Qualify for the Winamax SISMIX Costa Brava from €6

Win your SISMIX Costa Brava Main Event package on Winamax.

This €1,100 package includes:

  • €500 entry to Main Event.
  • €600 cash credited to your Winamax account for any additional expenses.

Direct satellites from €10

Dates Guarantee Buy-in
Sundays and Wednesdays at 21:15 CET One Main Event package €10 rebuys
Thursday at 21:15 CET One Main Event buy-in €50
Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:15 CET One Main Event package €125
Sunday at 21:15 CET One High Roller buy-in €125

You can win your €125 ticket in our €10 qualifiers every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 19:15 CET.

Expresso from €6

You will soon be able to try and win your package to the Main Event in our Expresso qualifiers.

IMPORTANT: before taking part in these qualifier tournaments, please ensure that you are available for the festival. The package is nominative and cannot be given or exchanged for cash or tournament tickets online. The hotel dates are fixed and cannot be modified. The package cannot be used for another tournament. The package will be lost if it is not used on these dates.