Inside the Mind of a Pro: it's a whole new ballgame

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Forget all you have seen until this point; that was just a warm-up. With the bubble now behind him, Adrián Mateos is ready to fire the big guns.

Inside the Mind of a Pro - Adrian Mateos 7
Alright: the fun is over, it's time to get back to work. This is, more or less, how we could describe Adrián Mateos' mindset whilst he is scurrying towards the Baha Mar casino, leaving behind Nassau's palm trees and clear blue sky to join the dim-lit ballroom hosting the Caribbean Poker Party. Day 3 of the Main Event will get started in just a few moments, and for our favourite Spaniard, it's almost as if a whole new tournament is about to begin. For us, this is an opportunity. An opportunity to get a close look at what separates an experimented competitor from the rest of the pack. Many players, pros included, can't help but feel nervous at the beginning of a Main Event, as soon as the first cards are dealt. But for the Madrid kid, who already has 80 live final tables tucked under his belt before his 26th birthday, Day 1 and Day 2 of such a tournament are merely an introduction chapter, one he has read many, many times over, and that he can now breeze through with relative ease and without too much stress. Although it may be difficult to imagine for us mortal souls, for an experimented high roller such as Adrián, is it only today, now that Day 3 is starting, now that the bubble is behind him, now that the field has shrunk from 948 to 135 players, that things are finally starting to get interesting. That's basically what the Team Winamax pro is telling us at the beginning of Day 3. Despite starting with a comfortable stack of 53 big blinds, he knows that he's gonna have to double his efforts and be more focused than ever. He knows that a long day is awaiting him, a day where every single one of his decisions will matter. In short: forget all you have seen until this point, because Adrián is now ready to really show us the goods.

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Based on an idea by: Régis Leon
Directed by: Régis Léon, Paco
Camera operator: Angélique Thillays, Amandine Bailly, Gabriel Kaluszynski, Thomas Paulin
Voice-over texts: Joshua Alexander, Benjamin Gallen
Edited by: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Sound mixing: Régis Léon
Graphic assistant: Peter Fleutry
Translator: Timothy Rees & A+ Translations
Technical equipment: R2D2 Productions

Special thanks: All the supervisors, croupiers, PartyPoker staff members and players who made this series possible

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