Main Event: P1nkP1g pockets €28,000


Our results for the biggest tournament of the week with the cards-up replay of the final table.


It took ten hours and twenty minutes of play for P1nkP1g to emerge victorious from two evenings of battle after overcoming his 978 opponents in this week's Main Event. This high-stakes reg picks up his biggest score on our tables that we know of with his 28,221 euro payday, after beating Precious7 heads-up. This player fell in second place after fifty hands of heads-up play, and leaves with the hefty sum of 17,953 euros after an incredible month of September with some incredible performances.

F-22 Raptor took a nose-dive in third place and jets off with 13,000 euros, with lycon taking the chocolate medal and 9,898 euros. Also to be noted: laPatouillee's back-to-back final tables, who pockets 4,713 euros for his performance. Finally, shout-out to Sylvain Loosli for his 32nd place finish worth 574 euros.

And now it's the moment you've all been waiting for: our full replay of the 184 hands played out on the final table. Get your pen and notepad ready, it's time to learn some moves!

Click here to see the replay in fullscreen.

Main Event 1 / 2 / 3 October
979 buy-ins (166 re-entries) - Prizepool: €135,102

1 P1nkP1g €28,221.91 / €150 ticket
2 Precious7 €17,953.66 / €150 ticket
3 F-22 Raptor €13,022.44 / €150 ticket
4 lycon €9,898.21 / €150 ticket
5 CaRuEvArMe €6,942.85 / €150 ticket
6 laPatouillee €4,713.67 / €150 ticket
7 Pjoke909 €3,767.95 / €150 ticket
8 4-BetJam €2,957.34 / €150 ticket

Full rankings available here.

The Main Event is back from Sunday. See you at 16:00 CET for Day 1A, then 21:00 CET for Day 1B, with Day 1C at 21:00 CET on Monday and Day 1D Turbo on Tuesday at 18:30 CET. As always, you can qualify for a more affordable sum (for as little as €10) through our satellites running all week. Good luck to all!

More information on the Winamax Main Event


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