Winamax Live Sessions Spain: revenge is a dish best served hot

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More anecdotes, more big pots and more 7-2s. Episode 2 is now available!

Winamax Live Sessions Episode 2
The third season of Winamax Live Sessions got off to a flying start, with big bluffs, big pots, big calls and, of course, lots of big laughs. In the first episode, Yaman, Raúl and Sergi set the pace.

So what does the second episode have in store for you? We're not going to give away any spoilers, of course. But before we get tempted, we'd advise you to press play straight away. We can, however, tell you that you'll see an Adrián Mateos in full revenge mode. La Maquina is still reeling from some difficult moments in the last season (Raúl Mestre bluff-caught him in a €100,000 pot). So is it time for redemption for the Team Pro?

In regards to the atmosphere, however: it remains unchanged, thanks in large part to the incomparable Vicente Delgado, whose outlandish stories punctuate the game. A game in which Yaman will be trying to recoup his initial losses. Given his large betting, aggressive style, things can go either way very quickly. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy this game from Spain's poker elite. Olé!

Blinders: €50 / €100, BB ante €100 (€200 straddle)
Minimum starting stack: 100 BB (€10,000)
7-2 rule: when a player wins a hand with 7-2, all opponents pay them 1 BB.
With: Adrián Mateos, João Vieira, Yaman Nakdali, Sergi Fernández, Raúl Mestre, Vicente Delgado, Ka Kwan Lau "Kaju" and Lánder Lijo.

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Director: Régis Léon
Assistant directors: Junior & Alvar Margets
Set director: Paco
Casting director : Alex Hernando
Production manager: Philippe De Carvalho
Commentary: Andrés De La Poza, Miguel Teus
Technical resources: R2D2 Productions & Impact Evenement
Production: Winamax & R2D2 Productions
Thanks to: Gran Casino de Aranjuez
Subtitling: APlus Translations

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