Winamax Live Sessions Spain: 'the bluff of the year' according to Adrián Mateos

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After making his comeback last week, Tom Bedell single-handedly changed the dynamic at the table. Much to our delight.

Winamax Live Sessions S02E13
If you watched last week's end-of-episode teaser, you already know that something big is going to happen in the thirteenth installment of the Winamax Live Sessions. Without spoiling too much, Adrián Mateos tells us he's seen nothing less than the "bluff of the year". And if you think that this very specific hand is the only one of interest, then you are mistaken. The 50 minutes we're bringing you today are of an intensity rarely seen in a televised cash game. Setups, huge pots, hero calls, hero folds. All of poker's most spectacular plays are featured in this episode.

Unsurprisingly, Adrian Mateos, Yaman Nakdali and Tom Bedell still form the core of the most active players at the table. But they are joined along the way by Vicente Delgado who is slowly starting to warm up the engine. A professional player of about ten years, "Codelsa" (his online username) made his appearance halfway through episode 12. For those of you who don't know him, Vicente also finished 15th - and best Spaniard - in the EPT Monaco Main Event just a few days ago, for €46,000. Not exactly a fish.

Go on, we won't keep you any longer. Enjoy the show!

Blinders: €50 / €100 (€200 straddle)
Minimum starting stack: 100 BB (€10,000)
7-2 rule: when a player wins a hand with 7-2, all opponents pay them 1 BB.
With: Adrián Mateos, João Vieira, Yaman Nakdali, Sergi Fernández, Vicent Boscà, Vicente Delgado, Tom Bedell, and Nabil Cardoso.

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Director: Régis Léon
Assistant directors: Junior & Alvar Margets
Director of set: Paco
Production manager: Philippe De Carvalho
Cameras: Angélique Thillays, Thomas Paulin, Fabien Meron, Timo Léon
Boom operator: Adrien Perrault
Technical Director: Mathias Langlois
Production: Etienne Michaud & David Brule
Sound: Greg Corrs, Frédéric Salles
Lighting: Damien Tarres
Commentary: Alex Hernando & Lucas Blanco
Editing: Régis Léon, Paco
LED screen: Bruno Suchy
Logistics: Alban Rostan
Technical resources: R2D2 Productions & Impact Evenement
Production: Winamax & R2D2 Productions
Thanks to : Gran Casino de Aranjuez
Subtitling: A+ Translations

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