours on end. Finally, Maluma63 prevailed and walked away with €7,573 in prize money, along with €4,103 in bounties. Our winner can also enjoy a holiday to Morocco, leaving this grey and rainy weather behind for a sunny winter!

The Cirque du Soleil in Vegas…

Sunday 04/11/2018

Our opening ceremony to the Winamax Circus could not have gone better with our first Sunday Surprise act attracting a crowd of 15,000 curious players! After over seven hours of magical flush draws and fire-breathing 3-bets, Magnifico-44 emerged victorious and pocketed his €7,754 prize, along with €4,001 in bounties. What's more, our grand winner will also be heading to Las Vegas for an incredible two-person trip with tickets to the Cirque du Soleil and even a buy-in to a World Championship poker event!

A suit you won't have to return...

Sunday 28/10/2018

The classiest victory of them all. By taking down our latest edition of the Sunday Surprise, _FiScKeuR_ managed to score a three-piece tailored suit in addition to the pocketing lion's share of the prizepool for €8,420. This should suffice for our grand winner to show up to his next party with style!

New York and the NBA

Sunday 21/10/2018

New York
The Big Apple, Madison Square Garden, the Knicks and Lebron James' brand new yellow jersey: vezec will soon be experiencing all of these in real life! As Sunday Surprise King, this week's winner bagged an exceptional trip to New York, with an NBA match ticket and €10,955 cash for any expenses. Doesn't get much better than that!

Glide through the city…

Sunday 14/10/2018

dingo83 will soon be whizzing around his streets on his brand new electric scooter! By taking down this latest edition of the Sunday Surprise, our grand winner was able to walk away with his brand new gadget and a hefty cheque for €12,412, after getting the best of pikku2 (runner-up, €8,500) heads-up.

Dubai, city of the future…

Sunday 07/10/2018

TiboInShape sat on the Sunday Surprise throne this week, pocketing the lion’s share of the boosted €100,000 prizepool… and a trip to the city of the future, Dubai! He and one lucky mate will be able to enjoy flights, 7 nights stay in a hotel, exploration of neighbouring emirates, a sand safari and a boat tour, all on Winamax!

Rio and the Macaranã…

Sunday 30/09/2018

raul18gomiz and TouchemonKK came to an arrangement on the last stretch of the Sunday Surprise, which pulled in over 7,500 buy-ins! However, the one-week trip for two to Rio de Janeiro with, as the icing on the cake, a ticket to a match at the Macaranã stadium, was still to play for. It was only at 3:13am that our winner revealed himself, under the username TouchemonKK, pocketing this fantastic prize along with €10,298 cash. Our runner-up raul18gomiz had to settle for the €9,079 consolation prize.

What’s a Sunday Killer?

Sunday 16/09/2018

Sunday Killer
At around 3 o'clock in the morning, and after getting the best of around 8,000 opponents, jesuisnulle2 emerged from the battlefield, grasping the Sunday Surprise trophy. Not only did our Sunday winner walk away €11,920 richer, but she was also bestowed a title as rare as it is prestigious: the Sunday Killer. This title comes with freeroll tickets for the next 52 Surprise tournaments and a €50 bounty prize for every player knocked out in these. One year of freerolls and big bounties: we've known worse ways to end one's summer

Dublin for one, Dublin for all…

Sunday 09/09/2018

Our latest Sunday Surprise rewarded not one, not two, not three… but SEVEN players with a special prize this week: all players who reached the final table were rewarded with a seat to the Main Event of the Dublin Winamax Poker Open. In addition to taking the lion’s share of the huge €150,000 prizepool, Goodbaiseyou, EasySick77, UruguayVIE, W33DSTACH, Fils2_Uppp, Jacko69009 and sidonia will therefore be attending the craziest tournament of the year! See you from 17th of September at the City West Hotel in Dublin.

Freerolling the Winamax Series

Sunday 02/09/2018

Winamax Series
This was THE tournament not to be missed for all of you who have been on the edge of your seat waiting for the Winamax Series to return. This XXL Sunday Surprise tournament had three times its usual guarantee (€150,000!) and a mouth-watering prize for the first-place finisher: all the Series Events as a freeroll! After 6h47m of battle, IRe4dUrMind emerged victorious ahead of his 5,200 opponents, after taking down Laly_AS in his final dual. It is now time for our winner to warn his boss, his family and his friends that he won’t be available until Thursday, 13th of September, as he has 150 tournaments booked in the calendar.

A bottle of high-class wine every week…

Sunday 26/08/2018

It's going to be a boozy year for chicos25! Our winner managed to defeat 6,000 opponents and emerged victorious to claim his €10,084 prize, along with 50 fine wines, which should be enough to satisfy anyone's tastebuds for a whole year. Cheers!

Cambodia, from the temples to the beach...

Sunday 19/08/2018

Our grand winner of the week, Opalet, will be able to pack his bags for a spiritual journey to Cambodia! He’ll be able to fully take advantage of his amazing trip thanks to the €7,250 in cash won for his first place finish. This hefty sum was negotiated with Aperto Libro (runner-up, €5,055), Sheep12 (3rd €5,435), HAmStErrr427 (€5,500) and Lamas_x (€5,100) in a five-way deal. Congratulations to all!

Your team could win you big

Sunday 12/08/2018

Allez le LOSC ! This rallying cry, TITAN_WSOP will make it his own over the next ten months. By winning the latest Sunday Surprise, the Dunkirk resident not only claims a €10 714 prize, but also a €50 bounty for every point scored in the French Ligue 1 by the football team located the closest from his home. This team, you guessed it, is the Lille Olympique Sporting Club. So far, after only one game played in the Ligue 1 this season, TITAN_WSOP has already secured €150, since the « Dogues » have won their opening game against Rennes. What’s even better is that TITAN_WSOP will be able to cheer for Lille in person, since we are also gifting him with a season ticket (and an official jersey to boot). Last season, Lille fought hard to maintain their status as a Ligue 1 team, scoring 38 points. A far cry from the 93 points accumulated by the might Paris Saint-Germain : we can only hope that Christophe Galtier’s men will do better this season.

€100 in free bets every day…

Sunday 05/08/2018

free bets
TUVOY was this week's grand winner of our most Surprising tournament. He will be anxiously looking at every score of his local football league, as he will be able to wager €100 in free bets for evey matchday in the next season. This player can also add €10,107 to his bankroll and a golden trophy to his cabinet. ivnak pockets the silver medal for €6,862 and Raulboost95 takes bronze for €5,126.

Bali, island of the gods...

Sunday 29/07/2018

Our grand winner this week, Hugobelet, will be trying to awaken his inner spirit animal by flying off to Bali with €10,090 in pocket. Both Sidi Vince. (runner-up, €6,851) and compte_pro (3rd, €5,118) just missed out on this wonderful adventure, but still managed to walk away with some hefty consolation prizes. See you this Sunday to discover our next incredible gift to be given out in our most surprising of tournaments.

Whale songs in Madagascar…

Sunday 22/07/2018

Dill2hi57 can look forward to a dream holiday for two under the sun of Madagascar thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise. In addition to seeing the stunning whales of the ocean in front of this dream island, he can also proudly add €10,036 to his bankroll. jayjaydu9222 was our runner-up for €6,816, just ahead of bRv. in third place for €5,084.

How about a new car?

Sunday 15/07/2018

electric bike
5,407 players joined up at the starting line this week, with just one objective on their minds: finishing the tournament at the wheel of a Fiat 500. DINORRAA was our grand winner of this epic 6h30m battle, pocketing €8,665 and a brand new car! TakFrHarmny8 (runner-up, €5,850) and VIDA LOCA25 (3rd, €4,337) completed the podium and earned the right to spray a few bottles of champagne at each other.

An electric bike in the peloton…

Sunday 08/07/2018

electric bike
This week’s lucky winner: Elchaton017, who pockets €9,094 for his first place finish, in addition to a brand new electric bike! Taking down this most surprising of tournaments was no easy feat, as there were 5,937 opponents to battle through, including sisssis (runner-up, €4,578) and DUM_AAS (3rd, €4,578), who completed the podium.

Gondolas in Venice…

Sunday 01/07/2018

D.M11 was this week's grand winner after taking down the Sunday Surprise and pocketing €8,578 for his victory. This lucky player will be heading off on a one-week trip filled with romance and poetry in the most cliché city of love to exist on this planet. Let's hope that D.M11 isn't too interested in the World Cup, as he won't be hearing much from it over there... blacksalaami will need to organise his own trip, but his €5,800 prize for second place should suffice to cover any fees he'll come across. HOLD TIGHT finished in third place for €4,306.

Portugal, from road trips to oenology…

Sunday 24/06/2018

After six and a half hours of play, win the tournament ChattishYoda did, and pocket €8,870 with and additional prize he has. Fly off with three of his favourite companions to explore the beautiful wine trails of Portugal he will. May the moderation be with them, but not too much, as only once you live. Enough with the pleasantries, as SupernovAK was our runner-up for €6,000, with JE PAIERIVER completing the podium (3rd, €4,459).

The steppes of Genghis Khan…

Sunday 17/06/2018

Genghis Khan
Having already picked up some impressive scores in the €50 Magnum throughout 2018, incognitoCX just gave a massive boost to his overall winnings on Winamax with a victory for €8,578 in the most surprising of Sunday tournaments. In addition to pocketing this hefty sum, which was acquired without having to tick the “deal” box with his final opponents (KeepGambling, runner-up, DobroBodro, 3rd), incognitoCX will also be heading on a Winamax-sponsored trip to Mongolia with the person of his choice. A 4x4 will be waiting for our winner in the land of Genghis Khan, aboard which he will be exploring Oulan-Bator, the Khustain National park, the steppes of Karakorum and much more.

A screen bigger than you can handle...

Sunday 10/06/2018

We hope PaN PaireDas has a letterbox large enough to house the huge 75-inch TV that we'll be sending him for his victory in the Sunday Surprise, which also rewarded him with a €8,550 cheque. Having battled through all 6,783 buy-ins, all 3 remaining players agreed to come to an arrangement, with C-uN-70-40.. (3rd, €6,602) and blacksaliami (runner-up, €7,767) completing the podium.

Gotta fish ‘em all...

Sunday 03/06/2018

This week's Sunday Surprise crowned a certain ALEYNA2014 as its winner in the wee hours in the morning (3am to be precise). He will be taking his prize along with €9,450 cash, after agreeing to a deal with Anna Risberg (2nd, €7,723). This left fruitonGIVRE (3rd, €5,087) with the last spot on the podium.

Your ticket to the World Cup...

Sunday 27/05/2018

World Cup
Russia, France, Denmark, The World Cup: the dream for any football fan, which will soon be coming true for TheNewNelson, who bagged himself a trip for two people to Moscow to go and see his home country, France, play the third match of their group against Denmark. This fantastic gift, which would make any footy fanatic jealous, was also accompanied by a €7,606 score for first place. having negotiated this sum after agreeing to a deal with Formidable08 (2nd, €7,587) and sacriburgeur (3rd, €6,322). Allez les Bleus!

Making money under the sun

Sunday 20/05/2018

It's going to be a hot year for enzaa! Well, we hope so for his sake anyway, as our champion's prize for taking down the Sunday Surprise was not only to add €9,480 to his bankroll (which is already a rather spectacular prize in itself), but also a gift which should keep him on his toes for the next 12 months. From this point on, for every day that the thermometer reaches 28°in his home town, he will be credited with a €100 bonus!

PC Master Race

Sunday 13/05/2018

This summer, ElfenekXII might be skipping the beaches, ball games and swimming lessons, as he will certainly have all his time taken by the new monster pc we have offered him (in addition to the €11,143 he won against 7,425 opponents!), with a 43” Ultra HD screen, an Intel Core i7 8700k processor, an 11GB Nvidia graphics card, 2.5 Tb HDD… Basically a beast of a machine!

Sunday Surprise cigars

Sunday 06/05/2018

Between smoking his opponents in the Sunday Surprise and smoking cigars in Havana, Cuba, Obelix.94 chose to... do both! This shark took down the tournament on Sunday evening, pocketing €10,403 in the process. Not only did our winner walk away with some hefty change in his pocket, but he will also be heading to Cuba for a week of sun, classic cars and mojitos!

The hidden splendours of Honduras

Sunday 29/04/2018

Last Sunday, the €50,000 prizepool of our favourite Sunday tournament was once again pulverized, allowing the winner,, to walk away with the hefty sum of €11,076. But that’s not all! As this is the Sunday Surprise, our winner also managed to bag himself a special prize to go with his rather large cheque; a one week trip to Honduras!

A Guadeloupian treehouse

Sunday 22/04/2018

AnttiTiainen is our grand winner this week, and can look forward to admiring the wild fauna of Guadeloupe! Having taken down the tournament after battling through 6,500 opponents, he will now be looking forward to a week's holiday in the French West Indies, perched in a glorious treehouse with a cheque for €9,949. He and a chosen friend or relative will be able to take advantage of the diverse range of activities which we have prepared for him including flying bikes, a hike around "La Grande Soufrière" and some canyoning, just to round things off!

Cruise on the Senegal River

Sunday 15/04/2018

ChangeSpeed was this week's grand winner of the Sunday Surprise, and needed no re-entries to lift the trophy above his head at 3 o'clock in the morning. His prizes are as follows: €10,699 sent straight to his Winamax account, and, just a little later, an email from our marketing team inviting him and the person of his choice to an eight-day cruise on the Senegal River aboard the mythical Bou El Mogdad, an old Portuguese freighter reconverted into a cruise ship. Don't forget to send a card!

The SISMIX, but better

Sunday 08/04/2018

Thanks to an incredible 15,761 buy-ins, this week’s Sunday Surprise prizepool exceeded €140,000. This meant that KingMajestix, this week’s lucky winner, was able to pocket a hefty €13,500, and can look forward to a cheap (and hopefully profitable!) SISMIX. From 8th to 14th of May, our winner will be having a great time in Marrakech, with some 6-max poker to freeroll and, of course, all the parties too! Just to put the cherry on the cake, our winner and a friend of his choosing will be able to stay in the grand Es Saadi hotel!

The Series in the palm of your hand

Sunday 01/04/2018

This is the event which is always eagerly anticipated by all Winamax grinders: the first Surprise Event of the Winamax Series. For a mere €10, not only did the players of this week’s Surprise Event have access to a €120,000 prizepool, but the winner could also freeroll every single Series event! The lucky winner goes by the username kill-me. This shark lifted the trophy after ten hours of arduous battle (against a total of 16,226 buy-ins – record broken!). For the next 140 events in the Series, he can kick, back, relax and play his A-game.

Daylight Saving Luxury...

Sunday 25/03/2018

OUECH GROSS will be looking very suave thanks to his newly-acquired Bell&Ross timepiece. After six hours of battle in our most surprising of tournaments, OUECH GROSS emerged victorious, pocketing €9,887 (after a deal) and a luxurious watch so that he may be reminded of his exploit whenever he checks the time. peloton57 negotiated a €9,029 payday but lost at the final sprint. Never lucky. will be able to change his username, pocketing €5,646 for his bronze medal.

Explore Martinique like Robinson Crusoe...

Sunday 18/03/2018

This never-ending winter seems to have attracted some attention to the Sunday Surprise tables this week: 7,756 players tried their luck with the hope of flying off for a week to the heavenly island of Martinique. After 6h30mins of battle, Ouii Briguel shone through to take the trophy. He also won €11,602 for his sun cream expenses. weins (runner-up, €7,912) and gelutzu_4u (3rd, €5,940) made it to the podium and will have to console themselves with their cash prizes (poor them huh?).

Bounty Hunter of the year...

Sunday 11/03/2018

Nabson2000 pocketed an incredible score, having got the best of his 14,513 opponents (including re-entries) in the Sunday Surprise to take down a €9,851 prize, in addition to €3,480 in bounties. He will have his buy-in covered for the 52 next Sunday Surprise tournaments and will receive €50 cash for each knockout he will make in these tournaments. Vietcall30 (€7,067 and €696 in bounties) and Iustin0 (€5,426 and €71 in bounties).

A warm winter in the Bahamas...

Sunday 04/03/2018

alexou24 triumphed in our Sunday Surprise and pocketed the grand sum of €11,340 after agreeing to a deal with his heads-up opponent, killerjg. He will be able to look forward to a dream trip to the Bahamas, and we look forward to his photos of the beautiful sandy beaches!

Home run in Philadelphia...

Sunday 25/02/2018

Having knocked all of his opponents out the park, ---AAA--- will now be jetting off to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean for a week filled with culture and sports in Philadelphia. The €10,076 he took for his first place finish should give him plenty of time to learn the rules of baseball before seeing a Major League match at the Citizen Bank Park in Phillie. Accroche-toi fell in second place (€6,834) and Alapapaye was rewarded €5,099 for his bronze medal.

Scottish distillery tour for 4...

Sunday 18/02/2018

Whether he prefers his whisky dry or on the rocks, FollOwMyWay will be able to have a great time with three of his friends in the best Scottish distilleries. He won €10,070 and a cultural trip to Edinburgh filled with malt and ethanol after agreeing to a three-way deal in the Sunday Surprise. Diaz1973 took second place for €7,363, with Cruzybaja settling for a third place finish worth €7,258. Cheers!

