Inside the Mind of a Pro: a well-oiled máquina

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Adrián Mateos is making it look easy as he carries on with his spectacular poker in the $10K 6-max at the WSOP.

Inside the Mind of a Pro Adrian Mateos @WSOP 2021 #18
There's a perfect storm of compliments in the YouTube comment section following the release of episode 17 of your favourite series... And it is clear that Adrián Mateos did not steal any of them. Jumping right into the middle of Day 1 of the famous WSOP $10,000 6-max tournament, we watched our bullfighter from Madrid with increasing glee as he drove banderillas into his opponents' sides with incredible dexterity. He was throwing KOs back like tequila shots, his bluffs constructed like clockwork and the discipline of wrought iron (How did you like when he folded the set?): well-oiled, the máquina's motor is revving up, and he doesn't even look like he’s been pushed to his limits.

Good news: in episode 18, we will pick back up right where we left off with Adrián still doing great... With 190 blinds in the chamber to fire off in the last hours of Day 1, no less. Without spoiling any of the 38 minutes to come, get ready for another demonstration of aggression. Or as Danton put it: “We must dare, and dare again, and go on daring!”

In fact, if you thought Adrián disposed of Daniel Negreanu a little too quickly in the last episode, you are not wrong. We also wanted to see this super star at the table a little longer... Oh, well. The Team Winamax pro will face several other top players in this episode!

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Based on an idea by: Régis Léon
Directed by: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Camera operators: Angélique Thillays, Fabien Méron, Gabriel Kaluszynski
Voice-over: Joshua Alexander, Benjamin Gallen
Edited by: Junior, Régis Léon, Paco
Sound mixing: Régis Léon
Graphics assistant: Timo Léon
Technical resources: R2D2 Productions

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