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More than 5.9 million players have already joined Winamax; one of the largest and best online poker rooms in the world.

With Winamax, you aren't just a fish sitting in a barrel: you can progress with us to become a real champion, sharing in the spirit of poker and developing your strategy in a friendly competitive environment.

By making us a part of your social network, you'll be joining a truly passionate community. Fun, entertainment, tournaments and competitions are all the order of the day.

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Over 120,000 fans have already liked us on Facebook and Twitter, available in English and French depending on where you live. ‘Like’ and 'Follow' us to keep up to date with our news, take part in free tournaments and competitions or simply to enjoy our random creations in Paint .

Our fans can even play poker directly from Facebook, using our dedicated app.


Not only does Winamax have a Pro Team that is respected around the world, but we also organise exciting and sociable live events throughout the year: the Winamax Poker Open in Dublin, the Winamax Poker Tour, and the Winamax Club Trophy to name a few…

Our Pinterest page is the perfect way to relive the experience, gathering all the best photos of our team on tour and of live events, not just taken by us but also by our fans!

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Instagram is another great tool for capturing and sharing those awesome photos and videos. For you, it’s a chance to follow our Pros, WIPs and other members of the Winamax community from a totally different angle. Absolutely guaranteed to be 100% #nofilter some of the time.

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