Winamax Live Sessions Spain: X-Ray vision

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Are you familiar with the expression "crystal ball reads"? If so, watch this episode. And if not, watch this episode.

Winamax Live Sessions S03E05
In season 2 of our beloved Winamax Live SessionsAdrian Mateos lost what was then the biggest pot in the show's history, after a 3-barrel bluff in a well-fought 3-bet pot by Raúl Mestre. Last week, the máquina managed to top his own record... and this time, the biggest pot in the show's history went his way, thanks to a huge setup that saw him take it all from the formidable Vicente Delgado, for a pot worth almost €120,000. "The biggest pot of my career", as said by our Team Pro. And that was only the fourth episode of the season!

By the way, did you also think that Yaman Nakdali was totally unstoppable? We were all wrong! In the fourth act, the MMA fighter twice folded the best hand in big pots against Sergi Fernandez and Raúl Mestre. Will Yaman now convert to a calling station and ramp up the aggression to win back his big losses? It's certainly going to be one of the main themes of this week's episode. Or perhaps the whole season...

Still reading? We appreciate you taking the time, but you should already have started the video by now. Enjoy!

Blinders: €50 / €100, BB ante €100 (€200 straddle)
Minimum starting stack: 100 BB (€10,000)
7-2 rule: when a player wins a hand with 7-2, all opponents pay them 1 BB.
With: Adrián Mateos, João Vieira, Yaman Nakdali, Sergi Fernández, Raúl Mestre, Vicente Delgado, Tom Bedell, and Lánder Lijo.

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Director: Régis Léon
Assistant directors: Junior & Alvar Margets
Set director: Paco
Casting director: Alex Hernando
Production manager: Philippe De Carvalho
Commentary: Andrés De La Poza, Miguel Teus
Technical resources: R2D2 Productions & Impact Evenement
Production: Winamax & R2D2 Productions
Thanks to: Gran Casino de Aranjuez
Subtitling: APlus Translations

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