[Video] Borja Gross is your Expresso coach (1/5)

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Our Turbo Sit&Go expert gives away all of his secrets in our new video series. A must-watch!

He's one of our best Expresso players, and we're not just talking about the Winamax Team, but out of our entire poker room, capable of playing hundreds of 100 or €250 tables a day. As we all know, he is the only player to sit at the golden €1M table three times, winning the €800,000 jackpot once, and his contract with the Team has been renewed for another year. Who could be more suited than Borja Gross to start a new video series about our worldy famous Expresso tournaments this week?

Regular high stakes player Timotyy goes back to basics, before climbing up the ladder to the big tables he now knows by heart. But even through this first installment, you'll learn how to strenghten your game, whether you are a complete beginner, a recreational player or a "top reg" wannabe.

With great patience, our boy from Malaga takes his time to debunk some false truths about Expresso tournaments, and teaches you how to set new simple strategic principles in motion, by focusing on your preflop and flop game. What range should you open, raise or defend your blinds with? When do you need to donk, shove or place a continuation bet on the flop? Simple, interesting and enlightening all at once! Just what you need to take on our 2 Million Week Expresso tournaments. Enjoy the show, and good luck!

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