A very profitable cash…

Sunday 11/02/2018

HANSKI01 had better remove the dust from his fishing gear, as he successfully took down this week's most surprising tournament for €11,984 and will be hunting for prey in his 52 next Sunday Surprise tournaments, with each of his knockouts worth €50 in bounties! In order to be awarded this prestigious prize, he had to get the best of biffTon06 (€8,170) and paribiza (€6,140) who will have to console themselves with a podium finish.

How do you like them apples…

Sunday 04/02/2018

There were a total of 8,480 buy-ins made for this week's Sunday Surprise, which attracted amateurs of high-tech from far and wide. Congratulations to giovani314 who walks away €12,580 richer and will be able to strut around with his new MacBook, iPad and iPhone X. Hoxy (€8,607) was our runner-up and will also be able to treat himself to a few trendy pieces of technology. Desmond Doss completes this prestigious podium for €6,480.

An island adventure…

Sunday 28/01/2018

island adventure
Thousands of adventurers came out of their rain-induced lethargy in this month of January to try and hit the jackpot: one week of joy and adventures in the heart of the Island of Réunion. After 6h30m of battle, 7,633 buy-ins managed to form a colossal €68,697 prizepool, allowing SNAAKEEEEEEE to leave €11,417 richer than he was when he arrived. Rest assured, there are only two types of slithering reptiles on this island and both are quite harmless. Locom8 (€7,784) and Sukhoi-37 (€5,843) completed the podium, with Davidi "Kitbul" Kitai putting in a fantastic yet frustrating 26th place finish (€202).

One week of skiing for 4…

Sunday 21/01/2018

With just fifteen days to go before the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Guezouz chose to start his warm-up in the best possible way: by taking down the Sunday Surprise. This lucky player was able to lift the trophy along with the €10,840 prize for first place. He now has a very tough decision to make: which friends should he bring with him for a crazy week of skiing in Avoriaz? roki30100 and GetOnUrKnees settled for a neat podium finish for €7,385 and €5,534 respectively.

The WiPT finals…

Sunday 14/01/2018

Winamax Poker Tour
Our tenth Winamax Series XX edition of the Sunday Surprise rewarded not one, not two, but six players last night! All six finalists of the tournament walked away with a package including entry to the prestigious Grand Final of the Winamax Poker Tour and €250 to cover any costs, for a total of €800. This generous gift attracted in a huge crowd as we had 18,078 buy-ins registered for this Event Surprise, with the prizepool totting up to €162,702. prktupaye (6th, €2,168 + €484), BUEGERKING12 (5th, €3,348 + €516), Gusenscene40 (4th, €5,015 + €318), anthosema (3rd, €6,683 + €1,042) and KB9CR7-P (runner-up, €8,595 + €222) will all be coming to try their luck at the "Cercle Clichy Montmartre" in Paris from 1st to 6th of March, all being led by the tournament winner BigMerGueZ, who pockets €11,558 and €3,648 in bounties in addition to his package.

Freeroll the Series…

Sunday 07/01/2018

Winamax Series
RYVER.MAX made many players jealous on Sunday by winning the first Event Surprise. He pockets €16,036 (including €4,284 in bounties) and will be freerolling the entire Winamax Series. His buy-ins for all events of the festival will be gifted to him, equating to a total of over €10,000 in buy-ins. It took a "mere" six hours to get the best of his numerous opponents: a total of 18,845 buy-ins were accounted for leading to a staggering €169,605 prizepool, which was the biggest Event Surprise in the history of the Series...

New Year’s by the sea

Sunday 31/12/2017

South African
The sweet smell of seashells by the seashore hypnotised 2,819 entrants in the very last Sunday Surprise of 2017. Capitaine.A battled for a total of six hours before being able to claim his trophy. He will be taking it easy on the South African sand in Sun City for a whole week of water sports with the friend of his choice. Quite the off season extravaganza, along with €4,464 in winnings. misterdouble failed to double up on the final stretch and pocketed €2,951, whereas 1MINUTPLZ remained patient right up until his third place finish (€2,155).

Christmas for gourmets…

Sunday 24/12/2017

It seems NO_VICES managed to fill his boots quite successfully on 24th of December. In just less than six hours, he managed to pocket the hefty sum of €3,889 for his victory, along with a Dédiard "gourmandises" hamper. Champagne, wine, truffles and foie gras: this week's champion will be able to stuff himself to his heart's content to celebrate in style. _AirAlgerie- also came incredibly close to treating himself to these luxuries, but will have to console himself with a €2,543 payout for his second place finish, with mounchos91 just climbing up on the podium (€1,991).

Lapland in Finland…

Sunday 17/12/2017

It was an early Christmas for x_freeman42! In addition to the €11,065 that he managed to stash away into his stocking - after a deal with DonEmilio (2nd, €9,814) -, the grand winner of our surprise tournament will be flying off to the country of big white beards, reindeers with odd-coloured noses and plenty of "ho-ho-ho"s: Lapland! With a ride in a sleigh pulled by reindeer and a snowmobile safari, our winner will be able to make his childhood dreams come true for a whole week.

Your MTT winnings doubled...

Sunday 10/12/2017

We had an incredible turnout for our most surprising tournament of the week: thanks to its knockout format and mouth-watering prizepool guarantee which was double its usual size, the buy-ins were coming in thick and fast. We crowned not one, but two winners on this occasion. NissePel first, who finished the tournament at 3:35am, pocketing €9,451 in prizepool money and €3,064 in bounties. Second winner of the evening: -FistMeBro-. His 33rd place finish will indeed bring him a mere €362 payday (€132 + €225 in bounties), but his 24 knockouts will allow him to win this week's prize: his MTT winnings doubled for an entire week! All he needs to do now is bring our finance team to tears by keeping up his run good until next Sunday...

Colombia: 30°C guaranteed…

Sunday 03/12/2017

It seems this chilly winter is making you all want to escape to a tropical paradise! Over 8,000 buy-ins were accounted for in this edition of the Sunday Surprise, which was offering an incredible prize of a sunny trip next to the Caribbean Sea in Colombia, in addition to the hefty sum reserved for first place. Our grand winner this week was fredo1962 who had already bagged a title in the Summer Shots festival in April 2016, and will be able to go and work on his tan with the €11,658 he managed to negociate heads-up with Waul Patson (€9,297). -GABAO-STAR- (€6,289) and JenyetKylian (€4,772) completed our illustrious podium.

The Great Wall of China…

Sunday 26/11/2017

Epicurieux01 is this week's lucky winner, as he will be able to go and explore the Great Wall of China and all the tourist attractions of the chinese capital. He took down this incredible prize along with €10,156 negociated with BackToWall heads-up (€8,544), taking down his best score to date on our tables that we know of. Congratulations to all the finalists, including bouhmad (3rd, €5,587) and our regular FuFmonFaluF (4th, €4,243).

The Big Apple seen from above…

Sunday 19/11/2017

I want to be a part of it, New York, New York! Arturisimas will be able to sing along to some Frank Sinatra as he is flying over the skyscrapers of the Big Apple by helicopter. He wins this week’s prestigious prize along with 11,905 euros for his fantastic victory over 7,969 opponents in this week’s Sunday Surprise. Bouliix (€8,116) and chourmo07 (€6,099) round off the podium and will settle for enjoying their winnings from the comfort of their own homes, which isn’t so bad for them!

The Circus Hunter!

Sunday 12/11/2017

The first Surprise Event of the Winamax Circus drew in the crowds: nearly 12,814 entrants have squeezed into the Big Top in hopes of picking up the incredible gift promised to the winner. In the end, it was gouss2001 who won the award, and will fly off to Las Vegas for a week, with the companion of his choice, to experience two performances of the prestigious Cirque du Soleil. He will also be able to try his luck at the Little One for One Drop at $1,111 in the next WSOP. And this pretty icing is offered as a bonus in his cake of €18,004 in winnings. Wonderful!

Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas…

Sunday 05/11/2017

There was consensus among the numerous tournaments on this Sunday for one event with more than 16,500 registrations recorded (including re-entries) for nearly €150,000 in prize money. This, inevitably of course, is the Surprise Event. The one that will likely remain the biggest Winamax Circus tournament after the Main Event fell into the hands of Only1CardPlz. Did he really need only one card to win the €11,081 jackpot, with a €3,040 bonus? In any case, bravo to him: now he’s invited to the 52 next editions of our surprise tournament, where he will win €50 in cash for each elimination achieved. Note also the ninth place of a certain Kitbul, in the Multiplex Poker studio direct. The Genius returned five times to reach the semi-finals of this 6-Max tournament, played exceptionally, leaving with a total of €1,198.

The Great Canadian Cold

Sunday 29/10/2017

With over 7,500 registrations, the prospect of a trip to the great Canadian north attracted great interest in the Sunday Surprise. Rather than battle it out, the five finalists decided to quit on good terms and agreed a deal. Yapasrienla9 finally won the tournament after six hours at the table and will be off to snowy Canada for a week of fun in January. He also pocketed €5,981. -BLACKFEAR- took home €5,007 in second place, while Winamax regular BV77 excelled by taking home the biggest winnings of the night: €8,500. cedr30 ended with €6,014 and playboy1983 can tan his six-pack all winter long with €7,413 wisely negotiated.

Budapest with friends

Sunday 22/10/2017

After a well-judged re-entry and six hours at the table, danstonQ29 beat off 6,770 opponents to win the grand prize of €10,267. And he can drink to his win with three of his best friends who will accompany him for a wild week in Budapest. Thermal baths, Beer Bike tours and wild parties are included in the itinerary, as you would expect from a city known more for its booze than its tea ceremonies.

Become a kitesurfing master

Sunday 15/10/2017

Redwawe rode the winner's wave taking home €11,676 in first place, as well as this week's surprise prize: a week's kite-surfing in Tarifa in the south of Spain. But he came up against strong winds: our champion had to see off heads-up tournament champion, ItsHAPPening. The runner-up is a common sight at the tables, already winning a Main Event in August with €19,000, a Winamax Series Heads-Up Championship in September with €10,000 euros and others including Top 50, Monster Stack, After Work, etc. etc. etc.! He added another €7,962 to his 2017 total with this second-place finish. A1hoarder completed the podium with €5,978, and Pchiii came in fourth (€4,538).

UFC in NYC for the best bounty hunter…

Sunday 08/10/2017

AASelfisher didn't let his guard down and was crowned as winner for the Sunday Surprise title along with 10,505 euros cash and 2,672 euros in bounties for his knockouts. tete2brik14 succumbed to his heads-up opponent and will have to settle for 7,614 euros and 1,128 euros in bounties. In terms of the "consolation" prize, itAAchi finished in ninth place with 25 knockouts for 813 euros and 369 euros in bounties. He will be flying off to New York to cheer on some rather angry gentlemen who will be battling it out for some real-life knockouts in an evening of MMA in Madison Square Garden.

Hanoi and Halong Bay…

Sunday 01/10/2017

Halong Bay
It took almost seven hours of play to know the name of the lucky winner who will be able to go for a paddle in Halong Bay. Rotection took down this week's Sunday Surprise and pockets 10,046 euros after making a heads-up deal with B3loB0ss (€9,200). This was no easy win as the latter reached a multitude of final tables in the Winamax Series and won Event 82 in April of 2015. emilie.29 scores a neat third place finish for 5,748 euros, leaving MichL Omaha with the chocolate medal (€4,362) and Carnalito21 in fifth place (5th, €2,976).

Taiwan, between past and future

Sunday 24/09/2017

During our MTT session on Sunday, LimeOnUs took down the Sunday Surprise for 9,350 euros after negociating a heads-up deal with nabs2 (€8,857) and will be flying off to explore the island of Taiwan with the guest of their choice.

Safari in Sri Lanka…

Sunday 17/09/2017

Our winner for this week's Sunday Surprise was treated to a one-week dream trip for two people. Our weekly tournament ended in a four-way deal between the last survivors of the tournament. Rock & Bust (4th, €6,500), delikadir34 (3rd, €6,910) and Fifty_Outzzz (2nd, €6,400) left with some nice scores thank to their podium finishes, with perssss taking it down for the hefty sum of €9,050, in addition to a fantastic prize. The "Emerald Isle" will soon be his to explore!

Gotta fish ‘em all!

Sunday 10/09/2017

Winamax Series
The Sunday Series was in knockout format this week. GAMEJACKING wins 10,378 euros and 3,690 euros in bounties, and will have his buy-in covered for the next 52 Sunday Surprises. For every player that he eliminates in these tournaments, he will be receiving a 50 euro prize straight to his Winamax account. Sundays are going to be very profitable for this player. Sisko Holtz finishes in second place for 9,083 euros (including bounties), with fruitonGIVRE getting an impressive third place finish, adding 6,500 euros to an already incredibly lucrative evening.

The Winamax Series on a platter

Sunday 03/09/2017

Winamax Series
Our first Event Surprise took place last Sunday with a massive prizepool guarantee of €130,000 and an incredible gift for the winner: all buy-ins covered by Winamax for all events in the Series. After seven hours of play, Dr.Raoul took it down. The last three survivors agreed to a deal before seeing the victor lift the trophy. Dr.Raoul wins €17,409 and a gift worth €10,000 in tickets, Ny-may-ria pockets €14,954 and CLEMTAR leaves with €14,429. Congratulations to all and good luck to Dr.Raoul in these Winamax Series which should be a smoother ride as a freeroll.

Red Diamond for a year

Sunday 27/08/2017

Who says poker is an individual sport? A friendly deal was agreed to and concluded our Sunday Surprise this week. AKlibur was our overall winner, pocketing €7,978 in the process. C.L.A.Q. got their hands on €6,785, InKev walked away €6,156 richer and PlayGood4win left with €5,856 and adds another great score to their record.

Miami, the Magic City from A to Z

Sunday 20/08/2017

It's been a great end to summer for Le Tonkse. Our winner of the most surprising of tournaments is flying off to Miami (Florida) to spend five days and nights accompanied by the person of his choice. He will be able to choose his schedule thanks to his passport for 28 varied attractions and will have, just for the cherry on the cake, €9,898 to spend. A fantastic reward for this reg of the big field MTTs, having placed third in Event 60 of the Winamax Series in January 2016 for €11,500 and won the Tie Break last February for €3,770. A much-deserved victory after a heated battle against Manu0601 heads-up (2nd, €6,713), whereas ducdeboulbi bowed out in third place and left €5,001 richer thanks to his hard work.

Mykonos, dream-like beaches and endless partying

Sunday 13/08/2017

Just one month after his victory in the Tie Break, wrarw raises the stakes: his victory in the most surprising of your Sunday tournaments brought in a €10,122 payday and a trip for two people to the Island of Mykonos, all offered by Winamax!

€100 in free bets for every match day!

Sunday 06/08/2017

Having already had a very strong start to 2017, LLinusLLord marks his greatest performance to date that we know of by taking down the Sunday Surprise for €10,086. This regular (with multiple final tables in the Xtase and winner of the Rush Hour and the €50 Monster Stack) will be making the bookmakers tremble in fear this year as he has won himself €100 in free bets to be placed on Ligue 1 Conforama matches for every match day in 2017/2018. This victory came after some negotiation for a deal with one of our regular sharks, Aurimaso, who left €8,089 richer. This player had already appeared on our radars nine months ago by winning the Fièvre for over €9,000 and even won the Xtase just one week ago for €5,500. Finally, Mammouth1991 rounds off the podium and picks up €5,405.

The world’s best football fan

Sunday 30/07/2017

Over 7,000 of you football fanatics turned up for the kick-off of the Sunday Surprise this week. Just a few days before the start of football season, RAGATTACK scored the golden goal and took down €10,719, as well as this week's prestigious gift: €50 for every point scored by the closest team to his home in the first division of a European league during the 2017/2018 season, as well the team’s jersey and a season ticket. This player will surely be putting his Pokemon to one side in order to go and support his team for a few months. Hass34090 misses out on the trophy in second for €7,303, just ahead of alilou1900 who leaves with €5,471. H.MAN takes the chocolate medal worth €4,154 and bennylor16 finishes in fifth place for €2,837.

Explore the depths of the Gulf of Oman

Sunday 23/07/2017

A fantastic turnout for our aquatic Sunday Surprise. TerraFormars wins €10,379 and can buy himself a neat pair of flippers. He'll be needing them for his trip to the Gulf of Oman and his diving course in crystal-clear waters. Let's hope that the player from rainy Normandy won't be in shock at the incredibly beautiful weather of Oman. LilSto finishes in second and pockets €7,040, which will easily cover the re-entry he paid. Finally, gab2006 finishes in third for the second time, after coming in third in the Sunday Surprise three years before. He leaves €5,254 richer.

Roller coaster rides in Barcelona

Sunday 16/07/2017

Nothing can stop ZiZette95 in 2017! This week's champion has already won the Fièvre and the After Work and, just two months ago, placed runner-up in the After Work. Our key low-stakes tournament gave out €9,100 to our lucky winner after a deal with PeroVijola19 (€7,775). ZiZette95 will therefore be jetting off to sunny Barcelona for a week and will be visiting the famous PortAventura park, along with three guests of his choice. The mojito round will be paid off with a smile by our shark of the year. Basmate takes third place for €4,990, whereas mel moritos leaves with €3,778 and the chocolate medal.

