Davidi Kitai: Life of a Genius

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From growing up in Belgium and the United States to becoming a family man and accomplished poker player, find out how Davidi Kitai became the Genius, a legend of the game with an inimitable style and a pillar of Team Winamax.

Davidi Kitai: life of a Genius
How well do you know Davidi Kitai? If the little voice in your head is quick to reply "Of course I know Davidi Kitai, who do they think I am?", we understand. Having joined Team Winamax in 2008, making him by far our longest-serving pro, the Belgian Genius has become one of the team's most emblematic figures, if not its standard bearer.

Kitbul is best known for his track record. Since the mid-2000s, the Antwerp-native has been a regular at some of the world's finest events, spanning eras and generations. The figures speak for themselves: eleven million dollars in live winnings, putting him right at the top of his country's All-Time Money List; fourteen victories, including three WSOP bracelets, an EPT Main Event and a WPT title, making him one of the rare holders of what is known as the Triple Crown.

You're also familiar with the Genius' hero calls, which have made the rounds of the poker world time and time again, helping to build his reputation and forge his style. His style is that of an unrivalled profiler, capable of making decisions on the edge of rationality, based simply on a read that is invisible to ordinary mortals. Qualities that have made him - another well-known trait - a champion of Guess Who? But we already knew that, of course.

You're also familiar with Dav''s expressions, which have become part of the everyday language of French poker, and which, by dint of repetition, have shaped his zany and burlesque character. And finally, you know all about Davidi's family, through the many clips captured by the Inside the Mind of a Pro cameras, which give him the strength and motivation to become a better player and a better man.

Having said that, allow us to insist. Do you really know Davidi Kitai? After all, how could you? Is there a more enigmatic player on the professional circuit? A player whose style is so identifiable and yet so elusive? Putting your finger on this paradox, unravelling this mystery, is the raison d'être of a new exclusive documentary that Winamax is bringing you today: Davidi Kitai: life of a Genius. It's a mission that has taken time, meticulousness and an enormous amount of research to track down and restore a handful of hitherto unpublished documents. For over a year, Harper and his director Fabrice Zareba followed Davidi with his tournaments, but also and above all with his family and friends, meeting those close to him who inevitably had a lot to say about the man who was not yet known as Kitbul.

"When Harper approached me with the idea of making this documentary, I was very hesitant," admits Dav', "because I don't like to talk too much about my private life, and I think that people follow me above all for my poker adventures. But when I thought about it and realised that my father and grandmother weren't getting any younger, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to leave a trace of them and also to pay tribute to all the people who have helped me to become the person I am today. So I accepted and I'm very happy with the result. Harper is very talented at getting to the heart of people and extracting their reality, and Fabrice did an extraordinary job on the editing and the images. I hope people get a kick out of it, even that's not the most important thing for me." Yes, humility is an essential trait of the Genius.

"As a poker enthusiast," adds Harper, "I admire Davidi's journey, his consistency at the tables and above all his ability to adapt and read his opponents. That was motivation enough to make a film about it. However, on top of that, although Davidi is first and foremost a personality who is appreciated by all, it seems everyone doesn't know him that well. With Fabrice, who has done a tremendous amount of work, it's this whole sphere that we wanted to bring to the fore."

Switch on your TV and make yourself comfortable: it's the film of a lifetime that's about to flash before your eyes, and not just any life. Here at Winamax, we can't hide the fact that we're very proud to pay tribute to a man who has contributed so much to making the red W shine all over the world. We hope you enjoy this documentary at least as much as we enjoyed making it. Enough chit-chat, it's time to let the Genius work his magic.

A film by Harper and Fabrice Zareba
Photography, Editing, Production: Fabrice Zareba
Journalist: Harper
Motion Designer: Maixent Viau

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