MTT results for 8th of October


There were many of you battling it out for fame and fortune on Sunday, with a total of €700,000 shared out on our tables. Our MTT results.


€100,000 SUNDAY SURPRISE €10 - 15,722 buy-ins (5,398 re-entries) - Prizepool €141,498

The fight drew in a huge crowd: over 15,700 buy-ins were accounted for for this exceptional Sunday Surprise. With a KO format and a 100,000 euro prizepool guarantee, it has to be said that this was one hell of a tournament. Speaking of knockouts, the top bounty hunter was awarded a trip to New York for an evening of MMA in Madison Square Garden! All these factors help to explain the monstrous 141,498 euro prizepool which was amassed, which is quite simply the biggest prizepool in the history of the Sunday Surprise (excluding the Winamax Series).

AASelfisher didn't let his guard down and was crowned as winner for the title along with 10,505 euros cash and 2,672 euros in bounties for his knockouts. tete2brik14 succumbed to his heads-up opponent and will have to settle for 7,614 euros and 1,128 euros in bounties. In terms of the "consolation" prize, itAAchi finished in ninth place with 25 knockouts for 813 euros and 369 euros in bounties. He will be flying off to New York to cheer on some rather angry gentlemen who will be battling it out for some real-life knockouts.
Full rankings available here.

Insane week for Precious7


It seems that all our sharks decided to meet up to take a bite out of each other in the Winamax highstakes tournament on Sunday. erdi1989 was our grand winner, making his third final table in one month in the Sunday Highroller, who makes up for his fourth place finish from last week by pocketing the incredibly hefty sum of 19,621 euros. lebondjames5 was our runner-up (€12,484), just ahead of Montpellier7 (€9,079).


In the Xtrem, Precious7 and SimpleJackkk agreed to a diplomatic deal. The latter left with 9,945 euros and leaves Precious7 with the 11,257 euros for first place, ending an incredible week after a second place finish in the Main Event on Tuesday evening for 17,953 euros. Fortysix N2 takes the bronze medal and 5,691 euros, which are added to the 2,515 euros earned for his fifth place finish in the Xtase. Finally, MaximeC25 shines through once again, just missing out on a podium finish (€4,318).

In the Xtase, tirexdu62 treats himself to a prestigious victory and a five-figure score after getting the best of his 535 opponents. He pockets 10,728 euros and leaves BalticMouse with a second place finish for 6,663 euros. TwelthMonKey reaches the podium and walks away with 4,770 euros.

HIGHROLLER €300 - 293 buy-ins (76 re-entries) - Prizepool €82,040
Winner: erdi1989: €19,621

XTREM €100 - 649 buy-ins (148 re-entries) - Prizepool €58,410
Winner: Precious7: €11,257 (after deal)

XTASE €100 - 536 buy-ins (103 re-entries) - Prizepool €48,240
Winner: tirexdu62: €10,728

Slider 28 giving grief to his opponents


We had a mythological heads-up game between brother and sister in the Top 50 with Athena1997 and Perseus58. Finally, the goddess of wisdom and war (surprise, surprise) took down her step-brother and the lion's share for 8,088 euros in winnings, with 5,080 euros going to the slayer of monsters. Zeus can be proud of his children.

In the After Work, Donkey__Kong knocked out his 1,959 opponents and leaves with 6,635 euros. Aurimaso falls in second place and pockets 4,365 euros. Slider 28 was our winner in Kool Shen's tournament, taking it down after close to eight hours of play. He wins 11,007 euros ahead of FRANZOESISCH (€7,500) and Sir-M (€5,620). Finally, the Cocktail managed to pull in a total of 5,000 buy-ins and thus NissePel was extremely chuffed with his victory for 3,631 euros negociated with CestLenfer (€3,569).

TOP 50 €50 - 861 buy-ins (156 re-entries) - Prizepool €38,745
Winner: Athena1997: €8,088


AFTER WORK €20 - 1,960 buy-ins (385 re-entries) - Prizepool €35,280
Winner: Donkey__Kong: €6,635

LA FIEVRE €10 - 7,328 buy-ins (1,795 re-entries) - Prizepool €65,952
Winner: Slider 28: €11,007

THE COCKTAIL €5 - 5,449 buy-ins (1,188 re-entries) - Prizepool €24,520
Winner: NissePel: €3,631 (after deal)

WPT Brussels

WPT BRUSSELLS SATELLITE €150 - 36 buy-ins (3 re-entries) - Prizepool €4,968

Our before-last satellite for the WPT DeepStacks in Brussels brought in a total of 36 buy-ins and gave out two packages including the 1,200 euro entry and 600 euros in cash. PURPLE4HAZE_ and Robert Evans were our lucky winners this week, with Easy.X finishing as bubble-boy for 500 euros cash.
Full rankings available here.

Even more winners

FeelMy   T. offered himself a bottle of bubbly along with 5,661 euros in the Magnum, makach 38 was our runner-up for 4,246 euros and DirtyMinaj88 twerked their way into a third-place finish for 3,779 euros in the Tie Break faced with over 2,500 opponents.

All other results below.

MAGNUM €50 - 574 buy-ins (118 re-entries) - Prizepool €25,830
Winner: FeelMy   T.: €5,661


TEA TIME €20 - 1,590 buy-ins (342 re-entries) - Prizepool €28,620
Winner: bourricot63: €2,721 + €1,669 (bounties)

DERBY €20 - 1,005 buy-ins (155 re-entries) - Prizepool €18,090
Winner: ANTOM8KZEPOT: €3,240 (after deal)

DIGESTIF €10 - 2,634 buy-ins (699 re-entries) - Prizepool €23,706
Winner: makach 38: €4,246

TIE BREAK €10 - 2,513 buy-ins (582 re-entries) - Prizepool €22,617
Winner: DirtyMinaj88: €3,779 (after deal)

OMAHA BEACH €10 - 128 buy-ins (19 re-entries) - Prizepool €1,152
Winner: Gogogagjet: €328

TOTEM €5 - 2,065 buy-ins (458 re-entries) - Prizepool €9,292
Winner: JuliusMM: €1,768

MULTIPLEX POKER €2 - 3,423 buy-ins (979 re-entries) - Prizepool €6,161
Winner: Merc1 Qu1: €557 + €266 (bounties)

Monster Stack tournaments

Monster Stack

€50 MONSTER STACK - 583 buy-ins (110 re-entries) - Prizepool €26,235
Winner: .WW._: €5,733

€20 MONSTER STACK - 1,247 buy-ins (226 re-entries) - Prizepool €22,446
Winner: Leserby: €4,474

€10 MONSTER STACK - 3,476 buy-ins (917 re-entries) - Prizepool €31,284
Winner: Sir.Ananas: €5,484


€5 MONSTER STACK - 4,037 buy-ins (921 re-entries) - Prizepool €18,166
Winner: ShaktinAFull: €2,720 (after deal)

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