Match point for the US Open

Sunday 09/07/2017

US Open
Lemoniak was confident in his game. After serving an Ace down the line for the match point, he got to lift the Sunday Surprise trophy above his head as well as the €10,250 negotiated in a heads-up deal with his unfortunate opponent isahk (€8,404 of pure misery, our commiserations). Our winner will fly to New York with the accompanying person of his choice for a week, in order to see the men's semi-finals and finals of the US Open. Aurismas95 lifts themselves up to the podium, scoring €5,573 for their third place, with cabecudo777 taking the chocolate medal and €4,232.

A €100,000 polka-dot jersey

Sunday 02/07/2017

A hefty first prize of over €10,000 and the possibility to win much more (up to €100,000!) if the performance is up to scratch on the uphill climb of the Alpe d'Huez: this Sunday Surprise dedicated to the Tour de France brought in all our biggest cycling fans! Our grand winner was in the dark9, who didn't need a scrap of light to beat his 7,054 opponents and pocket €10,631 for his victory. We wish him all the best with his training and hope he is both mentally and physically prepared for his attempt at the 13.8 kilometre climb of this epic step in the "Grande Boucle"! 3000litu wasn't far from getting the yellow jersey himself, and will be going home with €7,247 for his second place, just ahead of P.Soetens in third for €5,405. Also a nice performance by GTORSA (5th, €2,802).

Time to work up a sweat!

Sunday 25/06/2017

This week’s Sunday Surprise was a scorcher. After 6h18min of play, mini billy was our big winner, pocketing €9,380 in the process. The lucky duck will be able to invest in a wicked thermostat and will spend the next year glaring at the degrees Celsius. For every day that the temperature rises above 28°C, he'll win €100! This prestigious prize will make him the sole fan of global warming. The silver medal went to Lez Go, along with €6,346 in prize money and third place went to LoveMessika who left €4,742 richer.

Pilgrimage to the temples of Angkor

Sunday 18/06/2017

Judging by his username, MezKal4Life might have preferred a journey to Mexico, but his trip to see the incredible temples of Angkor might persuade him otherwise, and his €9,111 pay day won't hurt too much either. We also had .Gyneco taking home €6,167 for his consultation and a bronze medal for Pucci305 who pocketed €4,588. Finally, we had ENIIGMATIK taking the chocolate medal, along with €3,477.

Freeroll the Summer Series and double your winnings!

Sunday 11/06/2017

This week, Winamax bet big on the winner of the special Summer Series edition of the Sunday Surprise: not only will they be freerolled to play all the events of the Series (50 events altogether, aka €2,600 in tickets) but they will also have all their winnings from the Series doubled. And the happy winner of this package, after 6 and a half hours of battle, is AA75! He takes home €10,365 and will be bearing a prestigeous badge for the rest of the Summer Series, so that everyone may follow his journey. After his previous victories in the Fièvre and the Cocktail, we can see he has the skills to pay the bills. This victory was accomplished after an arduous heads-up with le tchac, a veteran of the site playing since 2012, who managed to pocket his biggest sum yet at €7,030. Congratulations also to the runner-ups: carotteland (3rd, €5,247), Shingo7 (4th, €3,970) and callandmuck (5th, €2,725).

A week of surfing in Sri Lanka

Sunday 04/06/2017

Sri Lanka
With the holiday of dreams up for grabs, the last Sunday Surprise saw a great success. It was reg gioriz who took the trophy, along with €9,992, having come to the end of a very successful evening as runner-up in the €100 Monster Stack for €1,967 and fourth in the Go Fast for €855. A wave of success for our apprentice surfer, who will enjoy discovering the Sri-Lankan culture and the amazing surfing spots on the Indian Ocean. In second, we had marjan1231 for €6,776, followed by krys.78000 in third for €5,048. See you next Sunday at 20:30 CET for yet another fantastic surprise.

Every 3 star restaurant in France…

Sunday 28/05/2017

Over 6000 players were present on Sunday, all trying to win the prestigeous tour of France's 3 star Michelin restaurants. Maxderlli ended up being our winner for this package, along with the hefty sum of €9,333. This is made all the more impressive due to the fact that he also won the Fast Food tournament that very morning for €506. Fafifou82 was close to victory, coming in second place for €6,318, with _Salluste_ taking the final place on the podium in third place for €4,701. Honourable mentions also go to _Dex_29CC in fourth place for €3,563 and sunnyk45240 in fifth for €2,440.

Onto Tuscany’s wine trail…

Sunday 21/05/2017

GriggAs is in for a treat: in addition to a nice pay packet (over €9,800), his victory of the Sunday Surprise rewards him with an unforgettable road-trip in Tuscany. Between the exploration of the splendours of Florence, capital of the Renaissance, and of the region’s architectural jewels (Sienna, San Gimignano, Radda in Chianti etc.), our winner (and a guest of his choice) will be able to make a couple of stops along the way to taste some great local wine, meals prepared by local caterers and even to participate in cooking classes, just to bring back some local know-how.

A suit you won’t need to return…

Sunday 14/05/2017

There were many of you battling it out to win the coveted first prize of a tailored suit this Sunday. Unfortunately, we could have only one winner, with Valentin “Negan_Equity” Messina lifting the trophy. Valentin was also a runner-up in the 2015 EPT in Malta (where he has been living for the last few years) and is now beginning a new adventure on Twitch. He was not streaming when he emerged victorious, but we are hoping for a cat walk when he has received his suit on his next broadcast. With a prizepool of nearly €60,000, Negan_Equity ‘s first place was rewarded with the hefty sum of €10,047. Sabrinaldo1 came in second place, pocketing €6,814. Win-a-max-le did well to leave his Expresso tournaments to one side for the evening, as his third place rewarded him with €5,084.

5-Star Yucatan

Sunday 07/05/2017

It must have been the terrible weather in early May making everyone dream of sunnier climes: we had a huge turnout for the Mexican Sunday Surprise with a massive guarantee and more than 7,000 players battling it out for a dream week in the Yucatan. The lucky winner was Ad Finem and he can lie down at the pool edge of the 5-star Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa deciding what to spend his €10,771 winnings on, in between visits to the famous Mayan pyramids. It was a lucrative Sunday for the player as earlier on he had finished fourth in the Rally winning €600. The runner-up, Gagiron, can't complain either, having won €7,338 and the Uppercut the day before! The final table also featured kask_urva (3rd, €5,498), coustoulou15 (4th, €4,175) and TAK0NAK0 (5th, €2,851), who also finished sixth in the Sunday Surprise on 5 March. For those who missed out, you can try your luck next Sunday at 20:30.

Horseback trekking in Morocco

Sunday 30/04/2017

The big winner of this incredible double-prize was DRK3134 who jets off for a week of hiking in Morocco and also takes home €9,148. He beat lol_Omar, who has proudly worn the Winamax Series logo since January and is now €8,340 better off. 4BETFORLIFE completed the podium (3rd, €5,183), a year to the day after he won the 5 Majeur. We should also mention the good result for labarte09 (4th, €3,922) who also came in 8th in the €10 Monster Stack.

A very profitable catch

Sunday 23/04/2017

On the eve of the French election, cloupy1 won the lion's share of the spoils in our surprise tournament, winning €8,611 after a deal struck with d21a (2nd, €7,282). A tidy sum for the winner and his fifth year playing on Winamax promises to be bright.

Red Diamond for a year

Sunday 16/04/2017

Two-time winner of the After Work in 2014 and 2016, and two-time finalist of La Fièvre, TFC09 had his biggest win on Winamax on Sunday evening (€11,004) to go with a trip for two to Las Vegas that promises to be unforgettable, and perhaps even profitable: we are giving him the VIP treatment in Vice City during the WSOP (accommodation at the Bellagio, limousine transfers, evening with the Pro Team...), as well as a ticket for two of the biggest tournaments of the 2017 edition of the World Championships.

Red Diamond for a year

Sunday 09/04/2017

There was a huge field for this second Surprise Event which promised its winner a whole year of VIP Red Diamond status. Only a lucky few (just a few dozen on Winamax) can claim to have such a status and now King-Killer joins their ranks. He also won faster accumulation of miles, invitations to monthly €20,000 freerolls and guaranteed seats for our next three live tournaments, not to mention €12,556 already won.

The best Series… for free!

Sunday 02/04/2017

Make sure you remember his username because there's a fair chance that you'll be at the same table as him more than once during the Series. Picking up a whopping €21,497 after a deal with N4G4DRIS4NE (2nd with €17,756), Baltrance now has access to all the tournaments at the festival, with the tab covered. This is a rare opportunity narrowly missed out on by Duck U, the Wameur that finished fifth with €6,468.

Ejoy the SISMIX as a VIP

Sunday 26/03/2017

Even if all he won was the cash prize for finishing first (€10,831, more than a thousand times his initial buy-in), there's no doubt that wapipi would have been ecstatic. However, as happens every Sunday with the internet's most surprising tournament, this five-figure sum was just part of the prize: as an additional prize, Winamax has laid down the red carpet to welcome him to the next edition of SISMIX, organised from 13 to 21 May, with royal VIP treatment including air transport, transfers between the airport and accommodation for two people at the Es Saadi Palace (undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hotels in Marrakesh), including breakfast and access to its exclusive spa, and a guaranteed "banging" night out in the VIP section of the hotel complex's Theatro night club, and of course paid entry to the festival's Main Event and Highroller tournaments.

A bar of pure gold

Sunday 19/03/2017

Long live King Midas! On top of the tidy sum of €10,437 – agreed after a side deal with grincheu68 (2nd, €7,006) and Stoic69 (€8,572) – vezec left our surprise tournament with a 250-gram bar of real gold. This little nugget would fetch about €9,500 in the current raw materials market. Did someone say jackpot?

A Balla cruise in Greece

Sunday 12/03/2017

hibouloup can pack light for this trip: aboard the cruise ship Galileo for a week with the person of his choice, he only needs the bare essentials for a dream cruise around the Cyclades, the Greek archipelago of 250 Islands. Courtesy of Winamax, a 4-star gift to go with his €11,362 winnings from the Sunday tournament with the biggest surprises!

A very profitable catch

Sunday 05/03/2017

A very strong crowd for this first March surprise tournament that promised its winner a year of Sunday Surprises as well as a €50 bonus for every elimination achieved. After more than 8,000 opponents being defeated, in the end it was nicholasj662 who is going to be able to try out the miraculous catch, in addition to the €12,549 he's already pocketed. All that's left is for him to unlock the next 52 Sundays.

Dance with wolves

Sunday 26/02/2017

ContaSagrada is going to be able to play the modern day trapper in the North of Quebec. In addition to the already amazing sum of 10,499 Euros for coming first, our great winner is going to be able to enjoy eight days around lac Saint-Jean, including a 48 hour dog sleigh expedition as well as both a snow shoeing and snow mobile tour being on the cards. We suggest they go out covered up.

The most beautiful diamond…

Sunday 19/02/2017

This was the unmissable and essential tournament of the Sunday session: a surprise tournament on steroids with a minimum €100,000 guaranteed and the prestigious Red Diamond VIP status for the winner. The guarantee was easily exceeded thanks to a huge number of entries, and the Winamax grand prize was eventually claimed by BraToViC. As well as €12,597 to the good, our lucky winner will also enjoy a variety of extra perks (cash bonus, faster miles accumulation, invitation to our live tournaments, etc.) for a whole year. Congratulations!

Mexico's grey whales…

Sunday 12/02/2017

RYVER.MAX is about to become intimately acquainted with Baja California! As well as a massive payout of €9,591, won after an epic fight with Imar101 (2nd, €7,169) and BOAATE. (3rd, €8,733), our winner will be flying to this famous peninsula in the north-east of Mexico for an 11-day trip with someone of their choice. Watching whales and dolphins in clear turquoise waters, and scenic hikes in the mountains: that definitely deserves a little celebratory tweet.

The rich coast of Costa Rica…

Sunday 05/02/2017

jamalot35 can cancel his holiday reservations this year. After winning our Sunday Surprise tournament, Winamax is taking care of everything! He wins a week for two among the lush jungles and paradise beaches of Costa Rica. And not to mention the nice fat €11,711 cheque he has also pocketed. Now that's we call a win-win!

Free-wheeling in Quebec…

Sunday 29/01/2017

romuELmago will be able to play the true adventurer. By winning one of the most popular tournaments on the schedule, he'll take his person of choice to Quebec for nine days of action and high adrenaline. On the program: riverluging, downhill mountain biking, tree-top obstacle course, whale watching in a sea-kayak, and a night in a cabin in the trees. A prize which is added to the 9,150 euros for first place, secured after agreeing a deal with LeWaahh (2nd, €7,500) and DaSloughi (3rd, €5,804).

The jungle of Guadalupe…

Sunday 22/01/2017

The splendour of Guadalupe will play host to ChairForce1: with his person of choice he's going to spend a week in the middle of the Morne Bois d'Inde rainforest, in an ecolodge perched in a tree, with an unbeatable view our over the Caribbean. No TV, no phone, the birds your only companions: with such guaranteed relaxation we're not sure our champ is going to want to come home, despite the €9,988 he added to his bank account after agreeing a deal...

The most beautiful of diamonds

Sunday 15/01/2017

Just missing out on the title in Event 9 where he lost the final heads-up, 10 10 didn't let it slip a second time, taking victory and the 13,951 euros for first. Above all, he wins the most beautiful jewel found on Winamax: the Red Diamond. He'll be there for the monthly Super Freerolls for 20,000 euros, our three live events of 2017, and Miles earned a six times the normal rate. Now that's a good way to start the year!

A VIP pass to the WSeries…

Sunday 08/01/2017

GetSomeFun31, emerges victorious in the first of two Surprise Events scheduled for this Series. Our champ picks up a whopping 22,612 euros prize as well as entry to all 114 tournaments of the card. A prize worth over 8,300 euros which gives him the chance to break the bank on a freeroll!

The future will be virtual…

Sunday 01/01/2017

Let’s be honest, 2016 was not one of the happiest years for humanity. But after winning the first Sunday Surprise of the year, f-hd will start 2017 the right way: we’re giving him, in addition to the top prize of €10,687, an incredible laptop computer and a VR headset complete with a ton of accessories. With this he’ll be able to explore the Grand Canyon without leaving his living room, save the world from a zombie invasion, or experience the biggest rollercoasters in the world.

An avalanche of Xmas gifts

Sunday 25/12/2016

AAfter a Christmas meal that we imagine was happy and cheerful, PatocheCruel spent a good part of Sunday evening at the Winamax tables. It was a good idea: the victory (after a deal with Bons0ir) netted 8,630 Euros, along with a second batch of gifts: the Winamax Santa Claus will be depositing a rather large stocking under the Christmas tree filled to the brim with the latest electronic gadgets: IPhone7, Samsung tablet, PS4, 3DS, audio headphones, camera and HD screen. Two Christmases for the price of one, wow!

Everyone needs a haven in Panama...

Sunday 18/12/2016

A dream night for Russ_West. In addition to the 10,587 euros promised to the winner, our champ will soon be flying out Panama. With his person of choice he'll enjoy white sand beaches and crystal clear seas, all in a tropical paradise. What more could you want?

Surfin’ Agadir…

Sunday 11/12/2016

The well named InvincibLe1 is our champ this week. He wins 10,095 euros for first place and a luxury trip to Agadir for surf, yoga, and spa. A week of relaxation that he can enjoy with his person of choice.

South Africa on the back of an elephant

Sunday 04/12/2016

The animal kingdom will play host to LOUKA0607, the latest winner of the Sunday Surprise will head to South Africa and the Kruger National Park. In addition to the 10,872 euros reserved for first place, he wins two tickets to Cape Town and an unforgettable safari to see all the big game: lions, elephants, leopards, rhinoceros, and buffalo, and to see them all in the biggest animal reserve in the world.

Five star Thailand…

Sunday 27/11/2016

LaGasquette will soon need to dig out his favourite swimsuit, and whatever else he may need. In addition to the 10,074 euros for first place, our happy champ will be flying out to Thailand, for a five star holiday with his person of choice. One last piece of advice: don't forget the sun cream and mosquito spray.

The tour of Sicily…

Sunday 20/11/2016

C0C0nuts was on absolutely top form on Sunday night to win the first place prize of 10,415 euros. A five figure reward with a bonus trip for two for ten days to one of the most beautiful islands in Europs. From Palermo to Favignana, Syracuse to Taormina, passing through the incredible Catania, home to Mount Etna, our lucky duo will have more than enough to keep them occupied.

A mountain chalet for four…

Sunday 13/11/2016

GeorgeW will be able to enjoy the joys of winter in the mountains. With victory in your favourite tournament, he earns not just 11,101 euros for first, but also a trip for him and three friends to Méribel. Once there, our fantastic four will stay in a private chalet at the foot of the slopes all expenses paid!

A status symbol on your wrist…

Sunday 06/11/2016

_oIo_ will no longer have any excuse for being late. With a Breitling SuperOcean 44 watch on his wrist, in addition to the 8,838 euros for first place, he'll have no problem playing the king of ballas and show his status and style to all the world.

A bike you don’t need to pedal…

Sunday 30/10/2016

flocrabi will soon be able to pretend to be Bradley Wiggins. In addition to the 9,724 euros for victory, he'll also receive a state of the art electric bicycle capable of cruising at up to 25 km/h! Better fasten your helmet.

