SISMIX Costa Brava: Official FAQs 2019

All the information below is correct and verified as of 25 April 2019. Any other questions not answered here? Send us a message!

During the festival, we highly recommend installing the Winamax Live app (iOS or Android) and activating notifications to get useful info and live updates: chip counts, tournament structures, schedules, last-minute changes and more.


  • Getting to SISMIX

    Lloret de Mar? Never heard of it. Where is it? What is it?

    Lloret de Mar is a beach resort town in the province of Girona, in Catalonia, Spain. On the map, you’ll see it’s about 45 miles from Barcelona and 80 miles from Perpignan.

    SISMIX 2019 will take place at the Gran Casino Costa Brava, a ten-minute walk from the beach!

    Which airports are closest to Lloret de Mar?

    About 90 kilometres (55 miles) from Lloret de Mar is Barcelona-El Prat Airport, a major European airport that has dozens of flights coming in from all over Europe every day. There is also Girona Airport, which is a lot closer (less than 20 miles away), but fewer flights go there.

    My plane just landed! How do I get to Lloret de Mar? Bus, train or taxi? Give me the lowdown.

    You have several options to choose from:

    Bus. There are regularly scheduled buses than run from both Barcelona Airport (90 minute ride, costs about 15 euros) and Girona Airport (35 minutes, €10). If possible, get off at the Barri Pescadors stop, which is the closest to the Lloret de Mar casino. On the website, you can check timetables, compare prices and buy tickets.

    Train. Lloret de Mar does not have its own train station, but you can take a train from Barcelona Airport to Blanes (sometimes this involves changing trains once). You will then need to get a bus or taxi to go the last four or five miles to reach Lloret de Mar. So this is probably not the easiest or fastest way, but it exists.

    Taxi. If you’re coming to SISMIX with a group and aren’t short on dough, you can share a taxi to get you there from the airport. This could be a good idea especially if you can hail one of those taxi vans that seat 6 or 7. Figure about €150 for a taxi ride from Barcelona airport (when traffic isn’t bad) or €70 from Girona airport.

    Last but not least, if you’re planning on doing a little sightseeing along the Costa Brava and visiting more than just Lloret de Mar, why not hire a car at the airport? It’s a cinch. Most of the major rental companies will greet you with open arms when you get off the plane.

    Do I need a passport to go to Spain? Or will an ID card be enough?

    If you are a European Union citizen, a passport is not required to cross the border. A national identity card is sufficient. However, check the expiry date to make sure it will be valid for your travel dates.
    ATTENTION: If you are not a European Union citizen, a passport is MANDATORY for travel.


  • Accommodations at SISMIX

    Are there rooms still available at the Gran Hotel Monterrey, the official hotel for SISMIX?

    The Gran Hotel Monterrey was taken by storm as soon as the SISMIX Costa Brava venue was announced. No surprise there – it’s right next to the casino! But the upshot is that unfortunately, there are currently no rooms available.

    If I win the €1100 package on Winamax, can I stay at the Gran Hotel Monterrey?

    Sorry, but like we just said, the hotel really has no vacancies. As compensation, players who win a trip package on Winamax will receive €600 in their accounts to cover expenses for their own accommodation arrangements.

    How do I find accommodations in Lloret de Mar?

    No sweat! Lloret de Mar is a huge tourist destination, with over 30,000 hotel rooms available, and prices are very competitive. Do a quick search on (one of numerous websites where you can reserve a hotel room just about anywhere in the world) and you’ll find dozens of places offering rooms from 20 to 27 May. And if you’re coming in a large group or just prefer the friendly cosiness of an apartment or villa, you won’t have trouble finding something to your delight for a relatively moderate price on sites like HomeAway or Airbnb.


  • How to qualify for SISMIX

    I just checked the qualification schedule on Winamax and it looks brilliant! When’s the deadline to play an online satellite?

    The last satellites on (both standard and Expresso qualification) will take place on 5th May.

    I missed the online satellites. Can I still qualify for a place at Lloret de Mar?

    Yes! Go to the Schedule page to check out the list of live satellite tournaments that will be going on during the festival. They will be held every day from Monday to Saturday, going towards the Main Event and several side events (such as the High Roller, Monster Stack and Battle Royale).

    I won a satellite event on I’m thrilled! Now what?

    Congratulations! Winners will be contacted automatically via email soon after their victory.

