Dealer’s Choice

Dealer’s Choice is, as the name suggests, a game of poker where the player on the dealer button chooses the variant they wish to play. For each new hand, the button goes to the next player who on their turn chooses the variant which will be played, and so on.

The variants which are available to players at Dealer’s Choice tables on Winamax are:


On Winamax, Dealer’s Choice is only available at cash games tables.

When the button arrives in front of you, you have a few moments to choose your variant by clicking on the button associated with your choice.

Should you fail to make a selection, the last variant you chose will be selected by default. In cases where you have just arrived at the table and have therefore not had the opportunity to choose a variant before, Texas Hold’em (No Limit) will be chosen by default.

You have the option to select a default variant for all your future buttons by ticking the box for this option when making your choice. You can change this choice at any time during your game. During the game, the variant played is shown at the table on the button according to the shorthand below:

  • NL: Texas Hold’em (No Limit)
  • O4: Pot Limit Omaha (4 cards)
  • O5: Pot Limit Omaha (5 cards)
  • O8: Pot Limit Omaha High-Low