Inside the Mind of a Pro : travelling in time with Davidi Kitai

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The year is 2016 and the place is Las Vegas: enjoy a blast from the past with the Team Winamax resident genius.

Inside the Mind of a Pro - Davidi Kitai - WSOP 2016
Wait, what? A new season of Inside the Mind of a Pro? Right now? How is this possible, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, at a time when live poker action is still on pause? Well, it's less complicated than it looks. See, in order to present you this new batch of episodes, we didn't have to travel. Not in a geographical sense, at least. Instead, we opted to travel... through time. Indeed: we've dug through the archives to offer you, translated into English for the first time, a classic season of your favourite poker show, hailed by many French-speaking fans as one of the best ever in its 11-year history.

The year is 2016 and the place is Las Vegas: for his 9th trip to the World Series of Poker under the Team Winamax flag, Davidi Kitai has opted for a new strategy. Long used to the exhausting eight-week stay in Sin City, the Belgian star has decided to wait this time, sitting out the first weeks of action to enjoy the UEFA Euro Championship from home with family and friends. Now, landing in Las Vegas at the end of June, halfway through the WSOP, Davidi is fresh and more than ready for his very first competition of the summer: the $10,000 Short-Handed event. It happens to be his favourite tournament of the season, and our cameras are waiting for him.

293 other players have shown up at the Rio Casino, many of them familiar faces on the professional circuit. As for Davidi, a late entrance doesn't necessarily mean a slow entrance. The figures don't lie: the 37-minute season premiere we're releasing today only covers 70 minutes of real-time action. It can only mean one thing: the one we call "The Genius" is hungry for action! Are you hungry, too? Then come back every Monday morning, for a brand-new episode of Inside the Mind of a Pro, delivered to you straight from the 2016 WSOP!

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Based on an idea by: Régis Leon
Directed by: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Camera operator: Angélique Thillays, Nicolas Droz, Gabriel Kaluszynski
Edited by: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Voice-over texts: Joshua Alexander, Michel Abécassis
Sound mixing: Régis Léon
Translator: Timothy Rees & A+ Translations
Technical equipment: R2D2 Productions

Special thanks: All the supervisors, croupiers, WSOP staff members and players who made this series possible

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