    Important note: Don’t forget to answer the really easy questions you’ll be asked in the email you receive after you’ve qualified. That will speed up the on-site registration process and help you avoid queues as much as possible!

    I didn’t get any emails after I qualified. Is there a problem?

    Check your spam folder, it’s probably in there. If you really, truly didn’t receive anything, then please contact customer support.

    I won a satellite tournament, but I just realised I can’t make it because my brother’s wedding is on the same weekend as SISMIX. Can I get a refund on my ticket?

    That’s great news, we wish your brother all the best! About your qualification, though, I’m afraid there’s bad news: no refunds if you can’t come to SISMIX. For this reason, it’s important to make sure you’ll be available before trying to qualify!

    I’ve just won a live satellite tournament at Lloret de Mar, and I’d already won an online satellite on Winamax. Can I get a refund on the ticket I won on Winamax?

    No, afraid not. The ticket you won on Winamax will still be the one you need to use to register. The ticket you won live can then be used as a re-entry, or given to another player, but it cannot be reimbursed.


  • Playing at SISMIX

    What are the casino’s hours?

    The Gran Casino Costa Brava is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5am (except Mondays, when it doesn’t open until 12 noon).

    What are the formalities I need to take care of before I arrive? (IMPORTANT!)

    The first time you enter the Gran Casino Costa Brava casino, you ABSOLUTELY MUST (we put the caps lock on to show that we’re not joking around) go to the reception desk located at the main entrance in order to collect your player card. This player card will be valid throughout the festival. To collect it, you will need to show a valid ID (that’s important too).

    Make sure you keep your player card with you throughout the SISMIX festival! If you leave it in your hotel room (or worse, on the beach), you CANNOT gain access to the festival.

    ATTENTION: If you are not a European Union citizen, a passport is MANDATORY.

    Regarding the bracelet that will be your ticket to all the SISMIX parties (poolside, Gran Monterrey Hotel); this will be given to you on your first visit to one of the SISMIX tournament registration desks

    Are all the tournaments played short-handed?

    Yup. SISMIX = 6-Max!

    There are two exceptions though: - The famous 10-euro midnight Déglingos are played full-ring (because the more loony people are there, the more we laugh)
    - In the event of a very high turnout, satellite events will be played full-ring. But only if turnout is very high!

    Where can I find out about the tournament structures?

    Go to the Poker Schedule page or use the Winamax Live app, available for iOS and Android, to consult the format and structure for each SISMIX tournament. We highly recommend installing the app and authorizing notifications on it, to keep up with any last-minute changes made during the festival.

    What are the tournament rules? Who is the tournament director?

    Like every live Winamax event, the Tournament Director Association (TDA) rules will be applied, by Thomas Gimie, one of the foremost tournament directors in the world and head referee of most live Winamax events.

    Most live circuit poker tournaments follow TDA rules, or are at least largely based on them. You can consult the full TDA rules by clicking here.

    What about cash games? How much do they cost? What time do they run?

    Cash game tables will be open from 2pm until 4am. We’ve set aside 15 full-ring tables. Game variants and rates will be subject to demand. Translation: don’t be afraid to suggest playing some PLO or HORSE, or whatever you feel like. If enough people are into it, you could put a table together!

    The cheapest tables will play with €1/€2 blinds.

    Does the casino have wifi? An influencer like me needs to keep his followers informed every two minutes.

    Yes, and it’s free.

    What’s the minimum legal age to play poker at SISMIX?

    All tournaments and cash games at SISMIX are open to anyone who is 18 or older.

    Can I make hero calls like Davidi Kitai?

    Go for it! But do so at your own risk. Attempting Davidi’s brave deeds could prove hazardous for a less experienced player.


  • Registering for SISMIX

    Can I sign up in advance online?

    Yes, absolutely, and it’s highly recommended to do so! Head to the Gran Casino Costa Brava website to register for any and all tournaments you want to be in. Payments can be made by credit/debit card or wire transfer. Online registration will be open until Friday 17 May, at 2 PM.
    There are two advantages to signing up online:
    1) You’ll save time while you’re there.
    2) You’ll be sure you can compete in the tournaments of your choice.
    As a matter of fact, even though we have lots of places (122 tables), some tournaments could be very popular, so there is a chance of waiting lists and even sell-outs. Not likely, but not impossible. Especially for Day 1C of the Main Event.

