Winamax SISMIX Costa Brava: Fiesta Event Schedule

For 2019, the Winamax SISMIX heads to Spain for the first time, hitting the shores of the Costa Brava. Rest assured all the hallmarks developed since 2014 in Marrakesh will still feature in Lloret de Mar from May 20th to 26th: music, sun, and cocktails every day and long into the night!

The SISMIX Fiesta is all about…

Every day starting at 3pm: Pool Party!

SISMIX maestros DJ James and Mymy will handle the poolside turntables along with their Dream Team lineup of Ayane, Miss OWL and MC Willaxxx!


Having hit the big scene at the Tomorrowland festival in 2018, the young rising talent Henri PFR will be the headline act at the 2019 SISMIX: you’ll find him at THE biggest pool party of the whole fiesta, on Saturday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, following a warm-up performance by Obek.

In the evening, things will start to crank up at around 7:30 with tapas and chill sets from DJ CHEBO, before the theme party kicks off. Each day will have its own colours!


Monday: Welcome Evening

Want to get the most out of SISMIX by getting there the very first day? Great idea, especially since you’ll be greeted with a little sangria on the house, which you can sip to the sounds of tried and true jazz and soul duo Tina & Joe, who will shower us with three consecutive 45-minute sets.


Tuesday: The Big Warm-Up

What better way to get a feel for the place and warm up nice and slow than to start off the evening with Bourbon, a foursome that plays covers of swing, jazz, soul and 70s classic rock hits. Right after that, Barcelonian star DJ Coco, the big kahuna of the Primavera Sound festival’s closing evenings, will get the mercury rising with his irresistible indie/disco mixes.


Wednesday: Soirée Blanche

Wear all white and look sharp for this chic, high-impact party accompanied by the supremely dynamic musicians of The Hot Swing Machine. They will be followed by French-Italian artist Karen Menad, who will push the tempo with an album rack full of house and techno music.


Thursday: Winamax Beer Pong Open

For some (perhaps many), this is the real main event of the whole live Winamax festival. Scheduled to take place outdoors, on the terrace overlooking the Monterrey pool, the Winamax Beer Pong Open will have an added dimension this year at Lloret de Mar, with the final right on the edge of the water and the biggest party atmosphere ever for the competition. Between each throw, you’ll be able to distract your opponents by grooving to the mixes of Cuba’s DJ C’, who will take turns keeping the beat with the booming brass of charanga band Los Imparables. Warm up your partner and get ready to make some noise!


Friday: Spanish Evening

Since this is the day many of you will be arriving, we’ll get you in tune with the atmosphere right away with a muy caliente combo of giant paella and Catalan rumba. Get ready to tap your feet and much more until DJ Honney comes along to spread some bright rhythms into the air.


Saturday: Latin Evening

Are you wondering how this is going to be different from the Spanish evening the day before? Simple: this time, it’s a vibe from the Caribbean with Julito, El Rey de Cuba! Great as a solo singer, great as a member of Kunvancha, and dance professor emeritus, he’ll get the dance floor buzzing like never before, accompanied by 20 dancers expecting no more than to unlock the mysteries of Latino hip swaying for you. An extraordinary crowd warmer!


Sunday: Closing Evening

While the Main Event final table is in full swing, you can sway those hips once more thanks to an All-Star cast of all the week’s DJs, along with the sensual brass notes of Saxo Arnal. It’s the last SISMIX night, so it’s the perfect time to go all in, party hard and live for the moment – who’d want to think about tomorrow?!


Quiéres más? Want more?

So what can you do afterwards? All you party animals and night owls have nothing to worry about, because only a few steps will take you to the doors of Tropics, the nearest nightclub. The cherry on the tapas is that when you show your gold bracelet (free at the hotel reception desk), you’ll get discounts that smash the competition. With three vodka cocktails or nine shots of tequila for 10 euros, you’ll have plenty to enjoy without going broke.

Qué chulo, no?