Fast & Furious…

Sunday 23/10/2016

After winning one of the biggest prizes of the night (€9,458), uhaveairFR is going to experience an even greater rush with his person of choice: we're inviting them both to the racing track at La Ferté-Gauché to take the wheel of some of the hottest rides in existence. The cars they take for a spin will include an Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren, Audi, and even a Formula Renault Campus which you're not likely to see cruising down the motorway.

Play the WSOP Circuit Events in Paris, it’s on us...

Sunday 16/10/2016

By winning the most surprising tournament in the world, Beril848 pockets the cash (€10,743) as well as entry to three more events without spending a penny, and they're not just any tournaments: the World Series of Poker Circuit arrives in France at the Cercle Clichy-Montmartre in Paris and our champ will play the Main Event (€1,500), the Highroller (€2,500) and the online event (€1,000), which starts on Winamax and then ends live. And obviously we'll cover the travel and accommodation.

The most beautiful of diamonds…

Sunday 09/10/2016

1978CBS1991 will become a Red Diamond, the most envied VIP status on Winamax, for an entire year. The highest Miles multipliers, monthly bonuses and freeroll as well as entry to all three Winamax Live events. All this in addition to his €10,569.59

We’re going to make you love the rain…

Sunday 02/10/2016

The rainy days will never be the same for YES BABY. In addition to the 10,192 euros for first place, our winner this week will now receive 50 euros every day that rain falls over Salon-de-Provence in France where he lives. Not a place known for being a hotspot for downpours, but he'll no doubt be dancing every time it's cats and dogs outside.

Paragliding over the Isle of Reunion…

Sunday 25/09/2016

We're hoping that VipVap isn't scared of heights. In addition to the 9,743 euros for first place, he won a trip for two to Reunion with a 4x4 rental, lagoon kayaking, and a paragliding flight over the island! We can't wait to see the photos.

4 legendary matches...

Sunday 18/09/2016

A rare event occurred in the Sunday Surprise this week, where the last seven players agreed a deal. After completing negotiations, F1kus managed to secure the top spot, not only winning the extra 5,554 euros for first, but also tickets to four of the biggest matches in football: PSG - Marseille, Barcelona - Real Madrid, Manchester City - Manchester United, and Bayern Munich - Borussia Dortmund.

We multiply the winnings… by 2!

Sunday 11/09/2016

Contrary to the name, danger zone will be anywhere but for the next week. In addition to the 12,973 euros picked up for first place, the next seven days will see all his MTT winnings doubled. It goes without saying that with the last three days of the Winamax Series, and a certain Million Event to come, he must be jumping for joy!

An invitation worth millions...

Sunday 04/09/2016

By shipping the first Surprise event of the Series, tyron006 has not only picked up 21,253 euros for first, but also entry to all 100 tournaments of the festival. Get used to seeing his name around.

Be a spy with your very own drone

Sunday 28/08/2016

Massykwa 91 will be able to compete with James Bond. In addition to the 8,383 euros picked up for first place, our grand champion will also receive a top of the line Phantom drone. A little piece of kit capable of flying at up to 70 km/h and an altitude of 6,000 metres, which will allow him to produce the films of his dreams... or simply spy on his neighbour.

The emerald waters of Kerala, India

Sunday 21/08/2016

KickassQQ has kicked their opponents' asses by winning a jackpot of 7,718 Euros, plus (and this is the best bit) a week's luxury holiday in the South of India. The itinerary includes the choice of an elephant ride, dance show or night on a barge. The perfect exotic getaway! Amazing rollover!

Head-to-head with Carrasso…

Sunday 14/08/2016

StevieRay can break out his football boots (or grab some at the nearest sporting goods store): not only did he land a nice chunk of change (€7,542) in the new sport challenge Sunday Surprise, but he also won an exclusive – and potentially quite lucrative – penalty shootout at the Girondins de Bordeaux training centre, the Château du Haillan. He'll have ten chances to score against Cédric Carrasso, the club's keeper, and will collect a bonus with each goal he scores, up to a total jackpot of €30,000! Naturally we'll be right there to document his success against the international pro – stay tuned!

€100 in bets per league matchday!

Sunday 07/08/2016

Whether he's a football fan or not, sheyann will be paying very close attention to the 2016/17 season: in addition to the €7,500 shipped after making a deal with Lisatah (€6,681), he also receives €100 each matchday to bet on his domestic football league games. In other words a total of €3,800 in free bets from Winamax: it's up to him how he uses them to increase his winnings!

Neapolitan pizza

Sunday 31/07/2016

Chabaal will be feeling very Italian right about now after defeating his opponents and shipping 8,054 euros. He'll be flying out to Naples with his person of choice where he'll learn how to make a neapolitan pizza from a genuine pizzaiolo. They'll also visit the ruins of Pompéi and discover the magnificent isle of Capri. A trip as gastronomic as it is cutural. What more could you want?

The Atlantic crossing…

Sunday 24/07/2016

Firfennas will get to pretend he's the king of the world. Adding 7,721 euros to his bankroll as well as picking up two tickets for an unforgettable seven day cruise across the Atlantic aboard the gigantic Queen Mary 2. Golf, tennis, casino, theatre, art gallery, planetarium(!)... there's more than enough to keep you entertained. Bon voyage!

Make heads roll…

Sunday 17/07/2016

ON Y VA will be going home with a happy heart. In addition to €4,310 for victory, to which he adds €1,957 picked up in bounties, he is also now in possession of tickets for the next 52 editions of the Sunday Surprise. But that’s not all. Our champion will also pick up €50 for each player he eliminates in these tournaments. A good way to boost your bankroll.

A Sunday in Prague…

Sunday 10/07/2016

Definitely happier than France fans after Sunday 10th July, Leonishe may have missed the Euro 2016 final but he pockets a check for €3,663 and a luxury trip for two to Prague!

A Grand Slam and the Big Apple…

Sunday 03/07/2016

Big Apple
Defreaxell1 missed the Euro 2016 quarter final between France and Iceland but for a very good reason. He wins a trip to the USA to watch the semi-finals and finals of the men’s US Open in New York with his person of choice ! HE also goes home with a prize of €5,800 which should ease the pain of missing the match!

The beaches of Croatia for 4…

Sunday 26/06/2016

Now 7,718 euros richer after winning one of the most popular tournaments of Sunday night, alx_XVII now has just one problem: choosing which three friends will accompany him to Croatia for a week of fun in the sun.

A jungle adventure in Borneo…

Sunday 19/06/2016

psyko71210 picks up the title after negotiating a balanced deal with PaBlo33240 (€6,619 and €5,879). But make no mistake, it's definitely Psyko who will be the happier, as Winamax will be sending him and his person of choice on a trip to Malaysia, specifically to Borneo, for a week of adventure and exploration in the jungle to see the orangutans in their natural habitat, take a boat trip down the Melinau River, visit the monkeys and bearded pigs of the Bako National Park, hiking and see the local villages. We're hoping he remembers to send a postcard.

The most beautiful place in the world…

Sunday 12/06/2016

Sunday Surprise prizes swing between "awesome" and "magnificent". We don't need to tell you which category the prize won by chenove21x falls into; in addition to the 6,704 euros he secured in a four-way deal with fennec60, cameleon0613 and KeskJfoula, he ships a trip for two to the other side of the world, under the clear skies of Tahiti, thanks to our partners Air Tahiti Nui.

Euro 2016 in Ultra HD

Sunday 05/06/2016

Euro 2016
AtoOMiik9 will be seeing things (very) big. In addition to picking up 8,437 euros (€6,318 + €2,119 in bounties), he'll also have the pleasure of finding space in his living room for a 189cm 4K ultra HD TV. The perfect prize with just a few days till the Euros start. All that's left is to fill up the fridge.

Summer Shots in Pointre-à-Pitre

Sunday 29/05/2016

pmax brasil took advantage of the Summer Shots to ship a cheque for €11,216 and a trip for eight days to Pointe-à-Pitre. From rum tastings to boat trips on the crystal-clear waters, there’s plenty for him to look forward to!

Bounty hunting season is open…

Sunday 22/05/2016

bobthedog showed his teeth this Sunday to pick up 2,401 euros in bounties, to which he adds the 5,399 euros top prize. Additionally, he'll play the next 52 editions for free, in which he'll earn 50 euros in cash for every player he eliminates. Be on your guard if he arrives at your table!

€100 per day of sun!

Sunday 15/05/2016

The coming months are looking radiant for AstrAms. In addition to the 9,846 euros for victory, he'll also receive a 100 euros bonus for each day that the thermometer reaches at least 28°C in his town. We know someone who's going to be keeping a careful eye on the weather forecast for the next 12 months.

A gaming super-system

Sunday 08/05/2016

lefant1977 ships10,687 euros and a laptop computer among the most powerful in existence! No more lag or random freezes: with 2.9 gigahertz under the hood in the processor, 16 gig of RAM, and 1.2 terabytes of storage, our winner has a machine capable of rendering the most high graphically intense games on the market (and for the years to come) and to multitable in unrivalled style.

A very profitable basket…

Sunday 01/05/2016

ELretraiter needs to dig out his shorts, jersey, and Air Jordans: Winamax will invite him to the Hoops Factory in Paris for a potentially extremely lucrative 3-pointer contest. He'll have 25 balls and 120 seconds to sink as many baskets as possible with a total prize of €30,000 for a perfect game... in addition to the €9,877 already secured through a deal with _JaapStam.91 (€7,281).

300th Sunday Surprise Special

Sunday 24/04/2016

You've made your choice: from the hundred Surprises on offer to celebrate the 300th edition of your favourite Sunday tournament, the trip to Vegas for the World Series of Poker won the most votes, well ahead of free entry to every event of the Winamax Series and a year of free bets on your domestic football league. After six hours of battle, Tiberion emerged victorious to ship a deluxe package including entry to two World Series of Poker tournaments, flights, and a five star room at the Bellagio (who remembers Ocean’s Eleven?), local assistance, and an invitation to the Winamax players exclusive party. Of course she'll also be going with her person of choice!

The Paris Marathon €100k – Part 2

Sunday 17/04/2016

Inspired by Sergio's exploit, winner of the first Sunday Surprise Paris Marathon special last year, who added 2,500 euros to his prize by finishing the race on the 3rd April, MIGUE33 wins the second edition. In addition to the top prize of 9,989 euros, he'll also have the chance to be the next Winamax runner of the 2017 Paris Marathon on the 9th April. At stake, up to 100,000 euros if he manages to complete the course in under 2 hours 30 minutes. Now that's worth putting your running shoes on for.

The most beautiful of diamonds...

Sunday 10/04/2016

Without using any magic, Alchimist86 has managed to transform his 10 euros (plus one re-entry) into a total prize of 12,485 euros (€8,861 + €3,624 in bounties). In the process he also managed to uncover a rare Red Diamond, the crème de la crème of VIP statuses, giving him all the rewards that come with it for an entire year.

Freeroll the Winamax Series…

Sunday 03/04/2016

Winamax Series
It was THE place to be: a monumental prizepool for a derisory buy-in, with the bonus of maybe winning free entry to all 91 tournaments of the Winamax Series XV. Our eyes will therefore be on Jzz1nMystack over the next twelve nights: champion of a giant Sunday Surprise after six hours and thirty-two minutes of play, he goes home with €19,039 (after a three-handed deal) and the promise of much more to come in the next few days.

The most beautiful region of Italy…

Sunday 27/03/2016

While savouring the sweet taste of a huge victory (€9,982, no deal), mlml38 can start dreaming... and packing his bags: he'll soon be exploring one of the most beautiful parts of Italy, Puglia, with his person of choice.

Bounty hunting season is open!

Sunday 13/03/2016

hunting season
Jackpot for kalvaspragga! In addition to the 5,848 euros first place prize and the 2,679 euros collected in bounties, he wins free entry to the next 52 editions of the Sunday Surprise. As the official bounty hunter, he will receive 50 euros for every player he eliminates in these tournaments. A word of advice if you see him at the table: run!

Stop everything! Visit Crete…

Sunday 06/03/2016

Winter is already a fading memory for Will-I-AAm. In addition to his top prize of 10,235 euros - after making a deal with hitachi777 (2nd, €8,368) - he will soon be the jetting out for a 5 star holiday in Crete with his person of choice. Do we need to mention that his hotel room has a view over the luxurious Mediterranean?

The whiskey world tour…

Sunday 28/02/2016

By winning our favourite Sunday tournament, TonneR2Brest will see his drinks cabinet filled with fifteen of the best bottles of whiskey in the world, coming from Scotland, Japan, the USA, and even Wales and Taiwan. He's sure to find a good vintage to celebrate the 10,017 euros he wins in the tournament. [The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health and it should be consumed in moderation.]

Dive into the Cape Verde

Sunday 21/02/2016

Cape Verde
aikanasnx has everything he needs to be a happy player. In addition to the 9,452 euros for first place, he also ships a trip for eight days for two people to the Cape Verde. Diving sessions, hiking in the volcanic landscape, sun and relaxation all make for one hell of a holiday.

A thousand and one nights in Morocco…

Sunday 14/02/2016

A trip for two to Morocco in the guise of a personalised scavenger hunt is the prize won by hn777 on Sunday night, and this, in addition to the 8,760 euros for victory. How much does a camel cost?

Between the desert and the future…

Sunday 07/02/2016

A week in the skin of a sheikh in Dubai. This is the prize won by KrIstoFeRr after shipping the Surprise tournament this week. That in addition to 9,077 euros (+ €150 Ticket) for first place. A trip for two which includes quad biking in the desert, swimming with the dolphins, sandboarding, and a tour of the tallest tower in the world.

The WiPT as a VIP…

Sunday 31/01/2016

tonysb90 is going to need to dig out his best suit. Victory in the tournament this week gives his a VIP pass to the Winamax Poker Tour Final in Paris, from the 1st to the 8th March at the Cercle Clichy-Montmartre. Entry to the Main Event and the Highroller, a night at the infamous Moulin Rouge with his person of choice and, since shipping the tournament, a bankroll boosted by 9,906 euros (+ €150 Ticket): now that's what you call a profitable night.

Stars in your eyes

Sunday 24/01/2016

Congratulations to kev113352om who, in addition to the 9,628 euros (+ €150 Ticket) first place prize, picks up a four-day trip for two to northern Finland. On the menu, three nights in a glass igloo with a direct view of the stars, a snow safari on a husky dog-sled and a night hunting the aurora borealis.

The most beautiful of diamonds…

Sunday 17/01/2016

Congratulations to IWantSuckout! In addition to the 16,694 euros for first place (+ €150 Ticket), the champion of the second Surprise Event of the Series will become, starting February 1st, VIP Red Diamond for an entire year. With Miles accumulated six times faster, entry to the Super Diamond monthly freerolls, and tickets to every Winamax Live event (Winamax Poker Tour Final, SISMIX, WPO), our lucky winner will feel like a true poker VIP for the next twelve months.

Freeroll the Winamax Series…

Sunday 10/01/2016

In short, the biggest Sunday Surprise in history! For the first time in the Series, our emblematic tournament gave the possibility of re-entering, and you were not shy in taking advantage. At the end of this whopping tournament, four players laid down their arms to negotiate a deal. Ultimately, '4StefanRaab' took fourth place (€11,994), behind 'Akaliko0' (3rd, €13,607), 'Jakemckean' (2nd, €13,230) and 'guib45' (1st, €16,762). The latter also winning free entry to every single event of the Series! Don't be surprised to see his name everywhere in the coming days.

Your 2016 bills are on us!

Sunday 03/01/2016

The year has barely begun and it already looks peachy for “pulsar83”. By winning the first surprise tournament of the year, not only does he receive a five figure first prize (€10,325 + €150 Ticket), but also all his bills paid for 2016: gas, water, electricity, internet, telephone, gym membership, TV subscription, Horse & Hound Magazine subscription... the savings start now!

A 13th and 14th months’ salary…

Sunday 27/12/2015

grotof67” won't be feeling too bad about the money spent on festivities this year with his first place prize of €9,885 (+ €150 Ticket) as well as the 13th and 14th months' salary Winamax will be paying into his account as a bonus!

The sound of the future...

Sunday 20/12/2015

Devialet SILVER PHANTOM speakers
painparle will have the most important thing needed to create a private concert hall. In addition to the 9,140 euros for first place (+ €150 Ticket), he is know the happy owner of two Devialet SILVER PHANTOM speakers. It goes without saying that these are among the best on the market. The neighbours sure will be happy... or not.

The geometric mysteries of Nazca…

Sunday 13/12/2015

samolo69 (€9,155 + €150 Ticket) and their person of choice will be heading to Peru for a dream holiday where they will discover the local cuisine as well as the mysteries of the Nazca Lines.

Santa Claus is a gourmet…

Sunday 06/12/2015

Santa Claus
"What are we eating for Xmas this year?" This is a question that duboun no longer has to ask: in addition to the enviable 9,433 euros for first place, we'll also be sending him a gourmet food basket containing Beluga caviar, smoked salmon, Petrossian vodka, foie gras, Sauternes, Dom Pérignon...

