[Video] Adrián Mateos steamrolls the HighRoller (2/3)

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The final table has begun. Our hero is at the bottom of the leaderboard, but has no intention of staying there!

(Haven't seen Part 1 yet? Check it out here)

ICM, which stands for Independent Chip Model, is a poker concept that is both crucial and a bit hard to explain, but once you got the gist of it; clear and forever engraved in your mind. In the second part of this video review focusing on a recent Highroller deep run, Adrián Mateos can't stop mentioning ICM. No surprises there: our hero has just reached the final table, making the notion (which could be more or less summed up as the following simple advice: protect your chips and stay alive!) paramount to his success in the tournament. Thus, Adrián will predictably keep his eyes both on the money jumps and his opponents' stacks while he makes every decision. As usual with our Spanish legend, it's a very focused and precise performance we're getting to watch, complete with clear-cut explainations (and the occasionnal lucky river). Stay tuned for the release of Part 3: the trilogy will be completed next Thursday.

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