[Video] Borja Gross is your Expresso coach (2/5)

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A new chapter in Timotyy's masterclass on our €5 tables. Today: turn bets and heads-up strategy.

Part 1

He gives his word in this second installment: in the upcoming videos, Borja Gross, the man who witnessed the one-milllion-euro table three times with his own eyes, will move on to the higher limits and particularly Nitro Expresso. What's more, the 2020 Top Shark, one of our finest Ultra Turbo Sit&Go players, still has some tricks up his sleeve on the €5 tables.

During the next 30 minutes, Timotyy will delve deeper into the subject of postflop strategy, by moving on to the next street: the turn. If you usually just chill and check back whilst praying for that magical river, you might need think again! And as there's no use playing an Expresso if you don't just win it, Borja also gives away some of his tactics to help you put your hands on the big prizes. Enjoy!

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