[Video] Adrián Mateos steamrolls the HighRoller (1/3)

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Spain's best player is giving you the keys to unlock our toughest daily MTT.

Up until the very last minute, Adrián Mateos was holding a tight grip on the live highroller circuit, reaching no less than three final tables in a mere week during the last ever poker festival held before the pandemic (it happened in Sotchi, Russia, last March or, to be more precise, a million years ago). Until he can resume crushing the live circuit (and potentially improving on his current #2 spot in the Global Poker Index), Adrián keeps busy online. In the first part of this 3-part review, la máquina is setting his sights on our toughest daily tournament. Late regging the €250 HighRoller, you'll notice the Spaniard is intent on catching up by applying pressure from the get go, while detailing every step of his thought process in his usual precise manner. The next 25 minutes will fly by in what seems like a second, but no sweat: part 2 is coming up next Thursday.

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