Inside the Mind of a Pro: João Vieira takes charge

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Two years after his first World Championship bracelet, the world's number one online player is back in Las Vegas to hunt for his second.

Inside the Mind of a Pro 6 WSOP 2021 Joao VieiraFrustrating, disappointing, unfinished: Pierre Calamusa faced a whole host of negative emotions after a far-too-quick elimination in the $5,000 No-Limit event at the 2021 WSOP. And so did you, dear audience... judging by the reactions to the latest episode of your favourite series, which was unexpectedly released on Thursday, outside its usual Monday slot. By far the shortest but also the most controversial in the programme's history, but by no means a troll, or a late April Fool's Day, as some may have thought. We felt it was important to show that this is what high-level poker is sometimes (often?) about: a lot of hope evaporating in disappointment, as quick as it is painful. Experiencing this rapid crash inside the mind of LeVietF0u, in the tournament that motivated him so much and for which he had been preparing since his arrival in Vegas, was an opportunity to remember the fragility of a poker tournament destiny. No matter how talented they are, no matter how much they want to do well, all professionals are regularly confronted with this kind of situation where nothing goes as planned. You have to know how to deal with these situations, how to digest them, and how to move on as quickly as possible.

Moving on: that's what we're proposing to do by following up with João Vieira, who also played in Day 1 of the $5,000 8-max event of the 2021 WSOP. Unlike his teammate, the world's number one online player kicked off the game with a bang, having tripled his stack in the first few levels of play. How about a little ultra deep-stack poker with a leading poker theorist? We promise: the time displayed on the counter at the bottom left is the real deal!

Original idea: Régis Léon
Direction: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Framing: Angélique Thillays, Fabien Méron, Gabriel Kaluszynski
Voice-over: Benjamin Gallen
Editing: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Mixing: Régis Léon
Computer graphics assistant: Timo Léon
Technical resources: R2D2 Productions

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