It’s been a tough decision to make, but at this time it seems like the most logical and reasonable step to take.

The SISMIX Costa Brava will have to wait until 2021.

Although we’re seeing some encouraging signs nowadays, our optimism must go hand-in-hand with caution. There are still many, many things we’d love to do which are just inconceivable at this time. A large poker tournament uniting thousands of players in September is one of those things.

This is especially relevant for an event like SISMIX, with hundreds of tables buzzing from sunrise to sunrise, a popular swimming pool and beer pong tables surrounded by mates. We’ve always said it: our tournaments are just an excuse for the rest. We love poker, of course,  but we also love the bonding it creates. We see no worth in poker tournaments if we can’t use it as a reason to reunite with mates and make new ones.

A SISMIX with social distancing, tables transformed into plexiglass fortresses and a swimming pool filled with hundreds of litres of hand gel wouldn’t really be a SISMIX. As we don’t want to make any half-measures, we ask our players for their patience, as we will be seeing each other in 2021. Those of you in possession of a package or a qualification will of course be able to use these for this edition. We are currently unable to tell you when this will be exactly, but we can confirm that it will take place at the Gran Casino Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar, and we will party twice as hard to make up for it.

You can count on us for that much. A year without SISMIX is the perfect occasion for all our twisted minds who work in the office to come up with even crazier concepts, on the table and off. For you guys, it’s an extra year to study your 6-max game, learn your dance moves, memorise more than 12 Spanish words and improve your beer pong throwing arm.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, stay attentive to all advice and instructions given by the authorities, and continue to help your local medical professionals as best you can.

See you very soon.

Team Winamax

In 2019, the SISMIX landed in Spain’s festive city of Lloret de Mar from 20th to 26th May.

Our schedule included numerous 6-max tournaments, including the €500 Main Event from 22nd to 26th May, cash games, pool parties and plenty of other entertainment!

The tournaments took place at the Gran Casino Costa Brava, just a short walk away from the 5* Gran Hotel Monterrey, which hosted the pool parties and evening

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