Mehdi Chaoui, the latest meteorite in the W Team

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At just 22 years old, the Morrocan poker nugget joins teams with Davidi Kitai, Adrián Mateos and others. An ambitious recruit who will be wearing the W logo as early as EPT Monte-Carlo.

Mehdi Chaoui joins Team WinamaxA wind of youth is blowing through Team Winamax! After the arrival of Alexane Najchaus in September 2022, a great hope of world poker once again joins the most titled team in Europe: Mehdi Chaoui. Already experienced in live and online MTT, a recent finalist in the EPT Paris, and a champion in the making: our latest Team Pro ticks all the boxes of the ideal recruit. Welcome, Mehdi!

"It was a surprise." Yes, at only 22 years old, Mehdi Chaoui didn't expect to join a team of professional poker players so soon in his career. And not just any team: Team Winamax. However, others had thought of the possibility: "He had been on my radar for more than a year", confirms Team manager Stéphane Matheu. After only four years of poker, the grinder from Morroco has established himself as one of the world's poker prodigies, already dazzling observers in France and Europe.

By his live results, first of all: Mehdi has been accumulating final tables like pearls in the most beautiful tournaments of the French circuit, culminating in a victory at the APO 2500 in September 2022 and a 9th place in the EPT Paris Main Event a few weeks ago. Davidi Kitai himself, a doctor of live poker, spotted the young player’s potential, even pointing out his profile to his coach after seeing him in action: "We played each other in the opening €10,000 at the EPT Paris, a full reg tournament. I was impressed with him because you have to be able to bear the weight to play against so many big players! He gave off very few tells, and was in control of his emotions. He played very well that day."

A mutual desire

Mehdi Chaoui joins Team WinamaxHowever, a well-filled Hendon Mob form and the Genius’ endorsement are not enough to join the best team in Europe: "I decided on his profile because he had many attractive characteristics in the context of a sponsorship," explains Stéphane Matheu. He is young, very competent, very ambitious, and he has received a lot of media attention over the last two years. He has a state of mind that matches the values of the Team. You can feel that he is a guy who works on the game and who is extremely motivated, and that is really important given the level at which the team is evolving today. I also found him to be very mature for his age, he has a global perspective on the game, the poker environment and this industry. This recruitment, it's a package deal." Davidi Kitai adds: "We've had a chance to talk poker, and he seems to be very strong technically, and has a good understanding of strategy, which surprised me considering his young age. He has a nice maturity in the game, is not locked into a GTO strategy, and always open to discussion. He has the mindset to become even stronger in the years to come." "He's a complete player," sums up Stéphane.

So when the question of adding this new member to Team W arose, the coach already had his own idea in mind: "The sponsorship market is evolving between arrivals and departures, and we found ourselves at a stage where it made sense to add someone to the squad. As he had been in the pipeline for a little while, it was to him that we turned." And for Mehdi, accepting the offer was also a no-brainer: "I wouldn't have signed with any other French room than Winamax," he says. “It's not a question of money... It's just Winamax! Joining Team W was a long-time dream.

At the heart of the Team

Mehdi Chaoui joins Team WinamaxFrom now on, Mehdi will be able to live his poker adventure with players he admires, such as Adrián Mateos, João Vieira and Kitbul, who has no doubts about his integration into the team: "I think he will integrate very well, because he has the same state of mind as the Team: he is very cool, very open-minded, very relaxed, and has a calm temperament. On top of that, he's a real poker fan. It's good to have new blood in the team: he's young, smiling, and he seems to me to be a very good communicator." The ideal environment to continue his lightning progress and reach new levels: "My objectives are quite clear and high," says Mehdi. I want to play high-stakes tournaments as quickly as possible, and be competitive in them."

To achieve this, he will follow a busy live schedule: "There will be the Winamax events, SISMIX and WPO, but also the EPTs, and maybe the Triton Series after Monte Carlo," says the young man. Under his nickname "Carence en L", the new recruit will not forget online poker, a playground where he won three Winamax Series titles, among others achievments. "You can't be competitive in live High-Stakes if you are not competitive online. Online too, I want to play as much as I can. I want to consolidate this business." At Winamax, we have no doubt that Mehdi Chaoui will become an even more important player in the poker world in the future. And from now on, it will no longer be a surprise to anyone...

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