The best restaurants in the world…

Sunday 29/11/2015

best restaurants in the world
poohmanCZ will make a lot of people jealous this week: in addition to the 9,084 euros (+ €150 Ticket) he won in the tournament, our winner will also enjoy dinner with the person of his choice at the top two restaurants in the world. We're expecting a full review!

Cruise control on the Mekong

Sunday 22/11/2015

After sealing 8,243 euros in a deal with julio0413 (2nd, €6,913), R3li took victory in the heads-up battle to win a week-long trip floating down the Mekong from Thailand to Laos. We'll be waiting for the selfie with Buddha.

Taking it easy in Malaysia

Sunday 15/11/2015

Fremy will spend a week enjoying the delights of southeast Asia when he visits the incredible Malaysia with the person of his choice. This in addition to his first place prize of €9,150 + €150 ticket.

Capoeira in Brazil

Sunday 08/11/2015

A week-long trip for two to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, in the home of capoeira. This is the top prize won by spawn-06 in addition to the 9,365 euros for his victory. Tudo bem!

Your MTT winnings doubled

Sunday 01/11/2015

bulbasaur97 is in the starting blocks for a jam-packed week of poker: however much he wins in MTTs until Sunday, Winamax will double it. His bankroll is ready to go thanks to his €8,837 first place prize.

A mountain chalet for 4

Sunday 25/10/2015

fafou1981 (€8,518 + €150 Ticket) won't need to put any money aside for his winter holiday. Our happy winner will head out for a week in the mountains at Méribel with three people of his choice. Early Christmas presents are always nice.

The Winamax Poker Tour VIP…

Sunday 18/10/2015

crackhead51 is going to need to get his suit dry-cleaned. In addition to the 9,190 euros top prize (+ €150 Ticket), his victory also earns him a VIP package to the Winamax Poker Tour 2015 including the €550 Main Event buy-in, a €1,500 buy-in to the High Roller, 6 nights in a hotel, and €500 in Cercle Clichy Montmartre chips as well as travel to the event.

Hot air balloon dinner for 4

Sunday 11/10/2015

A dinner on cloud 9: the unforgettable prize won by ‘mib02 x’ who will take three friends for a meal in a hot air balloon after shipping the Sunday Surprise this week. What better way to admire the Castel de Maintenon region where our winner and his three guests will spend the night. Also in passing, he pockets €9,037 + a €150 ticket for his efforts!

A Namibian safari

Sunday 04/10/2015

Safari, Namibie
Thanks to his win in the Sunday Surprise, 'Nicoeurniame' will discover the incredible land of Namibia with their person of choice. He also picks up 8,308 euros (+ €150 ticket) in the process.

The hero of your own story

Sunday 27/09/2015

Is fame just around the corner for 0nly4value? Thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise, he will soon be visited to a professional writer who will put to paper his very own biography! A gift with unestimatable value if, like many, he dreams of posterity. On the other hand he can also enjoy the €7,264 first place prize!

The tigers of Rajasthan

Sunday 20/09/2015

India will soon hold no secrets for ‘Pinppahommia’ (€8,365 + €150 Ticket). Let's hope he keeps his cool when faced by the majestic Bengal tigers.

The Winamax Series Red Diamond!

Sunday 13/09/2015

Diamant rouge
An enormous diamond, heavy and shining red… The Red Diamond VIP status, the poker players’ holy grail has been earned by YUM_YUM by winning the Sunday Surprise. He will now receive the complete VIP treatment associated with being a Red Diamond for an entire year on Winamax!

The WSeries for free…

Sunday 06/09/2015

Is it too much to play every Winamax Series tournament? We don’t think so and to celebrate the biggest Sunday Surprise of the year (€100,000 guaranteed), we’re paying for 2frais93 to play every event in the 13th edition of the Winamax Series, 87 chances to boost his bankroll which has already been inflated by €16,038…

Kite Surfing in the Canaries…

Sunday 30/8/2015

Kite Surfing in the Canaries
-roben- will be extending his holidays. In addition to an initiation to kite surfing in the Canaries, our winner gets the full benefit of the bumper prizepool generated by the 720 re-entries, picking up €7,880 and a ticket to the Main Event.

Gastronomy in New Orleans…

Sunday 23/8/2015

Gastronomy in New Orleans
We go there mainly for the music, but chuckdehag will find himself enjoying both the music AND gastronomy of New Orleans! A week for two in this legendary city!

A Costa Rican adventure…

Sunday 16/8/2015

Costa Rica
Porco_Rosso will soon be catching a flight to Costa Rica, for a week-long trip for two in the heart of the luxurious central American jungle. He also wins €6,956 (+€150 ticket) for his efforts!

When my team wins, I cash in!

Sunday 9/8/2015

BMars4Life demonstrated his skill in flips in the traditional Sunday tournament. In addition to the 6,956 euros in winnings and a 150-euro ticket, the resident of Jyväskylä, Finland, can now head to the stadium of the first division football club closest to his home town for an entire season, clad in the team’s official jersey. And with 50 euros to be won for each point the team earns in the league table, BMars4Life will assuredly become a steadfast supporter of KuPS Kuopio, who are currently 7th in the Finnish Premier League.

The haunted castles of Ireland…

Sunday 26th July 2015

MANSDV is the lucky winner of a a few frights. In addition to the 6,956 euros (+ €150 Ticket) that he's shipped, he'll also soon go to discover the hidden treasures of Ireland, from haunted castles to unique countrysides. Like something taken right from a movie or postcard!

Hey guys, we going to Ibiza?

Sunday 19th July 2015

royale47 should start shopping for sun-cream, board shorts and flip-flops: we'll be sending him to Ibiza with three people of his choice for a week in a private villa and the chance to visit the best clubs on the island. All this, in addition to the top prize of €6,956 (+ €150 ticket). Party on dude!

A slot machine in your home…

Sunday 12th July 2015

slot machine
yoyopokman will have a little of the Vegas experience right there in his living room. Already 6,956 euros richer (+ €150 ticket), he will also be able to put his jackpot to work with a BALLY ALPHA S9000 Diamond Devil slot machine.

Ultra HD… but curved!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

-br4tsv4- will have to make space in his living room, because in addition to the 6,532 euros earned for winning the tournament, he will also soon be the proud owner of a 3D 4K curved ultra HD 163cm television. Just what he needs to turn his house into a miniture movie theatre.

Houseboat for 4 in Amsterdam

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Double win for 'Tristan4win' who, in addition to the 6,988 euros first place prize (+ €150 Ticket), shipped a trip to Amsterdam with 3 friends to stay in a houseboat for a week in the heart of Amsterdam. Be careful not to go overboard!

The Orient Express… from Budapest to Paris

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Orient Express
Congratulations to goal0105 who won himself a trip on the luxurious and historic Orient Express, for an unforgettable journey from Budapest to Paris. He also takes home the first place prize of €7,010. Life is good, isn’t it?

The WPO Dublin for the final table

Sunday, June 14, 2015

WPO Dublin
It was a good night for depositmaker who wins, in addition to the €8,423 for first place, his €550 entry ticket to the Main Event of the Winamax Poker Open in Dublin which takes place from the 24th to the 27th September. A prize which has also been awarded to the other eight final tableists. See you at the Regency Hotel!

The Summer Shots… at Pointe-à-Pitre !

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Merci-monami must be happy and can thank the thousands of players who took part in the tournament without winning it! A pretty packet of €8,145 and a week-long, all-expense paid trip to Guadeloupe to taste the local Summer Shots… a great summer on the horizon!

Luxury, calm and delight… in Bali

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Double the luck with SwissOdds, which is offering the winner and their companion a trip of nine days and seven nights to the Indonesian island of Bali, along with the generous cash prize of €7,426. We hope that you will think of us during your massage session or while having dinner at the restaurant that boasts the most beautiful view in the world!

The Black Bears of Canada

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Black Bears of Canada
It’s a perfect holdup forionutnuts (€7,143) who, on top of those wonderful winnings, will enjoy a fantastic trip to explore the flora and fauna of eastern Canada. Send us some pics of yourself with a black bear!

€100,000 for the Paris Marathon

Sunday, May 17, 2015

the Paris Marathon
Not turned off by the idea of running the Paris marathon 2016, 'des2665' takes first place in the tournament after making a deal with 'fidgi33' (€6,000) and 'YaPaDafront' (€4,461). He now has exactly 322 days to train with the hopes of picking up that €100,000 bonus.

EuropaPark for 4 people!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

In addition to €7,864 (+ €150 Ticket), 'Jean peuplu' will also, thanks to his Sunday Surprise victory, take three friends to Europa Park! We'll be waiting for the selfie from the top of the Silverstar!

Your taxes refunded for 5 years!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

taxes refunded
No tax to pay for five years. Not a bad prize for 'Javi694', winner of the tournament, in addition to the first place prize of €6,908 after making a deal with 'peledazmogis' (€7,100). A welcome way to start the month!

The Maharajas hot air balloon

Sunday, April 26, 2015

This week's lucky devil is called 'CocoBongo67'! After winning a heads-up battle againstMathieu 'sowclet' Philbert, Winamax Poker Tour 2013 winner, he picks up €7,753 and an amazing trip to the 'Land of Great Kings' in India.

The Mayans of Mexico

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mayans of Mexico
Well played Stupid_Jimmy who, in addition to the €7,267 first place prize, wins a nine day journey through the ancient land of the Mayans, in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.

The SISMIX for the final table!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Congratulations to sheyann, soumillon57, mars1888, JeanMichClic, swedishstyle, ATnutSf_R, flushtitof85, Dr Boum and WouaaLLay who all win their buy-in to the Winamax SISMIX in Marrakeck thanks to reaching the final table in the Sunday Surprise special!

Winamax Series VIP

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Winamax Series
Tran_Nguyen wins the first Sunday Surprise of the Winamax Series 12. He is therefore invited to play every event of this edition for free! Definitely the best way to try and win your part of the €5.5 million guaranteed!

U2 at Madison Square Garden !

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Madison Square Garden
Three-in-one for the latest winner of the Sunday Surprise, Meryllou, who wins €8,132 as well as a trip to New York where she will also attend a U2 concert in the legendary Madison Square Garden. We’ll be waiting for the selfie!

Sunday Surprise bounty hunter

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Sunday Surprise will become a hunting ground for point-break, winner of this week’s tournament, who will be invited to the next 52 editions of the tournament. He’ll receive a €50 bounty for every player he eliminates in these tournaments. We advise you not to cross his path!

Japan, from Sake to Whiskey

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sake and Whiskey for Iustino! The winner of the Sunday Surprise has won a trip to Kyoto for a week where he’ll have the chance to visit the distilleries of the best alcoholic drinks in Japan.

California, Los Angeles and Hollywood…

Sunday, March 08, 2015

California, Los Angeles and Hollywood
It’s lenerf who ships the tournament, and with his victory he wins a trip to California with the person of his choice. On the cards: an insight into the life of the a star with visits to Los Angeles, Hollywood, Melrose Place and a tour of the Universal and Warner studios!

Forging a Red Diamond

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Forging a Red Diamond
Denzel64 joins the elite for one year. With victory in the tournament, he picks up €9,658 and the Red Diamond VIP status, the biggest reward on Winamax and all benefits that come with it…

Wake your inner rock-god…

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Michlemich is going to make lots of new friends. By shipping the tournament, he wins a legendary Fender Eric Clapton electric guitar and amplifier… He also takes home €8,526 with which he can buy a few drinks for his soon to be unhappy neighbours!

2015: mission zero gravity

Sunday, February 15, 2015

mission zero gravity
Being.ShAArk lives up to his name, devouring the competition and finishing ahead of the 6,000 runners to ship the tournament and pocket the top prize of €9,117 and a zero gravity flight in the USA!

Free-falling at Mont-Blanc

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Here's hoping that LaDanT77 is a fan of intense sensations: the winner of the Sunday Surprise has picked up a trip to Avoriaz where he'll parachute over Mont Blanc and also hit the ski slopes! What better way to increase the smile of a player who just pocketed €8,844 for his victory?

VIP at the WiPT!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Le_Monocle, what poker player doesn’t dream of being treated like a prince at the Final of the Winamax Poker Tour. On the program, an invitation to the Main Event with €500,000 guaranteed, plus invitations to the High-Roller and a €200 side-event. All this goes to this week’s winner who also goes home with a bankroll boosted by €9,536…

A monster laptop…

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A war machine. This is the description best fitting the power held within the laptop computer won Jerus07 in the Sunday Surprise. We shouldn’t forget the €9,088 first place prize that, at the very least, will buy him a desk!

The orcas of Victoria…

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Big black and white creatures that eat everything in the water… what else but killer whales? Western Canada is the destination of ObliezPas, where, he will meet these gargantuan beasts during his week-long trip. He also pockets the top prize of €8,815 for his victory!

Finale table invitation

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Winamax Series always goes big with the second Sunday Surprise of the Series by inviting every player at the final table to join us in Paris for the Winamax Poker Tour Finale which takes place at the Cercle Clichy Montmartre!

Every WSeries XI tournament

Sunday, January 4, 2015

D33p is invited to every tournament of the Winamax Series XI after winning the Sunday Surprise! If we also add in the huge €11,496 for his victory it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the week has begun very well indeed!

13th and 14th month salary

Sunday, December 28, 2014

It’s the end of the year, the time when we look to our bosses for gifts… those who have cool bosses anyway! The Sunday Surprise plays the part of a very cool boss, giving the winner a bonus of double his salary for December. In addition to this, lavietBelle ships €8,966 for first place.

Mountain chalet for 4

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter, the mountains, the snow and a chalet all expenses paid… all goes to tinlu61! By shipping the tournament this week, he pockets €8,626 and a chalet for 4 people in the mountains with ski equipment rental for the group for the entire week!

The Forbidden City to the Shaolin Temple…

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

SEBOFNORREY is going to journey to the other side of the world: thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise, he will go on a voyage of discovery to see first-hand the wonders of China.

A week of golf in Portugal

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

A week of golf in Portugal
flopmeluck is trading one green playing surface for another! With his victory in the Sunday Surprise, he's going to spend a week with the person of his choice in Portugal, in a five star hotel, where he'll spend his days golfing and being massaged. Relaxation guaranteed!

A luxury car for a month…

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A luxury car for a month…
Fifou13 and Iamethod13, both from Marseille, battled it out heads-up for the top prize of €9,041 and the bonus prize. In the end Fifou had the last word and with it, the keys to a luxury car so that he can cruise in style for an entire month!

Thai New Year…

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thai New Year…
2015 is going to be a good year for g rio33. The Sunday Surprise winner will celebrate New Year's... in Thailand! Rather exotic, especially as it takes place in April! On the program for g rio33 and the person of his choice: a luxury hotel with an ocean view, relaxing massages and unforgettable celebrations.

Tuscan gastronomy

Sunday, November 16, 2014

If we take their word for it, the Italians have the best cuisine in the world. We’re sending I A RIEN LA to find the truth of the matter, for a culinary road trip through Tuscany. On the menu, a luxury restaurant in Florence followed by the 5 star hotel-restaurant of Alain Ducasse, still in Tuscany, where he will eat like a king on the local dishes. Oh yes, and better not forget the €9,362 first place prize.

Dominican Republic for 4

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dominican Republic
There’s a good week on the horizon for izistaff and his three friends when they jet out to the Dominican Republic for seven nights in a duplex. Keeping warm in winter is even better when it doesn’t require central heating! In addition to this he also goes home with the not-insignificant prize of €9,052… useful if he wants to buy a few mojitos on the beach!

Arizona Cowboy

Sunday, October 26, 2014

belleck94 needs to prepare because in addition to imposing his law on the Sunday Surprise, he will become a real cowboy of the Wild West spending a week on an Arizona ranch to learn the basics of the life of the men in Stetsons, on horseback of course! On the program, treks across the desert with its gigantic cacti, rodeos, and nights around the campfire… and compensation of €7,898 for his first place finish.

Feet in the waters of Zanzibar

Sunday, October 09, 2014

K-Oslott-K must be very happy. Not only has he pocketed €9,158, but he is also flying out to Zanzibar with the person of his choice! Their mission, which they should accept without hesitation, is to do nothing, absolutely nothing, and to marvel at the sky, sun and sea, all three of which are truly extraordinary in this part of the world…

The Niagara Falls…

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Niagara Falls

Is Chewbaccakes a fan of Star Wars and baked goodies? Maybe. What is certain is that he won the Sunday Surprise picking up the €8,360 top prize. Our winner also earns an eight day trip to Canada where he will (among other things) visit the legendary Niagara Falls and then head to Toronto to test out one of the fastest rollercoasters in the world

Top of the Pok invitation

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Top of the Pok invitation

JadooOOoore will test himself against Team Pros (Gaëlle Baumann/Manuel Bevand/Ludovic Lacay), WIPs (Laurent Baffie/Moundir/Philippe Candeloro) and two other Winamax qualifiers at the high stakes Top Of The Pok cash game table on 5/10/2014. He will be given a buy-in of €2,000 which may only be used at this table. He also receives a €1,000 Grand Tournament ticket and an invitation to the Winamax Poker Tour Finale! Oh, and he’s sure to be happy with his €8,204 first place prize too!


Sunday, September 21, 2014


The dream week of all lovers of American sports has been won by raidalot! On the program, a basketball match: New York Knicks VS Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden followed by an American Football match at the MetLife Stadium featuring the New York Giants VS Indianapolis Colts, ending with an ice hockey match between the New York Rangers and the Winnipeg Jets! N’oublions pas qu’il remporte 8 713€ pour sa victoire.

