Sunday Surprise: Swiss Army Watch


This week’s prize is a top-of-the-range smartwatch, which can track your heart rate during marathons, tell you the topography of the slopes you’re about to ski down, give you a map of the golf course for the next hole and much more! Read more »


Sunday Surprise: Gaming heaven

15 days ago.

This week’s most surprising of tournaments will be offering a master race top-of-the-range desktop PC, in addition to the lion’s share of the €50,000 minimum prizepool! Read more »


Champions League on Winamax

20 days ago.

The Champions League is here to get us all riled up! Can Dortmund do the unthinkable and catch up their 3-0 deficit? Will PSG crumble under the pressure at home? Place your bets! Read more »


Sunday Surprise: Winter in Quebec

29 days ago.

Winter is still around, and this week’s Sunday Surprise wants to celebrate the glory of this chilly season! And what better way of enjoying the snow than going to the heart of the Canadian capital: Montréal. Read more »


Champions Challenge – up to €20,000 to be won!

1 month(s) ago.

Man City, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona… The 4 remaining Round of 16 matches of the Champions League will be offering some of the biggest names in European football. Try to grab your share of the prizepool thanks to your best bets! Read more »