    I’ve got loads of miles on my Winamax account, so can I register for the Main Event in the VIP boutique?

    You have until Sunday 12 May to buy your ticket at the Winamax VIP boutique.
    The buy-in for the Main Event is €500 or 33,330 miles, while High Roller entry costs €1,000 or double the miles.

    I expect I’ll need re-entries. Can I buy multiple entries in the VIP boutique?

    Yes you can!
    If you end up not using those re-entries, they’ll be reimbursed to your Winamax account in miles after the festival ends.

    Can I use my miles on site during the festival?

    No, sorry.

    Can I use my Winamax bankroll to register?

    Unfortunately not, it would be against the law.

    At the casino, where and how do I register? Will card payments be accepted?

    The registration desk will be open from 11:00am to 1:00am. You can’t miss it. It’s right in front of the tournament hall, it’s seven yards wide and there’ll be six counters available. You can also register at the casino ticket desk.
    You will need to have your Gran Casino Costa Brava player card.

    How do I get that, you ask? Answered previously under “What are the formalities I need to take care of before I arrive?” (IMPORTANT!)

    Most major payment cards are accepted, as is cash.

    I’ve already registered. How do I collect my seat ticket?

    You can collect your seat ticket at the registration desk or at the automatic terminals set up for this purpose, starting 2 hours before your tournament begins.

    I registered online for a side event, but now I can’t play in it because I’m still in the Main Event on Day 3. How can I get a refund?

    Congratulations! Of course you can get a refund for that buy-in, once the festival is over. The refund procedure will soon be posted on the Poker Schedule page.

    I can’t be bothered to register now. Can’t I just do it at the last minute when I get there? Could the Main Event sell out?

    We’ve made plans to have 122 poker tables for the first SISMIX Costa Brava. That means 732 seats. Day 1 of the Main Event will be divided into four flights (including a 1D Turbo on the Friday evening). So there are plenty of places. But we also sense everyone’s enthusiasm. Day 1C, scheduled Friday at noon, could be flooded. All we can do is highly recommend that you sign up in advance (see above “Can I sign up in advance online?”), so that you’ll be sure you can play!


  • Entertainment, eating and drinking at SISMIX

    I loved the pool parties and bashes at SISMIX in Marrakech. What’s the party schedule for SISMIX Costa Brava?

    Check out the Fiesta Schedule page for the list of festivities awaiting you from 20th to 26th May, poolside at the Gran Hotel Monterrey.

    Much like a good paella (which by the way will be served Friday evening), the Winamax SISMIX is a delicious mixture. There’s a little bit of everything on schedule: hip hop, rock and electro DJs, live jazz ensembles, Catalan rumba and swing groups, a Cuban night, the must-see Winamax Beer Pong Open, and many other surprises.

    What time will the pool parties be?

    We’ll be there every day starting at noon. The party will last all afternoon and all evening – until one in the morning, or even later if the crowd is up for it!

    Are they free?

    Access to all pool parties is free.

    How do I get into the pool parties?

    You’ll receive a bracelet the first time you go to the SISMIX registration desk. Hold onto it carefully! It will be your ticket to the pool parties throughout the week. Don’t cut your bracelet or throw it away. We’ll only give you one!

    I won’t be staying at the Gran Hotel Monterrey. Can I still go to the pool parties?

    Yes, as long as you have your bracelet (see the previous question).

    Do I need to bring a towel to the pool? (IMPORTANT!)

    YES! A bit of a pain, but that’s how it is. If you’re not staying at the Gran Monterrey Hotel (the venue for all the pool parties), then you’ll need to come prepared, with your own towel.

    Are drinks on the house?

    No, but we can assure you that beverages in Lloret de Mar are very inexpensive!

    And if you’ll already be there on the Monday, we’ll welcome you in the evening with a drink on the house in the form of a good old glass of sangria.

    I expect to make a deep run in the Main Event. Does that mean I’m going to miss all the party action?

    Not necessarily! You can hop over to the pool during the dinner breaks. Also, the Main Event is scheduled to stop at midnight* each day, which will leave you with enough time to get a taste of the sizzling SISMIX nightlife.

    * Except for the final table, which may end at any time… but we’re counting on you to make sure it doesn’t end too late!

    I often get thirsty at SISMIX. Are there bars? How late do they stay open? Are they expensive?