Million Event pronostic

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Million Event pronostic

To celebrate the Million Event of the Winamax Series X and its humongous €1,000,000 guarantee, the Sunday Surprise asked the winner Anouk44 to guess the number of registrations, with €50,000 in cash if she forecast the exact number. In the end she earned €1,000 for her guess of 7,932 registrations to the tournament. To console her, the €13,258 top prize she picked up for her victory should do just nicely.

Winamax Series invitation

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Winamax Series invitation

cacou1234 is one lucky boy, winning the biggest prize of the year in the Sunday Surprise: €16,082 plus an invitation to every tournament of the Winamax Series X with €6,000,000 in guaranteed prizes! Not a bad way to start the week.

The Komodo dragons of Bali

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Komodo dragons of Bali

Winning the Sunday Surprise, it’s balla. This week, it’s Bali for Nolimit357 who will spend a week there with the person of his choice. During the trip they will come face-to-face with the real life dragons found on Komodo Island! Let’s not forget that in addition to the Surprise, he also pockets €8,527 for his efforts.

The Tequila Express in Mexico

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Tequila Express in Mexico

FullOFlop is our winner of the Sunday Surprise and he picks up a trip for two to Maxico where, among other things, they will ride the Tequila Express – a train in which you don’t drink water! He’ll also have the chance to buy a few bottles of Jose Cuervo with his €7,963 first prize!

The WPO as a VIP

Sunday, August 17, 2014

WPO Winamax Poker Open

khazixjungle now has the chance to show off his poker skills in real life: his victory in the Sunday Surprise this week earns him a VIP invitation to the Winamax Poker Open in Dublin. He and the person of his choice will be flown to Dublin for six days in the Irish capital, staying at the Regency Hotel and have the opportunity to play in the majority of the tournaments at the festival! Not forgetting his €7,718 cash prize.

Football in the net, cash in your pocket

Sunday, August 10, 2014

football l1

Is the local football team of tonyegc a good one? We certainly hope so as his victory in the Sunday Surprise means he will earn €50 for every point they earn in the domestic league season 14/15! This in addition to his first place prize of €7,840!

Awaken the god of the seas…

Sunday, August 03, 2014

god of the seas

A week on the Isle of the Reunion. This is the prize that lucky Duc danh won in addition to the €7,621 in cash for first place: well-earned after more than seven long hours of play! Our champion and the person of his choice will discover the joys of Flyboarding, the latest craze to hit the seas where you soar above the waves like a modern-day Poseidon!

A connoisseur’s wine cellar…

Sunday, July 27, 2014

wine cellar

MarrkoG will be able to impress his guests, where the ONLY drink on the menu is very fine wine. He has won 50 bottles of excellent French wine; from Bourgogne to Côtes du Rhône as well as whites, rosés and champagne… enough for an entire year of weekly dinner parties! To ensure that his collection stays fresh, we’re also throwing in an electric storage unit in which he can also stash his €6,652 first place prize!

Ibiza, best enjoyed with friends...

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I don’t think Nack will disagree. After a victorious performance in this week’s Sunday Surprise, he wins a dream trip to Ibiza with a boat cruise and club entries for him and three of his friends! He also takes home the first place prize of €5,484 for his efforts, which while huge, is still a little smaller than usual as the last four players decided to make a deal, all picking up roughly the same amount!

Trout fishing in Finland…

Sunday, July 13, 2014


“Laboussole00” managed to stay on track throughout in order to win the week-long trip to Finland where he will learn how to fish in the magnificent waterways and lakes where the landscape is sure to inspire. He will also be delighted to see his bankroll swell with the €7,160 first place prize!

The magical kingdom in Florida…

Sunday, July 06, 2014


Congratulations to Englishman “ben497” who will hop across the pond to Florida, where he will spend a week at Disney World with the person of his choice! In addition to this fantasic prize, he also won €7,419 for his superb performance… nice!

Fire up the barbie in Buenos Aires…

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Shots

There isn’t a better place to eat steak than in Argentina. As always, the Sunday Surprise wants to give you the best, and this time Sebleviet was sent to Buenos Aires to feast on the joys of Argentina for a week in Gaucho country! He also won the first place prize of €7,075 for his troubles which should allow him to buy some mayonnaise.

Beer Spa for 4 in Prague

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Shots

There certain cities that we would all love to visit with our mates and - FiiFtY – will be doing just that! He and three friends will fly out to Prague for a week to discover among other things, the Beer Spa: a spa which as its name suggests, invites its customers to take a bath in beer… and enjoying a few pints of the stuff too! Of course they will spend the week in a 5 star palace right in the heart of the capital… not bad! Oh, and on a side note, he also wins €7,106 for his victory.

Special 200th Sunday Surprise

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Shots

For the 200th edition of the Sunday Surprise, the community was called on to vote for their favourite prize among the last 100 offered. It was almost no surprise that “VIP Red Diamond status” was chosen with 432 votes ahead of the 394 votes for an invitation to two WSOP tournaments. Walking away with the prize was Czech player Ra1sedOnce who also pocketed €7,160 for first place!

The WPO Dublin for the final table

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Summer Shots

Congratulations to our 9 final tableists who all leave with, in addition to their cash prize, an entry to the Winamax Poker Open in Dublin this September 2014! Here is the list of our happy winners: Portomaso, gigiculo, zeref_you14, fAirpayl, Tonykoooll, el_djemba, Samow, igordozgor79, aieaieaie52

Enjoy the Summer Shots for free

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Summer Shots

I know someone who’s going to get merry on shots: dpsbilbao, winner of the first of our ‘Surprise’ tournaments, who in addition to the top prize of €9,229, is also invited to play all 64 tournaments of the second ever Summer Shots for free. Don’t worry, we have painkillers for the hangover!

True football passion in Brazil

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brazil football

It was by telephone that macflydu62 learned that he was heading to Brazil! He was happy enough to win the Sunday Surprise without worrying about the surprise. This changes nothing, he will nevertheless be attending the group stage match between France and Switzerland at the biggest football competition in the world in Brazil, of course with the person of his choice! This in addition to the pretty packet of €8,287 he won in passing…

The glasses of the future

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Here is a player with the right table name: gains16 finished as winner of this week’s tournament with gains of €8,790 in addition to a pair of the highly anticipated spectacles made by Google… Only time will tell if the they will help him to read his opponents hands…

Roll into Rome for the Rolling Stones...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Roll into Rome for the Rolling Stones...

nilcorp must carry a lucky rabbit’s foot. In addition to winning the Sunday Surprise, he has also won VIP tickets to see the Rolling Stones, at the mythical Circus Maximus in Rome. Try not to make your friends too jealous!

Take your place at the Winamax High Stakes game...

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Take your place at the Winamax High Stakes game...

A €2,000 buy-in to a high stakes cash game, facing off against 3 Team Pros, 2 WIPs and 3 other qualifiers. This is the gift awarded to Insecateur23 who after winning the Sunday Surprise also finds himself €8,955 richer!

The penguins of Chile

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The penguins of Chile

Dutchman OMFGHSDB is setting a course for Chile and more precisely, the island of the penguins, Chiloe… With his €8,728 in the bank, he and the person of his choice will go and spend a week on the other side of the world!

The pinnacle of European football

Sunday, April 24, 2014

The pinnacle of European football

By imposing himself of the Sunday Surprise, KuaZard is the lucky devil who will head to Lisbon to attend (as a VIP) one of the biggest sporting events of the year: the final of the football European Cup! Not only that, he also pockets the first place prize of €8,790!

The Winamax SISMIX for the final table

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Winamax SISMIX

Just like last time, the first Surprise Event of the WSeries maxed out at 10,000 players! With such a huge field, christo76440 turned his buy-in of €10 into €14,644! His victory also allowed him to freeroll every event of the Winamax Series IX!

Carte blanche in the WSeries

Sunday, April 06, 2014


This time all that was needed to earn the Surprise was to reach the final table... much simpler than winning don’t you think? That’s right, all 9 players at the final table won a buy-in to the SISMIX Main Event taking place from the 21st to the 25th May in Marrakech. Congratulations to our lucky nine, particularly Vrai du Faux who finished a Winamax Series Champion, winning the first place prize of €11,874!

Windsurfing in Mykonos

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Here is a man who has got it together! TuckTornado won it all in the Sunday Surprise, pocketing €8,106 as well as a week in Mykonos where he will learn to windsurf in the Greek sun!

Sunday Surprise Bounty Hunter

Sunday, March 23, 2014


For the next 52 weeks, conichonAAA will assume the role of the Sunday Surprise Bounty Hunter! In addition to his original win of €9,000, he will also earn €50 for every player he eliminates in the next 52 Sunday Surprise tournaments!

A catamaran in Mauritius

Sunday, March 16, 2014


We see an impressive sun tan in the future of alecs171 who will go on a ten day trip to Mauritius with the person of his choice! His victory in the Sunday Surprise also boosts his bank account with €9,014. Oh happy days!

The Panama centennial

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Set a course for America, or rather, the centre America. The winner of this week’s Sunday Surprise, jamba007 has won a trip to Panama as we celebrate 100 years since it was constructed! He also earns the lovely €8,438 first place prize after making a deal when heads-up!

UFC in Las Vegas

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Azralex will have the unique opportunity to see close-up a UFC match involving some of the bravest (craziest) fighters in the world! In addition to seats so close he might catch some flying teeth, he also picks up the not-too-shabby first place prize of €8,750!

Movie theatre in your home

Sunday, February 023, 2014

InUranus will have stars in his eyes after winning this week’s Sunday Surprise! In addition to €9,006 for first place, he also wins a state of the art home cinema system including video-projector, screen, Blu-Ray player and surround-sound. All that remains is to invite the friends round!

Paragliding in Peru

Sunday, February 12, 2014

It’s a 10 day trip to Peru for xion085 and the person of his choice, where he will get an aerial discovery of Lima while paragliding! To top it all off, the winner of the Sunday Surprise also pockets €8,651 after making a deal with second placed Achhhete.

The Barcelona Grand Prix

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Grand Prix

AIRBUSCALL is going to experience some intense sensations! As well as pocketing €9,960, the winner of this Sunday Surprise has won a trip to Barcelona to enjoy the Formula 1 Grand Prix as a VIP and test out the fastest roller-coaster in Europe at Port Aventura... hold onto your hats!

Hot cocoa in Caracas

Sunday, February 02, 2014


Here’s hoping Fannybluff83 likes chocolate... because after showing her dominance in the Sunday Surprise, she has won, in addition to the first place prize of €9,333, a week-long trip to Venezuela where she visit among other things chocolate plantations. Watch out for indigestion!

South African vineyard adventure…

Sunday, January 19, 2014

South African vineyard

A trip to the magnificent Cape Town region in South Africa, sampling the local vintages and visiting the Cape of Good Hope… what more could you want? It is JMS834 who will return to us a veritable connoisseur after winning the Sunday Surprise!

The Winamax Poker Tour Final…

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winamax Poker Tour

MrPhussy, Sunday Surprise champion and winner of €14,614, will be joined by the entire final table for the Winamax Poker Tour Final in Paris where they will play in the €500,000 guaranteed tournament!

VIP pass to the Winamax Series VIII

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winamax Series

It’s an access all areas pass to the Winamax Series VIII for the winner of the biggest Sunday Surprise ever (10,000 players). As well as the whopping €14,644 top prize, louftenza is invited to play every tournament of the massive week of tournaments taking place on Winamax.

A 13th and 14th months wages…

Sunday, December 29, 2013


CallMe demands respect with a well-earned win in the Sunday Surprise. To properly celebrate the end of the year, Winamax will pay him double his monthly salary or minimum wage if he is out of work. Two extra months wages and €10,081 for first place… 2014 should be a great year!

Mountain chalet for 5

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mountain chalet

om1362 is going to suddenly have a lot of friends after his win in the Sunday Surprise. In addition to the first place prize of €9,720 he will choose four friends to take on a week-long ski trip in Menuires, France.

Reheat in Laos

Sunday, December 15, 2013


m4rss will say goodbye to the cold when he journeys to the exotic Laos, where he will enjoy the sun, local cuisine, discover the Khouang Si Falls and to top it off take a ride on an elephant. Not bad, eh? Ah, not to mention that he pockets the modest sum of €9,362 for first place… NOT BAD, EH?

Give a hand at the handball

Sunday, December 8, 2013


ben0it60 will become a Handball super-fan at the European championships in Denmark! Our Sunday Surprise winner is heading out to Copenhagen with the person of his choice to witness two of the group stage matches involving one of the best teams in the world: France. This in addition to the €9,379 bankroll boost that his victory gives him!

Villa in the middle of the ocean...

Sunday, December 1st, 2013


After winning the Sunday Surprise, seb12c65 pockets €9,656 and a trip to paradise! On the agenda for him and the person of his choice: one week off the coast of Zanzibar where they will enjoy total relaxation as well as a night spent in a sea villa with a bedroom completely submerged in the Indian Ocean!

World Series Of… Beer Pong!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The classiest man in the world

vince 2 3 has just over four weeks to prepare for one of the most original competitions around: the World Series of Beer Pong. With the person of his choice, he will fly to Las Vegas and compete against over 1,000 participants for a prize of up to $50,000. As the tournament starts on January 1st, our winner will also have the pleasure of bringing in the new year in style on the Las Vegas strip! As a side-note, he also earns €9,337 for his troubles!

The classiest man in the world…

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The classiest man in the world

O---16R---O was a giant amongst men in the Sunday Surprise! His victory inflates his bank balance by almost ten thousand euros and his wardrobe with a custom three-piece suit prepared at the Torcello tailors in Paris!

Mythical Jukebox

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Jackouille1 is the lucky scoundrel who takes home the mythical Wurlitzer Manhattan Jukebox, perfect for rocking like it’s 1960 in your living room. Not only that, but he also pockets the first place prize of €8,593 for his victory in Sunday Surprise!

Tennis lesson with J. Benneteau

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Julien Benneteau

Tennis fans have every reason to be jealous of xxxladidxxx who, thanks to a Sunday Surprise victory, will have a lesson and lunch with top tennis pro Julien Benneteau as well as two tickets to an ATP event of his choice. Not forgetting the immodest first place prize of €7,975!

The marvels of Colombia

Sunday, October 27, 2013.


I know someone who needs to buy a new swimming costume… it’s of course the happy step719, winner of the Sunday Surprise who in addition to €8,002, has earned a week-long trip to Colombia where he will experience, among many other marvels, the crystal clear waters of the Santa Marta beaches!

The Winamax Poker Tour Killer...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

the Winamax Poker Tour

ioh1988 needs to brush up on his sniper skill to make the most out of becoming the new Winamax Poker Tour Killer! He is invited to every event of the largest amateur poker competition in France and will earn €100 for EVERY player he eliminates. This in addition to the €9,195 first place prize!

Put the ‘ace’ in race…

Sunday, October 13, 2013


jeanjo76 showed the required talent to emerge victorious in a field of 6060 players and be the lucky winner of not only €9,436 for first place, but also two places at the start of the Dakar 2014 in Argentina! An incredible opportunity to experience first-hand one of the most spectacular sporting events of the year!

Let there be light…

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Que la lumière soit

Unlock the power of creation. This is the simple thing we offered to rushhour13 who, after winning the Sunday Surprise this week, goes home with the €8,729 first prize and a 3D printer. Let out your creative side!

Dog training in the Great White North

Sunday, September 29, 2013

chiens de traineau

Discover the Great White North, try your hand at dog training and experience life as a Canadian lumberjack for an entire week… this is what we have in store for alex257000, winner of the Sunday Surprise. Let’s hope he uses some of the €8,935 first place prize to buy some warm socks and gloves!

Support Sylvain Loosli in Las Vegas

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sylvain Loosli

Sylvain Loosli, the latest recruit of Team Winamax will play the final table of the Main Event of the world championships of poker. To help give him the best support possible, the 9 finalists of this week’s Sunday Surprise will fly out to Las Vegas and be rail birds for the next world champion of poker… we hope!

A red diamond

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Congratulations to neuville25WI who is the champion of this week’s Sunday Surprise and pockets a huge €13,147 in addition to Red Diamond status for an entire year! The ultimate Winamax VIP status gives him amongst other things, access to every Winamax live tournament in addition to the VIP Red Diamond freerolls with €20,000 up for grabs each month. Let’s not forget that he will also earn Miles at six times the usual rate!

Winamax Series guest of honour

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Winamax Series

zakoucrokan won one of the biggest ever Sunday Surprise tournaments with just under 10,000 players! His reward: €14,178 and an invitation to every tournament of the Winamax Series VII.

In the footsteps of Indiana Jones

Sunday, September 1rt, 2013


It was Boyboy2g who got the job done, defeating over 5000 players in a tough six hour battle. He wins €8,821 in addition to a quest to Jordan’s Valley of the Moon! He will explore the temple of Petra, the same place where Indiana Jones discovered the Holy Grail... in Hollywood of course!

Beach buggy bonanza

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


With the summer holidays only just a memory, laprentix is already dreaming of his next trip... which arrives in just a few months when he will jet out to Punta Cana thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise! Not only that, he will have plenty of spending money due to the €7,738 first place prize.

