Shiva: easy-mode multi-tabling

If for you a poker session only starts at eight simultaneous tables and you hate constantly returning to the lobby, Shiva will soon become your best friend.
Getting started is simple using the Shiva configuration icon found at the top left of the Winamax lobby:



When you click on this button, you open the “Shiva Rules” window:



These rules correspond to your playing preferences and are for you to create. To make a rule, click on the button


This will open the window below:



Select the settings which best match your playing habits: variant, limit, format and number of tables for cash games.



For Sit & Go games, select the variant, format, speed, the number of tables to have open simultaneously and the total number of games you wish to play in your session.


Once the rule is created, it is listed in the window. You may save up to thirty rules.


Click on the play button of your rule to begin your session.


Tables will open once a seat has been found and continue to launch until you choose to either stop or pause the rule (cash game + Sit & Go) or until the maximum number of registrations has been reached (Sit & Go).


You may launch multiple rules at the same time and stop or pause them whenever you wish. Pausing or stopping a rule does not stop or pause your tables; it simply prevents new games from opening.



Click "Save" to keep your rule for future sessions. All rules that are not saved are deleted when you close the software.


When a table is launched via Shiva, the icon appears at your tables as shown below.



Happy multi-tabling!

*Shiva is available only for real money tables and only for players who have activated their account for real money play. Click here to validate your account