Mystery KO: hit the jackpot instantly!

In no time at all, it has spread all over the live poker world and excited thousands of players: well, the Mystery KO is now available on Winamax. In this even more exciting and unpredictable version of the Knockout format, there's no need to wait until the end of the tournament to get the biggest bonuses!

Two phases, two atmospheres

A Mystery KO tournament is divided into two distinct phases:

Introductory phase: The tournament starts like a regular tournament (i.e. non-Knockout). You must protect your chips, avoid being eliminated, and of course, grow your stack. In this phase, eliminating a player does not earn you a bonus. Don't worry: it won't last!

Mystery phase: The fun can begin! Once you reach the Mystery Phase, you will receive a bonus for each player eliminated. However, what has changed compared to a regular tournament is the amount of the bounty. The amount of money you win is not set in advance - it's random and drawn live! That's right, in a Mystery KO tournament, it's possible to get the biggest prize possible long before the final table.

Depending on the type of tournament you are playing, the Mystery phase starts at a different time:

Flight tournament (with multiple Day 1 flights): the Mystery phase begins at the start of Day 2.
Classic Tournament (with only one Day 1 flight): The Mystery phase begins as soon as you enter the money, immediately after the bubble.

What you need to know

  • The definitive list of prizes will be revealed at the end of late registration in the tournament lobby. Prizes will be revealed at the start of Day 2 for Flight tournaments.
  • As the Mystery phase progresses, the list of remaining bounties will be updated in real time. Keep an eye on the list to see how many big prizes are still in play!
  • Each time you win a prize, the amount is drawn live and displayed on your screen. This amount is immediately credited to your Winamax account.
  • There is no limit to the number of bounties you can win.
  • If you eliminate more than one player in the same hand, you will get as many bounties as the number of players eliminated.
  • If a player is eliminated by more than one player in the same hand, only one bonus is awarded. The amount of the bounty is divided equally among all the players who eliminated said player.