Football in the net, cash in your pocket!

Sunday, August 18th, 2013


AAvs72 went into extra-time and won this week’s Sunday Surprise. In addition to the first place prize of €7,254, he receives a season ticket for the 2013/2014 league championship and the official shirt of his favourite football club. Not only that, he also pockets €50 for every point his team accumulates in the domestic league! Hopefully he supports the red half of Manchester rather than Stoke…

The white waters of South America

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

The white waters of South America

After serious negotiation, a six-way deal was struck leaving just the Surprise left to play for. woody all in showed the required determination and wins a week in paradise, experiencing the delights of the tropical rainforest of Argentina and Brazil as well as a heart-stopping helicopter ride over the Iguazu Falls!

Do you speak tarsier?

Sunday, August 8th, 2013


Even though the two heads-up duelists were able to make a deal, only one of either BenoDeLaTour or esfandiari84 could be champion. It was BenoDeLaTour who triumphed, winning a week-long trip to the Philippines; hotel on the beach, swimming with dolphins, massages, swimming pool, kayaking… you get the picture!

Big game in the Big Apple

Sunday, July 27, 2013

Big Apple

It is KuaZard who will be breaking out the polo shirt and shorts after his win in this week’s Sunday Surprise. In addition to the tidy sum of €8,884 for first place, he will also be flying off to New York this September for the men’s quarter finals of the US Open at the historic Flushing Meadows arena!

From Singapore to Kuala-Lumpur

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Mikunder92 will embark on a journey of discovery to the ultra-modern Kuala-Lumpur and Singapour, experiencing the drastic differences between Asian tradition and capitalism! A week of culture for two people, not forgetting the first place prize of €7,951!

The WPO for everyone...

Sunday, July 07, 2013


Congratulations Lou rifua who won the second Sunday Surprise of the Winamax Summer Shots and earned a pretty pay-packet of €8,790! In a break from the norm, our winner plus all 8 of the other finalists are rewarded, each receiving a seat at the Winamax Poker Open in Dublin. Dimi Stinson - come26 - DOMECO - Returns2007 - amz30 - prazzzit - Artemis1 – DegenDon, we will see you there!

Summer Shots Guadeloupe

Sunday, June 230, 2013

Summer Shots Guadeloupe

The first Sunday Surprise of the Winamax Summer Shots has ended in victory for Sesbik888. In addition to €10,444, our winner will be sent to Guadeloupe to get a taste of everything (or close enough) that the island has to offer!

Beware of the ring-tailed lemurs…

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beware of the ring-tailed lemurs…

Horse rides down the beach, deep-sea fishing, sacred trees, 4X4ing it through the jungle… this is the itinerary of WinamAAxxx, who will be traveling to Madagascar after finishing first place in the Sunday Surprise. Beyond this exceptional trip, our winner pocketed the healthy sum of €8,897!

Your MTT winnings doubled

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Your M T T winnings doubled

MTT aficionados entered the ring last Sunday with the objective of doubling their MTT winnings for one whole week. After many gruelling levels, Stanley0675 proved his worth, taking home €8,790 in cash. We will certainly be seeing him at the MTT tables this week!

Take pole position

Sunday, June 6, 2013

Take pole position

Only a FOOOOOOOOOOL would be crazy enough to win this week’s Sunday Surprise! Thankfully his first place prize of €9,335 should help calm the nerves before taking to the Magny-Cours racing track to drive a Formula 1 car. Put the pedal to the metal!

Borneo’s Orangutans

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Borneo’s Orangutans

Oviduzz will get to try out his poker face on the other side of the world, in Borneo, where he will also have the chance to hang-out with some friendly orangutans. This will give him a nice bit of breathing room especially considering his €8,729 win!

Don’t fear the taxman!

May 26th, 2013

Don’t fear the taxman!

bil9 had a great Sunday. In addition to winning €7,777 (no joke!) he will also have his taxes reimbursed for the next five years!

Freewheeling in Nicaragua

May 19th, 2013


lindemix26 banked a neat sum of €8,907 with his first place finish in the Sunday Surprise. On top of that, he will take a magnificent trip to Nicaragua where he will have the chance to visit the volcanic island of Ometepe after having visited the country’s most beautiful sites by car!

European Cup Final

May 12th, 2013

European Cup Final

Huynhamax33 is heading to London to experience first hand the incredible atmosphere of the European Cup Final at the legendary Wembley Stadium. In addition to this VIP trip, there is the no small matter of €8,795 for first place in the Sunday Surprise!

Experience zero gravity

May 5, 2013


popomasta38 won 9 353€ and a trip for 2 in Venice.

Experience zero gravity

April 28, 2013


baudelo is the lucky winner of the Sunday Surprise after negotiating a deal with his adversary, Fristoc69. He will be travelling to Cap Canaveral, Floradia with a person of his choice, where he will experience zero gravity in a weightless plane.

A villa for 4 in Sicily

April 21, 2013


There are times when a simple holiday is all you need. There are also times when it is not enough, and so we are sending ciao.pantin and three friends to Sicily for a week to stay in a beautiful villa. His victory in the Sunday Surprise also gives him the non-too shabby sum of €9,290!

The World Championships of Poker

April 14, 2013

The World Championships of Poker

It always takes a great performance to defeat 8,580 opponents, and that is just what Quentin Lecomte put in last night. After making a deal with his three last adversaries, the Wam-Poker regular picks up a trip to Las Vegas and entry to two WSOP events. All this offered by Winamax in addition to the €11,250 first place prize! Although, he is going to have to wait a while before making his pilgrimage to the Promised Land as 2balla2lose isn’t yet 21 (US legal age of majority)!

Golden ticket to the Winamax Series

April 07, 2013

winamax series

A historic week for the Sunday Surprise as the "cap” of 10,000 registrations was reached for the first time. It is taipgera who then impressed us all, making a deal with LA_GANACHE, after dominating the final table. He is therefore invited to play every Event of the Winamax Series VI for free!

Macchu Piccu

March 31, 2013

Macchu Piccu

The eternal city, lost among the clouds and literally resting between two mountain peaks, Macchu Picchu is the destination for Nikal, winner of the Sunday Surprise. He will live an unforgettable experience with the person of his choice at this mythic site. And by the way, he also won the tidy sum of €9,951!

Bounty Hunter

March 24, 2013

Bounty Hunter

Put your hands together for KeEpCallInG, the new, official “Bounty Hunter” for the Winamax Sunday Surprise for the next year! Our winner is invited to play in each Sunday Surprise until March 2014. For each player he eliminates during a Sunday Surprise, he will receive an additional €50 bounty! Last year’s Bounty Hunter accumulated a total of €3,950 throughout the year. Let’s hope that this year’s hunter will top that.

Clicking at the speed of light

March 17, 2013


Crazyroc pockets €7,932 after negotiating a deal with three other players before going on to win the Surprise. In addition to the cash, he has earned a state of the art gaming machine. With all the latest components, two of the most powerful graphics cards around, two 24” HD monitors, keyboard and a top of the range hi-tech head-set. Everyones dream come true, no more lengthy loading screens!

Tornado hunter

March 10, 2013


antho260 showed his courage defeating 6,744 players, and he will need to stay brave when he heads to Tornado Alley in the USA on a week-long storm chasing trip. Following a team of specialists, he will be hunting the twisting meteorological phenomenon! Of course, he will be given confidence by his €10,379 first place prize.

Expedition “Haroun Tazieff” to Krakatoa

March 03, 2013 toto


smiths2000 is going to be a true extreme explorer thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise. He wins a 10 day trip to Indonesia, where he will be surrounded by fire spewing volcanoes. Still active and full of fire, Krakatoa will surely be an extraordinary thing to see as it was this mountain where the largest recorded eruption took place in 1883 (more than 10% of the Earth’s population heard the explosion). Of course, the first place prize of €10,506 is no small thing either!

The great white sharks of Cape Town

February 24, 2013


A ten day trip to Cape Town (South Africa) highlighted by the thrilling terror of diving in a cage surrounded by great white sharks! This holiday goes to the brave pistache47, winner of this week’s Sunday Surprise fighting off more than 6000 players. As a bonus: a first prize of €9,461!

Winamax Poker Tour Final

February 17, 2013

Winamax poker tour

pec21 excelled in his play and took home the hefty sum of €10,592 along with his VIP pass for the final of the Winamax Poker Tour! Not only that, our winner is invited to the WiPT Highroller tournament with a €2000 buy-in. His guest will also have the chance to play in one of the Tour’s excellent side events. The lucky duo will be put up in a hotel in the city of lights and will enjoy a VIP evening with a cold bottle of bubbly. pec21 should definitely be in shape to play some serious poker.

Samba in Rio

February 10, 2013


MAS4EVER will soon be dancing the Samba in Brazil and watching a match of the beautiful sport of football during the Brazilian championships. He won a trip for two for 9 days in Rio de Janeiro on top of his tournament winnings… TUDO BEM!

A thoroughbred in the stables

February 3, 2013

Racing horse

For one year ocean71 is going to be fixed to the racing channel. After winning the Sunday Surprise he is now the proud owner of 10% of a racing horse and of course, 10% of any race winnings. All this in addition to the €10,695 first prize!

Horse dancing in Seoul

January 27, 2013

Horse dancing in Seoul

In addition to a massive prize of more than €10,000, torriti won a truly original prize. One week spent in Gangnam, the mythical quarter of Seoul which is best known for the most viewed video in the history of the internet! As a bonus, if he films himself doing the horse dance whilst there, he will earn a bonus of €500!

The wonders of China

December 23, 2012

The wonders of China

It may seem almost impossible to defeat 6149 other players while playing for over 6 hours, but that is exactly what this week's winner achieved! LEMBUSCADE16 not only won €9540 in prize money, but also the chance to discover the wonders of China, it's culinary delights, people and places!

Your wages multiplied by 3

December 16, 2012

Your wages multiplied by 3

norki22 will end the year with a thirteenth and a forteenth month! We are sure that there was a huge smile on his face when he recieved his check, on top of winning €9660 in his victory against 6226 other players!

White nights in St Petersbourg

December 9, 2012.

Saint Petersbourg

M.Anttonen as his table name indicates, is a Norwegian player who just won a trip to Saint Petersbourg! Lack of skin or boon, this lucky player lives just accross the sea from the former Russain capital. Lest we forget, he also won a tidy sum of €10,178 at the same time

A catamaran trip in the Caribbean



rapahel_69 won this Sunday Surprise and in addition to €10,226 he will be heading off to the Caribbean with the person of his choice for a fantastic catamaran trip!

New Years in Amsterdam



It was Antoshhh who won the magnificent trip to Amsterdam to celebrate New Years in style!

Fondue and hot chocolate


Chalet for 5

Elnino006 headed off for some fondue and hot chocolate after winning a chalet trip for 5!




Congratulations to mamad73 who fought off the opposition to win €9,772 as well as the babyfoot table football... he now just needs to figure out where he will put it...

Wonders of the Yucatan


Wonders of the Yucatan

Armed with a katana and shurikens, nineja eliminated 6294 other players in the Sunday Surprise. Our dark warrier wone €9765 topped-off with one week in a private hacienda in the Yucatan.

One month of Revolution



By defeating over 6000 adversaries during the Sunday Surprise, emyloane wone €9718 and unlimited acces to the Winama Revolution for one month. If he can capture the throne, his winnings as the Emporer of Winamax will be doubled!

The Costa Rica adventure


Costa Rica

Slipfest slid into the place of the victor, by accident or by sheer skill, and claimed a tidy sum of €9,886 and a 10 day dream trip to the lovely land of Costa Rica. On the menu: a rafting trip down the Pacuare river, a guided tour in the heart of the Arenal national volcanic park, a skytreck across the Monteverde forest and, to top it off, a relaxing layover on the white sand beaches of Tamarindo, the pearl of Central America. Let’s not be surprised if our winner finds a way to slip out of taking his plane home.

The Winamax Poker Tour as a VIP


Winamax Poker Tour

Having vanquished 6,812 adversaries and won the Sunday Surprise Puetralia earned the hefty sum of €10,484 and the honour of playing in the 2012-2013 Winamax Poker Tour as a VIP. This young fan of S.E.P.T. (Saint Etienne Poker Team) will be invited to play in any step of the Tour of her choice and will win a €100 bonus each time she eliminates another player!

The Italian job - a makeover in Milan!


Milan makeover

Winamax sent livetard11 to the fashion capital of the world, Milan, for a weekend of shopping to get a much needed wardrobe makeover! Of course the winner is also given a personal shopper to help make the most of the trip!



Santorin in Greece

Crisis, what crisis? In beating more than 6,000 adversaries, pietma won €9,357 and an trip for two to the fabulous Greek island of Santorin.



Norbert the Top chef

The 5,975 adversaries of --OURAGANT-- in the Sunday Surprise couldn't stop him from winning a massive €9,304. Not only that but Top Chef's Norbert will be finding his way to the kitchen to prepare a fantastic meal for him and 5 friends!

Invitation to the Main Event

Lot du dimanche 16 septembre 2012.

Main Event

Carmellofou will without a doubt be delighted with winning this week's Sunday Surprise after turning his buy-in of €10 into €11,500 as well as an entire years worth of Main Event entries!

Buy-in to all Winamax Series IV events


Tickets Winamax series 4

SANKK will be the object of envy after his victory in the Sunday Surprise, Winamax Series special. In addition to €12,000, he is invited to enter every event in the Winamax Series IV.

Quad bike



A brand new quad bike and €8,860 won in style by BarbeBlanche in this week's Sunday Surprise.

India and the Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal

le farf can get his suitcase ready as we're sending him to exotic India with the friend of his choice to discover amongst other things the capital city of Delhi and the emblamatic Taj Mahal. All this plus €8,821!

Immortalize yourself with a bronze bust


Bronze bust

On imposing himself on the Sunday Surprise, Maradiego10 is the winner of €8,844 but also the quite unusual prize of a foot tall bronze bust of himself.

Discover Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka

tapion28 the lucky winner against 5000 players in this Sunday's tournament. That's €8,821 in his pocket and a trip to Sri Lanka!

Support your French D1 football club for a free


Football supporter

For the next year thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise, tatan55555 will go to see his favourite football club at the Parc des Princes all season long. That's not all, every point in the league that PSG earn will give him an extra bonus of €50!

Luxury car for a month


Luxury cars

It doesn't get much better than a luxury car and almost €9,000. francis11100 can tell you just that after winning the Sunday Surprise and getting the choice of 6 different luxury cars; Ford Mustang GT - Audi A7 - Mercedes Classe S - Audi Q7 - BMW Z4 et Porsche 997 4s Cabriolet.

Angkor, Cambodia



This week Azriama won himself €9,000 and a ten day trip to Angkor in Cambodia, the old capital of the Khmer Empire. A great chance to take in the culture with the person of his choice.

Topgun for a day


Top Gun

While Kushberry will not be becoming a pilot, he will get to experience the next best thing: experiencing the rush of sitting in the passenger seat of a figher jet. This after pocketing the lovely sum of €9,528 for first place.

The London games



He ain't no olympian, but fdx13 is heading to the London 2012 games anyway. Don't forget the €9,369 he won away from his 5841 adversaries!

Your groceries paid for a year



It is VoisinTotoro who for the next year doesn't have to worry about his food shopping. Every week, all he has to do is send in his receipt and it's Winamax who will pay for the snails and caviar he eats on his lunch break. He also pockets a tidy €8,960 for first place... just be careful not to get indigestion.

100th Sunday Special



For the 100th edition, the Sunday Surprise left the selection of the prize up to the players with the eventual decision being a week of tournament entries on Winamax. De_Yd will play from 09/07 to 15/07 totally free, all the tournaments he desires. As a side note, he also wins €9,960 for his victory.

Mexican adventure



AA-fish-AA has shown he is no fish against some 5233 opponents. Not only does he win €8,960, he'll be spending a week in Mexico.

Discover the whiskies of Scotland



PDValex2 showed the desire to battle past 6,093 players and win nearly €10,000 as well as a week in Scotland where he will visit 12 distilleries and see how some of the best whiskies in the world are made.

Kingston - Jamaica



There were 6,216 players to defeat in the Sunday Surprise this week, and it was elmar SAPC who won himself €9,969 and a holiday in Jamaica.

The desert of Marrakech in a 4x4



Hortal is the happy winner of €9,003. He will also be going with the person of his choice to Marrakech to experience the Sahara desert in a 4x4!

Villa for 4 in Croatia


Croatian villa

Beating 5,421 opponents isn't easy, but that is what 'nutsy1984' did in this week's Sunday Surprise, winning €8,960 and a stay in a luxury Croatian villa for himself and 3 friends for a whole week!

San Francisco trip


San Francisco

'alby06' triumphed over 5,592 players in the Sunday Surprise. As well as €9,009 he wins a trip to discover San Francisco and the surrounding attractions for one week.

France vs Sweden in Kiev


France Sweden

There were 6,076 players competing for the prize this week in the Sunday Surprise and kinkakuji1 battled his way to the €9,745 first prize and a trip to Kiev to watch France play against Sweden in the European Championships.

