Multi-table tournaments (aka MTTs)

Whether “freerolls” or paid entry, Winamax offers a wide variety of multi-table poker tournaments. In our tournament lobby, specific icons next to the name of each tournament allow players to quickly identify the different types of tournaments and head directly to their favorite games.

Decoding the icons

We offer many kinds of multi-table tournaments, Freerolls (free to play) or paid entry. Each type of tournament is identifiable thanks to the icons in the Winamax Poker application.


Fullring tournaments

Fullring tournaments are played at full tables which can be either 8 or 9 handed.


Short-handed tournaments

Shorthanded tournaments are played at 6-handed () or 4-handed () tables.


Heads-Up tournaments

Heads-Up () tournaments are played with two players going head-to-head at each table.


180 max tournaments

180 max () tournaments: daily multi-table tournaments with a maximum of 180 players.


Qualification tournaments

Qualification tournaments () offer the chance to qualify for other, more important events. One or more entry tickets are up for grabs, number available depending on the size of the prize pool. You can quickly find all available qualification tournaments in by selecting “   Qualifications” from the tournament filter.


Semi-turbo tournaments

Semi-turbo () and turbo () tournaments have much shorter levels and therefore move at a much faster pace than regular tournaments (6 and 3 minute levels respectively).


Deepstack tournaments

Deepstack () tournaments have a larger starting stack than usual (generally 20,000 chips). Many players enjoy deepstack tournaments because they provide more opportunities to play exciting hands, although they generally last longer than standard tournaments.


Rebuy tournaments

Rebuys () are tournaments where it is possible to purchase additional chips in the event that you lost all your starting chips or if you have less than the starting stack. Rebuy tournaments also include add-ons. At the end of the rebuy period players have the chance to purchase additional chips.


Re-Entry tournaments

Eliminated in a re-entry () tournament before the end of late registration? It’s your lucky day as we’ll give you the chance to enter again (just once). Once late registration ends it’s no longer possible to re-enter.


Flight tournaments

Flight () tournaments span multiple days and include multiple “Day 1s”. This means that if you are eliminated in Day 1, you can try again by registering for the next Day 1. The players who qualify from all the Day 1s will then join each other for Day 2 and finish the tournament. Warning, it is only possible to qualify for Day 2 once.



Satellite ( ) tournaments give you the opportunity to qualify for a major live event such as the as an EPT or the WSOP is up for grabs. You can quickly find all available satellite tournaments in by selection
Satellites” from the tournament filter.


Knockout tournaments

Knockout () tournaments are particularly fun! For every player you eliminate you receive a cash bonus which is credited onto your account within 24 hours. For example, in a €5 knock-out tournament, you will win €0.50 for every player you eliminate. Not a bad way of winning something even if you don’t finish in the money!

Selecting "All tournaments" from the menu will show every tournament scheduled in the lobby, multiple days in advance.


Show One tournaments

In Show One tournaments, when a player wins the hand before showdown, one of the 2 cards from their hand will be revealed automatically to the rest of the table!


Reserved tournaments

These tournaments are special events and access is therefore restricted to those holding the password or ticket (“Special” in the tournament type filter).


Win The Button tournaments

The player who wins the hand receives the dealer button for the next hand.

For some tournaments, a €125 ticket is distributed when the ticket represents a maximum of 7.5% of the winning.