Strike to Survive

Strike to Survive

Bet on the Champions League goalscorers and try to survive each day!

How does it work?

  • Event: Champions League group stage (6th September to 2nd November).
  • Objective: Make a "Goalscorer" bet in each round. If the player you bet on scores during the match, you stay alive for the next round. Same principle for survivors in the next round but you cannot select the same player multiple times throughout the Survivor.
  • Eligible bets: pre-match or In-Play "Goalscorer" bets.
  • How it works: The Survivor stops when there is only one survivor left or if the last survivors are eliminated in the same round.
  • How the rounds are played: 

  • Round 1 - Tuesday 6th September matches Round 7 - Tuesday 11th October matches
    Round 2 - Wednesday 7th September matches Round 8 - Wednesday 12th October matches
    Round 3 - Tuesday 13th September matches Round 9 - Tuesday 25th October matches
    Round 4 - Wednesday 14th September matches Round 10 - Wednesday 26th October matches
    Round 5 - Tuesday 4th October matches Round 11 - Tuesday 1st November matches
    Round 6 - Wednesday 5th October matches Round 12 - Wednesday 2nd November matches

  • Eligibility: bets with a wager ending in .11 cents (example: €10.11).
  • Minimum wager per bet: €5.11.
  • Type of winnings: €10,000 in Freebets to be won for the remaining Survivor(s).
  • Timeframe for crediting prizes: within 7 days.
  • Example: in the first round, you bet €5.11 on Erling Haaland to score. The player scores, you are then qualified for the second round of Survivor but cannot choose Erling Haaland throughout the rest of the Survivor.




  • Other types of bets on goalscorers (e.g. "Multiple scorer", "First scorer", "Last scorer", "Player scores and his team wins" etc.) are not taken into account.
  • Bets made with Freebets, accumulator bets and system bets do not count.
  • Enhanced bets and Cashouts are counted as lost attempts, and will result in elimination.
  • You cannot skip a round.
  • If a player bets twice on the same scorer in two different Survivor rounds, they are eliminated.
  • For each round, the bet taken into account is the first eligible bet placed.
  • There are no minimum odds for each bet.
  • Boosted Odds are not eligible.
  • If a bet is cancelled, it is possible to bet on another player in the same round to try and qualify.
  • It is possible to bet on two players from the same team (e.g. Neymar and Messi) during the Survivor.
  • This offer is open to players betting on, or