Winamax Sit & Go Tournaments

If you like tournament poker, but do not have the time it takes to tackle a full MTT, Sit & Go tournaments are an excellent alternative. In these tournaments the number of participants is fixed and the game starts as soon as enough players have registered.

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Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing is an attractive Sit & Go format as it allows for additional chances of finishing a winner. In a tournament of 6 to 10 players, with a buy-in of €1 to €100. In the 6 player tournaments, the top 3 are rewarded with a prize double the size of the initial buy-in. In a 10 player tournament it is the top 5 who receive double their buy-in. For example, for a €10 buy-in, the top 5 would win €20. This is a great way to boost your bankroll!


A”Déglingo” tournament is the perfect high action rapid fire poker game for 2, 3 or 10 players ranging from €0.50 to €500. With Turbo levels and a 500 chip starting stack, these tournaments are made for the brave of heart and insane of mind.


If you live for the adrenaline or victory, then you will quickly find yourself a regular at the shootout tables. A “Shootout” tournament involves a series of games played in a sports knock-out tournament style. In a 4 player shootout the first round will involve two heads-up games with the winners of each game going on to play against each other in the second and final round. The starting stacks are reset for each round and each table is considered a separate game. Some shootout games will grant you access to our more prestigious tournaments.


Win your entry ticket into a bigger tournament! Thanks to our Sit & Go Qualifiers, you are able to win tournament tickets quickly and with little hassle! Starting at just €2 and going all the way up to €100, you can take part in our qualifications, gaining entry to tournaments with buy-ins of €150 and more. Step by step: begin the ascent!


You like to play fast and free? The Sit & Go Freerolls are made for you! Running 24 hours a day, take part in the Sit & Go games, free to enter with real cash to be won!