[Video] Borja Gross is your Expresso coach (3/5)

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Full speed ahead, Timotyy moves on to the €10 Expresso Nitro!

Part 1 - Part 2

Were you paying attention to the first two videos of our in-house Expresso expert Borja Gross? Good, because they were really just the appetizer before the main course which is due to be served now. This week, Timotyy delves deep into what became his specialty over time, the Nitro Expresso, and raising up the stakes from 5 to €10. Bust rest assured: with one on screen table instead of the two you saw in the first installments, you'll still be able to follow all the action.

So if you thought there was no correct long term strategy on these Hyper Turbo tables, think again!. Our Spanish Top Shark is here to teach you some tips and tricks and help you reduce the luck factor to a minimum. You'll see that, even with less than five big blinds, there are other ways than just going all-in... Or when the short stack strategy becomes some work of art. Just the lesson you needed as the new Winamax Series Expresso Qualifers begin. Enjoy and good luck!

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