Inside the Mind of a Pro: Swimming up stream

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Despite choppy waters, Captain João Vieira is holding his own in the $5,000 No-Limit event at the WSOP.

Inside the Mind of a Pro WSOP 2021 Joao 7After a great start in the $5,000 8-max No-Limit Hold'em tournament, João Vieira suffered a few setbacks in the previous episode, having to give up many great starting hands in complicated spots. His table on Day 1 is as stacked as ever, but with over 100 blinds in front of him, the Portuguese number 1 has plenty of ammunition. The battle continues!

Original idea: Régis Léon
Direction: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Framing: Angélique Thillays, Fabien Méron, Gabriel Kaluszynski
Voice-over: Benjamin Gallen
Editing: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Mixing: Régis Léon
Computer graphics assistant: Timo Léon
Technical resources: R2D2 Productions

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