Inside the Mind of a Pro: Pierre Calamusa is ravenous

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Already a two-time finalist since the start of the WSOP, LeVietF0u isn't satisfied yet. We join him at his table for the start of a $5,000 No-Limit event.

Inside the Mind of a Pro - Pierre Calamusa @ WSOP 2021Anyone who has ever sat at a table with Pierre Calamusa knows that when you have lunch with LeVietF0u, you'd better finish your plate quickly... or at least watch it closely. A moment's distraction, and you'll find it shaved off a bite or two, while in front of you a Pierre with his mouth full will be staring at you with the most innocent expression. In poker, it's the same: LeVietF0u is always hungry. As soon as he arrived in Vegas for the first World Series of Poker in two years, Pierre went straight into a 1,640-player Super Turbo event, falling on the last step to Michael Perrone, but still filling his stomach with $94,000. Two weeks later, he was back at the table, with another Super Turbo final table ending in a $65,000 score.

In short, Pierre has eaten well since the start of the WSOP. But he's still not satisfied, having yet to taste that pesky bracelet. And we know that you too are hungrier than ever for more episodes of your favourite series. That's why we're serving you this new ration a few days early. Join LeVietF0u at the table: a tasty $5,000 No-Limit has just been served.

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Original idea: Régis Léon
Direction: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Framing: Angélique Thillays, Fabien Méron, Gabriel Kaluszynski
Voice-over: Benjamin Gallen
Editing: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Mixing: Régis Léon
Computer graphics assistant: Timo Léon
Technical resources: R2D2 Productions

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