PLAY MONEY Sit&Go Challenge

Sit & Go : challenge play money.

Become the Sit&Go champion!

Win as many Play Money Sit&Gos as possible every week and pull yourself up to the top of the honorary challenge rankings!

The rankings show the number of buy-ins won on the current week (from Friday at 00:00 CET until the following Thursday at 23:59 CET).

Example: in a given week, a player gets in the money in a "Double or Nothing" with 10 buy-in, winning 18.40 which is a net profit of 8.40 or 0.84 of a buy-in.
The player finishes in 5th in a Pot-Limit Omaha S&G with 5 buy-in (10 players), therefore losing 1 buy-in.
The player finishes in 1st in a S&G with 5 buy-in (10 players), winning 22.50 for a net profit of 17.50, or 3.5 buy-ins.
This gives me 0.84 - 1 + 3.5 buy-ins = 3.34 buy-ins.


Things to keep in mind

  1. Definition of a buy-in: entry price for a Sit&Go
  2. You may place all variants and all formats
  3. Should there be a draw between two players, the rankings will according to the Sit&Go to Buy-in ratio. The player having played the smallest amount of tournaments for the same amount of buy-ins won will be ranked highest.
  4. Careful with the time limit! The challenge will end Thursday at 23:59 CET, so ensure that the Sit&Go you are playing starts before the time limit, else your Sit&Go result will be counted for the following week.