    Whoa there, that’s a lot of questions at once. Let’s do them one at a time. There will be a total of five bars at the venue during SISMIX. They will be open all day and part of the night, with the last one closing at 3:00am. Drinks are less expensive there than they were in Marrakesh and in Dublin. A pint will cost you €4.50 at the pool.

    When I’m not thirsty, I’m hungry. Can you eat during the tournament?

    Of course! You’ll have plenty of options, whether you’re in a hurry or want to take your time and savour the local cuisine, from the tapas bars in the casino to the open buffet (€20 per person) from 1pm ‘til midnight, to fine dining at FREU restaurant in the hotel.

    Did you say the party stops at one in the morning? That’s kind of early for me. What do I do?

    Don’t worry, my party animal friend. We’ve signed a little partnership deal with Disco Tropics, a nightclub that’s a 10-minute walk from the casino. You can head over there and dance ‘til dawn!

    Disco Tropics entry will be free for all players showing their SISMIX bracelet (make sure you dress appropriately, though) and you’ll get lots of discounts inside. For example: 10 euros for three vodka cocktails, or 10 euros for 9 shots of tequila! We know who might have trouble getting up on time for Day 1.

    I’m coming with my wife / best friend / brother-in-law. Will she/he have access to the pool?

    Every SISMIX player is entitled to one additional SISMIX bracelet for a companion. This companion just needs to be present with you the first time you go to the registration desk.

    Can I bring my kids along?

    We love kids, but listen up: SISMIX is a festival for adults. The casino is strictly reserved for adults 18 or over and no exceptions will be allowed. At the pool, children are admitted, but keep in mind that it’s going to be a pretty loud and raucous atmosphere in there. Just a word to the wise.

    Besides SISMIX, what’s there to do in Lloret de Mar?

    Tons of things! Lloret de Mar is one of the liveliest towns on the Costa Brava. Take advantage of the beach being just a ten-minute walk from the casino (after all, it’s the first time we’ve arranged this festival so close to the sea!) The thrill-seekers among you will have no trouble getting your fill, with paintball, go-karting, scuba diving, water skiing and jet-skiing on offer. If you like to expand your cultural horizons when you’re on vacation, you should know you’ll be in the heart of Salvador Dali territory. You could hop over to his native town, Figueras, and visit a museum devoted entirely to the surrealist artist.


  • Miscellaneous: dress code, language, smoking, et cetera

    I don’t speak Spanish. Is that a major issue?

    No problemo, amigo! At the poker tables, SISMIX accepts three official languages: Spanish, French and English. At the bar, just say “cerveza” and that will open the door to ideal festival hydration. For everything else, we’re planning on dealing out a glossary of useful words and phrases.

    What about money, how does that work? Cash, card, what’s best?

    Whichever you like. Most payment cards are accepted everywhere these days. Spain uses the euro, so you shouldn’t be charged fees for payments or ATM withdrawals if your debit card is linked to an account in euros. If you’d rather pay in cash, though, that’s no problem either.

    I’m a lock to win an enormous amount of money at SISMIX. How will my winnings be paid? Could I get in trouble for going back across the border with cash?

    Winnings are payable in cash (limited to amounts collected in cash), or otherwise by bank transfer, so don’t forget to have your account details including IBAN on hand.

    When you go through customs on your return, keep in mind that you are required to declare cash in your possession if the total amount exceeds €10,000. The casino can provide you with a receipt to justify the amount, but here’s a few words of advice from us: a bank transfer is better!

    Can I have my winnings credited to my Winamax account?

    No, sorry. It’d be against the law for us to do that.

    Is there a dress code at the casino?
    Yes, but it’s a little peculiar. Swim shorts are not allowed inside the casino, but bermudas are fine. There’s apparently a difference, so be careful. It’s going to be hot, but that doesn’t mean you can play in the buff!

    Can I go in with a backpack?

    Yes. That might be a good idea for carrying your swimsuit and towel and have something to do in case you’re knocked out early (not that we’re hoping this happens to you). Bags will of course be subject to security checks at the entrance.

    Can I come in disguise?

    Sure! (As long as you stick to the dress code two questions up).

    Can I smoke in the casino?

    No. There are designated smoking areas outside.

    Can I vape in the casino?

    Can’t do that either.

    Can I walk like a duck inside the casino?