Electric Daisy Festival


Las Vegas

Loicdegrou finished the week in style with a win in the Sunday Surprise earning VIP access to the Electric Daisy Carnival, the music festival in the heart of Las Vegas. Also, don't forget the €9,632 first prize!




azerty931 must love to rave, in addition to €10,689 he will be going to Ibiza with 3 friends to experience the infamous party island first hand!

Golf in Turkey



It is deglingo555 who will be experiencing the joys of a 5* hotel in Turkey and learn to golf like a pro! He also wins €10,671 for first place. Don't forget the sunglasses!

Entry to 3 WSOP events in Vegas!


Tournament tickets

Well done -slider- who slides into first place in the Sunday Surprise winning a package to play at the World Series of Poker in 3 different tournaments. He's off to Las Vegas with 2 buy-ins of $1,000 and one of $1,500 as well as €2,500 for expenses!

Not to mention the massive €11,598 first place prize.

Entry to all Winamax Series events


Tournament tickets

_LePecheur_ went fishing and managed to hook first place in the Winamax Series Sunday Surprise and earn free entry to every event of the Winamax Series! He also pockets a tidy €12,427 for his efforts.

A week in Guadaloupe



Sometimes there is nothing better than doing nothing... and Schmitti has won the chance to do exactly that, nothing except sit on the beach for a whole week in Guadaloupe. Additionally he wins €10,689 for first place.

Become a bounty hunter



zbouby93320 is now the first full time bounty hunter in the history of Winamax! For the next year he has free entry to every Sunday Surprise and he will earn €50 for every player he eliminates in those 52 tournaments. This deal sealed with the first prize of €11,436!

Tanzanian safari



Nice one dwyanewade83! You win a impressive €11,540 for your victory in the Sunday Surprise... by the way, we're also sending you on a trip to Tanzania to experience an incredible safari, taking in the magnificient landscapes and unbelievable wildlife. Enjoy!

Kite surfing


Kite Surf

XameX41 sets sail for Boa Vista on the Green Cape. Pockets heavy with €11,757 he will attempt kite surfing and enjoy the pleasures of a 4* hotel and everything that comes with it.

Winter X-Games


Winter X Games in Tignes

Winamax, official sponsor of the Winter X Games 2012 in Tignes invite krikri433 to experience the events as a VIP from 14 till 16 March. Additionally he will have access to the skiing pistes for 3 days and an open bar at the foot of the slopes!

Rugby in South Africa


South Africa

With €11,142 in his pocket, kaneda777 is heading to Cape Town in South Africa for 5 days to take in a Super 15 rugby match at the Cape of Good Hope!

Sultanate of Oman


Sultanate of Oman

We're sending prash77 to the Sultanate of Oman to discover the ancient natural treasures. Sleeping under the sun in the desert of Wahiba and seeing the perfect turquoise oasis'. Of course his victory is accompanied by the €12,614 for first place!

Luxury poker table


Table Poker Cenacle

DiableX can now host his very own live poker games after winning a luxury Cenacle poker table. Of course his table also comes equiped with a set of Paulson poker chips and a Winamax chip case as well as Winamax playing cards and a dealer button.

The Reunion


The Reunion

Well done gros_pigeon, our champion this week who wins a 10 day escape to the Isle of the Reunion! Absolute freedom awaits with a rental car and two paragliding opportunities for two! As a side note, let's not forget the first place prize of €11,119!

Ha Long bay


Ha Long bay

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful and exotic bays in the world, the bay of Ha Long awaits with open arms Nox06160 who has won the Sunday Surprise. 10 days spent in dreamlike surroundings where he can reflect on the &euro11,119 won as the first place prize!

Entry to WiPT Final



Congrats Chivas42 who beats 6999 players to win entry to the Final of the Winamax Poker Tour, a buy-in for the Highroller (which takes place at the end of Winamax Poker Tour), and a buy-in for the side-event for the person of his choice. After all is said and done, the trip will come to an end taking in an evening at the Moulin Rouge! Let's see if he will add to the first prize of €11,119.

Red Diamond


Red Diamond

Turiacus is the first player on Winamax to be VIP Red Diamond, the highest loyalty status on the site and gives the biggest rewards. He will benefit from all the advantages given by this status for one year in addition to the first place prize of €11,119.50!

Forget Winter in the Seychelles



Top Shark academy member Mikedou is heading out to the Seychelles for a week during the Top Shark Winter break. A great chance to get a head start on the years tanning while counting the €10,930 first place prize.

Luxury Christmas basket



With 4 blocks of foie gras, more than a kilo of luxury caviar (Petrossian), a case of Dom Perignon, salmon and last but not least some macarons from Pierre Hermé, maxpopsss will be able to enjoy a true feast this Christmas. Additionally, he pockets €8,960 thanks to his Sunday Surprise victory.

A chalet for 6


We're sending pacostar95 and 5 people of his choice to a luxury chalet at La Plagne to enjoy for free the ski slopes with all equipment and fees paid for! He also has &euro:10,071 spending money thanks to his victory.

Become a paparazzi


Say cheese while mognon49 takes your picture! He wins a fantastic Nikon D7000 camara so that he can take those holiday snaps like a real pro. Of course there is also the tidy sum of €13,310 first place prize.

The ice and fire of Iceland


Iceland, a place of natural marvels and that's where we're sending ausouferk14 for an unforgettable week. Not only that but he gets a first prize of €10,092.

Gaming station of the future


Craaazyyyy will be the envy of his friends with his new gaming station of the future, allowing him to conquer the gaming world in perfect ergonomic comfort! He also pockets €8,960 for first place.

A week in Cuba


Congrats FabRose! We hope you enjoy Havana in Cuba where you will enjoy a crazy week of music, food and hand-rolled cigars! All in addition to €9962 for his first place finish.

A beach holiday in Moorea


Vautour711 will go and enjoy the idyllic landscapes of Moorea, across from Tahiti, where he can relax in a luxury bungalow, right in the middle of a beautiful lagoon. I'm sure the lovely first prize of €10,840!

A Fiat 500


Success for f brillant who conquered 6744 players to win a brand new Fiat 500! The spoils of war also give him a first place prize of €10,765.

Adrenaline holiday at Mont St Michel


rital wins a week in Mont St-Michel. On the agenda, a parachute jump, paragliding and a helicopter ride... activities sure to get the blood pumpin! Don't forget the first place prize of €9,440.

Hong-Kong, Macau and the royal suite


He couldn't believe his ears, even when his prize was being confirmed by phone but it's true, we are sending flopok51 on a fantastic week-long trip to the orient, where he will visit Hong-Kong and Macau, spend his nights in the royal suite and experience the thrill of the Venetian casino in Macau! He also wins a first place prize of €9,439.

The Red Sea


djaije2410 wins an all expenses paid, 5* trip for one week to the Red Sea with the person of his choice. With a prize of €9,747 for his victory he must be pretty happy right now!

Sunday Surprise special; Winamax Series


ASvsK earns an entire year of Main Event entries. That's right, 52 free chances to compete for a part of the massive €100,000 prize pool! He also pockets a tidy €10,400 for his efforts.

Sunday Surprise special; Winamax Series


FABhelmutt13 is now invited to every event of the Winamax Series II thanks to his victory in the Sunday Surprise. In addition to his event invitations, he also wins €10,405!

5 star adventure in Patagonia


Well done j_ai_mieux, winner of the Sunday Surprise and we will be sending him to South America to enjoy a Patagonian adventure! Don't forget the €9,222 first place prize.

The Winamax Poker Tour as a VIP


tigreau will be heading out a real poker mission. Thanks to the victory in the Sunday Surprise, he will be taking part in all the Winamax Poker Tour stops he wishes with transport and accommodation paid for. All this with the person of his choice. He is also now the Sunday Surprise Killer meaning he will earn €100 for every person he eliminates while playing in the live stages! Let's not forget his first place prize of €8,947.

Miami to Orlando in a Ford Mustang


FooooooooRT has succeeded in beating 5,936 to win the Sunday Surprise winning a first place prize of €9,523 and a trip to Miami where he will enjoy some of the local activities all while cruising in the Ford Mustang.

7 different surprises


It is boss2mars who wins a special prize of 7 different surprises! This in addition to the €10,107 he pockets for first place!

New Years 2012 in Sydney


Djangologie, will be jetting off to Australia to bring in the New Year in Sydney. A special evening for him and the person of his choice as well as his first place prize of €8,960!

Pinball and arcade machines for your very own games room


daGrumpf is the happy winner of every kids dream... a games room in his home with a real life pinball machine, an games arcade and an electronic darts board as well as the first place prize of €9,060!

Trip to Bali


It's going to be a week of dreams in the sun for miahouuu who Winamax is sending to Bali with the person of his choice. There is also the &euro:8,960 pocket money won as a first place prize.

600cc motorbike and licence!


We are giving ALAVOTRE a brand new Honda CB600F Hornet 2011 and the licence necessary to drive it. It will be easy for him to go to the bank and check on his €8,900 first place prize!

Lions, elephants and rhinoceros'


nicho7474 will be going to South Africa to spend a week in the natural habitat of lions, elephants, rhinoceros' and all the other amazing wildlife, all in addition to the €8,960 first place prize!

Double your tournament winnings during 1 week


Good luck MARBRI63_x who will double all her tournament winnings for the next week thanks to victory in the Sunday Surprise! It's a nice start with the €8,960 first place prize.

A week in the Grenadine Ilses


osangmin75 ends his week on a high note, winning €9,242 and a week spent in the Grenadine islands!

Hockey in Montreal


benjthenuts9 will get a taste of the national sport of Canada and see Montreal play at home against the Boston Bruins.

A Rolex


Well done jojo_54 who wins a trip of his choice... he chose the Maldives and he'll be going there with a lovely new Rolex Submariner.

The Maldives


A week-long trip to the Maldives awaits this week's winner astier who also pockets the immodest sum of €9,002.

No taxes for 5 years!


FRAYKAL, in addition to the €9,073 first place prize he will also enjoy everyones dream... no taxes for five whole years!

7 world wonders


In addition to winning €8,960 nicolassss18 can choose which of the 7 modern world wonders he wishes to visit!

An eternity diamond


napoli99 not only wins €9,295, but also finishes the week with a 1.03 carat diamond!

Moscow-Vladivostok on the Transsiberien


All aboard! moussa35 will experience the legendary Moscow to Vladivostok train journey in addition to his first place prize of €9,085!

Drive a Ferrari


Keep your eyes peeled or you'll miss OLISAND who is going to and help out at the Monza Grand Prix in Italy, visit the Ferrari museum and also drive a magnificent sports car! As an aside, don't forget the €8,960 first place prize!

All 3* restaurants in France


Everyone loves food and BASS42 is heading out to test every 3 star restaurant in the food capital of the world, France! Of course all paid for by Winamax.

We are the champions


It may not be the real sergioramos but he's still going to be a Champions League Final at Wembley in London. It's sure to be an amazing event!

Luxury villa in Corsica


We wish happy holidays to Fabiatch who is going to enjoy a 25m swimming pool at a private villa rented just for him and his friends. There is also the no small matter of the €9002 first place prize!

Las Vegas with Team Winamax


Total immersion for ttex35_x who is flying to Vegas with Team Winamax to take part in a $1000 event at the World Series of Poker! He will also benefit from coaching from our Pros to help give him the best chance possible in his tournament!

Swim with sharks


It's time for the shark to become a fish. jimmysfindus will no longer be at the top of the food chain when he swims with sharks in Belize. He also wins €8,960 for first place!

Red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival


In addition to his €9,000 winnings, juom84 is going to feel like a star when he experiences the red carpet treatment at the Cannes Film Festival!

Patrick Bruel at your home


Well done johavre who wins a tidy &euro:9,002 and will entertain WSOP bracelet winner Patrick Bruel in his home for an unforgettable game of poker!

Trip to New Zealand


In addition to his first place prize money, we are sending Stristef and a friend to New Zealand to enjoy two matches at the Rugby World Cup!

The world is yours


As well as €9,429 for first place, jojo_54 gets to go on vacation to a destination of his choice, financed by Winamax!

A new moto-tricycle


Getting around town is going to be easy for Mimo_Naco who wins a fantastic brand new moto-tricycle! Let's not forget the €9,430 first place prize.

Head to Thailand


We're packing tcha35 off to Thailand for 9 days where they will help celebrate a traidtional Thailandese New Year!

A golden bar!


pauleta62575 wins the truly remarkable prize of a 250g gold ingot! This in addition to the tidy sum of €10,561 for first place.

The night out of your dreams


In addition to €8,960, tatan55555 wins a private party for himself and 50 guests with an open bar, servers and a DJ at the location of his choice! That should be an unforgettable night.

Sumo wrestling in Tokyo


We say sayonara to Elkou who is jetting off to Tokyo to visit the local sights and take in a Sumo wrestling tournament!

Only the finest vintages


It is thierry95 who will receive 50 bottles of vintage wine to celebrate any occasion he desires!
* The abuse of alchohol is is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation.



A chalet on the slopes


We're giving sousmarin and 4 of his friends a private chalet on the slopes of Megeve where they will enjoy the slopes for a whole week!

Hi-Tech: my new years resolution 2011


Congrats jimmy4doigts who wins the first place prize of €11,195 and a Hi-Tech goody basket including some state of the art technology for example a 46" LED TV!

Your salary of December tripled!


Motoneige en Laponie

oomekatzoo will feel truly valued after having his salary for December tripled by Winamax. He also gets a first place prize of €9,917.47!

Entry to all Winamax tournaments for one week


Motoneige en Laponie

RVBTZ has won unlimited access to all multi-table tournaments on Winamax for a whole week. No matter what the buy-in, whatever tournament he plays will be free!

In search of Santa Claus


Motoneige en Laponie

A week in Lapland for 4 people experiencing a night in an igloo, dog-sledding and skiing!

In 2011, every rain cloud has a silver lining



Congrats boudha08, winner of more than €9,900 plus €50 every day that it rains in his region. We wish him a very rainy year!

Carnival in Rio!

November 2010

Sunday Surprise Rio

Winners list:

 - Week 1: frenchfish1 who wins €9900

 - Week 2: Candanga, the son of a Winamax celebrity (we'll let you find him...)

 - Week 3: MagicFinger who also wins €9900 in addition to the prize

 - Week 4: starbaits79 wins €9900 plus his trip to Rio!

Congratulations to all and we wish you an awesome Carnaval!


A trip to space

October 2010.

Winners list:

 - Week 1: charlymano wins the voyage plus €6,440

 - Week 2: Snours67 pockets €7,617 and his ticket to space

 - Week 3: zazou21 also wins €7,617 as well as his special prize

 - Week 4: croupier34 is now €9,900 richer in addition to his space trip!

Well done to all our winners and enjoy your space odyssey!



Tour of Europe for the "Classico" football matches


Manchester  United - ArsenalFC BARCELONA - REAL MADRID FC


MANCHESTER UNITED - ARSENAL FC Manchester United - Arsenal



A car, with the licence




Go go go jayce 1 who wins a brand new car in addition to his &euro:5,417 first place prize. See you on the highway!






8 days of surfing in Hawaii


Surfer sur sa vague


We say bon voyage to fred4242 who wins €4480.75 as well as a trip to Hawaii for the Billabong Pipe Masters on the Pro Surf Tour.


30 years of video games



Mario old school VS Mario High Tech

Sweeper is our champion and winner of almost every kids dream, 17 games consoles plus all the best games of the last 30 years! All this in addition to the first place prize of €3815!

Your weight in €1 coins



sebOss57 sur sa balance

Our winner sebOss57 who wins €4625 plus his weight in €1 coins, the one occasion you hope to weigh a lot!

Trip to Miami and the NBA


Wade dunking

Congrats omdreamteam who wins €3466 in addition to a trip to Florida to take in 2 NBA matches!

Deluxe service at your home for a year



  BrunoOoO won €3365.37 for first place in addition to a year of luxury domestic services including one session a week with a personal trainer and personal concierge at his beck and call.


A trip to a desert island for 6 people


plage et cocotier

6 nights spent on a desert island may not sound too fun but they are when they are organized by Winamax. Wine, cocktails and soft drinks... and of course food is on the menu too.



A football match at Parc des Princes with Vikash Dhorasso and the Team Winamax


Vikash Dhorasso

A trip to Paris to play football at the Parc des Princes, the majestic home of Paris Saint Germain with 4 friends and ex-professional footballer Vikash Dhorasso. Your adversaries... Team Winamax. €1000 spending money and a evening in a popular restaurant are also on the program!


A mediterranean cruise for 6 people


Vikash Dhorasso

Relax. Take a load off. Take a tour of the Mediterranean coast on a private yacht with a captain to navigate for you, hostess to take care of you and all the food and drink you can take! That's exactly what Crilio did along with 5 friends.


A years rent


Nice one joch21. Life's pretty cool when you don't have to pay rent! What? You won €2924 first prize too? Lucky you.

Il remporte 2924 € en plus de sa surprise !





Fly to New York for the US Open



It was GIUGIU007 a trip to New York for the US Open with 4 nights in the Hilton Hotel, €1000 spending money and VIP seats for the semi-finals of the US Open tennis competition. By the way, €2434.50 first prize is pretty cool too!


Become a member of team Luc Alphand.


brunle earned the chance to co-pilot a real GT sports car at more than 300kph with a professional driver and learn race strategy. This in addition to the €2787 first prize!