Miniroll tournaments on Winamax

Feel like playing a no pressure, low buy-in poker tournament? Our Miniroll tournaments are just what you’re looking for! At just €0.25 or €0.50, poker tournaments don’t come much cheaper and are both offered more than 10 times per day!

The €0.25 Minirolls

Start time Variant
01:15 NLHE
02:00 PLO
08:00 PLO
09:30 PLO
10:15 NLHE
11:45 NLHE
14:00 NLHE
14:45 NLHE
17:15 PLO
17:45 NLHE
20:45 NLHE
21:30 PLO
23:45 NLHE

The €0.50 Minirolls

Start time Variant
00:30 PLO
02:45 NLHE
03:30 NLHE
08:45 NLHE
11:00 PLO
12:45 PLO
13:15 NLHE
15:30 PLO
16:15 NLHE
18:30 NLHE
19:00 PLO
19:30 PLO
22:15 NLHE
23:00 NLHE
23:45 PLO

How to register for a Winamax Miniroll

To participate in one of these tournaments, you can register within the three hours prior to the start of the tournament

To do so:

  1. Open up the Winamax software.
  2. Head to the “Tournaments” lobby then select the next available “Miniroll” tournament.
  3. In the window to the right of the lobby, click on the “Register” button.
  4. A window will open showing your account balance and ask you to confirm your registration.
    If you would like unregister, proceed in the same manner, using the button “Unregister”.

*All times are Central European Time